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10 Best Single Din Head Units

The car stereo system plays a vital role in keeping you entertained and informed while driving. Besides providing music, it offers useful features like GPS navigation, hands-free calling, radio access, news updates, and more.

It’s advisable to invest in a quality single DIN head unit for your car. Even if you already have a stereo or MP3 player, upgrading offers several compelling reasons to consider.

Factors to Consider:

  • Power Rating: The power rating of any electrical device simply gives you an idea about its performance and output capabilities. In general terms, a higher-powered option does require more power to run but definitely offers better quality at the output in comparison.
  • Compatibility With Speakers: Even with the single din head unit, you will require a set of speakers in your car to get the most out of your system. If you already own a decent set of speakers and subwoofers, you should make sure that the unit that you are buying is compatible with that.
  • Ports and Features: There are multiple ports that you will find on a single din head unit such as a USB port, SD card port, and an I/O audio jack. Furthermore, you also get additional features such as wireless connectivity, support for 3rd party services and Radio services, etc. that you can enjoy.

Along with the products and their specifications, we also have a short “Buying Guide” present that will help you to make a better choice for a long-term option.

Best Single Din Head Units Table

Single Din Head UnitPower CapacityNumber of ChannelsBuy Now
JENSEN MPR210 Single Din Head Units50 Watts4 channelsCheck On Amazon
BOSS Audio Car Stereo DVD PlayerMax 200 watts4 channelsCheck On Amazon
Pyle Single DIN Head Unit Receiver80 watts (Max 320W)4 channelsCheck On Amazon
Alpine Single-Din CD Car Stereo18 watts4 channelsCheck On Amazon
BOSS Audio Multimedia Car StereoMax 50 watts4 channelsCheck On Amazon
Sound Storm Car Stereo Single DinMax 50 watts4 channelsCheck On Amazon
Kenwood Single Din Head Unit50 Watts4 channelsCheck On Amazon
REAKOSound Single Din Head Unit50 Watts4 channelsCheck On Amazon
JVC KD-SX27BT Single Din Head Unit50 Watts4 channelsCheck On Amazon
Sony DSX-A410BT Single DinMax 55 watts4 channelsCheck On Amazon
Jensen Single DIN Head Unit Car Stereo50 watts (Max 200W)4 channelsCheck On Amazon
Pioneer Single Din Car Stereo14 watts4 channelsCheck On Amazon
Pioneer MVH-S310BT Single Din22 watts4 channelsCheck On Amazon

Best Single Din Head Units Reviews

1. JENSEN MPR210 Single Din Head Units

JENSEN MPR210 Single Din Head Units

Our first offering, JENSEN MPR210 is a robust single din head unit known for its user-friendly design and solid performance. It’s ideal for those who prefer simplicity and efficiency rather than complex features.

It features a 7-character high-resolution LCD that offers a clear and distraction-free view. The built-in Bluetooth enables easy pairing and hands-free calls, allowing you to stay connected while driving.

A key feature is the Siri/Google Voice Assist button, which simplifies voice commands for safe music and navigation control without removing your hands from the wheel. Additionally, the stereo supports USB and MP3/WMA playback and allows you to tailor your listening experience with adjustable tone settings and preset EQ curves.

Best Features:

  • High-res 7 character LCD display
  • Siri/Google Voice Assist button
  • Built-in Bluetooth for easy pairing
  • Customizable music with preset EQ curves
  • USB port for music and charging
  • Hands-free calling with phonebook support
  • MP3/WMA Player and AM/FM tuner
  • Push-To-Talk for voice commands
  • 3-year warranty with online registration
  • Slim, single DIN profile for easy install


  • Responsive LCD display
  • Easy installation and use
  • Reliable Bluetooth connection
  • Versatile music streaming
  • Competitive pricing


  • Limited sound customization

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2. BOSS 508UAB Single Din Head Unit

BOSS Audio Car Stereo DVD PlayerHere, we have but one more great option coming from Boss. Luckily, Boss also makes a premium single din head unit for cars that will be a preferred choice for many.

Our next choice is also made by Boss, a truly versatile brand that designs various products for different budget ranges. The Boss Audio 508UAB is a higher budget option as it has up to 200 watts peak power capacity available on 4 channels. With Bluetooth connectivity, you will be able to answer calls right from your car stereo without needing to get to your phone. Unlike most other choices, the Boss Audio 508UAB also supports DVDs along with CDs for music.

