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10 Best Touch Screen Radio (Car) Reviews in 2024

A touch screen car stereo is just what you need to significantly upgrade your in-car entertainment from those generic manual car stereos. It gives you so many options for listening to your favorite music, taking calls, playing videos, opening route maps, etc. Not to forget the added advantage of a touchscreen that can give you a smartphone-like experience on the go.

As there are many touch screen radios out there, not all of them are a good buy. To help you out, we have come up with a few of the best models out there. These models were picked based on the following criteria:

  • Form Factor: The size of your touch-screen car radio is revealed by its form factor, which is also crucial for compatibility when it comes to installing and correctly fitting a car stereo unit inside your vehicle. Except for a few bigger double DIN-sized vehicle stereos, practically all car stereos come with the smaller single DIN size to assure optimal compatibility.
  • Connectivity: Checking the connectivity choices given by your car audio is crucial because you’ll be using external media playback options with it rather frequently. As a result, nearly all vehicle stereos have standard connectivity choices including Bluetooth, USB, aux, and radio, with flexible versions sometimes including even more connectivity possibilities.
  • Power Output: Having a strong enough vehicle stereo is crucial if you want to connect your car speakers directly to your car audio without requiring an external amplifier. A greater power rating is always preferable for heavy-duty usage when it comes to using vehicle stereos, and it may be provided as up to 100 watts, up to 150 watts, or more.

There are still a lot of things you need to think about in addition to these ideas. To let you choose the best touch screen car radios, at the end of this listicle, all of the best car stereos included here have all of their crucial characteristics and factors accurately detailed along with a thorough “Buying Guide.”

Best Touch Screen Radio (Car) 2023

Best Touch Screen Radio (Car)Display Size (Inches)Connectivity TechnologyControl MethodController TypeBuy Now
Hikity Touch Screen Radio10.1Bluetooth. USB. WiFi/HotspotTouch, buttonsAndroid Phone, Subwoofer, iPhoneCheck On Amazon
Podofo Touch Screen Radio7Bluetooth FM USBTouchRemote ControlCheck On Amazon
SJOYBRING Touch Screen Radio7BluetoothTouch and physical buttonsIOS, AndroidCheck On Amazon
Leadfan Touch Screen Radio7Bluetooth, USBRemote, TouchAndroidCheck On Amazon
LYTDZ-CA Touch Screen Radio7Bluetooth, USBTouchIOS, AndroidCheck On Amazon
AMprime Touch Screen Radio10Bluetooth, Auxiliary, Wi-Fi, USBTouchAndroidCheck On Amazon
Oeretzrac Touch Screen Radio7BluetoothTouchIOS, AndroidCheck On Amazon
SOUNDKITS Touch Screen Radio7Bluetooth, USB TouchIOS, AndroidCheck On Amazon
SANPTENT Touch Screen Radio7USBTouchSmartphone, SpeakerCheck On Amazon
MINYE Touch Screen Radio7Carplay/Android Auto/Mirror-Link/Bluetooth/USB/AUX/TF CardTouchGoogle Assistant, SiriCheck On Amazon

Best Touch Screen Radio (Car) Reviews

1. Hikity Touch Screen Radio

Hikity 10.1 Android Car Stereo

If you’re looking for a new Android Auto head unit for your car and want something reasonable and cost-effective, you can also have a look at Hikity’s choices.

As one of the least expensive solutions available, Hikity’s Android Auto head unit is among the top touch screen car radio systems in this list. It comes with a 10.1-inch display that is coupled with a respectable 1024 x 600 screen resolution.

However, this entry-level device from Atoto uses the same out-of-date Android 6.0 operating system as the last model. In reality, given that it only has 1 GB of RAM and 16 BG of internal storage, its performance is actually rather ordinary. However, it does come with a 1-year guarantee, which is always a plus for an Android Auto head unit.

Using the radio frequency between 87.5 MHz and 107.9 MHz, you can more accurately decode signal messages. Intelligently, the memory function may recall radio stations. It provides 18 radio storage, high-performance digital tuning for FM radio, and full electronic digital radio search.

As a bonus, this Android vehicle stereo has a backup camera. Rearview camera with 170° viewing angle, HD, and night vision. When in reverse, the screen instantly shows stereo reverse views, making parking safer and easier.


