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The 6 Best 85-inch TVs Reviews & Buying Guide

An 85-inch TV has an expansive display, making it an optimal choice for spacious living rooms or home theaters. With growing popularity, these TVs have witnessed a consistent drop in average prices over time. Their larger size offers an immersive viewing experience, ideal for cinematic enjoyment. Enhanced picture quality, facilitated by 4K or 8K resolution, ensures sharp and vibrant visuals.

Multiple HDMI ports provide versatile connectivity options, accommodating various devices.  These TVs already have apps for watching stuff built right in. Lots of people are liking bigger TVs, and the 85-inch one is a great example. It shows how big screens, great picture quality, and cool features are all coming together in our TVs now.

To find how to choose the best 85inch TV, we recommend checking out our “Buying Guide”. Additionally, we have lined up detailed reviews of the shortlisted products below for your reference.

Best 85-Inch TVs Table

Best 85-inch TVsScreen ResolutionSmart TVWarrantyBuy Now
SAMSUNG 85 Inch TV4K Ultra HDYes1 year longCheck On Amazon
Sony 85-Inch TV4K Ultra HDYes1 year longCheck On Amazon
TCL 85-Inch T V4K Ultra HDYes1 year longCheck On Amazon
LG 85-Inch T V4K Ultra HDYes1 year longCheck On Amazon
Hisense 85-Inch T V4K Ultra HDYes1 year longCheck On Amazon
VIZIO 85-Inch T V4K Ultra HDYes1 year longCheck On Amazon

Best 85-Inch TVs Reviews

1. SAMSUNG 85-Inch TV

SAMSUNG 85 Inch TVSamsung 85-inch QLED TV has super clear pictures because of its 4K resolution. And when things move on the screen, they’re super smooth because of the 60Hz refresh rate.  It comes with Quantum Dot tech shows amazing colors, from super dark blacks to bright and colorful shades.

It has Object Tracking Sound Lite which makes sound feel like it’s moving all around you in 3D. The Motion Xcelerator tech stops blurriness when things move fast. This means you can see things clearly, even when they’re going superfast on the screen.

It has two kinds of special lights called Dual LED. They work together to make colors look right. Q-Symphony makes the TV speakers work together with special soundbars. Seamless design meets functionality through the SolarCell Remote, harnessing sunlight to recharge effortlessly. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, and Ethernet connectivity, your options are limitless. Featuring 3HDMI ports, seamless integration of your multimedia devices is at your fingertips.


  • It provides a cinematic experience, perfect for movie nights and immersive gaming.
  • Quantum Dot, Quantum HDR, and Motion Xcelerator technologies contribute to a high-quality and engaging viewing experience.
  • The Object Tracking Sound Lite and Q-Symphony features create a multi-dimensional audio environment.
  • The TV’s slim and modern design adds a touch of elegance to your living space.
  • Multiple HDMI ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other connectivity options make it easy to connect your devices.


  • Large, advanced TVs like this one can come with a higher price tag.
  • Due to its large size, it may not be suitable for smaller rooms or spaces.

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2. Sony 85-Inch TV

Sony 85-Inch TVThe Sony TV that shows pictures super clearly in 4K Ultra HD. The 4K Processor X1 ensures that even non-4K content looks fantastic. Navigating through your favorite shows and movies is easy with Google TV. From Netflix to Disney+ to HBO Max, all your go-to streaming apps are right at your fingertips. The X-Balanced Speaker delivers clear and balanced sound, enhancing your overall viewing experience. With 3 HDMI ports, a USB port, and an Ethernet port, connecting your devices is easy.

If you like talking to your TV, Google Assistant can help you out. Plus, you can easily use Apple Airplay too. it is a gateway to a world of entertainment that’s larger than life.


  • Google TV simplifies content discovery.
  • Upscaling technology enhances lower-quality content.
  • Smooth motion handling with Motionflow XR 240.
  • Vivid colors and improved details with 4K X-Reality PRO.
  • Clear sound through the X-Balanced Speaker.


  • Heavier weight could require sturdy mounting or furniture.
  • Some users might prefer dedicated external sound systems for a richer audio experience.

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3. TCL 85-Inch TV

TCL 85-Inch T VTCL 85-Inch 4K SmartT V that delivers visuals and impressive features. It’s like your are looking at TV and feeling like you’re peeking into a world with more than 8 million super clear pixels. It has the QLED Quantum Dot technology.  When you add HDR PRO+ and Dolby Vision to the mix, your best-loved movies and shows turn into a big burst of colors.

The TV’s Motion Rate 240 with MEMC frame things makes everything move super smooth.  The special light at the back of the TV makes everything look even brighter and cooler.  If you like playing video games, It’s has Game Accelerator 120, and makes your games superfast and exciting. The TV remote can talk to Google Assistant! So, finding stuff on the TV becomes just like chatting with a friend.

