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Best Single Din Flip-Out Car Stereos

Are you looking to upgrade the car’s audio system? The single-din flip-out car stereo is one of the best innovative ways to upgrade the sound system in your vehicle with its sleek and discreet look. It provides the latest technology and features in the car without any need to purchase a new car stereo set.

Experience superior sound quality and clarity with High-Definition (HD) audio. Enjoy quick and effortless access to stereo features through the touchscreen display. Stream audio from your devices with Bluetooth connectivity.

Plus, benefit from GPS navigation to easily locate destinations and plan routes. These essential features set apart the numerous options available in the market, elevating your listening experience and making your ride more enjoyable.

To learn more about these flip-out car stereos, we highly recommend checking out our comprehensive “Buying Guide“. Additionally, we’ve curated a list of the best Single-Din Flip-Out Car Stereos, complete with detailed product descriptions, to simplify your selection process and ensure you find the perfect fit for your needs. Happy shopping!

Best Single Din Flip-Out Car Stereos Table

Single Din Flip-Out Car StereosAwardDisplay TypeFeaturesBuy Now
Pioneer Flip-Out Car StereosBest Overall & Widely CompatibleLED1. 7-inch
2. Bluetooth
3. Touch
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ATOTO Flip-Out Car StereosBest Larger DisplayQLED1. 10-inch
2. Bluetooth
3. Touch
Check On Amazon
Sony Flip-Out Car StereosHighly ExpensiveLCD1. 8.95-inch
2. Bluetooth
3. Touch
Check On Amazon
Pyle Flip-Out Car StereosBest Sound QualityLCD1. 7-inch
2. Bluetooth
3. Touch, Remote
Check On Amazon
Hikity Flip-Out Car StereosBest Budget-FriendlyLCD1. 7-inch
2. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi/Hotspot, USB
3. Touch & Buttons
Check On Amazon
Acoustik Flip-Out Car StereosBest Built-In GPS NavigationLCD1. 7-inch
2. Bluetooth
3. Touch & Buttons
Check On Amazon
Podofo Flip-Out Car StereosBest for Daily UseLED1. 7-inch
2. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
3. Touch & Remote
Check On Amazon
UNITOPSCI Flip-Out Car StereosBest Waterproof & HD Night Vision DesignLCD1. 7-inch
2. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
3. Touch & Voice
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Best Single Din Flip-Out Car Stereos Reviews

Here are the top 9 single-din flip-out car stereos with detailed individual product reviews that help you to choose the best option according to your requirements and budget range.

1. Pioneer Flip-Out Car Stereos

Pioneer Flip-Out Car Stereos

The Pioneer AVH-3400NEX single-din car stereo is designed to fit in any standard single-DIN car stereo slot. Its 7-inch screen motorized display offers a great viewing experience while driving due to its highly responsive and easy-to-view feature.

It is compatible with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Flac Audio, Mode+, Spotify, Appradio, SiriusXM Ready, and Pandora internet radio, allowing you to connect to your smartphone and control the music/audio, or navigation.

Its built-in Bluetooth aids in streaming audio and hands-free calling by connecting to various Bluetooth-enabled devices. The high-resolution and scratch-resistant glass with an adjustable backlight of the display allows for easy viewing, irrespective of the day or night. While the built-in GPS navigation system allows for easy finding of the way.

The rear-view camera input of this car stereo lets you watch what’s behind the car while driving. Also, it supports mirroring to mirror your phone’s display on the car stereo. Thus, it is an all-in-one solution for those looking to keep connected and entertained while driving.

User Feedback:

  • The Pioneer AVH-3400NEX 7-inch display single-din car stereo has received numerous positive reviews from most users due to its Bluetooth connectivity, sound quality, easy installation, and wide compatibility. Yet some users complained about its DVD player and a bit being highly expensive.

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2. ATOTO Flip-Out Car Stereos

ATOTO Flip-Out Car Stereos

The ATOTO F7 XE double-din and single-din adaptive 10-inch car stereo is a great option for those who are looking to upgrade their car stereo without spending much. It has a large, smooth, and responsive 10-inch touchscreen display with high resolution offering clear and vivid images.

The Cortex A53 quad-core processor and Android 8.1 operating system will make it an excellent option. it supports a wide range of devices like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and wired MirrorLink (for both iOS & Android). Its built-in Bluetooth (V5.0) and GPS navigation let you make hands-free calls, stream music, and provide the best route directions.