  • Has a 10.1-inch, 1024 x 600 display, runs Android 6.0
  • Has 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage.
  • Comes with a one-year guarantee
  • Car radio with waterproof night vision.
  • GPS-equipped car radio receiver with pre-loaded “HereWeGo” app that includes offline navigation.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Large display
  • Includes a handy reverse parking camera


  • Uses an outdated version of Android
  • Installation can be tricky

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2. Podofo Touch Screen Radio

Podofo Double Din Car Stereo Radio

Another manufacturer of Android Auto head units that provides a variety of affordable and entry-level alternatives with useful capabilities for use in your car is Podofo.

For the price, the Podofo Android Auto head unit provides a lot to the user, making it a fantastic value option. This Android Auto head unit has a 7-inch, 1024 x 600 display, just like the majority of others on the market. Along with its display, the package also includes a reverse parking camera that gives your automobile an additional useful feature.

You may anticipate getting the majority of the newest features because this Android Auto head unit runs Android 9.1. Furthermore, Podofo has added 2 gigabytes of RAM and 32 GB of storage since it even supports the most recent Android apps, enabling you to quickly install any apps of your choosing. Although this Android head unit comes with a 1-year guarantee, the build quality is only a little bit above ordinary.


  • Supports a 7-inch 1024 x 600 display
  • Runs on Android 9.1
  • Comes with 2 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Car stereo MP5 player with 18 stations of FM radio storage, music player, video player, support for USB, TF Card, and AUX audio input.
  • Built-in Bluetooth and microphone for hands-free calling and receiving.
  • Once you shift into reverse gear, the reverse picture will instantly appear on the car radio screen.


  • Handy reverse parking camera included in the box
  • Good RAM and storage capacity
  • Pretty new version of Android for feature support


  • Build quality could have been better
  • Operating the mirror link function is difficult

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3. SJOYBRING Touch Screen Radio

SJOYBRING Double Din Car Stereo

The SJOYBRING double din stereo was designed with the driver’s safety and comfort in mind, while also enabling you to take advantage of all the amazing features of a full multimedia center.

The JOY-D006 is a 100% standard size, universal IOS interface that was specially developed for the American market. You may easily control the 1024*600 responsive 7″ touchscreen display with your fingertips, and the reaction time is swift.

Sync your iOS smartphone with a large screen to easily make calls, listen to music, send and receive messages, utilize navigation, and more. You can connect your smartphone through Carplay/Bluetooth or the AUX input. It is Mirror Link compatible as well. Additionally, there is a USB port and TF card slot that supports MP3/WMA/FLAC/WAV and ID3 Tag.

This multimedia system is perfect for a broad range of music genres and sound effects. It has user-customizable 16-band EQ choices. The sophisticated SI4754 chip is incorporated into the JOY-D006 and includes real-time FM and AM capabilities too.

Comes with Rear & Front View Camera for easy parking. The HD night vision unit is built-in and works automatically while you shift to reverse.


  • Apple CarPlay and smartphone compatibility
  • 7 inches display
  • Phone Mirror Link compatible with all Android and iOS phones.
  • Hands-free Bluetooth 5.0 system that allows for wireless music streaming and calls.
  • A rear-view camera with HD night vision that supports front and rear cameras
  • Pre-amp and subwoofer outputs
  • USB charging option and ID3 Tag
  • Backed by a one year warranty


  • Comes with a backup camera
  • Touch screen navigation is easy
  • Super easy to install


  • Updating radio takes time

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4. Leadfan Touch Screen Radio

Leadfan Double Din

This automobile radio system has a 7-inch double din and excellent quality. For optimum results, use a fingernail or tip to touch the screen. Sharing music as well as videos on your devices with ease.

You can take calls, listen to music and other media noises from devices having Bluetooth functionality, and answer calls using Bluetooth and a microphone.  There is a wireless remote control and exclusive steering wheel controls for added convenience.

Take a phone call hands-free by using the BT connection to dial and listen to a call on the radio. BT and hands-free calling, USB, FM Radio, AUX-IN, TF Card (up to 32G), video player, music player, and remote control are all supported.

It supports Mirrorlink and navigation features of the majority of mobile phones, allowing you to use the large stereo screen to manage your phone.


