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Eufy Camera Review – Are They Really Secure and Worthy to Invest?

In the recent years, Eufy cameras are gaining quite the attention in the budget-friendly security cameras segment.

But are their products trustworthy? Is it really ok to choose them over expensive options? – these are common dilemmas faced by people while making the purchase decision.

If you are wondering the same, then here is an article we have crafted to help you out.

Here, we are going explore different prospects of eufy cameras and provide our honest opinions regarding them.

About Eufy Brand

The brand Eufy is a sister company of Anker Innovations and they entered the business with a line of robotic vacuum cleaners. With their success in this section, they ventured into producing security cameras.

Though these cameras are not innovated for intense security purposes, they offer a lot of features like premium ones at an affordable price. In addition to that, their quality is also unexceptional.

The Eufy home security camera is the mid-range of budget security cameras on the market. There are many options for outdoor and indoor security cameras. Eufy’s products are different from Arlo Pro, Ring and WYZE cameras in that they do not require a cloud service. All video is saved locally to the HomeBase security camera HomeBase via an SD card.

Eufy wanted people to believe that they care about privacy protection so they avoided any online storage. They do offer cloud services but at an extra cost. They are also not required to operate security cameras. Eufy instead uses a HomeBase hub for data storage from any camera without an SD slot. Depending on your package, this can be used to wire cameras via an Ethernet cable.

Benefits of Eufy Cameras

  • This app is excellent and allows you to view and control everything.
  • The battery life of each home security camera was up to one year.
  • These security cameras were easy to set up and test.
  • Instead of storing everything in the cloud, store it locally.
  • You can choose between different video resolutions and whether you need a wired or wireless camera.
  • Many options available in bundled packages at a reasonable price.

Drawbacks of Eufy Camera

  • You can currently only use the Eufy system with Apple HomeKit and Google Voice Assistant.
  • Some cameras may not work by themselves. Some cameras require the HomeBase hub in order to store information.
  • There are a couple of options available in the market that are cheaper than Eufy cameras.

Features of Eufy Camera

1. Camera Bundles

You can purchase a few cameras individually from eufy. However, bundles can be cheaper and may help you save money. Although some cameras include door and window sensors, there are not large bundles that look like a complete home security system. You will need to purchase additional security features if you require them.

2. App Controls

The eufy App is easy to use, versatile, and simple to install. The app guides you through each camera’s installation with simple, straightforward steps. After your cameras have been installed, you can view the live footage, chat with people through them, and adjust various settings. This app allows you to add family members and friends to your account, which will give them access to the footage.

You can adjust the settings for each camera including automatic night vision, facial detection, video quality adjustment, human and pet detection zones, and facial detection. All these settings will help you to improve the alerts you get.

You can record a message to your pet and have it play for them whenever they enter one the activity zones that you have set. The EufyLife website allows you to view the footage of the cameras. Although it does not have all the functionality of the app’s, it offers another way to monitor things while you are working or at home.

3. Home Automation Options

Eufy cameras can be controlled through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

4. Storage

Storage A 16GB card is included in the eufy home base. It can store approximately three months’ worth of sound- or motion-activated footage. You can choose one of the eufy cloud storage plans for longer storage and continuous recordings. The Basic plan costs $3/month and offers 30 days storage for one camera. The Premier plan covers 10 cameras and has 30 days storage. It costs $10/month and $100/year.

5. Installation

The installation of Eufy cameras is easy and straightforward. Eufy does not provide any installation service or any other similar service. But you probably do not need any professional installation engineer to install the security cameras.

All you will have to do is follow the instructions provided with the package and you will be done with the setup in no time. If you still find it difficult to install the devices, you will have to contact 3rd party installation services to set up the security system.

6. Recording Resolution

Eufy’s recordings sound crystal clear compared to other brands. It has a 2560×1920 high resolution. This gives Eufy a competitive advantage in terms of delivering high-quality images. This means you will not need to look closely to see who or what is at your front door.

