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Reolink vs Lorex: The Complete Guide

Two of the hottest names in the video surveillance sector are Reolink and Lorex. Both of them offer high-quality products, and choosing between them is tough for a normal customer. In this guide, we will be reviewing the differences and similarities between the two brands and help you to choose a security camera.



Reolink is a consumer-oriented brand that offers good products at an affordable price. The company was established in 2009, and its products include Wireless Cameras to ones powered by Solar Power. One of their most popular products was the Reolink Argus which was a wire-free security camera. Reolink is a company that constantly strives for innovation in its products.


  • Many Wireless Models
  • Easy installation
  • Smart Home Automation
  • Smart Notifications


  • Not ideal for commercial market



The security cameras from Lorex are aimed towards the commercial market along with personal use. They have developed cameras with the ability to monitor up to 200 feet at night. Lorex has been on the scene a bit longer than Reolink, having been established in 1993. Currently, Lorex is a division of Dahua.


  • Humans and Vehicle detection.
  • Multiple inbuilt sensors
  • Video storage drives
  • Motion detection


  • Do not have Solar operated cameras.

Comparison Table

Features Reolink 5MP Bullet Camera Lorex 4K Bullet Camera
Night Vision 100 Feet Range 250 Feet range
FPS 25 60
Viewing Angle (degrees) 80 NA
Resolution 2560*1920 4K
Infrared LEDs 18 0

Key Differences Between Reolink RLC-410 and Lorex LNB4163BW

These are two of the most popular products released by the companies and let us see how they differ.

1. Hardware Features

Lorex features a ⅓” CMOS sensor but the Reolink features a fractionally bigger 1/(2.7)“ sensor. The bigger sensor will perform better in low light. Also, the Reolink has better quality IR when compared to Lorex, but Lorex has HDR support, which is absent in Reolink.

2. Software Features

Lorex has a very unique feature not available in Reolink-Full Color Night Vision. However, Lorex does not have the ability to send emails/alerts and other smart notifications. Reolink is a security camera with smart features. Additionally, Reolink comes with built-in NVR capability, which you don’t get in Lorex. Both of them support ONVIF & RTSP.

3. Motion Detection

The two cameras have basic motion detection capability. The key difference is that Reolink is capable of Standalone working without an NVR or pc. For Lorex, you need to get a compatible NVR to record clips and send notifications.

4. Warranty Protection

Both the cameras have a 2-year warranty, but the warranty on the Lorex can be extended to 3 or 5 by paying an additional fee.

5. Audio Quality

The Reolink features a built-in microphone which is absent in Lorex. Although none of these 2 cameras support Audio detection, they both are capable of 3D Noise reduction.

6. Image Quality

The maximum resolution supported by Reolink is 2560*1920 (5 MP), while for Lorex it is 2688*1520(4 MP). As a result, the image quality of Reolink is superior.

7. Zoom Capabilities

The Reolink has a focal length of 4mm with an Aperture of F2.0, while the focal length of Reolink is 3.6mm with an Aperture of F2.0.

8. Field of View

The Field of View for Reolink is 80 degree, while the Lorex betters it with 883 degree Angle of View.

9. Night Vision Capabilities

Here, the difference is significant. Lorex has color night vision, while Reolink comes with Black and White Night Vision.

10. Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

Reolink, as well as Lorex, offers cameras that can be used outdoors as well as inside the home. There is nothing separating the two companies in this regard.

Final Words

Here, we have compared some models between Reolink and Lorex. Lorex definitely has the edge when it comes to features and is much more suited for commercial and professional uses. Reolink, on the other hand, is much more affordable and is quite easy to install. If a high-end security system with premium features is what matters, choose Lorex. Else, go for Reolink

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