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Lorex Vs Swann – The Complete Guide

Security cameras can even record several dubious activities that a drowsy guard often lapses. Two of the most advanced security cameras, Lorex and Swann, are ruling the marketplace in 2021.

These two hi-tech cams provide a wide range of features to monitor private or public spaces. So if you are planning to buy one, read this article to make an informed decision.

About Lorex Camera

lorex camera

These home security cameras offer up-to-date wireless and wired options for top-notch home security. Their video quality is about 4K, the most worthy feature among their competitors. They typically use ‘active night vision technology, and the best part about Lorex is its hassle-free DIY installation.


  • There are no monthly charges or contracts.
  • Consists of a slot for a microSD card.
  • Possess a free cloud basic plan.
  • Long-range color vision during the night.


  • Provides false alarms or notifications occasionally.
  • No choice of sign up to attain professional monitoring.
  • No Home Automation alternatives for integration with cameras.
  • Absence of AL Technology for differentiating between people and objects.

About Swann Camera

swann camera

This big-box retailer provides discrete, bullet, Wi-Fi, outdoor, and doorbell cameras. Swann crafts cameras amassing PIR technology along with full HD resolution features. Its superior customer support and functioning with the assistance of Alexa make it a front runner in the race.


  • Offers premium cloud storage of video for a month.
  • No requirement of contracts and no punitive actions.
  • Diverse options in cameras to choose from.
  • Furnish with a flexible recording of high-quality videos.


  • Vulnerable to the hijacking of video and audio streaming.
  • Requires annual payment for cloud storage basic plan.
  • Involvement of a third party for installing the surveillance network.
  • Additional expenses for several add-on services and installation.

Lorex Vs Swann Technical Specifications

  • Lorex provides multiple channel options (up to 32). On the contrary, Swann offers only half of the channels when compared with Lorex.
  • Lorex provides 4k Ultra resolution in most of the cameras, while Swann offers it in a few of them only.

The Main Differences Between Swann and Lorex

  • The Lorex ptz camera encompasses a region of 300 feet in the nighttime. On the other hand, nightwatchman Swann covers up the space of 165 feet.
  • If you compare the prices of the two, Lorex is a bit more expensive than the other one. You would have to spend 450 bucks to snap up a high-quality video recorder of Lorex. While only 400 bucks will suffice the Swann camera purchase.

1. Software Comparison

Lorex includes schedule recording and playback along with adjustable recording resolution. The software also comprises cloud storage and backup plans. But Swann cameras are slightly ahead as they function with the assistance of Alexa.

Better: The software of Swann seems more advanced and technically sound.

2. Hardware Comparison

Lorex wins it here due to the presence of sturdy metal exteriors, which can withstand adverse climatic situations. However, both of the cameras did a brilliant job in the manufacturing of cameras.

Better: Lorex has comparatively better-inbuilt hardware.

3. 2-Way Audio

None of them compromises with the standard 2-way audio recording as well as communication hardware. Lorex and Swann both are on the same page here.

Better: In this case, it is a draw as both are on the same page.

4. Camera System Image Quality

As per our study, Lorex offers comparatively decent image quality. It comprises 4k Ultra HD resolution, while Swann provides a few alternatives with such high definition image quality.

Better: Lorex defeats Swann in the image quality of the camera.

5. Zoom Capabilities

Both retailers come up with advanced security cameras encompassing zoom capabilities. Here also, Lorex has the upper hand with its 1080 PTZ offering 25x optical zoom.

Better: Undoubtedly, Lorex is the front runner when comparing the zoom capabilities of the two.

6. Field of View

Lorex provides a complete 360-degree rotation field-of-view as well as a 90-degree inclination, so any day Lorex beats Swann in this department. The latter just offers you a 355-degree of view-angle.

Better: Swann stays few strides behind in camera rotation, so it has comparatively lesser range.

7. Resolution

Resolution is nothing more than the number of pixels a cam captures. According to our review, Lorex’s camera with 4k pixels wins hands down to Swann cams.

Better: Swann lacks a great resolution feature in comparison to Lorex.

8. Night Vision Surveillance Systems

Two of the top-notch camera brands detect a clear video during the night. Both of them consist of 4k color night vision cameras.

Better: Again, it is a tie between the two as they furnish almost similar features.

9. Indoor & Outdoor Cameras

Lorex provides indoor and outdoor cameras which operate smoothly even during extreme temperature conditions at both ends. While Swann offers a bit lesser tolerance.

Better: Lorex can tolerate from -(28-29) degrees Celsius to 58-59 degrees Celsius.

10. Motion Detection Capabilities

Lorex only supports basic motion detection, whereas Swann is well-known for its full video analytics. Though both cameras don’t send motion alerts, Swann is better as it has intrusion detection, line crossing, and face detection.

11. Better Warranty

These two provide the customers with an advanced security set-up comprising motion detection capabilities. But Swann may sometimes provide false alarms.

Better: Lorex is more accurate with the motion detection capabilities.

Our Verdict:

In general, both Swann and Lorex fight head-on in almost all technical aspects of realms. Still, Lorex excels in almost every field of technicality. Without a doubt, Lorex seems to be better in contrast to Swann. Now, you have an intelligible understanding of both the surveillance set-ups, so grab your digital nightwatchman as per your preferences.

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