In case you wish to play the tracks that you have stored on your USB driver, you can do that via the USB input. There is also an AUX input to let you connect your smartphone or another music source directly to the single din head unit. For the output, all 4 channels are powered by 200 watts peak power capacity. Similar to our previous choice from Boss, the  Boss Audio 508UAB also has a 3 year long warranty period which makes it worth the high investment.

Best Features

  • Reliable single din head unit
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity
  • One of the few options that support DVD
  • Wireless playback directly from Spotify or Pandora
  • Supports multiple music formats
  • 3 years warranty


  • Premium choices
  • Reliable warranty period
  • Separate remote provided


  • Does not have Android compatibility

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3. Pyle Single DIN Head Unit

Pyle Single DIN Head Unit Receiver

Whether you’re a music enthusiast, tech-savvy, or an individual seeking to elevate your driving experience, the Pyle Single DIN Head Unit stands out as the optimal choice. This in-dash car stereo redefines in-car entertainment by combining seamless functionality and cutting-edge technology.

Boasting a vibrant 7-inch multi-color high-resolution touchscreen display, this state-of-the-art audio and video system transforms your interaction with the vehicle’s audio entertainment. The customizable interface provides unparalleled clarity, allowing easy navigation through music, videos, and settings.

With Bluetooth technology, the head unit effortlessly connects to smartphones and other compatible devices, enabling wireless music streaming without the hassle of cables. The built-in microphone and Bluetooth connectivity also facilitate hands-free calling while on the road.

Supporting various media formats such as USB drives, DVDs, CDs, and SD cards, this head unit offers a versatile multimedia experience through its intuitive touchscreen interface. The built-in equalizer allows for a personalized audio experience, fine-tuning sound quality for immersive listening.

Best Features

  • 7-inch touchscreen, multi-color HD LCD monitor
  • Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free operation
  • Rear camera for added protection
  • Multiple connection types for seamless multimedia device linkage
  • In-dash car deck console unit with smart device compatibility
  • 4 channels with 80W allow complete control over car entertainment


  • Multi-color LCD receiver display and anti-shock ESP function
  • Wide media compatibility for endless entertainment options
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface with large icons and clear text
  • Bluetooth connectivity and built-in microphone for hassle-free usage
  • Customizable display to match your style or vehicle’s interior
  • Offers versatile media playback
  • Includes remote control for convenient usage
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty


  • Single DIN receiver may not be compatible with some older vehicles or dashboards, requiring adapters
  • Some users reported that a 7-inch display may not match the screen size of some advanced in-dash systems.

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4. Alpine UTE-73BT Single-Din Head Unit

Alpine CDE-175BT Single-DinAlpine is probably the most premium brand that you will find on our list. If you want the best quality and aesthetics, Alpine is a great option.

If you want to install a long-term single din head unit in your car, simply go with the  Alpine UTE-73BT. This single din head unit has a built-in FM/AM tuner that allows you to listen to the radio wherever you go. Also, it is a high-quality music player that also supports lossless FLAC music format. Apart from that, you can use it to make and receive calls on the go thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity support. With the Bluetooth option, you can connect 2 devices simultaneously and also use the voice assistant on your phone.

If you use streaming services like Pandora, you are in luck because the Alpine UTE-73BT supports direct streaming from such platforms. There are built-in control options provided for iPod, iPhone, and Android smartphones. You will be able to play CDs, USB drives and smartphone input music with the player with the help of a 3 band equalizer and 10 presets to get a satisfactory result.

Best Features

  • Premium choice of brand
  • Capable of playing FLAC files
  • Hands-free calling via Bluetooth
  • Specific controls for iPhone, iPod, and Android
  • 3 band equalizer
  • 10 user presets


  • Great customization options
  • 4 channel preamp output
  • Supports input from a smartphone


  • No specific warranty period

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5. BOSS Single Din Head Unit

BOSS Audio Systems 632UAB Multimedia Car StereoBoss is one of the brands that offer multiple choices for a product. In the case of single din head units, we also have a couple of options available from Boss.

