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Best Web Browser for Roku

Roku stick has transformed the face of entertainment since its launch in 2008. With the introduction of smart TVs and android TVs, you can now stream content on your TV through the Roku device. Roku has also launched a Roku Box, Roku TV, besides their stick. The Roku Box works as a standalone streaming device for your smart TV. On the other hand, the Roku TV is an all-in-one smart TV that does not require a Roku Stick or box.

The best part of Roku is that it allows you to stream content from Amazon Prime, BBC one, HBO, Netflix, Disney Plus, Red Bull TV, and other OTT services.

With Roku, you can also subscribe to channels, watch movies, TV shows, etc., for free and authenticate your cable services. The best part of Roku is that it is user-friendly. You just need your Roku device and Roku account credentials.

But, Roku does not come with browsers to stream media contents outside the device. Hence, you need separate web browsers to stream content through the internet.

Fortunately, Roku devices are compatible with different third-party internet browsers for streaming content.

But, which browser is best for streaming or playing content on a Roku device? Here are the top ten browsers that work wonderfully with Roku TV, Roku Stick, or Roku box. Read on to know their features and other details-

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Best Web Browsers for Roku

 1. Xfinity

xfinity roku

If you are looking for a reliable and good internet browser for Roku, Xfinity is an excellent choice. It is a product from Chromecast and comes with more than 250 live TV features. This browser makes streaming TV shows, movies, news, sports, video, documentaries, and music easier.

Xfinity is so good that it has become a full-fledged streaming service. Besides TV, you can use this web browser easily on your smartphone or tablet.

You can also download the TV shows and movies in the Library section for watching later. The screencast feature also allows you to cast content from smartphones or tablets to your Roku TV. It also allows you to watch the news and live sports.

Another feature of this browser is its high-quality video resolution for all formats. It will also offer you the best possible viewing experience, whether online or offline.

The paid plan comes for $55 per year, and you can also customize the paid plans at your convenience.


  • Wide variety of streaming options, including news, tv shows, movies, live sports, video, and music.
  • It comes with a Library section for downloading and easy storing of content.


  • It requires a little patience to understand all the features of Xfinity.

2. Safari Browser

Safari Browser

Safari Browser is a graphical browser from Apple that you can use for Roku TV also. Its fast speed and navigable browsing features have made it a favourite among Roku users. The Safari browser also offers enough privacy and security during web surfing.

The minimal interface is user-friendly and allows you to have clear visuals minus any complications.


  • A user-friendly and navigable web browser with a minimalistic design
  • Fast speed and variety of content


  • No restore session is available
  • The ‘carpet bombing’ big can cause some errors once in a while
  • Users need to use it for some time to understand the procedures properly

3. Firefox


Firefox from Mozilla is a well-known browser among internet users. If you have Roku TV or use Roku regularly, Firefox can be your ideal choice. You can stream movies and videos on your Roku TV through Firefox.

Firefox is easy to use and easily connects to your Roku Tv or other Roku devices. It also allows you to stream live tv shows, sports matches, reality shows, and international news instantly. On top of that, its video resolution is also excellent.

You can get the best results with the beta version of Firefox. Please ensure that the Firefox you are using on your Roku device shares the same network as your mobile device. The best part? It is available free of cost for anyone!


  • Secure and fast browser
  • The search bar is movable
  • It offers a navigable and clean UI


  • It is slower than many other web browsers
  • The streaming becomes slower sometimes.

4. Web Video Caster

Web Video Caster

Web Video Caster is another web browser that allows you to browse and watch TV shows and live streams on your Roku device.

You can use Web Video Caster to watch live sports matches, movies, documentaries, and videos. It also offers a seamless connection with your Roku TV.

This browser also supports all types of streaming devices and allows direct streaming from the web.

Web Video Caster also has a unique feature called the “Integrated OpenSubtitles website”. It allows you to download all the subtitles of any video content. Then, you can use these subtitles while casting the videos from your iOS or Android device.