With the 85-inch QLED canvas, the TV transforms any space into a personal cinema. It is an embodiment of visual brilliance and immersive experiences.


  • Vibrant and pure colors through QLED Quantum Dot technology.
  • Smooth motion handling with Motion Rate 240.
  • Game Accelerator 120 for low-latency and engaging gaming.
  • Voice Remote with Google Assistant adds convenience.


  • Features like Dolby Vision might not be compatible with all content.
  • Higher price point compared to smaller TVs.
  • Voice control might require a learning curve for some users.

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4. LG 85-Inch TV

LG 85-Inch T VLG 86-Inch QNED Mini LED Smart TV – a true marvel that seamlessly blends size, quality, and amazing features. It has a7 AI Processor Gen6. It figures out what you’re watching and makes the pictures and sounds amazing. Whether it’s movies, shows, or games, the colors pop, the blacks are deep, and the sound is crystal clear.

It has the 120Hz refresh rate. The webOS 23 used as interface for searching. It works with LG Channels to make watching shows super easy. You can pick from lots of fun things to watch whenever you want.

The Virtual 5.1 surround sound, turning your space into a personal home theater.  The FILMMAKER MODE on the TV that takes you to where the movie makers sit. This makes watching movies feel like in a real cinema. This TV has the Game Optimizer make your games super smooth and fun, with no waiting or interruptions. It supports all your favorites, from Netflix to Disney+ and beyond. Every feature is designed to elevate your entertainment, making every moment a journey into wonder.


  • AI-driven enhancement enriches both visuals and audio.
  • Virtual 5.1 surround sound delivers captivating audio immersion.
  • Game Optimizer ensures seamless and enjoyable gaming.
  • FILMMAKER MODE replicates the cinema experience.


  • Advanced features like QNED and AI processing might require time to understand fully.
  • Limited refresh rate at 120Hz might not suit everyone’s preferences.
  • Specialized features like Game Optimizer might have a learning curve for novice users.

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5. Hisense 85-Inch TV

Hisense 85-Inch T VHisense U7H QLED TV – a magnificent fusion of size, quality, and advanced features. It’s 4K Ultra HD display shows super clear pictures with lots of tiny dots that make everything look real and amazing. It has ULED technology. It makes colors, contrasts, brightness, and motion look extra awesome. The dark parts look deep, the colors are super bright, and everything moves smoothly.

It has Quantum Dot Wide Color Gamut. It makes colors look super bright and accurate, way better than regular TVs. The TV can shine really bright, up to 1000 nits. And it can make some parts darker, which makes things look even cooler.  So, when you watch movies with super bright scenes, they really stand out. And the dark parts look even darker, like adding more shadows.

Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technologies, bring super cool sound and pictures to your room, like in the movies.  The TV moves smoothly because it can refresh 120 times every second. So, when you watch sports or exciting action movies, everything looks clear. For gamers, the Game Mode Pro optimizes settings, ensuring lag-free gaming sessions. You can talk to the TV and it listens! No need to search for the remote. Just use your voice to make the TV do what you want.

The TV has lots of cool things it can do, like working with Alexa. This makes every time you use the TV really fun and amazing. Here, innovation meets visual excellence, making the Hisense U7H QLED TV a true standout in the world of large-format viewing.


  • The TV works with Alexa, letting you control it using just your voice.
  • Gamers get a dedicated mode for smoother and more enjoyable gaming experiences.
  • Dolby Atmos technology transforms your living room into a mini theater with immersive audio.
  • Enjoy striking brightness and deeper blacks, making visuals pop and creating a more immersive experience.


  • Exploring and understanding all the advanced features may take some time.
  • While Dolby Atmos enhances audio, some users might still prefer external sound systems for optimal sound quality.

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6. VIZIO 85-Inch TV

VIZIO 85-Inch T VVIZIO 4K QLED HDR has 4K Ultra HD resolution. It brings a billion colors to life using Quantum Color technology makes colors and details in movies stand out. If you love playing games, you’ll like the P-Series Quantum X TV. It’s super good for gaming with clear and smooth graphics. It also stops the game from getting all glitchy, so you can play without any problems. It reacts super quickly, like in just one millisecond. This helps you play better, especially if you’re competing against others.

This TV is really smart and makes your entertainment even better. You can easily find and watch more than 200 apps, like Netflix and Disney+, for fun shows and movies. It understands when you talk to it using Alexa or Google Assistant. You can tell it what you want to watch or do, and it listens and does it. It look super colorful and exciting with Dolby Vision HDR. And when you play games, it’s really smooth and perfect because of AMD FreeSync Premium Pro.