  • The new processing chipset (CPU) offers steady performan
  • A range of sound adjustment (SEL) options.
  • 7 inches display
  • Support for easy controllable functions.
  • Audio input interface for AUX
  • 60 Watts output power
  • Support for audio formats like RA, AC3, MP2, AMR, ACC, OGG, and WMA.
  • One year warranty


  • Comes with Bluetooth and microphone
  • Wireless remote control and steering wheel control
  • Features a fixed panel size compatible with all cars


  • Quite expensive

Buy Now From Amazon

5. LYTDZ-CA Touch Screen Radio


The Apple CarPlay feature is supported by this radio. You may use the original mobile phone data line to connect to IOS and use the music, map, and call features. Get instructions, send and receive information, etc. also possible with SIRI. Android phones can work with this double din vehicle audio.

You can access Google Maps navigation after connecting via the original mobile phone data connection. You can also play music, make calls, see information, and support more AUTO compatible software programs at the same time. bolster voice control.

To satisfy your various demands for sound quality, it contains built-in DSP sound effects and 16-band EQ, Vbass, balance, volume, and filter adjustments. The most recent version 5.0, which boasts quick transmission speed and greater stability, is used by this Carplay Car Stereo System. supports interference-free, hands-free call taking and answering.


  • This double din radio has Apple CarPlay and Auto capabilities.
  • Apple play automobile stereo Built-in DSP, customizable Vbass, 16-segment EQ, Balance, Loudness, Emperor, and so on
  • Supports Bluetooth 5.1.
  • The 1024*600 HD capacitive 7 inches screen used
  • Both rear view and front view cameras are supported
  • One year warranty


  • Easy installation
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto


  • Balance and fader controls were opposite
  • Amplifier is powerful

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6. AMprime Touch Screen Radio

AMprime Android Car Stereo Player

The head unit dimension for this Android car stereo is 250x145x40mm, with a double din installation. 10-inch capacitive touch large screen. It has high resolution and 1080P super clear video capability. Its screen is made of 2.5D arc anti-scratch tempered glass.

Additionally, this gadget has twin USB connections and RCA video output/input connectors. Use the Android vehicle stereo’s 10-inch radio touchscreen. Connect to WiFi and download a variety of apps for the radio, including YouTube, TikTok, Maps, email, and more.

It comes with a 6M AV cable, and a tiny waterproof back camera with 12 IR lights  for excellent night vision. If you engage reverse, the player will immediately go into parking mode. You may keep all of your favorite stations with the 18 preset stations and listen to news, music, and programs whenever you want.


  • This car radio has a power output of 4*45W.
  • Support WIFI and online/offline GPS navigation
  • 10 inches display
  • Supports IOS / Android phones
  • For iPhone 5 – 7 Plus, Android 4.0-7.0
  • Super light transmittance
  • Backed by 1 year warranty
  • Tempered glass with anti-scratch


  • Built-in Wi-Fi connection makes it simple to access internet navigation
  • 10-inch large screen with capacitive touch support of 1080P


  • May be difficult to install
  • May have connectivity issue at times

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7. Oeretzrac Touch Screen Radio


A high-resolution, colorful, clear, bright LCD display with support for clear movies is included with this device’s 7-inch double din vehicle entertainment system. On your devices, you may watch clear pictures and movies at any time from a variety of channels.

The 7-inch LCD Touch screen on the vehicle stereo provides you with an excellent viewing experience. The majority of cell phones can use the mirror connection function with this twin vehicle radio.

Back-up cameras are included with this double din vehicle audio. When in reverse mode, it will automatically display the reverse picture. The user handbook, wiring, and installation equipment also come with it. Professional technical assistance and a 1-year guarantee are included with this radio.

This dual vehicle radio is compatible with most smartphones’ mirror connect feature. Your car audio will display the phone navigation map when you turn on the navigation app and connect through USB.


  • 7-inch double din with a good resolution LCD screen
  • Supports Bluetooth, AUX, TF card (Up to 32G), USB, steering controls, and remote control.
  • Supports mirror link.
  • Exclusive backup camera.
  • One-year guarantee


  • Compatible with most cars
  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective


  • Sound quality could be better
  • Operating Mirror link is difficult

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8. SOUNDKITS Touch Screen Radio


The HD 1024*600 LCD display technology used in this car stereo gives you a comfortable user experience. On the stereo display, it offers 1920 x 1080P video and music playing. Via a USB cable connection, you may project the screen of the smartphone onto this car stereo screen.

