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The 10 Best Heads Up Display Reviews & Buying Guide

There’s no doubt the Heads Up Display will play an important role in your driving experience. It allows you to look at the speed and other vehicle’s stat without shifting your focus from the road.

The whole thing becomes more important when you’re driving at a high speed. In such situations, looking down at the actual speedometer can lead to fatal accidents.  

Moreover, most of the Heads Up Display provides you with other functions as well. This tells you a lot about the health of your vehicle. Also, they are equipped with several alarm systems for your and vehicle’s safety.

To help you make the right purchase among so many UHDs, we’ve made up a list. The list only includes the top-notch HUDs in the market.

But before jumping to the list, you should have a basic knowledge about HUDs. In this way, you’ll be able to know the ideal HUD according to your needs. These factors will help you out.

  • Display Type

The display of the HUD will have a direct impact on your driving experience. This is why you should choose whether to go for screen equipped Heads Up Display or the Windshield types.

In the windshield type HUDs, the display is reflected to the windshield of your car. These types of HUDs are more preferable if you’re mostly concerned about the speedometer (easy to look at).

On the other hand, the screen equipped HUDs provide an adequate bright display.

It’s up to you whether to pick. However, it’s highly suggested to look at all the options in the list first before concluding anything.

  • Connectivity

The next factor is how the Heads Up Display will tell the data. The HUDs either read information from the onboard computer of your car via OBD II port or take help of the GPS system. 

The GPS system would be a good pick for the old vehicles as they lack the OBD II ports. You should have a look at your vehicle to make sure your purchase is worth it.

Looking for more such factors? Don’t worry, a detailed “Buying Guide” is mentioned at the bottom of this article. But now, let’s jump to the list to begin your Heads Up Display Hunt.

Best Heads Up Display 

Best Heads Up DisplayDisplayCompatible WithBuy Now
TIMEPROVE T600 Heads Up Display2.2 inchesEvery carCheck On Amazon
ACECAR Head Up Display 3.5 inchesBoth OBDII and GPS vehiclesCheck On Amazon
SHEROX Car HUD Head Up Display 3.5 inchesCars having an OBDII portCheck On Amazon
ARESTECH HUD Head Up Display5.5 inchesCars having an OBDII portCheck On Amazon
COLOR TREE A8 HUD Head Up Display5.5 inchesCars having an OBDII portCheck On Amazon
Pyle Car UHD HUD Head Up Display3.5 inchesBoth OBDII and GPS vehiclesCheck On Amazon
COOLOUS C80 HUD Head Up Display4.5 inchesEvery carCheck On Amazon
VGEBY HUD Head Up Display5.5 inchesCars having an OBDII portCheck On Amazon
VJOYCAR HUD Head Up Display5.3 inchEvery carCheck On Amazon
SinoTrack Heads Up Display5.5 inchesEvery carCheck On Amazon

Best Heads Up Display Reviews

1. TIMEPROVE T600 Heads Up Display

TIMEPROVE T600 Universal Car HUD

Starting with the brand that has quickly gained the trust of thousands of happy customers, TIMEPROVE. The company has recently started its journey but providing reliable products has become their brand identity. And the T600 Universal Car HUD plays an important role in the whole play.

This HUD comes with a 2.2 inches LCD screen display. The visuals here are more clearer than any other windshield HUD. Its multicolor switching function allows you to see the numbers clearly. Also, the screen spread equal light over 30 degrees. Thus, you’ll have no problem looking at the screen and focusing on the road simultaneously.

Here comes the best part about this HUD, it’s compatible with every vehicle. The T600 UHD uses an advanced GPS module inside that doesn’t require any OBD II port. Thus, you can use it along with older vehicles as well.

The advancement of the HUD reflects in the features it displays. Not only the basic reading is visible. But, with the help of a GPS module, the device will provide you with advanced facts as well. This includes speedup tests, brake performance tests, etc.

Things We Liked:

  • 2.2 inches of screen display
  • Compatible with every car
  • Great built-in quality 

Things We Didn’t Liked:

  • Found nothing so far

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2. ACECAR Head Up Display

ACECAR Head Up Display 

This ACECAR Head Up Display Car is more towards providing a simple yet effective experience. It provides a decent-sized LCD screen of 3.5 inches to display clear visuals. There is also a light sensor that controls the brightness of the screen according to the available light in the environment.  Here, you’ll get all the basic and few advanced readings with accuracy.

