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How to Answer the Phone with Airpods Pro

There is always a rivalry between Android and iOS users, which results in a range of accessories provided by both devices. Along with iPhone, there are some additional devices like AirPods, which are basically wireless earphones.

These AirPods are mimicked to be expensive, but they come with advanced voice cancellation techniques, which makes them extremely useful while calling. So in this article, we will discuss how to answer the phone with Airpods and Airpods Pro.

How to Answer Phone Calls on AirPods Pro

TAP ON AIRPODS TO ANSWERIt has been observed that from its release AirPods Pro has caught quite a lot of interest of the users due to its value and features. It is found that these are the best earphones in terms of the noise cancellation technique. They are equipped with so many features, which makes them worth the pricing. So follow the steps listed below to Answer Phone calls on AirPods Pro.

  • When you receive a call and wish to answer it, just push the force sensor placed at the edge of the AirPods. When the call is finished, and push the sensor.
  • When you receive a call and do not want to answer it, let it ring for some time and soon it will move to the voicemail. Or you CAN also open your mobile screen and cancel it manually.

How to Answer Calls on AirPods

  • When you receive a call and wish to answer it, simply double-tap on the surface of the AirPods. And when you complete the call, you can open your phone screen and end it as you do.
  • When you receive a call and do not want to answer it, let it ring for some time until it moves to the voicemail. You can also open your mobile screen and cancel the call.

How to Make AirPods Announce Incoming Calls

There is also an essential feature of Airpods that becomes extremely useful. So here is the process by which you can enable this feature in the system.

  • Open Settings in your iPhone, navigate to the Phone column.navigate to the Phone column
  • Search for Announce calls and click on on Announce calls
  • Then the device will ask for the repetition of this service and click on Always.service and click on Always

So now, whenever you will receive a call, then the AirPods will announce the name.


The Airpods are very useful as they make it easier to listen to the caller’s voice. Besides, they also allow the users to experience top-notch audio quality. Along with these features, there are some other features like call receiving via Airpods and we discussed all the information related to it above. So we hope that this article will clear your doubts.

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