Our 5th choice is the most affordable option you can find on the market right now while looking for a single din head unit. The BOSS Audio Systems 632UAB Multimedia Car Stereo will be a great addition to your car without paying an expensive price. First of all, let’s talk about its features. With the BOSS Audio Systems 632UAB Multimedia Car Stereo, you will get a multimedia car stereo that is equipped with Bluetooth compatibility that supports wireless music streaming as well as hands-free calling. There is also a microphone built into the unit so that you can speak freely.

The BOSS Audio Systems 632UAB Multimedia Car Stereo is by default an MP3 player that comes with a USB port so that you can connect external devices with ease. If you want a hassle-free experience, you can also use the AM/FM radio feature or the aux input. There is a wireless remote provided with this 50 watts power capacity single din head unit that allows you to control the bass, treble, fader, and balance levels. It also comes with 3 years of warranty which is commendable at this budget.

Best Features

  • Most affordable car stereo system
  • 50 watts peak capacity
  • Supports Bluetooth and AUX input
  • Hands-free calling is available
  • Wireless remote for easy control
  • 3 years warranty period


  • Very cheap alternative
  • It has a long warranty period
  • Built-in equalizer


  • Output quality could have been better

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6. Sound Storm Single Din Head Unit

Sound Storm Laboratories Car StereoA lot of users prefer a premium and reliable device for portable applications. Therefore the single din head unit from Sound Storm is a frequent choice for first-time buyers.

Our 6th choice for the best single din head unit is the Sound Storm Laboratories SDC26B car stereo unit. It is also a single din unit with Bluetooth as well as wired input options. While the Bluetooth compatibility offers hassle-free communication, the wired inputs include USB and AUX cables for a versatile experience. You can also insert a CD in the MP3 player if you happen to have an old collection of sorts for a nostalgic experience. And you will be kept up to date with the news and weather report via the FM radio feature.

As for the output, you get pre-amplified output for the front as well as rear speaker units. These outputs include left and right speakers for both front and rear. You can also customize the output from this 50 watts max capacity single din head unit with the built-in equalizer with your preferred adjustment. It also comes with a 3 year long warranty period that you should prefer if you wish to get reliable performance from your single din head unit.

Best Features

  • Versatile single din head unit
  • 4 channel output
  • 50 watts max power capacity
  • Wireless remote included
  • Compact but easy to understand digital display
  • 3 years warranty period


  • Using the stereo player is quite easy
  • Supports music CDs
  • Personalized performance available


  • Additional free accessories are not provided

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7. Kenwood Single Din Head Unit

Kenwood Single Din Head Unit

Another great product from Kenwood is their Bluetooth USB head unit. It’s perfect for those who value sound quality and durability in a car audio system. Known for its solid build and innovative features, this model is designed to deliver superior audio.

This head unit doesn’t have a CD player. Instead, it’s made for modern users who use smartphones and USB devices for music. A standout feature is its 13-band equalizer and the ability to connect two phones at once. This makes it ideal for shared vehicles.

Kenwood’s audio reconstruction enhances sound quality, improving compressed files. This ensures your music sounds crisp and clear, even when streamed from your phone.

Best Features

  • Bluetooth with aptX for great sound.
  • Connects two phones at once.
  • 13-band equalizer for custom sound.
  • Front USB and AUX inputs.
  • 50 watts per channel output.
  • Detachable face plate for theft protection.
  • Plays MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV/FLAC from USB.
  • Rapid charge for Android phones.
  • Three sets of 2.5V preamp outputs.
  • Sleek design fits most dashboards.


  • Reliable Bluetooth connection.
  • Supports various audio formats.
  • Durable build quality.
  • Can connect and control two phones.


  • No power button, must use source menu to turn off.

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8. REAKOSound Single Din Head Unit

REAKOSound Single Din Head Unit

If you are looking for an affordable car radio with great features, the REAKOSound Car Radio Bluetooth is a great choice. It offers connectivity and customization without costing too much.

This Bluetooth radio is perfect for those who want a functional and easy-to-use unit. It has Bluetooth connectivity, USB and AUX inputs, and a customizable EQ. These features make it ideal for everyday drivers.

The unit is user-friendly with a simple installation process. You can connect various devices easily. The Bluetooth feature supports hands-free calls and audio streaming, keeping you connected and entertained while driving safely.