It has a built-in USB converter which enables you to experience clear mirroring for the map navigation, messaging, and music while driving. It works with Android 11 or earlier versions, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XR, and other compatible devices.

To get the speaker listening, hands-free calling, and wireless music streaming without any interruptions, simply link this stereo unit with the smartphone. This Bluetooth-enabled dash car stereo unit comes with a front camera and backup camera input. The dual auto radio enables the driver to have HD quality footage of the rear view when reversing the vehicle.


  • Mirror Android & iOS screen via USB cable connection
  • Bluetooth 5.0 & built-in mic
  • HD backup cam
  • Offers one year warranty


  • It comes with wiring harness
  • Compatible for mirror link
  • Sound and looks are great


  • Does not play music SD card
  • Does not come with mounting bracket

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9. SANPTENT Touch Screen Radio


Simply connect your smartphone to this double din vehicle radio to provide enhanced voice assist control and make it simpler to use your phone’s features.

It is also compatible with iOS Carplay and Android Auto. This improved double din vehicle stereo receiver has a built-in smart chip to speed up touch sensing, giving you a smoother experience.

This double din vehicle radio incorporates a front view and backup cameras to help you park without damaging parking cones, running into stray animals, or running into other nearby barriers. With the Bluetooth Hands-free technology, you won’t have to struggle while driving to answer your calls!


  • Vehicle Fit & Multi Functions
  • Front and Backup View Cameras
  • Upgraded Chip & Crystal-Clear Display
  • Compatible with Carplay & Android Auto
  • 1 year product warranty


  • Easy installation
  • Budget-friendly stereo
  • Easy control


  • May not fit every car
  • The brightness cannot be controlled

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10. MINYE Touch Screen Radio

MINYE Double Din Car Stereo

Apple has created a system called Carplay that is specifically tailored for IOS devices. You may use the 7-inch stereo touch screen to control apps from your phone, including navigation, phone, music, and radio, after connecting your iPhone to the stereo using the original USB-Lighting cable.

A method for connecting cars and computers called Android Auto was developed especially by Google for Android smartphones. Connect your Android phone to the L1 stereo using the original USB data cable, and then use the 7-inch touch screen to control a variety of apps that have been specially designed for vehicle stereos.

Because Android Auto is so easy to use and manage, driving becomes considerably safer. Additionally available at all times, Google Voice Assistant can help you place calls, send messages, and more.

The MINYE 1024*600 HD capacitive screen solution provides more sensitivity and accuracy than the conventional 800*480 resistive screen. Meanwhile, the complete touch solution takes center stage and the conventional physical buttons are eliminated.


  • Bluetooth 4.2 & enhanced listening experience
  • Upgraded full touch screen
  • Compatible with Apple Carplay & Android Auto
  • Enjoy a superior music listening experience
  • Product comes with one-year warranty


  • Easy to operate
  • Phone mirror link support


  • The size may not be compatible
  • May have installation issue

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide for the Best Touch Screen Radio (Car)

You would like to enhance your driving experience with the best in-car audio system, whether you use your automobile for a daily commute between cities or big interstate trips. However, because a car touch screen stereo must be placed inside your vehicle in order for this to be feasible, we’ve already included some of the top car stereos in the list given above.

All these vehicle stereos have their crucial characteristics and information listed beside them to aid you in choosing the best one. And if you’re still curious, have a look at this comprehensive shopping guide when looking for the top vehicle stereos:

1. Form Factor

Installing your vehicle audio correctly is necessary before you even start utilizing it. Checking the car audio system’s form factor is crucial for ensuring the same. Single and double DIN car touch screen stereos fall under the standardized form factor for car stereos known as DIN.

Regarding the numerous vehicle stereos listed above, nearly all of them include double DIN connectors to enable high compatibility and bigger displays that are ideal for car stereos running Android.

2. Connectivity

You must connect a media playback device to your car radio to play any type of music via it. Therefore, it is crucial to examine your vehicle stereo’s connectivity choices to see if it’s compatible with the car’s audio device you want to use.

Since virtually all vehicle stereos include Bluetooth, aux, USB, radio, and other common connecting options, this should fortunately not be a problem at all. Your vehicle radio will often be quite adaptable if it offers additional connecting choices.

