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How to Install Ring Doorbell Camera?

Ring Video doorbells are one of the most revered home security gadgets of recent times; since their introduction, they have become fan favourites due to their features and easy-to-install mechanism. If you recently purchased a ring doorbell or want to upgrade to one, we have you covered. Here is a small guide on how to install your ring doorbell.

Overview of Ring Doorbell Camera

Ring video doorbell camera is a unique gadget that can help you quickly strengthen your home’s security. This video doorbell allows you to view visitors at your doorsteps and their actions and monitor what is happening around your main door. It also allows you to talk to the visitors and listen to them inside or outside your home. The doorbell works with Wi-Fi and can be accessed remotely if needed.

At Present, Ring has Multiple Models:

  • Ring video doorbell(Gen 1 and Gen 2) and
  • Ring video doorbell 2 and
  • Ring Video doorbell 3 and
  • Ring Video doorbell 3 plus and
  • Ring video doorbell 4 and
  • Ring video doorbell Pro

How to Install Ring Doorbell Camera

1. Collect the Necessary Tools and Materials Needed for Installation.

The ring doorbell installation kit usually comes with most of the necessary tools alongside the instruction manual, screwdriver screws, charging cable, and other things. But, you need a drill as the doorbell will be installed on a brick wall or any wall structure.

Interestingly, the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Ring Video Doorbell Pro come with masonry drills. You also need a box cutter or flathead screwdriver in case you have any other model installed previously.

2. Charge Battery

All the Ring video doorbells except the Ring video doorbell work on battery. So, always check your device name and instruction manual for clarification. Please remove the battery from the kit and use the charging cable to charge it.

Some users reported that the battery was problematic to remove from the package. Here is a trick for that. Hold the battery package against the wall, pushing the battery a bit, making the task easier.

While the battery is charging, check for the red and green lights to get confirmation that the battery is getting charged. Usually, Ring doorbell batteries take six hours to charge. After the charge is complete, you will only see the green light signal.

3. Connect to the Internet and Install the Ring App

Ring doorbells can be easily operated through your smartphone or tablet. First, you need to connect your device to the internet.

Now, download the “ring- always home app” from the Play Store or Apple Store. After the app download, follow all the instructions on the app screen to connect the device to your internet. Here is the method-

  • Open “Settings” from the app
  • From here, navigate to “Connections;’.
  • Under this tab, click on “Wi-Fi.”
  • Select any device that starts with the phrase “Ring” followed by a series of numbers and return to the Ring app.
  • Wait for a few seconds to allow the device to establish the connection. If prompted, insert the Wi-Fi password to establish the connection.
  • Wait until the Ring video doorbell light blinks a blue light four times.

4. Turn Off Power

You need to turn off the home electric supply before installing the doorbell to prevent any kind of hazard. You can find the breaker box in the basement, garage, or even near your property.

Please note that if you have already installed a doorbell previously, turning off the brakes may only be necessary as no prior wiring is needed. However, we recommend doing this as a safety measure.

5. Remove the Old Doorbell Camera

  • It is only for those who have a video doorbell installed previously and are upgrading to the new one.
  • Take the box cutter or the flathead screwdriver and remove the flat plate of the old doorbell.
  • Now, take out the screws from here and slowly pull out the older doorbell.
  • You will find that two wires supply the power to the doorbell,
  • Please be cautious; the wires can get damaged if you pull the doorbell harshly. Gently loosen the screws connecting these wires and remove the old doorbell.

6. Attach Mounting Bracket

Now, you have a clean wall without any old door bell. You can easily install the door bell. But for correct installation, follow these steps first-

  • Take the ring doorbell and position it against the wall so that it mimics the old doorbell position. Take a picture on your smartphone to confirm the position.
  • If the position is incorrect, use the angular mounting brackets to install the doorbell at the desired angle.
  • Take the leveling tool to check the leveling and ensure you install the doorbell in a straight line. Use the tool and make minor marks on the wall with a pencil to mark the places for the screw holes.
  • Drill holes in the wall at the marked places. You can use any drill or the masonry drill given with some Ring doorbell kits as per your preference.
  • Now, if you give me an angular mount, attach it first with the help of the screws.
  • After that, take the mounting bracket and position it in such a way that it aligns with the holes of the angled mounting bracket, and screw it to its place.

7. Connect Wires to Doorbell

If you are using a wired ring doorbell, attach the wires left from the previous doorbell,

Remove the wires gently if there is no previous doorbell or the model you are installing doesn’t require the wire to function. But, we recommend connecting these wires as the wires create a chiming sound whenever your doorbell button is pressed.

In other words, if you want to get the doorbell ring sound, make sure to connect the wires to your ring doorbell. Otherwise, you will only receive notifications on the phone, which can be a bit difficult to track down all the time.

In case your doorbell has electronic sounds (more than two), connect the diode first. You will find all the details in the doorbell instruction manual.

8. Mount Doorbell

Take your doorbell position just above the bracket and slowly push it down. You will hear a clicking sound when the doorbell gets fixed.

9. Restore Power and Test the Doorbell.

Turn on the brakes of your main supply again. Try testing the doorbell once. Recheck the connection by removing the bell faceplate if the doorbell doesn’t chime. In the case of electronic chimes, try reversing the diode once.

Now, take the two security screws and fix them at their designated place (exterior of the faceplate).

10. Set App Preferences

Set up your ring doorbell preferences with features including video settings, notification frequency and type, and other factors.

Installing Ring Doorbell Camera – FAQs

1. Is continuous recording a feature of Ring cameras?

Ans: No, Ring Cameras do not offer a continuous recording feature and record only when any motion is detected during the live view. The Ring Protect plan provides continuous recording for the subscribers.

2. How long does a Ring battery typically last?

Ans: Ring Doorbell batteries typically last 6 to 12 months, depending on the model and usage.

3. What is the typical charging duration for a Ring camera?

Ans: You can easily charge the ring cameras with the micro-USB cable in the product kit. It usually takes 5-10 hours, depending on whether it’s plugged into a USB port or a wall outlet.

4. What is a reasonable fee for installing a Ring camera?

Ans: A ring camera or single ring device installation costs between $129.99 and $259.99 for a single device and $94.99 to $224.99 for each additional smart home device. The charges can vary depending on the device model and installation complexity.

5. Is an electrician required to install a Ring camera?

Ans: If you do not have prior electrical work experience, you can get an electrician to install the camera.

6. Is a monthly fee required for all Ring cameras?

Ans: You can use Ring doorbells and cameras without a subscription, but for added features like continuous recording for cloud storage access, you can get a Ring Protect subscription at the cost of $3.99 and $20 per month.


As you can see, installing a ring doorbell is not difficult at all. But we recommend you to wear protective gloves and take necessary precautions before starting the task. If needed, you can also consult an electrician for installation.

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