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Are Ring Doorbells Waterproof ?

You either have or wish to purchase a Ring doorbell. You now want to know if it can resist storms, hurricanes, and severe rain. There are many conflicting and ambiguous responses to this on the internet. Some claim it is water-resistant, some claim it is waterproof, and some are unsure.

Can doorbells that ring become wet? Yes. Although they aren’t entirely waterproof, Ring Doorbells seem to be water-resistant. It just takes a little while for the water to seep through and harm the doorbell if it is positioned outside without any protection above or around it and is subjected to heavy rain.

Electronic products have been given an excessive amount of the designation “waterproof”. Manufacturers presently use it as a buzzword to promote their smart gadgets. Water-resistant rather than waterproof is how Ring Doorbell is marketed. This piqued my curiosity and made me want to research this issue more thoroughly.

It’s a common fallacy that the terms waterproof, water-resistant, and repellent may all be used to refer to the same thing. This ambiguity cuts through consumer comprehension. Many companies abuse these terms, which makes it even more difficult for customers who lack information.

Are Ring Doorbells Waterproof

Doorbells made by Ring are not weatherproof. On the other hand, ring doorbells are water-resistant and have sufficient protections to protect them from precipitation. You may attach a protective waterproof cover to preserve the doorbell casing and keep water out.

There is no IP rating for the Ring doorbells. It implies that there is no officially recognized defense against precipitation or other weather-related hazards. Ring claims its products are water-resistant but have not provided an IP rating.

Waterproofing, however, is different from being water-resistant. The doorbell may be shielded from water for a very long period using waterproof materials. However, a water-resistant material only offers protection up to a certain point. Usually, the body has a covering that is water-resistant or water-repellent but degrades with time. Therefore, a gadget cannot be waterproof without an IP classification.

Can Ring Doorbell Withstand Elements: Rain, Snow, Extreme Heat, and Cold

You must note that despite the fact that you might be worried about whether the gadget will continue to function if it is exposed to rain or snow, for example, their water resistance is quite excellent. Numerous layers of coating with water-repellent characteristics provide water resistance.

These layers are susceptible to damage over time, particularly from natural disasters like hail. Contrarily, most water-resistant doorbells often endure for decades before breaking down due to humidity. Some water may possibly seep into the construction of a Ring doorbell if it gets wet. Typically, this is a minimal amount, so it won’t have an impact on how the gadget works.

However, condensation or moisture may form inside if there are large temperature swings and the Ring doorbell is always wet. This obviously results in some kind of impact on the electrical circuitry that enables the Ring doorbell to function.

Ring doorbells are marketed as being waterproof since they are made in a way to endure severe weather conditions. It can tolerate temperatures as low as -5°F and as high as 120°F.

If you visit Ring’s online website, you will see that while they claim their products are not waterproof but are water-resistant. To put it simply, it implies that while they can endure rain and splashes, submersion in water will harm them.

Difference between Water-Resistant, Waterproof, Weather-Resistant, and Water-Repellent

1. Water-Resistant

The least effective water protection is at this level. A product with the designation “water-resistant” has been created to endure the odd downpour. The majority of water-resistant gadgets have special coatings like Teflon, which is frequently used in non-stick cooking appliances. For instance, the majority of watches are water-resistant.

2. Water-Repellent

A water-resistant surface is a next step from a device that repels water. Due to their hydrophobic characteristics, water will be repelled from surfaces covered with water-repellent coatings. It is uncommon to find a product that is both sturdy and water-resistant, and this technology is rarely used.

3. Waterproof

Anything resistant to water is said to be waterproof. Technically speaking. However, there is no object that is entirely waterproof. Manufacturers assert that their doorbells are impervious to water and that no one can stop them. However, understanding the precise functional scale that indicates the amount of water a product can withstand will help you decide what to buy and avoid!

An IP rating’s double numbers indicate the degree of defense against solids (like dust) and liquids (like moisture/water), respectively. A product is not rated for that specification if a number is substituted with an X.

The Ingress Protection Rating Scale is the name of this scale (IP code). This scale’s rating is solely applicable to mechanical and electronic casings.

All water-resistant gadgets are assigned an IP code, which describes the amount of water a product can endure. The capacity to endure solid things is denoted by the first two digits of the code, “IP,” and the third letter, “X.” The final digit, which can range from 0 to 9, indicates how well the object can withstand liquids.

4. Weatherproof

A product or gadget is said to be weatherproof if it is shielded from all types of weather and can function properly regardless of temperature or other weather-related changes. Weatherproof has a measurement system much as waterproof does. While many goods are designed to function well under regular weather conditions, some can even resist natural calamities.

How To Protect The Ring Doorbell From Water Damage?

There are various methods to safeguard a ring doorbell and increase its lifespan. Installing it directly next to your entrance beneath an awning or a roof is the first and most apparent option. Since most homes already have these safeguards in place, it is highly unlikely that any rain or direct sunlight will ever come into contact with the door side directly. The following options are good options if your house lacks a porch.

1. A Waterproof Cover

Waterproof doorbell covers can resemble plastic rain protectors, but they can also be made to resemble silicone skins.

Moreover, the nice thing about this option is its ability to shield your gadget from high winds, snow, rain, and dust. Typically, the thinness of the material has little impact on how well the camera or doorbell functions. But keep in mind that some areas of the Ring doorbell would be directly exposed to the sun.

For instance, getting a plastic doorbell cover along with a waterproof cover at the same time could be the best option.

2. Doorbell Weather-Blocking Mount

You already know what this cover accomplishes, as the name says. Your Ring doorbell will be shielded from the harsh weather conditions. This add-on will protect your smart doorbell from wind, snow, and direct sunlight if you desire additional protection beyond rain protection.

Some versions have anti-glare features that may efficiently reduce the glare from the sun, moon, and security lights. If your night vision has been terrible and you’ve been seeing lens flares, you might want to keep this option in mind.

3. A Cheap Metal or Plastic Rain Cover

Several plastic types are now on the market, and many of them are well-suited with the Ring doorbells. Most cameras have sides that enclose them and successfully exclude rainwater from getting into contact with the camera. This sort of product is so simple to install as the majority of items only need to be glued to your wall, which is the main benefit of considering it. You won’t need to drill the wall to install this doorbell. You may have to put in a little more work to install the metal one because it does come with screws.

4. A Glass Box

The glass box can protect the gadget but can also lead to various additional issues while being somewhat effective in and of itself. First, there could be some condensation within the box as most of the glass boxes only let the Ring doorbell button touch the outside. The camera might malfunction when the sensors fail to detect the surrounding movement as usual, which is another reason why this solution might not be as effective. In most cases, plastic coverings are installed with thin walls, which enable the sensors to function effectively.

5. Protective Silicone Cover

This silicone skin is an accessory that covers and conceals your Ring doorbell. They come in a variety of designs and colors. These tough silicone covers shield your doorbell from rain, UV rays, and glare. This solution will work best for you if you want to personalize your doorbell while protecting it from bad weather. Silicone coverings are widely accessible and reasonably priced.


The Ring doorbell is an excellent addition to any smart home. Due to its wireless nature, it is simple to install strategically based on your demands for home and security.

In conclusion, Ring doorbells are not water-resistant. However, they can survive even the most challenging weather conditions and are water- and weather-resistant. Several covers are available, some of which are reasonably priced and functional if you already possess a Ring doorbell and wish to shield it from rain, snow, or intense sunshine.

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