7. Facial Recognition Software

Eufy’s AI can distinguish between human faces, and non-human moving items. It is possible that you only wish to be notified about an event if it affects another person living on your property.

This feature will not alert you to any moving vehicles, stray cats or other items that pose no security risk. The device will change to “All Motion” at night to alert you to any motion detected by the detector. You can however manage this from within the app.

The Best Eufy Camera Options

Eufy cameras offer a wide range of top-quality features, even at a low price. All cameras come with storage (local) and encryption to safeguard your videos. For high-quality footage, almost all Eufy camera models come with 2K version. Below are some of their popular and best Eufy cameras

1. Eufy Indoor Camera Security 

Eufy Indoor Camera Security offers real-time high-definition video monitoring, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on your property from anywhere, anytime. Its crystal-clear imaging technology captures every detail, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed. 

It has exceptional night vision capabilities, ensuring round-the-clock surveillance without compromise. Whether it’s daytime or pitch-black darkness, you can trust this camera to provide you with clear and detailed images. Below we suggest a few indoor security cameras:

Product NameFeaturesBuy Now
Eufy Security S220 Indoor CamTwo way Audio

Crying Detection

Motion Sensor

Night vision
Check On Amazon
Eufy Security Solo IndoorCamTwo way Audio

Crying Detection

Motion Sensor

Night vision
Check On Amazon

2. Eufy Outdoor Camera

Eufy Outdoor Camera has advanced lens captures every detail with remarkable clarity, ensuring that you never miss a moment. Whether it is day time or night time, rain or shine, this camera provides round-the-clock surveillance, allowing you to keep an eye on your property at all times.

It alerts you instantly whenever any movement is detected With its smart motion detection feature. You will receive real-time notifications on your smartphone, enabling you to take immediate action and deter potential threats. Feel confident knowing that your home is always under watchful eyes. Check we listed few products below:

Product NameFeaturesBuy Now
Eufy Security S200 Outdoor CamNight Vision

Motion Sensor

Subscription-Free Security

IP67 weatherproof-rating
Check On Amazon
Eufy Security S210 Outdoor CamLighted

Ultra-Clear 2K Resolution

Subscription-Free Security

IP67 Weatherproof
Check On Amazon
Eufy Security Garage-Control Cam with SensorSmart Garage Control

Real-Time Notifications

AI Human Detection

Free Yourself From Hassle
Check On Amazon

3. Eufy Security Cam Kit

EufyCam has an intelligent motion detection system. The camera instantly notifies you on your smartphone whenever it detects any movement, and it allows you to take prompt action and protect your property. Rest easy knowing that you’ll always be alerted to any unusual activity. 

Its wireless design eliminates the need for complicated installation processes and messy cables. Simply choose the perfect spot, mount the camera, and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. In just a few minutes, your camera will be up and running, safeguarding your home with ease. Take a look we suggest few Products below:

Product NameFeaturesBuy Now
Eufy Security eufyCam 3 4-Cam KitNight Vision

Forever Power Durability

Local Expandable Storage

AI Empowers Your Security

4K Camera with Integrated Solar Panel
Check On Amazon
Eufy S300 eufyCam 3C 2-Cam KitPortable

Night Vision

4K Camera

Expandable Local Storage up to 16TB

Face Recognition AI
Check On Amazon
EufyCam 2C Pro 2-Cam Kit2 way audio

HD Resolution

Night Vision

Image Sensor

Local Recording

Motion Sensor
Check On Amazon

4. Eufy Solar Security Camera

Eufy SolarCam utilizes solar power to keep itself charged, reducing the need for manual maintenance. The built-in solar panel efficiently converts sunlight into energy, ensuring continuous operation and eliminating the worry of power outages. Enjoy reliable security without the inconvenience.

