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How To Watch Netflix On Switch

There are many who think that Nintendo Switch is only for playing games. But do you know that you can watch Netflix on Switch? It might come as a surprise to many as they watch Netflix on smart TV, computers, and smartphones. However, Netflix is also compatible with streaming devices such as Firestick, Roku, and even Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, Switch directly does not support Netflix yet while it supports YouTube and Hulu. In this article, we will illustrate how to get Netflix on Switch.

Steps to Stream Netflix on Switch

There are basically two steps you have to take to stream Netflix on Switch. First, you have to set up the Nintendo Switch on your Android TV. Second, you have to install the Netflix app from Nintendo e-Shop.

1. Setup Nintendo Switch on your TV

1: Turn on Nintendo Switch Dock.

2: Connect HDMI cable from HDMI OUT point on Switch Dock to HDMI port on your TV.

3: Switch on your TV and select HDMI input option.

4: Now, you can launch Nintendo Switch.

2. Steps to Install Netflix on Switch using Android OS

Since Switch does not have direct support for Netflix yet, if you want Netflix on Switch, you have to install Android OS on Switch. Thereafter, you can install Netflix from Play Store. However, the process of installing Android OS on Switch is slightly complicated. Hence, we recommend this method for advanced users only. Otherwise, you can wait for some time till Nintendo makes Netflix available on Nintendo e-Shop. We have stated the steps in the next method.

Let us briefly explain how to install Android OS on Switch.

Here are the things you will need.

  • An exploitable Switch console.
  • A computer and USB cable.
  • MicroSD.

Here are downloads you will need to go for – The ROM, GApps, Hekate Bootloader, TegraRCMGUI and BalenaEtcher.

  • Begin by putting your SD card into the computer. You will have to note that all the data on the card will be erased. For this reason, you must have a backup of the important files. Now you need to open balenaEtcher.
  • Once done, you need to open the file “android-XXgb.img.gz”. Make sure that you have selected the right device as you may accidentally end up erasing other drives. Also, this can take time depending upon the size and speed of the SD card. It can range from 30 minutes to hours. You may see the progress getting stuck at 99%, which is nothing to worry about.
  • Now close balenaEtcher and go to Windows explorer. You will find two drives, which will be a 2GB partition window and an Error. Windows will be able to read the partition drive and you must not click the error drive. In case the drives are not there, you need to start from the beginning by reinserting your SD card into the PC.
  • The next step will be to place the files and shieldifier/ in the 2GB partition root folder without unzipping them.
  • You can now remove the SD card and place it on the Switch.
  • By using your preferred method, you can boot into RCM. When the Switch screen is black, it will not boot even when you hold the Power + Vol Ubutton. This is a sign that you are in RCM.
  • Following this, you will have to open TegraRcmGUI. You need to choose Install Driver from the Settings tab.
  • Now go to the Payload tab and select the file Hekate.bin as the payload. You will now have to connect your Switch. There will be a prompt in TegraRcmGUI which will say “RCM OK”. Click on “Inject Payload”. You can disconnect it when the GUI is on your Switch.
  • In the next step, you will have to select “More Configs”. Follow by holding the Vol Up and then click on “Switchroot Android”. You need to hold the Vol Up until you get the TWRP menu.
  • Once the first screen appears, you need to hit on “Keep Read Only”.
  • Now, tap on Mount → System → Vendor. At the bottom, there will be the Home button, which you will have to click. In case if it is not there, you need to move the finger up and down or even refresh it. This can happen when TWRP misses things.
  • Next, tap on Install → Select Storage → Micro SD Card → OK. Now go to GApps zip and uncheck the option “Reboot after installation is complete”. You need to bring the slider on the right side. You can even do it for Reboot2Payload and Shieldfielder. To return, you can press back once the GAPPS flash. If you are done with all the zips, there will be a prompt to wipe the Dalvik cache. Do note that you need to boot up Android first if you need GAPPS. In case if you have booted into Android, you need to reflash the SD card go with restarting the guide.
  • When there is a prompt to install the TWRP app, you need to choose “Do not install”. You can hold the power button to reboot the device. Enter the RCM and remove the Hekate from the computer. Boot Android without holding any buttons. Your screen will appear black as booting will take some time.
  • Your device will now boot into Android. If you happen to install the NVIDIA Shield app, you need to update it from Play Store.

3. Steps to Install Netflix on Switch From e-Shop(Coming Soon)

Even though Netflix is not currently available on e-Shop yet, the company is likely to bring the app very soon, and here is how you can install Netflix app.

1: Now that you have launched Nintendo Switch, log into your account.

2: From the home screen, select e-Shop icon.

3: On e-Shop, go to the box just beside the search bar to get the on-screen keyboard.

4: You have to type Netflix on the search box and select OK.

5: From the search result, select Netflix.

6: Thereafter, you have to install Netflix app. Sign into Netflix to start streaming.

Conclusion –

Currently, the only way to stream Netflix on Switch is by installing Android OS on Switch and installing Netflix app from Play Store. The process of installing Android OS is not easy and there are considerable risks involved. If you are an advanced user, you can go ahead. Otherwise, you can wait for some time till Nintendo introduces Netflix app on their e-Shop from where you can download the app just like YouTube and Hulu.

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