Best Features:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 for stable, clear audio streaming.
  • Dual USB ports; one supports fast charging.
  • Supports MP3, WMA, WAV, and FLAC formats.
  • FM radio with auto scan and 18 presets.
  • Customizable EQ for Pop, Rock, and Classical music.
  • High-quality digital stereo FM radio.
  • Wireless remote control for convenience.


  • Very affordable with many features.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Effective Bluetooth for hands-free use.
  • Multiple display colors enhance the look.
  • 1A USB fast charging port.


  • Sound quality may not satisfy audiophiles.

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9. JVC KD-SX27BT Single Din Head Unit

JVC KD-SX27BT Single Din Head Unit

The JVC KD-SX27BT sets itself apart with its unique blend of advanced connectivity and unparalleled sound quality, making it a top choice for tech enthusiasts looking to enhance their audio experience with smart device integration.

This product is a digital media receiver that offers a superior listening experience. It’s designed with advanced sound engineering and smart technology. It’s not just about playing music; it enhances each note and beat for an immersive audio experience.

One of its standout features is the ability to control music apps directly from your smartphone or via voice control with Amazon Alexa. This adds convenience and modernity. The built-in Bluetooth allows for easy audio streaming and hands-free calls, which improves driver safety and convenience.

Best Features:

  • High-res LCD for clear track and radio info.
  • Built-in Bluetooth for calls and streaming.
  • Supports MP3, WMA, WAV, and FLAC files.
  • Direct control of music apps via smartphone.
  • Front USB port for device connection and charging.
  • Advanced system restores audio from compressed files.
  • 13-band equalizer with digital time alignment.
  • 50-watt per channel amplifier for strong sound.


  • Easy-to-use interface with app control.
  • Strong connectivity: Bluetooth and USB.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa for better user experience.
  • Stylish design with a removable faceplate for security.


  • No CD player, which could be a drawback for some users.

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10. Sony Single Din Head Unit

Sony DSX-A410BT Single DinLastly, we will feature yet another reliable brand on our list. If you did not find the ideal choice for your car yet, check out the following single din head unit from Sony.

The Sony DSX-A410BT is a simple and straightforward single din head unit that has Bluetooth compatibility along with USB and AUX options for wired connections. It can also connect wirelessly with your smartphone to allow direct music input from your phone. And, if you use a secondary phone for calls, you can connect that too for hands-free voice calling. The Sony DSX-A410BT features voice control technology that lets you take actions via simple voice commands.

The maximum output capacity of the Sony DSX-A410BT is about 45 watts available over 4 channels. Thus, you can connect front left, front right, rear left, and rear right speakers to your single din head unit. You also get a free Alphasonik earbud with the Sony DSX-A410BT that is very useful for calls.

Best Features

  • Well-known brand choice
  • FM/AM receiver
  • USB as well as AUX input available
  • Dual smartphone connectivity
  • Hands-free calls and navigation
  • High-quality output


  • Supports 2 smartphones at once
  • Comes with free earbuds
  • Easy to install


  • Expensive option for the features

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11 . Jensen Single DIN Head Unit Car Stereo

Jensen Single DIN Head Unit Car StereoEnhance your in-car experience with the Jensen JCR311 Single DIN Car Stereo Radio – a compact yet powerful, feature-packed unit designed to seamlessly blend modern features with traditional functionality, striking a perfect balance between innovation and nostalgia. This best-rated single DIN car stereo offers a range of features that enhance your driving pleasure.

The JCR311 boasts a 10-character LCD HD display, delivering clear and concise information about the currently playing song, tuned-in radio station, or caller’s ID during phone calls – all without causing distractions. The built-in CD player adds a touch of nostalgia, allowing you to enjoy your favorite CDs on the road.

Experience hands-free convenience with the Siri or Google Assistant button, enabling you to verbally command tasks such as playing music, podcasts, audiobooks, and navigation. Bluetooth connectivity further enhances safety by facilitating hands-free calls, ensuring your focus stays on the road. Enjoy wireless music streaming from your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices, providing a personalized and enjoyable in-car audio experience.

The AM/FM radio tuner ensures a clear reception, allowing you to tune into your favorite radio stations with versatility in both digital and analog music sources. Connect your USB drive to the front USB port for on-the-go music playback and device charging, ensuring your device stays powered throughout your journey.