Moreover, Web Video Caster also allows you to create a Home Screen shortcut and view the browsing history easily. It also has an intuitive IX design that significantly improves the streaming experience.

Web Video Caster comes with both free and paid subscriptions. The paid subscription costs $4.99 per month.


  • This browser supports all types of Roku devices, Ios and android devices
  • Allows you to create a home screen shortcut and one-click history views.
  • You can also cast videos from your smart devices.


  • Tab casting is not available.
  • You need to purchase a paid subscription to enjoy all the features.

5. Opera


If you are looking for a seamless and hassle-free browser for your Roku device, the Opera browser can be excellent.

It consumes little space and also offers a fast browsing experience. On top of that, it also replies to the users immediately without any break.

The best part of the Opera browser is its VPN service. You can easily use a VPN to access unlimited movies or web shows from different parts of the world. It also protects your device from harmful and malicious files.


  • Consumes less space
  • Offers VPN integration for safe and secure browsing
  • Faster browsing
  • Video pop-out feature from YouTube and other platforms.


  • It has a complicated and time-consuming setup procedure.

 6. Web Browser X

Web Browser X

The best part of WEB Browser X is its easy-to-use interface. The browser also has a navigation feature that improves the overall browsing experience. You can use up-down or right-left buttons to navigate any web page in Web Browser X.

Additionally, it also offers high-quality content from different sources. While it is a paid browser, you can also get free service in different countries. Web Browser X is available on the Roku Channel store also.


  • Offers clickable links instantly
  • Allows you to save the homepage
  • It may come free of cost in some countries


  • The formatting seems a little off in some cases
  • The user interface may seem outdated
  • It does not allow you to play videos instantly.

7. Media Browser

Media Browser

The Media Browser also supports every Roku device and is suitable for web surfing. It is an excellent browser with reliable speed. Additionally, it makes navigation easier even if the website contains thousands of files.

If you want to use Media Browser on your Roku device, install the Media Browser Server and then run it on the local network.

This browser offers contests in different pixel sizes and automatically translates contents.


  • Fast and reliable browsing experience
  • Navigable buttons and UI
  • Allows you to stream media content from your PC to the Roku


  • It does not offer music streaming.
  • It does not offer video playing features like other browsers.

8. The Roku Channel

Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is a great browsing option for anyone who wants to stream content on Roku devices. It allows you to watch live sports matches, live stream tv shows, and movies. You can also watch tv shows, movies, round-the-clock news, and children’s entertainment channels for free. On top of that, it also streams music for you.

You can download content easily from the Roku channel and get the latest content instantly. If you live in the US, you can easily get 40+ OFF subscriptions, including showtime, EPIX, AMC+, etc.


  • Instantly stream movies, music, news, live sports match, and children’s content.
  • Offers the latest content
  • Allows you to get internet surfing and streaming service together in a single platform


  • You need to use the paid version for the best

9. PRISM Web Browser

PRISM Web Browser

PRISM Web browser is great for text-based content. Despite its limitations, it works well with Roku-connected devices.

Even though the websites look unappealing and updated on POPRISM Web Browser, you can get content easily. You can use your Roku remote navigation buttons to scroll or navigate through the websites on this browser.


  • Remote navigation is available
  • Ideal for light surfing
  • Text-based web browser


  • It does not support websites with GUIs, Javascript, CSS, or images.

10. FilmRise


If movie-streaming is your main concern, FilmRise can be a good choice for you. This browser allows you to watch movies and television shows for free on your Roku devices.

Additionally, it offers HD content without any cost. FilmRise also updates its content library and adds new shows and movies for its users. Since all these contents are legal, there are no copyright issues.

The library is designed according to the IMDB rating and is divided into different genres to make surfing and browsing easier.


  • Legal content available free of cost
  • Great HD content
  • Navigable library


  • It does not offer music streaming
  • Often becomes slow


These are the top ten internet browsers for Roku that allows you to stream unlimited content from the internet. You can choose any of these browsers as per your personal preference and their availability.

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