The F7 XE single-din design fits perfectly into most cars, while its adjustable display that swivels up to 90 degrees for easy viewing. The stereo comes with HD 720P front and rear camera input, SXM ready, AM/FM tuner, OEM steering wheel control functions, and offers 2 USB ports and 1 SD slot.

User Feedback:

  • Mostly, users praised this F7 XE car stereo due to its amazing features like the latest Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation, 10-inch FHD screen, wide compatibility, and quick charging. Yet some users complained about its screen mirroring, phone link, and poor built quality.

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3. Sony Flip-Out Car Stereos

Sony Flip-Out Car Stereos

Sony XAV-AX8000 1Din chassis car audio stereo is an ideal and advanced option in the market with a slim design and a variety of features that come at a premium price range. It can be adjusted in 3 different directions for flexible and easy installation in a variety of vehicles.

It has an 8.95-inch floating LCD screen that can be flipped out and swiveled to offer the best viewing angle for the driver. Its responsive anti-glare touchscreen allows for easy navigation and use. Additionally, it supports Bluetooth, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay along with voice control to access the music, navigation, and other features even while with hands on the steering wheel.

It supports a wide range of entertainment options CD/DVD playback, USB, Aux inputs, built-in AM/FM radio tuner, and HD radio that let you access numerous online music services like Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio. The built-in GPS antenna of the car stereo will support GPS navigation and be used with the SiriusXM NavTraffic service to find the best quickest route. While its mirroring feature can mirror the screen of your smartphone to the car stereo to provide quick access to the apps.

User Feedback:

  • This Sony car stereo has received numerous positive reviews with its easy-to-install & use, sound quality, touchscreen, and Bluetooth connectivity. Yet some users complained about poor Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connectivity and a bit dim screen.

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4. Pyle Flip-Out Car Stereos


Pyle Flip-Out Car StereosThe Pyle PLT85BTCM 1Din DVD receiver is a perfect budget friendly option for a single din flip-out car stereo with decent features at an affordable price range .

This sleek has a 7-inch touchscreen display that’s super easy to use. Plus, it comes with Bluetooth for wireless music streaming and hands-free calling  and also includes a rearview backup camera with installation wiring and mounting bracket.

Diversify your listening experience with the integrated AM/FM radio, boasting a 30 station memory for quick access to your preferred channels. Furthermore, the AUX input lets you connect external audio devices like MP3 players or smartphones, expanding your entertainment options even further.

If you’re looking for a car stereo upgrade, the Pyle Single DIN Touchscreen Head Unit is definitely worth considering!

User Feedback:

Mostly, users praised this car stereo for its easy installation, compatibility, remote control operation, and various features at a reasonable price making it a great choice. 

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5. Hikity Flip-Out Car Stereos

Hikity Flip-Out Car Stereos

The Hikity Android 10 system 7-inch touchscreen single din flip-out car stereo is an ideal option that supports various devices at an affordable price range.

The sleek and modern design makes it quite easy to install and compatible with most vehicles. One of the unique features of this car stereo is the wide range of supported devices (both iOS and Android devices) to connect smartphones or tablets in any audio format like WMA, MP3, AAC, and more. It provides multi-format audio and video recording, brightness adjustment, and subwoofer audio output.

Its 7-inch bright and clear display allows for easy navigation, music, and other with its USB input and RCA input/output ports. The split-screen view of the display allows the user to see dual apps or any kind of two pieces of information at a time. With its built-in Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream music or make hands-free calls by connecting the stereo to any of the Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Additionally, it comes with a built-in GPS navigation system for easy directions and mirroring to mirror the phone’s screen to a stereo display for easy access to apps or other features. This single din car stereo has FM/AM with 18 preset stations and backup camera input allows for easy car parking. It has a steering wheel button and EQ sound effect adjustment for easy control and settings.

User Feedback:

  • This single-din flip-out car stereo is appreciated by most users due to its screen quality, Bluetooth connectivity, memory, online & offline GPS map, and steering wheel control. Yet some people complained about poor radio functionality and internal mic quality.

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6. Acoustik Flip-Out Car Stereos

Acoustik Flip-Out Car Stereos

The Power Acoustik PDN-721HB single din car audio stereo is the best choice for those seeking to upgrade their car audio system the next time.

It has a 7-inch touchscreen display that will flip out and adjust to different angles to ensure easy access and viewing experience. Also, the built-in capacitive touch panel will quickly respond to the touch. It supports various audio formats that include WMA, MP3, FLAC, and AAC which let you play music or audio in any format.

