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How To Mirror Your iPhone To Roku

Almost all smart devices nowadays support the screen mirroring feature, including Apple’s iPhone. However, screen mirroring wasn’t always so easy via Apple devices. Before, you would need an Apple TV in order to share your iPhone’s screen on a larger display. Even though Apple is known for its user-friendly UI and ecosystem, its lack of compatibility with non-Apple devices has always been problematic.

But not anymore, as it is now possible to mirror your iPhone’s display onto a Roku TV device without a lot of hassle. With a simple workaround, you will be able to watch your favorite content on a larger screen with ease. All you will need is an iPhone, a Roku TV, and a stable WiFi connection.

In this guide, we will go over how to use the screen mirroring feature for an iPhone for Roku device. If this is your first time trying out this feature, we will recommend you carefully check out the steps mentioned here so that you can successfully use the screen mirroring feature. We will also include a compatible devices list on this guide so that you can check whether your device can work out or not.

What is Screen Mirroring on Roku?

Roku screen mirroring feature allows you to share your smartphone’s screen over the Roku device. You can use an iPhone, iPad, or any other smartphone that supports screen mirroring or casting features. For this to work, you do not require any wires or cable to establish the connection. The screen mirroring feature works over a WiFi connection. All you need to do is connect both devices to the same WiFi network and you are good to go.

While you are sharing your display via screen mirroring, you will see the exact same display on the larger screen. Therefore, you might notice a slight decrease in quality because of the increased display size with identical resolution. Also, there is a little bit of quality loss which is common with wireless connections such as screen mirroring. Thus, you should expect this while you are using your iPhone or iPad for screen mirroring.

Other than that, the technology itself is pretty flawless. As there is no 3rd streaming service involved, you will be able to watch the content without buffering. Also, you can use the screen mirroring feature even if you do not have an active internet connection. All you will need is a stable WiFi connection that can be created with a router. And if you do not have a router, you can use a secondary smartphone’s hotspot as the WiFi connection.

How To Use Screen Mirroring With Roku and iPhone

Screen mirroring is a very basic feature that is available on almost every platform. Majority of Android as well as iOS devices support screen mirroring functionality. But, iOS devices were restricted only with Apple TV and other Apple streaming devices. But not anymore, as there is a workaround that lets you use the screen mirroring feature for an iPhone and Roku.

Here’s how you can use screen mirroring to share your iPhone’s display to a Roku device:

1. Get Mirror for Roku Application

There is a dedicated application for iPhone that can be used to enable screen mirroring for Roku devices. To get that, you will have to head over to the Apple App Store and look for an app called “Mirror for Roku”. It is a free-to-use application developed by iStreamer. There is also a premium version of the application that allows screen mirroring with sound so that you can stream movies or TV shows directly from your iPhone.

2. Set Up The Application

Once you have downloaded the application, open it. Within the app, you will find a screen mirroring button. Tap on it to open access to this feature. If you are using iOS 11 on your iPhone, you will have to go to the control center to access this feature. If it is not available in the control center, you can manually enable this feature.

For that, go to the Settings section on your iPhone. Then, head over to the control center and look for an option called “Customize Controls”. Now, simply tap next to the “Screen Recording” option. Now, you will be able to access the screen mirroring button right from your iPhone’s control center.

3. Enable Screen Mirroring Feature

Once you have enabled the screen mirroring feature on your iPhone, you can use the application for mirroring your device’s display to Roku. Once you tap on the “Screen mirroring” option from your control center, simply tap on the “Start Broadcasting” option. You can select either Live or Standard mode for broadcasting. If you select the Advanced mode, you will be able to select your Roku TV or streaming device directly from the control center of your iPhone.

4. Start Broadcasting Your Display

After you select your Roku device or TV, just a few seconds until the application is ready to stream your screen via local network. After that, you will see a 4-digit code appear on your Roku TV or device. Simply enter the same code on your iPhone where it asks you “AirPlay Code” which ensures the display connection is securely connected to the device you own. Once you type the code, press OK. It will take a few seconds to recognize the code.

5. Start Mirroring iPhone Screen to Roku

Once you enter the right code, your Roku device and iPhone will be connected and your iPhone display should appear on your TV. Due to the difference in aspect ratio, the vertical display of your iPhone will be the same on your TV, but with black bars on the side. Once you start playing the content, you can rotate your display to get rid of the black bars.

Now that your device’s display is connected to your Roku, you can start any app or service that you want and watch it on the larger display. The screen mirroring feature is perfect for quickly sharing images, clips and videos to your Roku TV without actually having to copy-paste or upload any data. However, with the free version of the app, you will not get any sound output from screen mirroring. If you want to watch videos or movies, you will have to get the premium version of the Mirror For Roku application.

Does Roku Device Support AirPlay?

The AirPlay support is still very limited on Roku devices. There are only a handful of 4K Roku devices that support AirPlay connections and allow screen mirroring from an iPhone or iPad. Even within a specific type of Roku device, you will have to check the model number to ensure its compatibility with the AirPlay service. Generally, you will be able to connect your iPhone to the Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku Premiere, Roku TV, and Roku Smart Soundbar.

To check the compatibility of these devices with AirPlay, you will have to check their model numbers. You can do that by heading over to the settings and accessing the Systems section. Here, go to the “About” section and check the model number.

Here are Roku device models that support the AirPlay service:

Roku TV: A series, C series, 7 series.

Roku Streambar: 9102

Roku Smart Soundbar: 9101

Roku Streaming Stick+: 3810, 3811

Roku Express 4K: 3940

Roku Premiere: 3920, 4620

Roku Ultra: 4600, 4640, 4660, 4661, 4670, 4800

Roku Ultra LT: 4662

How To Configure AirPlay Settings on Roku

If your Roku device is mentioned above, you will be able to use the screen mirroring feature with your iPhone. However, you will have to customize some settings on the Roku device to get the best experience with the feature.

Here’s how you can customize the AirPlay settings on your Roku device:

  • Access the Home menu by pressing the Home button on your Roku remote.
  • Now, press the Left arrow button to access the left-hand side menu.
  • Select “Settings” from his menu and scroll down until you see “Apple Airplay and HomeKit”.
  • Press OK on your remote to select this feature.
  • After that, select the “AirPlay and HomeKit Settings” option to access settings related to this feature.
  • Here, you can check whether the feature is enabled or not.
  • You can also change the security settings about whether you want to generate a code or not at the time of connection.
  • Furthermore, you will be able to change subtitle settings and also check the AirPlay information within the Roku device.


Using the screen mirroring feature is already pretty easy for most devices. On the Android platform, you mostly don’t even need a 3rd party application to use the screen mirroring feature. However, using it on iOS devices has been a bit tricky as the screen mirroring feature was limited to Apple TVs and streaming services. But now, there is an app developed by iStreamer that lets you mirror your iPhone’s screen to the Roku device with ease.

In this guide, we have offered almost everything you need to know to access this feature on your iPhone and Roku devices. We have also included the compatible Roku model list so that you can check the compatibility beforehand. If you’re confused about one or more steps mentioned in this guide, or it does not seem to be working on your end, you can contact us with your query via the comment section.

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