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Indoor vs Outdoor Security Cameras

Now-a-days, it is not the question of whether you need a security camera or not but rather how many. Whether you are a home owner or a business man/woman, having security cameras all around your property will give you a peace of mind. Depending on where you want to install the security camera, you need to look into Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras. In this guide, we will see the importance of Security Cameras and why you need them. Then we will move on to the comparison of Indoor vs Outdoor Security Cameras. Finally, we will see the differences between indoor and outdoor models with regards to some key parameters.

Importance of Security Cameras

In today’s World, every responsible adult is concerned about the safety and security of their family. We don’t want to get hurt or our homes broken into. Individuals need to protect their family and property. Business owners need to protect their investments.

There are so many types of security products in the market. Some of them are motion sensors, burglar alarms etc. One of the simplest ways to enhance home/business security is with the help of Security Cameras. Here are some of the benefits of Security Cameras.

  • Working individuals leave home in the morning and return late in the evening. If you want continuous monitoring of you home in your absence, then security cameras can provide that.
  • If you install a security camera outside the front door, then you can see the person knocking on the door with ease. Porch pirates are a significant problem in many places. You can keep an eye on the goods that you purchased online.
  • Security cameras can eliminate the concern about the people before you answer the door. In the event of a theft, you can use the footage from security cameras. Law enforcement can use this footage as evidence and catch/convict the perpetrator.
  • Even though security cameras cannot prevent burglaries or theft, they can instill fear in burglars. They will see security cameras in and around the property (home or business) and might leave your home due to the risk of getting caught.
  • Parents who hire babysitters for their kids can keep an eye on them. You can also track kids and pets with the help of security cameras.
  • If you run a business, then security cameras can help you check on your employees. You can also handle employee theft and customer complaints with the video footage.

Indoor vs Outdoor Security Cameras

There are several things to consider while buying a security camera. Some important ones are what is their location, connectivity, live stream or just recording etc.

In this guide, let us focus on the location of the security cameras i.e., Indoor vs Outdoor Security Cameras. If you want full property (home or business) security, then you need both Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras.

But what exactly is the difference between them? How do Indoor vs Outdoor Security Cameras compare? We will explore more about them now.

Indoor Security Cameras

Indoor Security CameraIf a manufacturer intended for a security camera to be used only indoors, then we call it an Indoor Security Camera. The operating temperature and humidity of Indoor Security Cameras is very moderate. These operating conditions are very similar to most electronic devices in our home.

They will not have any weatherproofing system in their design. So, we need to keep them clear of water and snow. Also, indoor security cameras cannot tolerate very high temperatures.

Another important thing about indoor security cameras is that they run on AC Power Supply. Since we install them inside our homes and offices, it becomes very easy to provide the necessary power to these units. Even if there aren’t any outlets near the camera installation point, we can use an extension cable.

The mounting mechanism of indoor security camera focuses on simplicity and ease of installation. Connectivity wise, indoor security cameras come with both wired and wireless connectivity. Wireless indoor security cameras are becoming very affordable.

Pros and Cons

+ Good video quality

+ Low cost

+ Small and easy to install

+ Available as wired and wireless models

+ Easy to conceal or hide

+ DIY Installation

– Not weatherproof

– Some models come with night-mode but performance is poor

Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor Security CamerasAs the name suggests, an outdoor security camera has all the bells and whistles so that you can use it outdoors. There is one thing to know about outdoor security cameras. Some models are outdoor – capable while some models are outdoor – only.

The main place where we use outdoor security cameras, well, outdoors. They can face severe temperatures and weather. To withstand these conditions, outdoor security cameras come with necessary weatherproofing solution. The operational temperature range can go below freezing all the way to 150°F or more.

We can again divide outdoor cameras for home usage and business/large property usage. Outdoor cameras for home usage can work with wireless connectivity as the distance between the camera unit and the Wi-Fi router is small.

But for large offices and business properties, wireless option may not be available (or may not be suitable). So, most of them have wired connectivity. Some outdoor security cameras also come with built-in battery and solar panel to recharge the battery.

Typical outdoor security cameras are large and heavy. They also need special mounting brackets and you need help from a professional to do the installation. There is no rule that says you cannot use outdoor cameras indoors. But their size and difficulty of installation makes them not suitable for indoors.

Pros and Cons

+ Weatherproof

+ Wide operating temperature range

+ Tamperproof (not all models)

+ Very good night time performance

– Expensive

– Large in size and heavy

– Needs special mounting hardware and professional installation

Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras

INDOOR VS OUTDOOR SECURITY CAMERASLet us now see the differences between Indoor vs Outdoor Security Cameras. We will take some important parameters and compare them with both indoor and outdoor units.

1. Durability

The build quality and robustness of outdoor security cameras is better than indoor counterparts. Even if the design of both the units appears same, there will be differences in the material and structure. This is assuming that both units are from the same manufacturer.

2. Weather Resistance

An important difference between indoor vs outdoor security cameras is weatherproofing (weather resistance). Since we use indoor cameras inside our homes and offices, the operating temperatures need not be that high.

But for outdoor cameras, they will sit under hot Sun. They will also face rain or snow. Hence, outdoor security cameras usually come with some form of weather sealing and wide temperature ranges.

3. Tampering

The main purpose of security cameras is to record burglars and perpetrators. But what if they can easily access it and tamper with it? It defeats the purpose. So, outdoor security cameras have special tamperproof design. Some units also conceal the wires so that burglars cannot cut them.

Indoor units, while they are robust, they are not tamperproof. In fact, some wireless security cameras record video on to SD Cards. You can easily access this slot (so can a burglar).

4. Size

Indoor Security Cameras are very small and compact. They are also light in weight. You can place them anywhere (even fall ceiling, drywalls etc.). The size of outdoor security cameras is more than indoor units. The extra size helps them to accommodate weatherproofing and tamper proofing elements.

The overall weight of outdoor units is also large. So, you have to install them on solid walls or polls.

5. Installation

If you love DIYing, then you will enjoy installing indoor security cameras. The mounting mechanism is very simple. Just place the camera at the best possible location and mount it.

Some outdoor security cameras have different mounting system. Commercial ones need professional installation.

6. Connectivity

Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras come with both wired and wireless connectivity. But you have to consider other things such as power supply, purpose (home, office or large business) and security.

7. Low-Light Performance

For recording during night time or low-light, the camera needs to have special Infrared lighting system. Both indoor and outdoor units come with such systems. But the performance of outdoor security camera is very good for nigh-time recording.


Installing security cameras in and around your property will help you check for burglars and intruders. and any other unknown persons. There are so many benefits of security cameras for both home as well as business users. Security Cameras come in two variants: indoor and outdoor. In this guide, we saw the basics of indoor and outdoor security cameras along with their pros and cons. We saw a comparison of Indoor vs Outdoor Security Cameras. We also listed out the differences for some important parameters.

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