The ACECAR is also bent towards providing the utmost safety features. It would be a great pick for you if you’re more concerned about the safety of your vehicle’s health. This HUD effectively displays water temperature, battery voltage, driving distance Water temperature icon. On top of that, several alarm functions warn you about the vehicle’s depriving health.

Coming to the compatibility factor, the device facilitates you with both connectivity options. You can either connect this device via the OBDII port or through GPS mode. The GPS mode will be the best thing for older vehicles, lacking OBD II ports. 

There’s nothing to worry about the quality of the product. This HUD is equipped with CE FCC Rohs Certification. In addition to this, friendly customer support will help you in case you encounter any issues. 

Things We Liked:

  • 3.5 inches of display
  • For both OBDII and GPS  vehicles
  • Auto-brightness

Things We Didn’t Liked:

  • Found nothing so far

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3. SHEROX Car HUD Head Up Display

SHEROX Car HUD Head Up Display 

Don’t want to get indulged in the unnecessary techy material, but also want styles? Well, the SHEROX HUD would be the perfect pick for your needs. It’s a windshield-type HUD that has a simple working mechanism and reflects the stats to the windshield.

This USD comes with a 3.5 inches of display that reflects glare-free and easy-to-read visuals. On top of that, the brightness adjustment mode is also available here. You can change the brightness either manually or switch it to manual mode.

The best part of this UHD is its auto-on/off feature. The device will quickly start, the moment you’ll start the vehicle.

Coming to the effectiveness of the device, it covers the four basic functions. This includes Vehicle Speed KM/h MPH, Water temperature, Voltage, Travel mileage. Also, this HUD is equipped with three alarm functions for better speculation on a vehicle’s health. Now, with the help of an Overspeed alarm, High-temperature alarm, Low voltage alarm, you’ll not drive your vehicle recklessly.

The SHEROX UHD is only compatible with vehicles having an OBDII port in them. Thus, most of the recent vehicles are good to go with this. Although, the complete setup is super easy to install and doesn’t demand much technical support either.

Things We Liked:

  • 3.5 inches display
  • Auto on/off feature
  • Easy setup

Things We Didn’t Liked:

  • Found nothing so far

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4. ARESTECH HUD Head Up Display

ARESTECH HUD Head Up Display

Just like the SHEROX UHD, ARESTECH also provides you with a windshield-type Upper head display. But, it’s even more enhanced than the previous one. Here, you can expect a bigger screen with more functions. Let’s inspect further about this product.

The ARESTECH UHD provides you with a massive screen size of 5.5 inches. You’ll be able to look at the visuals without focusing too much on them. All the basic functions and alarms are covered including car voltage and temperature factor. 

This device display results in two modes- standard mode, speed mode. The standard mode will display all the necessary functions when the vehicle’s speed will be below 80km/hr. On the other hand, the speed mode will display only speed and fuel consumption stats to provide you with a focussed driving experience.

Coming to the compatibility factor, the device uses an OBDII port for connectivity. This makes it supported for recent vehicles only. You can also consider the chart that includes the detailed compatibility in the product description. 

The visuals are bright enough to provide you clear insights into almost every environment. Needless to say, the brightness controller is also available for convenience.

Things We Liked:

  • 5.5 inches of display
  • Uses OBDII for the most precise results
  • Display stats in standard and speed mode

Things We Didn’t Liked:

  • Might be difficult to read in a bright environment

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5. COLOR TREE A8 HUD Head Up Display

COLOR TREE A8 HUD Head Up Display

The COLOR TREE A8 HUD provides you with 5.5 inches of a large display. The dimensions make things easy to read and allow more functions to display at the same time. The device uses five different bright colors for highlighting important numbers and clear insights.

This UHD also believes in displaying multiple functions. Here, you can expect complete insight into your vehicle. Some of these functions are-  engine speed, high water temperature alarm, battery voltage, fuel consumption, and much more. In addition to this, the device also provides basic alarm systems as well.

Its automatic brightness controller helps you to see the best visuals according to the available light. Moreover, the feature also helps to preserve your car’s battery. However, you can always change the brightness of the screen manually.

The compatibility of the device is great with every OBD II vehicle. Just connect it with the port and the device will start working without any delay. However, vehicles lacking the OBDII have no other choice but to switch to the other options.

Things We Liked:

  • 5.5 inches of display
  • Displays advanced functions as well

Things We Didn’t Liked:

  • The user manual is not easy to read

Buy Now From Amazon

6. Pyle Car UHD HUD Head Up Display

Pyle Car UHD HUD Head Up Display

Looking for a windshield-type UHD that is compatible with all the vehicles? This is where Pyle Up Head Display becomes everyone’s favorite. Let’s have a deeper look at what more this device brings to you.