Best Features

  • Simple and easy-to-read 10-character LCD display
  • Built-in CD player for your favorite music streaming
  • Bluetooth hands-free calling.
  • Generates 200W of peak power with two pairs of RCA preamp outputs
  • Built-in AM/FM radio tuner
  • Google and Siri voice assist button
  • J-link smart remote app compatibility with Android or Apple smartphones
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
  • Push-to-talk button for easy communication via the phone’s assistant


  • Compact design with wide compatibility
  • Hands-free calling and Bluetooth music streaming
  • Valuable built-in CD player
  • USB playback and charging via USB port for digital music enjoyment and device charging


  • No touchscreen display, requiring more manual input during navigation
  • Limited screen information due to a compact 10-character LCD, showing a restricted amount of information at once.

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12. Pioneer Single Din Head Unit

Pioneer Single Din In-Dash Car StereoOur number one choice is coming from a highly reputed brand that has been making professional-grade studio sound equipment for quite a long time. Choosing the pioneer single din head unit will surely be a great choice even for first-time users.

Our 1st choice for the best single din head unit is coming from Pioneer. The Pioneer Single Din In-Dash head unit is simply an ideal choice for those who want a versatile product. It supports CDs with formats like MP3, WAV, WMA, etc along with auxiliary input for external connections. There is a compact digital LCD display given on the unit that is powered by a powerful backlight that allows you to see things clearly even in the daytime.

The Pioneer Single Din In-Dash head unit is fully compatible with the Android operating system and also supports access from smartphones via a smartphone control system. It has a built-in CEA 2006 amplifier that amplifies the input to match the capabilities of your speakers. The RMS power capacity of this unit is limited to 14 watts, but the max power output is rated for up to 50 watts on all 4 channels. There is also a wireless remote and Alphasonik earbuds included for absolutely free.

Best Features

  • A reliable choice of brand
  • Supports various formats and inputs
  • Free wireless remote and earbuds included
  • Android compatible
  • 14 watts power capacity
  • Detachable faceplate


  • Easy to use and install
  • Comes with a CD player
  • Peak power capacity is good


  • Short warranty period

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13. Pioneer MVH-S310BT Single Din Head UnitPioneer MVH-S310BT Single Din

Pioneer also has yet another single din head unit on our picks. The following option is a slightly premium choice in comparison with a bunch of extra features.

Pioneer also designs a smart car stereo system like the Pioneer MVH-S310BT that could be a perfect choice for tech-savvy users. The best feature of the Pioneer MVH-S310BT is its compatibility with the Android OS and support for the Smart sync app. This enables you to use the device solely with your smartphone, which is definitely an advantage in terms of ease of access. It also works flawlessly with online music streaming platforms like Pandora and Spotify so that you can stream your content directly without needing a local file.

As for the connectivity, Pioneer MVH-S310BT offers the option for USB with auto switch option and auxiliary input for wired and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. To make it easier to use, Pioneer has also provided a TFT LCD display on the front that will show you important updates and the status of configurations such as volume and equalizer modes. The RMS capacity of the Pioneer MVH-S310BT is about 22 watts available over 4 channels.

Best Features

  • Smart single din head unit
  • Compatible with Android
  • Built-in Bluetooth feature
  • Supports external streaming services
  • Supports Smart Sync smartphone app
  • USB with auto switch feature
  • 1-year warranty


  • Wired as well as wireless features are great
  • Does not require downloaded music files
  • TFT LCD display


  • Display quality is not ideal

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Buying Guide For The Best Single Din Head Unit

The important thing to keep in mind while buying a single din head unit is that it is probably the only entertainment system in your car that you can use while you are driving. Hence, you should get the best single din head unit under your budget which offers tonnes of good features and connectivity options. But, that is certainly not an easy task as there are hundreds of different options available, and thorough research is necessary before making a choice.

Fortunately, you won’t have to go through the tedious process of shortlisting the best options as we have already provided you with the best single head-in units in the market. But, there is still a chance of getting confused within 2 or more choices present in our catalog as each option is a decent choice. Hence, we have come up with the buying guide for the best single din head unit that will basically walk you through the important properties and specifications of a single din head unit and help you pick up the one which supports the features that you wish to get.