The built-in Bluetooth of the car stereo will allow you to stream music from the smartphone or other compatible devices. While built-in GPS navigation system helps you to find the best route, and the rearview camera helps in reverse driving & parking. It has a mirroring feature that displays the contents of the smartphone or other compatible devices onto the display for easy access to use the device or apps while driving on the road.

It offers a variety of customization options that let you customize the device to your specific needs. You can also change the wallpaper, background color, display dimming, customize the audio settings and microSD card slot to store music or other media.

Users Feedback:

  • This Single Din Bluetooth in-dash car stereo receiver has received numerous positive reviews for its built-in GPS navigation, compatibility with a wide range of audio formats, front & rear USB input, and Bluetooth connectivity. Yet some people complained about screen tilting issues.

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7. Podofo Flip-Out Car Stereos

Podofo Flip-Out Car StereosPodofo 7 Car Stereo makes daily commutes better because it works with both Apple Carplay and Android Auto. This means users can easily access navigation, music, and contacts from their smartphones while driving.

The touchscreen display is a good size, and I can see everything clearly, even on sunny days. The steering wheel control feature is really handy too – I can change settings and access my phone without taking my hands off the wheel.

What I love most is the Bluetooth for hands-free calling. Now, I can make and receive calls safely while driving, which gives me peace of mind on the road. And of course, having FM radio is a nice bonus for those times when I want to listen to my favorite stations.

The TF, AUX, and USB ports are great for connecting my phone and other devices, making it easy to enjoy my own music playlists.

It’s cool that I can adjust the UI color to match my car’s interior. It adds a personal touch to my driving space.

 Best Features:

  • Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility
  • Large 7″ touchscreen display
  • Steering wheel control
  • Bluetooth for hands-free calling
  • TF, AUX, and USB ports
  • Adjustable UI color


  • Enhanced driving experience
  • User-friendly interface
  • Versatile connectivity
  • Personalization option


  • Dependency on smartphone
  • Initial setup may take time
  • Screen glare in some conditions

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8. UNITOPSCI Flip-Out Car Stereos

UNITOPSCI Flip-Out Car Stereos

The UNITOPSCI single din android 10.1 car stereo is ideal for those seeking a modern space-saving design with a high-tech car audio system with excellent sound quality. This compact unit can easily fit in any car radio slot, while its 7-inch HD touchscreen manual flip-out display with a high resolution and 170° viewing angle provides crystal clear visuals.

Its extremely responsive touchscreen allows for easy control of various features and function of the stereo system. It offers a variety of input options like USB, AUX, and SD, while its built-in Bluetooth (V4.0) & built-in Wi-Fi module allows you to connect any Bluetooth-enabled devices to stream music and make hands-free calling. It is compatible with wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto functions.

The high-quality digital stereo FM radio with 18 stations. While its GPS navigation of the stereo allows for easy finding the way, and its mirroring feature allows you to mirror the phone (iOS & Android) display on the screen to use various apps. Its 4-channel high power output and built-in equalizer deliver exceptional audio with powerful sound quality & clarity.

The subwoofer output will allow you to add a subwoofer to enhance the overall sound. Its backup camera allows you to reverse the image, and the steering wheel button learning function controls the functions conveniently. It supports iOS & Android systems that have HD audio, night vision, and waterproof protection.

User Feedback:

  • This car stereo is appreciated by numerous users for its excellent features that deliver excellent sound quality. Yet some users criticized its GPS navigation and radio sound quality.

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Buying Guide for the Best Single Din Flip Out Car Stereo

Choosing the correct single-din flip-out car stereo will allow you to customize the sound system and enjoy your favorite movies, tunes/music, and others when you are on the go/road. To make your purchase worthwhile, you need to look for car stereos offering a wide range of features and compatibility with your car’s audio system. Here we have mentioned all the features to check while shopping for the best single-din flip-out car stereos.

Now, let’s dive into the details….

1. High-Definition Audio/Sound Quality

You should look for these car stereos offering better sound reproduction with clear treble and deep bass. High-definition audio (HD audio) offers exceptional sound quality and clarity with a wide range of frequencies and high bit rates compared to the standard audio formats.

The digital signal processors, powerful amplifiers, and advanced adjustable equalizers (to set and customize the sound as required) of the car stereos deliver an immersive listening experience. So, the HD audio provides a detailed soundstage, which makes it perfect to listen to podcasts, music, or other audio sources.

