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How To Charge Ring Doorbell – Complete Guide

It is pretty obvious how useful Ring doorbells are compared to the traditional ones as Ring doorbells offer an extended set of features. It comes with a dedicated camera that captures real-time video footage outside your door and streams the footage directly to your smartphone. These doorbells also offer a built-in motion sensor that triggers notifications and alarms based on the activity detected by the sensors.

To power all these features, Ring doorbells come equipped with a built-in battery. Unlike most other options that feature a removable battery that needs to be replaced time after time, Ring doorbells offer you a better alternative with a rechargeable battery. If you have recently purchased a Ring doorbell and are unsure about how to recharge it, you have come to the right place.

In this guide, we will walk you through the simple process of charging your Ring doorbell. If you have connected the device to the smartphone application or to your email account, you might be already receiving alerts about low battery. Thus, we will discuss multiple methods by which you can easily charge your ring doorbell.

How To Charge a Ring Doorbell

When a Ring doorbell is running low on battery, it will prompt you numerous times to get the battery recharged. One of the main reasons behind these notifications is the fact that you are supposed to recharge the doorbell before the battery runs out completely. If you charge the doorbell before that, you will not have to go through the tedious process of pairing a device with your network and your smartphone again.

But, if a Ring doorbell is completely discharged, it usually disconnects from your network. And once you have recharge it afterwards, it will ask you to do the initial setup again. This setup includes pairing the doorbell with your smartphone and connecting it with your network. This will definitely take more time and effort and also leave your doorway unmonitored for the time being.

To avoid that, you should take some time out and recharge the batteries on your Ring doorbell as soon as possible. Right now, there are 2 models available from Ring in the market that are Ring doorbell and Ring doorbell 2. The charging methods for both of these models are pretty much similar with slight changes. Thus, we are going to offer solutions for charging both of these models. You should check which model you have before you start to follow the method provided here to charge your Ring doorbell.

Charging Ring Doorbell

The original Ring doorbell is a basic variant of the device which offers a very easy method to recharge the batteries. If you also own the Ring doorbell, here’s how you can recharge its batteries.

  • First of all, you need to check whether the battery of your Ring doorbell is running low or not. For that, you can simply open the smartphone application and check the battery status. The battery indicator is available on the top right section of the app alongside the alert and notification sliders.
  • If you notice that the battery is running low, it is time to get it recharged. For that, you will have to open the device as the charging port is provided on the inside of the device.
  • To remove the Ring doorbell from the wall socket, you will first need to remove the security screws provided at the bottom.
  • The screwdriver required for these screws is provided with the package, making it a lot easier to unscrew the security screws. Even if you don’t have the company screwdriver, you can use almost any standard small star-shaped screwdriver for these screws.
  • There are 2 security screws provided at the bottom. Unscrew both of these screws to continue.
  • Once the screws are removed, just slide the doorbell upwards, removing it from the mounting bracket.
  • Now that you have the Ring doorbell in your hand, just turn it around to find the micro-USB port on the rear side.
  • You will also find a micro-USB cable with the package. If not, you can use any standard micro-USB cable to charge the device.
  • Once you plug the micro-USB port of the cable into the Ring doorbell. Plug the adapter in the wall socket.
  • If the charging cable is successfully connected, you will notice the LED on the front of the device lit up.
  • While the device is charging, a blue light will be moving around the circular light on the device.
  • Usually, it would take about 5 to 6 hours to charge a Ring doorbell with any standard 2.1-ampere charger.
  • Once the charging is complete, a solid blue LED will light up on the device. This is an indication that the battery is now completely charged and you can remove the USB cable.
  • A fully charged Ring doorbell offers 6 to 12 months of backup, based on your usage.
  • Once you remove the micro-USB cable from the device, slide the unit back into its mounting bracket.
  • Use the same screwdriver to put the security screws in place.
  • After you have successfully put the device back into its place, press the doorbell button to check if all the features are working properly.

Charging a Ring Doorbell 2

Ring doorbell 2 is an upgraded version of the Ring doorbell device which offers a handful of great features over its predecessor. If you have purchased a Ring doorbell recently, there is a good chance that you are using Ring doorbell 2 right now.

The biggest difference between both of these models is the video quality. While the previous generation device was using a 720p camera, the new and improved model uses a 1080p sensor to offer an even better quality video feed. You will also notice faster access and overall sharper image quality thanks to the changes in video processing.

Apart from that, Ring doorbell 2 offers a much better quality night vision mode as well as an improved motion detection system. Due to these improvements, Ring is offering a removable battery on the Ring doorbell 2, making the charging process slightly different. If your Ring doorbell 2 is running low on battery, here is how you charge it.

  • Similar to the previous generation device, the Ring doorbell 2 also offers in-app notifications to alert you when the battery is low. You will also receive email alerts if you have provided your email ID at the time of setup.
  • Once you are sure that the battery levels on your Ring doorbell 2 are low, you should get on with the procedure mentioned here.
  • The Ring doorbell 2 is secured with a single security screw available at the bottom. Unscrew it with the included orange screwdriver from Ring or a standard small star-shaped screwdriver.
  • Once you have removed the screw, you will be able to lift the faceplate up. Simply pull the faceplate backwards to remove it from the device.
  • As Ring doorbell 2 features a removable battery, you will have to remove it from the device in order to recharge it. To remove the battery, just press the release tab present at the lower-middle section of the device.
  • Pressing the tab removes the battery safely from its compartment. Once it is out of the socket, slide it out to remove it.
  • If you have a secondary battery for your Ring doorbell, you can slide it in and get your Ring doorbell working right away.
  • The battery itself features a micro-USB port which is used to recharge the battery. Once you plug the micro-USB cable, plug the charger into the wall outlet.
  • There are 2 LED lights present on the battery, orange and blue. If both of these LED lights are active at once, it means that your battery is charging.
  • Once the charging is completed, the LED will turn green. After that, you can remove the charger.
  • A standard Ring doorbell 2 battery takes about 5 to 6 hours to charge.
  • A fully charged Ring doorbell 2 battery lasts for about 6 to 12 months depending on how you use the device.
  • After you remove the battery from the charging cable, simply slide it back into its compartment.
  • You will notice a quick click sound while putting the battery in, indicating that the battery is safely installed in the device.
  • After the battery is inside the unit, reattach the faceplate on the Ring doorbell 2.
  • Secure the faceplate by putting the security screw back into its place.
  • Now, your doorbell should be completely recharged and good to go.


A smart doorbell is a very handy tool for all households. It offers many additional features apart from the ringer such as smartphone notification, real-time video feed, night vision and motion detection. There are a lot of options available in the market for a doorbell. Out of which, the Ring doorbell seems to be one of the most popular options as it offers rechargeable batteries.

As Ring doorbell batteries are rechargeable, you will not have to purchase replaceable batteries ever again. However, you will have to take some time apart every 6 to 12 months to manually recharge the batteries of Ring doorbell devices. Today, we offered the methods to recharge the batteries for both Ring doorbell and Ring doorbell 2 devices. If you are still not sure, you can drop your query in the comment section and we will get back to you with a resolution right away.

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