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Swann Vs Night Owl – Find The Diffrence?

Investing in a security camera is a decision that you will not regret. The presence of a security camera keeps away Burglars and intruders. Swann and Night Owl are market leaders when it comes to security cameras. What separates them from other companies is that they focus on providing the best features instead of opting for cost-cutting measures.

Swann came to the market earlier and established itself while Night Owl was a late-comer to the security camera business. In this guide, we will be comparing the 2 brands and help you to choose one among them.


Swann offers a wide range of products like Wi-Fi cameras, Bullet cameras, Doorbells, and Alarms. All of their products come with a 12-month warranty and the cameras are of very high quality. They support resolutions from 1080p to 4K. Today Swann has stores in more than 40 countries and is a pioneer in the field of security systems.


  • Smartphone control.
  • Wide selection of products.
  • Motion sensing capability.
  • Wired and Wirefree models available.


  • Subscription needed for cloud storage.
  • Build quality

Night Owl

Night Owl

Night Owl is fairly new to the security business but they have quickly climbed the ladder in terms of popularity. They offer a lot of different cameras but do not provide products like window sensors. Their cameras are meant for DIY installation and they usually provide good customer service as well.


  • Good selection of cameras
  • Customization features.
  • Easy installation
  • User-interface


  • App quality

Comparison Table

Features Night Owl 4 Channel 1080p camera Swann Wi-Fi camera
Voice Assistant Google Google and Alexa
Viewing Angle 88 degrees. 110 degrees.
Resolution 1080p 1080p
Detection capability Motion Motion and heat
Storage 16 GB Not available

Key differences between Swann SWNHD-880CAM and Night Owl CAM-IH8-BA

  • The viewing angle in Swann is 75 degrees while it is 85 degrees for Night Owl.
  • Swann features EXIR LED IR night vision which offers clear image quality. Night Owl has color boost technology that records full-color video in dim light.
  • Night Owl features a microphone while it is absent in Swann.
  • Night Owl also has a rapid Image detection feature and minimizes false recordings.
  • Night Owl has audio and video recording while Swann only has video recording.
  • Night Owl has an extra security layer.

Hardware Comparison

Both the cameras are weather resistant and can survive extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, and storm. They are ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. They offer good quality night vision upto a range of 100 feet. In terms of viewing angle, the Swann has 75 degrees while Night Owl has 85 degrees. Also, Swann does not have an inbuilt microphone while Night Owl has one.

Software Comparison

Night Owl can be easily connected with your computer, smartphone, or Tablet. Swann on the other hand offers a remote view feature from your smartphone. Additionally, Swann uses the EXIR LED IR, which provides clear night vision. Night OWL uses the L2 Color Boost which is able to record full-color video even in dim lights. It reverts to night mode only when necessary.

Final Words:

Both these brands are world-class and two of the market leaders when it comes to Security solutions. Choosing between them is not easy but if it were to us, we would go for the Night Owl CAM-IH8-BA as it uses better technology compared to the Swann camera. For any queries regarding the content, do write to us.

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