2. Touchscreen Display

Always look for single-din flip-out car stereos that come with a large, clear, and bright display with adjustable backlighting and wide viewing angle. It allows you to see the settings on the screen clearly while driving at night. The display of the touchscreen is quite larger compared to traditional buttons & knobs, allowing its users to see, check, and set the features and settings quickly and conveniently.

The stereos with touchscreen displays provide easy and quick access to its features, including navigation, adjusting the sound settings, and others. Also, it supports a variety of input sources like Bluetooth, USB, and Aux.

3. Controls

The car stereos with easy-to-use controls and functions will allow quick access to the users for the required features. Some key controls you should look for while buying a single-din flip-out car stereo are its volume, treble, and bass knobs along with buttons to control the playback of radio stations, music/songs, and movies.

4. GPS Navigation

GPS navigation is one of the essential features to check while choosing a single-din flip-out car stereo. It allows for locating plan routes, destinations, and turn-by-turn directions easily. The built-in GPS receiver will help its users to navigate and reach their destination quickly and effortlessly, thanks to its accurate navigation.

This system is beneficial while traveling to unfamiliar or unknown places by helping you to find the way without getting lost. Also, this navigation system offers real-time traffic updates to evade congestion, saving a lot of time.

5. Connectivity

The single-din flip-out car stereos offer a wide range of connectivity options, including USB, Bluetooth, and auxiliary inputs. Among them, Bluetooth offers a wireless connection that lets you connect to any Bluetooth-enabled devices ranging from smartphones and MP3 players to stereo for excellent audio streaming. Also, this feature allows for music streaming, hands-free calling, and many more.

6. Compatibility

Most of these single din flip-out car stereos are compatible with a wide range of audio formats that allow you to connect to smartphones and other devices. You need to check the compatibility with your vehicle’s electronics, which includes a steering wheel, dashboard, and other interior components. Also, ensure that your car stereo is compatible with aftermarket accessories like subwoofers, amplifiers, and others.

7. Power Output

The single din flip-out car stereos you want to purchase should have enough power output to drive various devices like amplifiers and speakers without any distortion in sound quality. Ensure that your unit should provide a minimum of 20W power per channel.

Single Din Flip-Out Car Stereos – FAQs

1. Which one is better – Single Din or Double Din?

Ans: Single din car head unit is of small size and compact that offers easy control panel and available at the lower price range. while the double din stereos take up a lot of space yet comes with various advanced features and a larger display. So, both are better in certain cases, and you need to choose them based on your requirement.
For more information, check out our article – Single Din Vs Double Din.

2. Does any flip-out head unit support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Ans: No, not all stereo flip-out head unit support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Some head units support and some models won’t support either or both of these. So, check the model before making its purchase.

3. What is the installation cost of fixing this head unit?

Ans: Mostly, the installation cost will range from $50 – $300 based on various factors, including particular car type & model, professional assistance, size of the car stereo, and others.

4. Can I install this single-din flip-out audio stereo in my car?

Ans: If you have some knowledge of the installation of these stereo car audios, then you can do the installation all by yourself. Or else you can take help from the user manual or YouTube tutorials to get a clear step-by-step process for an easy and quick installation.

5. Does it worth upgrading the car head unit?

Ans: Aftermarket car stereos can produce better sound quality, upgraded features, modern design, and more control over fine-tuning that enhances the overall performance. But make sure to consult the car audio professional assistance to get the best advice on the car audio head unit.


To conclude the single-din flip-out car stereo is the perfect option to upgrade the car audio system with its excellent features, easy access to functions, and controls that allow its users to customize the audio and enjoy the high-quality sound output.

Here are some quick recommendations of single-din flip-out car stereos in different categories for a quick and instant pick of the product.

  • The Best Overall single-din flip-out car stereo option Pioneer Flip-Out Car Stereos. It has a 7-inch LED touchscreen clear resistive display and is widely compatible with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and other smartphone integration. It has Bluetooth connectivity, built-in navigation, and various amazing features.
  • If you are looking for the Best Sound Quality, then Pyle Flip-Out Car Stereos will be your perfect choice. It has a 7-inch advanced car stereo touch screen with a built-in Mic and Bluetooth connectivity that allows for hands-free calling or music streaming from various audio formats. It has an AM/FM radio.
  • If you are looking for the Best Budget Friendly option, then Hikity Flip-Out Car Stereos is your choice. It has all the essential features as others and also comes with Wi-Fi/Hotspot and USB connectivity along with subwoofer audio output and GPS maps (online & offline).

If you have any queries regarding selecting the 1din flip-out car stereo, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. We will respond promptly to resolve your queries.

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