  • Quantum Color technology creates a diverse and lifelike color palette.
  • Compatibility with both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision ensures a wider range of dynamic contrasts and vibrant visuals.
  • The TV’s gaming features, including high frame rates and low input lag, cater to gaming enthusiasts.
  • Alexa and Google Assistant integration brings hands-free control and added convenience.


  • It is less suitable for smaller rooms.
  • The high-end features and technology come at a premium cost.

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Buying Guide For 85-Inch TVs

1. Display Technology

Generally there are 4 primary display technologies:


  • LCD (liquid crystal display), the most prevalent, employs liquid crystals between polarizers to generate images.
  • LED (light-emitting diode) TVs utilize LEDs as LCD backlight, enhancing brightness and energy efficiency.
  • OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs employ organic compounds emitting light through electric current, yielding superior contrast and blacks.
  • QLED (quantum dot LED) TVs, a form of LED, incorporate quantum dots to enrich color range.

2. Connectivity Technology

Connectivity technology enables TVs to link with the internet, external sources, and devices. Common options include:

  • HDMI: Standard for Blu-ray players, streaming, and gaming.
  • USB: Versatile connection for flash drives, cameras, and more.
  • Ethernet: Reliable wired link surpassing Wi-Fi consistency.
  • Wi-Fi: Convenient wireless connection, though less steadfast than wired.
  • Bluetooth: Wireless for TV to speakers, headphones, and peripherals.

3. Refresh Rate

Refresh rate, measured in hertz (Hz), signifies how often a TV’s image refreshes per second. A 60Hz TV updates its image 60 times per second, while a 120Hz TV does so 120 times. A higher refresh rate enhances smoothness, particularly for dynamic content like sports and gaming. Yet, benefits might not be evident if content lacks high frame rates. Common rates are 60Hz and 120Hz. Certain TVs offer variable refresh rate (VRR) adjusting to content frame rates, reducing motion blur and judder for improved viewing quality.

4. Resolution

Resolution is pixel count comprising a TV’s image, noted as horizontal x vertical pixels (e.g., 1920 x 1080). More pixels in higher resolution yield sharper visuals. Common TV resolutions include:

  • Standard Definition (SD): 720 x 480 pixels
  • High Definition (HD): 1280 x 720 pixels (720p) or 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080p)
  • Ultra High Definition (UHD): 3840 x 2160 pixels (4K) or 7680 x 4320 pixels (8K)

5. Supported Internet Services

Smart TVs possess integrated internet connectivity for easy home network linking, granting access to streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. Additional streaming devices—Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast, Roku—connect via TV’s HDMI port, broadening app options. For non-Wi-Fi TVs, an Ethernet cable suffices for home network connection. Alternatively, a mobile hotspot enables TV-internet link.

Best 85-inch TVs – FAQs

1. What is a good refresh rate for a 85-inch TV?

Ans: A TV is only as good as the images it can produce. And with 4K resolution and 60-120Hz refresh rates being the norm, it’s easier to get your hands on a quality big-screen TV.

2. What’s the ideal viewing distance for an 85-inch TV?

Ans: A general rule is about 10 to 14 feet (3 to 4.5 meters) for comfortable viewing, but personal preference also plays a role.

3. Are there differences in picture quality among different 85-inch TV brands?

Ans: Yes, picture quality varies based on technology, panel type (OLED, QLED, etc.), and brand. Research reviews and compare specifications.

4. Do 85-inch TVs come with voice control features?

Ans: Yes, some models incorporate voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for convenient control.

5. Do 85-inch TVs support 3D viewing?

Ans: 3D support is becoming less common in modern TVs, including 85-inch models. Check specifications if 3D is a priority.

6. Can I connect external sound systems to improve audio on an 85-inch TV?

Ans: Yes, many 85-inch TVs have audio output options to connect soundbars, home theater systems, or external speakers.


The 85-inch TV is an invitation to a world of immersive entertainment. Whether transforming your living room into a personal cinema or embracing the thrill of gaming, this TV’s grand size ensures an enveloping experience. Boasting superior resolution, the level of detail in the visuals is a feast for the eyes, enhancing every scene. Moreover, with features like HDR and Dolby Vision, the picture quality ascends to new heights.

  • Our Overall recommendation is SAMSUNG 85-Inch TV. It uses the Dynamic Crystal Color technology along with HDR that boosts up all the colors and adds life to them. Apart from that, controlling the TV is super-easy as you can directly operate it with your voice since it supports Bixby, Google Assistant, and Alexa as well. It has Object Tracking Sound Lite which makes sound feel like it’s moving all around you in 3D.
  • Another recommendation is TCL 85inch TV. It has the QLED Quantum Dot technology. When you add HDR PRO+ and Dolby Vision to the mix, your best-loved movies and shows turn into a big burst of colors. It’s has Game Accelerator 120, and makes your games superfast and exciting. It Automatically enables game mode for the lowest possible input lag and latency for an unmatched gaming performance.

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