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How To Turn On Roku TV Without Remote?

Roku is one of the best streaming devices or master controllers which they’re providing online streaming to the TV unit. When you buy a Roku device, you have a remote with two AAA batteries, from which you can control all settings and navigate and interface with it. Still, if you lose the Remote, or if it breaks, then you might have some difficulty turning it on, so you need some guideline which helps you to figure out how to turn on Roku TV without a remote and that’s where this article helps you a lot to deal with it.

Turn on Roku TV Without Remote

1. Using Physical Power Button

To address the issue of a misplaced Roku remote, manual access to the device’s functions, such as turning it on and off, is necessary. Nevertheless, the location of the power button varies across different Roku TV models and manufacturing years. However, there are some common positions for the power-on button on your Roku TV. Let’s discuss the most frequently encountered power-on button locations:

  • On the Back panel of the TV, right-hand side: In numerous Roku TV models, you’ll find the power button on the back of the television, specifically on the right-hand side. This power button is relatively small and can be a bit tricky to locate and operate, so exercise caution when using it. The button typically features a power icon, which serves the purpose of turning the TV on and off. This location is widely employed in many Roku TV models.
  • On the Back panel of the TV, left-hand side: If you don’t see a button on the right-hand side, take a look on the left-hand side. Some Roku TV models have their power buttons situated on the left-hand side of the TV unit, alongside HDMI and USB ports.
  • Bottom side panel in the middle: For most Roku TVs, the power button is usually positioned in the middle of the bottom side panel. Depending on the specific model, you’ll need to feel around or place your hand in the middle of the unit to locate the power button for turning the TV on.
  • Bottom panel on the left-hand side: In some cases of Roku TV, sometimes the button is placed on the bottom left side depending on the model as well. This is the last option to turn on the power button manually.

Note: if you still can not find any power button from the given option, then you have to check the Owner’s manual because the physical button is always changed as per the model

2. Using Voice Commands

In this age of technology, our lives are interconnected through Wi-Fi, and we possess smart devices that can be controlled via voice commands. These devices prove invaluable in critical situations, making our lives more convenient. If you happen to misplace your remote control or need to turn on your Roku TV without it, you can achieve this using devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. Follow these steps to power on your Roku TV with voice commands:

  • You require some smart devices like Alexa, and both are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku TV is connected.
  • To install this, you need to search Roku skill and enable it on the device.
  • Link a Roku account to a smart device and allow communicating with your Roku TV.
  • Now whenever you send a command to your smart devices such as “Turn on Roku TV”. This Command is processed, and Your Roku TV reflects on that Command and Turns on the Device.

3. Using Gaming Console

We can also use a gaming console to turn on and off Roku TV. Gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation or Xbox are highly used in Roku. Here are some steps that you follow to connect a Gaming console to turn on Roku TV.

  • Foremost, you have to connect your gaming console setup to Roku TV with an HDMI cable
  • On your gaming console, you have to link both devices. On the PlayStation console, go to Setting –System Setting – Enable HDMI Device link.
  • For Nintendo Switch, you have to go to System Setting –TV Setting – Match Power State
  • This is an option that can connect your gaming console to Roku TV and turn on and off without using a remote

4. Using Universal Remote

If you’ve misplaced or damaged your Roku TV remote, a universal remote is a viable solution. To enjoy the full range of Roku TV functions, such as channel selection, settings adjustments, volume control, and more, having a remote is essential. Before purchasing a universal remote for your Roku TV, it’s crucial to be aware of your Roku TV code and complete the pairing process. Once successfully paired, your universal remote will function just like a regular Roku TV remote.

5. Using Roku App

In instances where your Roku TV remote isn’t operational, you can temporarily use your smartphone as a substitute remote control. This method works with both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to transform your smartphone into a TV remote. The only requirement is that your Roku TV and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

We’ve prepared a guide for connecting your Roku TV, and you can achieve this by following the steps outlined below:

  • on your device, you have to download the Roku app either from Play Store or App Store
  • After successful download, launch the Roku TV app
  • After that, you have to go in option and search nearby Rocco device
  • On your device, there is a remote icon, now tap on that
  • After tapping on the remote icon, your both devices are connected to each other, and now you control your smartphone as a Roku TV remote
  • On the screen, you see a power button now tap it and on the Roku TV

If you want to set up the wireless connection on your Roku TV, you can follow these easiest steps:

  • To Set up the wireless connection you have to go into settingsnetworks— set up connectionWi-Fi networkpasswordreconnect
  • Follow these steps, and you can connect your Roku TV with the wireless connection on your smartphone

Note: to use this app, you have to turn on TV manually before running this app and smartphone device; you need in-build IR sensor to operate your smartphone as a remote for Roku TV

Turn on Roku TV Without Remote – FAQs

1. Which method should I use to turn on the Roku TV without a remote?

Ans: We have several options for turning on your Roku TV without a remote. You can use a gaming console or the Roku TV app on your smartphone or iPad. To do this, you need to download the Roku TV app and ensure that both your smart device and the TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Once they are paired, you can use your smart device as a remote control.

2. What should I do to turn on my Roku TV manually?

Ans: We have several options for turning on your Roku TV without a remote. You can use a gaming console or the Roku TV app on your smartphone or iPad. To do this, you need to download the Roku TV app and ensure that both your smart device and the TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Once they are paired, you can use your smart device as a remote control.

3. How can you access voice commands on Roku TV?

Ans: Yes, you can activate your Roku TV using voice commands. To do this, you need to have smart devices like Alexa, and both of these devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Once this is set up, you can simply instruct your smart device to “turn on the Roku TV,” and it will power up automatically.

4. What is the possibility that your  Roku TV does not run at all?

Ans: There are several reasons why your Roku TV may not turn on. One common issue is when the plug is not properly connected to the unit or when the plug cable is damaged. In such cases, you’ll face difficulties in powering it up. Additionally, if your TV’s battery is running very low, this can also prevent it from turning on.

5. Without a remote or Wi-Fi, how can I turn ON my TCL Roku TV?

Ans: As you are aware, this is a streaming device that requires a Wi-Fi connection. Without Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to access your TV. To set up your TCL Roku TV with this device, you’ll need to create a mobile hotspot and then you can use it.

6. Why does my Roku not turn on when I press the power button?

Ans: Sometimes, the physical button on your Roku TV might not work correctly when you’re trying to turn it on. You should investigate if the power button is functioning properly or if there’s an issue with the power supply. Attempt plugging the power adapter into different electrical outlets; occasionally, power problems arise from the outlet you’re using.


We are wrapping up our discussion on how to power on your Roku TV when you can’t find the remote. Locating the Roku power button can be a bit of a challenge, but we’ve got the solution for you. We’ve also explored what to do if you don’t have a remote or have lost it. There are several ways to get your TV up and running, including using the physical power button, voice commands, a universal remote, or the Roku app. We hope this article has been helpful to you.

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