Starting with the best thing that makes this Heads Up display unique among its competitors. It uses a GPS module in place of the OBDII port. Thus, you can easily use it with any vehicle. No need to worry, whether your vehicle is outdated or works on electricity. 

This Pylse Car UHD comes with a general 3.5 inches display that reflects its readings to the windshield. The device mainly focuses on providing efficient readings with simplicity. Thus, a good option for people who’re looking for straightforward stats without any involvement of the fancy step. 

Its auto start/off feature allows the UHD to easily work according to the vehicle’s power. The device will quickly start, the moment you’ll switch on the vehicle. Also, you’ll get to see all the basic stats of the car along with different alarm systems. 

Things We Liked:

  • Displays advanced functions as well
  • Provides both OBDII and GPS feature
  • Great built-in quality 

Things We Didn’t Liked:

  • The settings are not user friendly

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7. COOLOUS C80 HUD Head Up Display

COOLOUS C80 HUD Head Up Display

Don’t want to consider windshield reflector UHDs? The COOLOUS CB80 is what you should consider here. It comes with a single traditional screen that displays accurate and only necessary numbers. At the same time, its simplicity saves you some money as well.

This UHD comes with an adequate screen size of 4.5 inches. Also, the device only uses a simple green color LED to provide you with every stat. Here, you’ll get every basic function. Moreover, the speed can be set from km/hr to M/hr with just an up and down touch.

The best part of the device is it uses, GPS speedometer to get the work done. Thus, you’ll not have to worry about the compatibility of this UHD with your vehicle. It doesn’t matter which UHD you have, the device is good to go with each one of them

Things We Liked:

  • 4.5 inches of screen display
  • Compatible with every car
  • Great built-in quality 

Things We Didn’t Liked:

  • Found nothing so far

Buy Now From Amazon

8. VGEBY HUD Head Up Display

VGEBY HUD Head Up Display

Here comes another simple yet precise Heads Up Display. The VGEBY HUD offers you the most simple setup process. This is why it would be even a good pick for the people, who’re afraid of technology. Let’s dive deeper into its specifications. 

This powerful HUD comes with a large 5.5 inches display. Thus, you’ll get clear numbers without shifting your focus from the road. It also uses nanotechnology for the utmost screen brightness. It’ll eliminate all the unnecessary reflection and will provide the images sharper.

At the left side of this HUD, there’s a port to connect it with the car’s OHD II port. Also, a power button and a paddle cursor to set the brightness manually. Although, the device also features automatic on/off as well. 

This HUD comes with all the basic functions and an alarm system. This alarm system includes a high-speed alarm, fatigue driver alarm, low voltage alarm as well. You’ll not have to worry about the functionality of the device here.

The faith of a company in their product reflects how much value they are providing to the customers. This is why the VGEBY provides you with unconditional returns for up to the first 180 days. Thus, you can add your trust to the product.

Things We Liked:

  • 5.5 inches of big-screen display
  • Easy to read single LED visuals
  • 180 days warranty period 

Things We Didn’t Liked:

  • Difficult settings

Buy Now From Amazon

9. VJOYCAR HUD Head Up Display

VJOYCAR HUD Head Up Display

VJOYCAR Heads Up Display smartly outshines everyone in terms of design. It’s something that lies between the self-screen and windshield types. At the same time, this device is for everyone. Let’s deep down to know more about it.

This HUD works with the reflection principle but comes with its projection screen. This 4 inches screen looks simple and displays clear visuals to the driver with ease. Moreover, it’ll provide a brighter display as compared to any other windshield-type HUDs.

Here comes the best part, this device works with the GPS utility. Thus, it’s compatible with every vehicle as it doesn’t need an OBDII port for connection. The only thing you need to do here is plug it into the USB port or the adapter of the car to use it. 

Here also, the company believes in providing effective results with simplicity. However, you can expect four different types of speed interfaces. At the same time, the device is equipped with basic alarm functions such as overspeeding, and driver fatigue alarm. 

Still, doubting the quality of the brand? The VJOYCAR UHD provides you with two long years of quality warranty. Thus, you have no reasons left to ignore this worthy product. 

Things We Liked:

  • Smart design 
  • Compatible with every car 

Things We Didn’t Liked:

  • Found nothing so far

Buy Now From Amazon

10. SinoTrack Heads Up Display

SinoTrack Heads Up DisplayWant to save some bucks on HUDs? Then this SinoTrack Heads Up Display will help you out, that too without compromising the quality. It is a smart HUD that has a digital screen to display bright readings.

