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Car Touch Screen Stereo not Working- Fixing Solutions

In recent times smart car stereos with flat touch screens are quite common. These smart screens have made car music scenarios even better with their smart control and one-touch setup. Now, you can use your fingers to change a song or even a radio play station instead of turning multiple knobs.

But, with such advanced technology comes a few problems. One of the main problems you can face is the unresponsive touch screen of your car stereo. You may touch and swipe the screen multiple times, but nothing works. It can be frustrating as well.

But, fortunately, there are ways to solve this issue. Here, you will find some easy hacks to fix this issue.

What Are The Major Problems of Touch Screen Car Stereo?

Problem 1: Unresponsiveness

One of the main issues with a touch screen car stereo is the unresponsive screen. Sometimes, when you touch the screen and swipe for commands, the screen does not respond. It remains fixed with the same screen, and nothing happens no matter how much you try.

A car’s touch screen is made with fragile components, and the screen may get damaged. There can be other issues too!

Problem 2: Wiring Problem

The car stereo touch screen is connected to the car’s battery with wires. The wires are dainty and can get loose or damaged. With such damaged wires, the screen becomes unresponsive as the electricity is not properly supplied to the touch screen.

Problem 3: Prone To Physical Damage

As already said, the touch screen is quite fragile and may get damaged sometimes. A cracked touch screen is one of the main reasons that lead to an unresponsive car stereo screen. Check out for visible damages. If the screen has cracks or visible damage, you probably need to repair it.

Sometimes, even minute scratches can lead to a faulty touch screen for your car stereo. It may happen if anything sharp is used to operate the touch. Hence, always try to refrain from using anything sharp on the screen.

Sometimes, water or liquid damage also makes the car stereo screen unresponsive. If you or someone inside the car accidentally spilled some water or a drink on the car screen and forgot to wipe the screen properly, the liquid may go inside and damage the touch screen.

Problem 4: Software Error

The car stereo screen does not have any visible damage or faulty wires. In this case, probably the software is the issue behind the unresponsiveness. If you recently have updated the latest software on the smart touch screen, or even installed new software, the screen may take some time to adjust to the new software. Similarly, if the software is incompatible with the touch screen, it will become unresponsive.

How to Fix a Touch Screen Car Stereo: 2 Major Problems Fixing Steps

How to Fix Unresponsive Touch Screen Stereo

Step 1: Try Rebooting the Stereo

One of the easiest ways to fix an unresponsive car stereo screen is to reboot the system. After rebooting, the car stereo starts afresh, and the screen problem is fixed. First, unplug the power cord from the car stereo and cut down the power supply. Now, wait for a few minutes. Then plug the power cord back into your car stereo to resume the stereo service. Now, turn the stereo on and check if the screen works properly. If not, try the next hack.

Step 2: Clean the Touch screen properly

A dirty touch screen may not work due to the accumulated dirt and dust particles. So, cleaning the car stereo screen is always better to check if it works after the cleanup.

Take a soft microfiber cloth and spray a digital screen cleaner on the car stereo screen. Using the cloth, clean the screen gently and cover each possible spot. Take special care of the corners and gently clean those corners as well. Finish with a soft and dry microfiber cloth and wipe the screen clean.

If it doesn’t work, try the next method.

Step 3: Perform a Clean Factory Reset

If nothing works, it is better to go for a factory reset. It will turn your stereo system to its original factory condition, and you can start afresh as all the previous customizations and data will be deleted. It can also resolve the unresponsive screen issue sometimes. Here is how to do this-

First, long press the power button for a few seconds.

Next, open the menu tab.

From here, select “Factory Reset.”

Now, wait till the factory reset is complete and the car stereo turns on again.

Guide to Fixing a Broken Touch Screen Car Stereo

You found that the car stereo has a damaged or cracked touch screen which does not work. If you get it replaced by a mechanic, you need to save a lot of money. The setup is not complicated; you can easily replace the cracked screen with a toolbox and the same guidance. Here’s how you can replace the cracked glass-

Step 1: Remove the Car Stereo

First, use a screwdriver to remove the whole car stereo component from the car dashboard. You need a special magnetic screwdriver that can pull up the smaller screws. Unscrew each one carefully and store them in a box, as you will need it later. Now, carefully remove the stereo component without damaging the wires.

Step 2: Dissemble the Car Stereo

After you have removed it, start disassembling it. Carefully start removing the faceplate first. Next, go to the upper portion of the screen panel and detach all the wires connected to the faceplate. You can continue using the magnetic Phillips screwdriver to remove the dainty screws.

Step 3: Detach the Main Wires of the Screen Panel

Now, move towards the screen panel’s main or central wires. The wires are usually located at the back of the screen. If you find the wires smaller and fragile, you can use needle-nose pliers to remove them. Store everything monthly and carefully. You can also note the wires’ designated places to mark their attached points for future use.

Step 4: Disconnect the Touch Screen

Now you have removed the faceplate and wires. It is time to disconnect the touch screen from the car stereo. You will find that the car stereo screen can be removed from the component from the bottom of the screen panel. Make sure to do this gently without damaging the touch screen anymore. You may even use the needle-nose pliers to disconnect the screen gently.

Step 5: Remove the Broken Touch screen

After you have disconnected the touch screen, remove it gently without damaging the LCD screen. If the LCD screen gets damaged, you must replace the whole stereo component. Hence, be extra careful here.

Step 6: Clean the LCD

You have removed the broken touch screen. It is time to clean the original LCD display of the car stereo. Take a few drops of distilled water on a soft microfiber screen and gently wipe the LCD screen clean. Now, use a dry microfiber cloth and dry the LCD screen gently. Wait for a few minutes to get it completely dry.

Step 7: Install the New Touch screen

Now, take the replacement touch screen and re-done the wires again. Carefully reattach all the wires in the right places. Be extra careful and attach each wire properly so that these do not get loose. Loose wires often lead to other problems as well.

Step 8: Add a Screen Protector

Attach a screen protector to the touch screen to prevent unnecessary damage and dirt accumulation. These screen protectors are available in electronics stores or online stores.

Step 9: Reassemble everything carefully

Now, first, attach the wires to the faceplate. Next, attach the faceplate to the car stereo component. Finally, carefully reattach it to the car dashboard with the screws again.


Different issues may lead to an unresponsive car stereo touch screen. This article can help you to identify the cause and take the necessary steps to fix the issue. If you’re not sure, you can always visit your nearest car servicing or automobile shop to get the thing done.

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