1. Power Rating

One of the primary considerations when choosing a single DIN head unit is its power rating. The power output directly impacts the audio quality and volume levels in your car. Higher wattage typically translates to louder and clearer sound. However, it’s crucial to match the power rating of the head unit with your car’s speakers to avoid distortion or damage. Additionally, pay attention to RMS (root mean square) power ratings, as they provide a more accurate measure of continuous power output.

2. Compatibility With Speakers

Ensuring compatibility between the head unit and your car’s speakers is essential for seamless integration and optimal performance. Check the impedance and power handling capabilities of both the head unit and speakers to guarantee they are well-matched. Additionally, consider whether the head unit supports various speaker configurations, such as subwoofers or component speakers, if you plan to expand your audio system in the future.

3. Ports and Features

The availability of ports and features on a single DIN head unit greatly influences its versatility and functionality. Look for units with multiple preamp outputs for connecting external amplifiers or subwoofers, as well as auxiliary inputs and USB ports for connecting external devices like smartphones or music players. Additionally, consider features such as built-in equalizers, crossover settings, and playback options like CD, DVD, or Bluetooth streaming to cater to your specific audio preferences.

4. Connectivity

In today’s interconnected world, connectivity options play a crucial role in the functionality of single DIN head units. Bluetooth connectivity allows for wireless audio streaming and hands-free calling, providing convenience and safety while driving. Some head units also offer compatibility with smartphone integration platforms like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, providing seamless access to navigation, music, and other apps directly from the head unit’s display.

5. Design and Size Aspect

The design and size of the single DIN head unit should complement the interior of your vehicle while also providing ease of use and visibility. Consider factors such as button layout, display clarity, and customizable illumination options to ensure an intuitive user experience. Additionally, verify the dimensions of the head unit to ensure it fits seamlessly into your car’s dashboard without any modifications.

6. Additional Features

Beyond the core functionalities, consider additional features that may enhance your overall driving experience. This could include built-in HD radio tuners for improved signal quality and access to additional channels, GPS navigation systems for hassle-free route guidance, or compatibility with steering wheel controls for convenient audio adjustments without taking your eyes off the road.

Single Din Head Units – FAQs

1. How do I install a single DIN head unit?

Ans: Installation varies depending on the vehicle, but generally involves removing the old stereo, connecting the wiring harness adapter, mounting the new unit, and securing it in place.

2. What are the benefits of a single DIN head unit?

Ans: Single DIN head units are compact, making them suitable for vehicles with limited dashboard space. They offer various features like Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and smartphone integration.

3. Do single DIN head units support touchscreen displays?

Ans: Some single DIN head units come with touchscreen displays, but they may have smaller screens compared to double DIN units. Touchscreen functionality adds convenience for navigation and media control.

4. Are single DIN head units compatible with backup cameras?

Ans: Yes, many single DIN head units offer compatibility with backup cameras, providing added safety and convenience when reversing.

5. What audio features do single DIN head units offer?

Ans: Single DIN head units typically include features like AM/FM radio, CD playback, Bluetooth streaming, auxiliary input, and sometimes even HD radio or satellite radio capabilities.


While buying a single din head unit, you will have to be aware of many factors and choose the device wisely. Otherwise, you might end up with an unsatisfactory product that you will have to replace within a year or so. To avoid that, we will highly recommend you to get one of the best single din head units present in our guide today. If you are unsure about which option you should get, check out some fine choices available below.

  • Sony is a well-established brand in the world and it has been making a variety of electronics for a long time. Thus, the Sony DSX-A410BT Single Din Head Unit will be a suitable choice for most users. It offers 55 watts peak power capacity available over 4 channels. It also supports wireless connections for 2 smartphones at once.
  • If you are on a tight budget or do not wish to spend hundreds of dollars on a single din head unit, you can go with the BOSS Audio Systems Single Din Head Unit. It is the cheapest option in the market right now with nearly 50 watts max power capacity which is decent. It also has a 3 year long warranty period that is a great addition at this price.
  • Our last suggestion will be the Alpine UTE-73BT Single-Din Head Unit for those who are willing to get a premium single din head unit for their car. This single din head unit has 3 band equalizers built into the unit for the personalized output. Also, there are 10 user presets available along with a high pass filter for best results.

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