3. Power Output

You should also verify the power output rating if you intend to use your car touch screen stereos’ internal amplifiers rather than the external one. This is mainly to make sure that your vehicle stereos can power your car speakers effectively and without any problems.

Up to 50 or 100 watts are some of the typical power output ratings, with a greater rating being preferable for bigger speakers or even the multi-speaker systems inside the automobile.

4. Display and Controls

You can perform a lot of things with your car audio while using it, like switching tracks, or playing and pausing music, adjusting the level, navigating through different music sources, etc. This makes having an appropriate display and the controls for your car audio very crucial. As far as the controls are concerned, practically all vehicle stereos include touch screen buttons for all of your standard settings and choices.

For added convenience, some automobile stereos may even include remote controls. Budget choices just include a little text display providing you the soundtrack’s name and a few indications.

However, if you select more expensive car stereos, one may even find models with sizable touch screens, perfect for Android car touch screen stereos that provide the user with a variety of smart functions and applications.

5. Screen Size

All of these head units feature screens, as you may already be aware, because they are rather large and need two dins for installing them in the car. Choosing the preferred display size you want to install in your car is the first chore, thus.

Even though the bulk of double din head units has displays that are about 7 inches wide. If you’re looking for a bigger one, there are a couple of good options that even have displays that are 10 to 11 inches wide. Therefore, you must decide if a 7-inch display would do for you or whether your car needs a larger one.

6. Warranty

You want your present car audio to last long since you don’t constantly install new car stereos in cars. Checking the vehicle radio’s warranty might be a terrific alternative for ensuring the same. Almost all vehicle stereos have a one-year guarantee for your peace of mind. You may anticipate that any vehicle radio will provide an even higher lifespan and dependability if it has a longer guarantee period.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are touch screen stereos worth it?

Sensors and other cutting-edge safety measures are visible on the touch screen display. More crucially, it can be connected to a backup camera equipped with proximity sensors. Some automakers go a step farther and provide a 360-degree overview of the vehicle.
Headphones with touch screens can also receive satellite radio and HD radio. With satellite and HD, audio is clearer and sharper. Satellite and HD radio offer fewer blind spots than an FM/AM stereo since they don’t rely on radio towers.

2. How does a vehicle radio work to make hands-free phone calls?

You must link your mobile device to the car stereo through Bluetooth in order to make hands-free phone calls utilizing the vehicle’s audio system. This turns on the car stereo’s microphone for the duration of the conversation.

3. Will a car with a unique-shaped car radio fit a regular DIN car stereo inside?

You can still install a normal DIN-sized car radio even if your car doesn’t come with one. You may achieve this by utilizing a DIN adapter, which will modify the dashboard of your automobile so that it is compatible with stereos with the common DIN size. Since touch screen vehicle radios often have huge displays, double DIN is required.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a new car audio system for your car, there are likely to be a lot of good alternatives available to you. We’ve previously listed some of the top vehicle stereos above since picking the proper one can be a bit challenging.

In reality, all of these top vehicle stereos come with a list of their important features and characteristics. A comprehensive shopping guide for the top vehicle stereos mentioned above is also available. We provide our top selections and suggestions for the top touch screen vehicle stereos while keeping all of these factors in mind:

  • Hikity Touch Screen Radio This is one of the best touch screen car radio or stereos on this list with its 10.1-inch screen. It is perfect if you are looking for a bigger screen size. It is easy to install and control. You can install this car stereo in your car to enjoy seamless music, FM radio and enhance your car ride experience.
  • Podofo Touch Screen Radio The Podofo vehicle radio, in contrast to other single DIN alternatives available, nevertheless features a touchscreen display that is 7 inches in size. You can easily make the most of this touchscreen because it also has connectivity choices including USB, Bluetooth, SD card, aux, and radio. This vehicle radio has a one-year guarantee, much like the majority of other car stereos.
  • SJOYBRING Touch Screen Radio The SJOYBRING touch screen car radio is a good option if you want a high-end car stereo with all the capabilities you could ask for in a vehicle audio. You can readily see the video feed from both the front and rear camera units thanks to its enormous 7-inch display. Being a huge double DIN vehicle radio, it also provides a wide range of connectivity choices including WiFi, Bluetooth, SD card, and a USB connector.

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