Its wireless design allows for flexible placement options, while the adjustable mounting bracket ensures the perfect angle for capturing the best footage. Its weatherproof construction protects against rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, guaranteeing reliable performance year-round. Check we listed products below:

Product NameFeaturesBuy Now
Eufy Security S220 SoloCam2K Resolution

No Monthly Fee

HomeBase 3 Compatible

Wireless Outdoor Camera
Check On Amazon
Eufy Security S230 SoloCam S40Battery Camera

2K Resolution

Integrated Solar Panel

Spotlight Camera
Check On Amazon

5. Eufy 4G LTE Camera

Eufy 4G LTE Camera is designed to prioritize your security. Its high definition video quality captures every detail with stunning clarity, ensuring that you never miss a moment. Day time or night time, the camera  advanced imaging technology delivers sharp and detailed footage, allowing you to monitor your property with confidence.

Enjoy instant notifications on your smartphone with the Eufy 4G LTE Camera intelligent motion detection. It detects any movement and sends you real time alerts, empowering you to take immediate action. Whether it is an unexpected visitor or a potential threat, you will always be informed and able to respond swiftly. Check we listed few products below:

Product NameFeaturesBuy Now
Eufy 4G LTE CellularOutdoor camera

Stick Outside Without Wi-Fi

Your Choice of Carrier

See Everlasting Energy
Check On Amazon
Eufy 4G LTE Starlight Camera Bundle2 Way Audio

Night Vision

Your Choice of Carrier

Powerful AI, Ultimate Convenience
Check On Amazon

6. Eufy Camera With lights

Eufy Camera with Lights, you can keep a watchful eye on your surroundings day and night. Its high-definition video recording captures sharp and detailed footage, providing you with crystal-clear visuals to monitor your property. It is in broad daylight or under the cover of darkness, this camera ensures optimal visibility.

Its built-in LED lights brighten up your surroundings, adding an extra layer of security and deterring potential intruders. Enjoy the convenience of having both surveillance and illumination in a single device, streamlining your home security setup. Below we suggest a few indoor security cameras: 

Product NameFeaturesBuy Now
Eufy S100 Wired Wall Light CamNight Vision

Motion Sensor

AI Detection

IP65 Waterproof

Wall Light Camera
Check On Amazon
Eufy security S330 Floodlight Cam 2 ProSmart Lighting

Floodlight Cam


On-Device AI Subject Lock
Check On Amazon
Eufy Security Floodlight CamFloodlight Camera

Built-in AI

2-Way Audio

2,500-Lumen Brightness

Check On Amazon
Eufy Security Floodlight CameraBlack Color

Floodlight Camera

2-Way Audio

2000-Lumen Brightness

Check On Amazon

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Eufy cameras susceptible to hacking?

Using your Eufy account information is the only way someone can hack into your Eufy security systems. There is almost no way for someone to hack into your cameras if you don’t share your password or account information with anyone.

2. Is Eufy possible without WiFi?

No. Please note that the system must be connected to the internet via an ethernet cable during setup and when it is in use to provide full performance. The average battery life of eufy Smart Lock touch & Wi-Fi is 365 days (when the door unlocks and locks 10 times per hour on average).

3. Can Eufy cameras monitor 24/7?

Two of Eufy’s cameras are capable of continuous recording 24/7. If you are looking for that option, then the Eufy Cam Indoor models are the best options. The Video Doorbell and Eufy’s wireeless, battery-powered security cameras are not available with 24 hours monitoring.

4. Are Eufy cameras charged when received?

Yes, of course. Eufy’s cameras are usually partially charged. Eufy suggests customers to fully charge the battery powered and wireless cameras before installing them. This is to ensure you have as much time as possible without having to remove the camera for recharge the battery.

5. Is Eufy work compatible Apple HomeKit cameras?

Yes, many Eufy cameras are compatible with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.

Final Words to Wrap Up…

Well, if you are looking to invest in affordable security cameras, then you should consider Eufy brand. Though they have ventured into this section recently, their models have gained quite the popularity.

However, if you are worried whether to invest in them or not, then you can read the information mentioned in this article to make the decision.

We hope that our review of the Eufy cameras was helpful for you. We also have some recommendations lined up for you right here to make the selection process easier.

But if you still need any answers about them, we recommend writing to us below in the comments section. We will clear them at our earliest convenience.

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