The best part here is that this Universal HUD device from SINOTRACK is compatible with every car/vehicle. It is equipped with a GPS speedometer display with a large 5.5 inch LCD screen to simultaneously display the essential MPH data and driving direction/time/distance/mileage, clock, speed (KM/H or MPH), altitude, number of satellites, compass in the middle for direction, and acceleration time per 100 KM that provides all the data required for proper driving, thanks to its G3 display function.

It is completely safe to use, as it comes with a driving safety alert that reminder two important things – fatigue driving alert (reminds you to take a break over 4 hours of driving time) and speeding alert (emits a ticking sound to alert you to reduce the speed upon exceeding the set valve). It is quite easy to use with the one-key operation and lets you switch the display mode.

With its automatic light-sensitive screen, the display brightness gets adjusted automatically as per the external light and also it can be adjusted manually. Thus, the user gets clear visible data on the screen irrespective of day or night, thanks to its HD data display. The built-in technology processing chip of the digital GPS speedometer HUD will enhance the compatibility, performance, dual-core processor, and dual running memory ensuring smooth high-speed operation.

Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty on the product against manufacturing defects and customer support.

Things We Liked:

  • Large 5.5 inches screen display
  • Compatible with every car
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Two types of alarms – fatigue alert and Overspeed alarm
  • Auto-adjustable light-sensitive screens
  • Built-in intelligent technology chip

Things We Didn’t Liked:

  • The build quality could have been better.

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide

The few factors to consider here play an important role in a satisfying and firm decision. Not only this but messing around with these factors might lead to unpleasant experiences as well. 

The buying guide mentioned below will provide you with a proper understanding of these innovative devices.

1. OBDII Vs GPS type

This is the by far most important factor to consider, how’ll your UHD work. Generally, there are two types of Up Head Display (based on working method) in the market.

Most of the recent vehicles are equipped with onboard computers. Any device can get access to it via the OBDII port to know the vital stats. Thus, many HUDs prefer to use only the OBDII port to display accurate results.

The HUDs equipped with a GPS module are compatible with every vehicle. It doesn’t require you to connect with the onboard computer of your vehicle. The speedometer works here with the help of GPS technology. However, these types of HUD lack to provide you with some advanced features. 

Now, it’ll be of no use, if your favorite UHD works via OBDII port and your vehicle doesn’t have one.

If you’re facing a similar scenario, switch to the UHD that works on the GPS module. Here, you’ll not need any necessary OBDII port. 

2. Display

After the connectivity factor, the display of the device is what matters the most. This is the point where your driving experience will have an impact. Thus, it becomes important what you choose. 

The Heads Up Display is available in two types of display. Either they’ve their screen to display the readings or they reflect the readings to the glass slab (windshield mostly). 

The windshield types provide you with easy to look at visuals but can make things hard to read on a bright sunny day. If this is the main concern for you, considering a screen HUD would be a better option in this case.

3. Numbers of Features

The number of features or functions varies a lot among different Heads Up Displays. Some even tell you the water temperature of the vehicle and much more advanced numbers. Although, it’s not necessary to go with them if you’re only considering a HUD for the speedometer.

However, you should make sure, the UHD at least provides the basic functions for convenience. At the same time, the alarm systems are also important to improve your driving experience. 


We hope the above information will help you to find the ideal Heads Up Display for yourself. The above considerations include every type of HUD. Thus, you’ll have a better insight into what to look at.

The only thing you require to make a satisfying purchase is ensuring your basic needs and picking a few ideal options. At last, taking the help of the buying guide will lead to your destination.

  • Feeling stuck among the options? In that case, we would love to suggest our favorite UHD. The TIMEPROVE T600 Heads Up Display would be the best pick for you. It is loaded with multiple features, fits in the budget, and most importantly is trusted by thousands of happy customers.
  • Another alternative of TIMPROVE would be ACECAR Head Up Display. The best part here is you’ll get both the connectivity options. This will be even helpful if you’re having more than one vehicle with different compatibility.   
  • Although, if you’re looking for a more innovative design then nothing can beat the VJOYCAR HUD Head Up Display. It works on the principle of reflection type HUD but comes with its screen. Thus, providing you with the benefits of both types of HUDs. 

Did we miss out on any worthy product? Do let us know by commenting below. Also, if you have any doubt related to the Heads Up Display, do mention it in the comment section. Our team will reply to you in a short while.

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