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Top 7 Best Home Security Systems Without Subscription

                                        “Secure Your Home without Dealing with Monthly Subscription Bills”

Are you frustrated with long-term contracts and monthly subscription fees of your home security system?

Fortunately, there are now better options available that relief from the burden of monthly fees.

Home security system without subscriptions not only provide immediate cost saving and improved privacy but also increase the control your data and the ability to customize storage solutions.

However, selecting the ideal choice from the myriad of available products can be a daunting task.

To help you out, we have shortlisted the best home security systems without subscription – in collaboration with industry experts in terms of home safety. The three main factors we have considered include –

  • Camera Resolution: Ensure high-resolution cameras, ideally 1080p or more, to capture clear and detailed images, vital for identifying faces or objects.
  • Field of View: Select a camera with a wide field of view, preferably at least 130 degrees, to cover larger areas with fewer cameras and eliminate blind spots.
  • Camera Frame Rate: Aim for a camera with a high frame rate, around 30 frames per second, to ensure smooth video playback, crucial for capturing fast-moving events clearly.

For further information on how we tested and what other factors are necessary, check out our in-depth “Purchase Guide”. Additionally, you can also find the reviews catered by our experts to help choose the best model based on your requirements.

Best Home Security Systems Without Subscription Reviews

Home Security System Without SubscriptionAwardCamera ResolutionField of ViewCamera Frame RateBuy Now
eufy Home Security SystemLong Battery Life4K 1080p135° diagonal15fpsCheck On Amazon
DEKCO Home Security SystemIdeal for low-light conditions2304 x1296p350° horizantal 90° vertical-Check On Amazon
REOLINK Home Security SystemSmart integration2560 x1920Horizontal: 48° - 98° Vertical: 37° - 75°20fpsCheck On Amazon
Noorio Home Security SystemQuick Setup1080P140°-Check On Amazon
WUUK Home Security SystemHigh Capacity Battery1080P133°15fpsCheck On Amazon
AOSU Home Security SystemVersatile1080p166°10fpsCheck On Amazon
Lorex Home Security SystemRobust1080p135°30fpsCheck On Amazon

Best Home Security Systems Without Subscription List

1. eufy Home Security System

eufy Home Security System

Eufy Security is a leader in providing efficient and easy-to-use home security solutions. If you are looking for a reliable home security system with no monthly fees, then this is the best option. 

The eufyCam 2C features two-way audio, allowing direct communication with visitors or intruders. Its robust 180-day battery life reduces the frequency of recharges, and it integrates seamlessly with Amazon Alexa for smart home connectivity.

The camera is built to withstand various weather conditions with an IP67 weatherproof rating and operates efficiently across a wide range of temperatures.

Additional features include human detection to minimize false alerts, smart image enhancement for better focus on human subjects, a built-in spotlight for clearer night vision, and customizable smart detection zones. The system uses AES-128 encryption for secure data storage and transmission.

Key Features

  • This security camera has a camera resolution of HD 1080p for sharp, clear images.
  • Field of View 135° diagonal, offering a wide coverage area.
  • Its camera frame rate is optimized for smooth video, though specific fps is not mentioned.
  • It comes with 16GB eMMC storage, providing up to 3 months of storage.
  • This security camera has enhanced night vision for clear images in low light.


  • High-resolution imaging for clear visuals.
  • Wide field of view reducing the number of cameras needed.
  • Long battery life for less frequent charging.
  • Advanced night vision capabilities.
  • Two-way audio and smart home integration.
  • Local storage with secure encryption.


  • Frame rate details are not specified.
  • Limited to 16GB storage capacity.
  • Warranty information is not immediately clear.

Buy Now From Amazon

2. DEKCO Home Security System

DEKCO Home Security System

DEKCO is recognized for its innovative and reliable security camera solutions, focusing on advanced technology and user-friendly features.

The DEKCO 2Packs 2K Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Cameras come equipped with two-way audio, allowing real-time conversation with visitors. They support 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity but not 5GHz and feature IP66 weatherproof certification for durability in various weather conditions. These cameras are designed for remote monitoring and easy integration with the free “DEKCO/CloudEdge” app.

Additional special features include smart motion tracking, customizable and timed sound and light alarms, smarter voice replies with a voice-changing function, and AI events analysis for better motion understanding. The camera sharing function allows up to five people to view online simultaneously.

Key Features

  • This camera has 3MP of resolution for high-quality, clear images.
  • It comes with a wide field of view with 350° horizontal and 90° vertical rotation.
  • The camera frame rate is not specified but optimized for smooth video playback.
  • It comes with a built-in SD card slot supporting up to 128GB (card not included).
  • This camera has full-color night vision with bright floodlights and zoom up to 4X.


  • High 3MP camera resolution for clear images.
  • Broad field of view with extensive rotation capabilities.
  • Enhanced full-color night vision with floodlights.
  • Supports large storage capacity with SD card slot.
  • Two-way audio and smart motion tracking features.
  • Weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use.


  • Camera frame rate is not clearly stated.
  • Does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi, only 2.4GHz.
  • SD card for storage is not included in the package.
  • Specifics about the warranty are not provided.

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3. REOLINK Home Security System

REOLINK Home Security System

REOLINK specializes in innovative home security solutions, offering high-quality cameras with features for enhanced home safety and monitoring.

The REOLINK Indoor Security Camera is equipped with two-way audio, allowing real-time communication with family or pets. Its storage capacity is large, supporting up to 256GB microSD cards, high-capacity NVRs, and FTP servers for flexible storage options.

It functions on dual-band Wi-Fi for a stable and fast connection and is compatible with smart home devices for voice command control. Special features include automatic person/pet tracking to monitor movements, an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi setup for easy installation, and remote viewing through the Reolink App/Client.

Additionally, the camera can be integrated with various third-party software like Synology, QNAP NAS, and Blue Iris, among others. It supports up to 12 simultaneous live view accesses and allows for the addition of up to 19 user accounts.

Key Features

  • Delivers 5MP Super HD resolution for clear, detailed images
  • Features a wide-angle lens for extensive area coverage
  • Optimized frame rate for smooth and clear video playback
  • Supports microSD cards up to 256GB for flexible storage
  • Provides clear night vision up to 40 feet with built-in IR LEDs


  • High 5MP resolution for clear, detailed images.
  • Wide field of view for extensive coverage.
  • Large storage capacity with flexible options.
  • Effective night vision capabilities.
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi for reliable connectivity.
  • Automatic person/pet tracking and two-way audio.


  • Camera frame rate is not clearly specified.
  • May require purchasing a microSD card for storage separately.
  • Specific warranty details are not immediately clear.

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4. Noorio Home Security System

Noorio Home Security System

Noorio specializes in user-friendly and accessible home security products, focusing on smart design for improved safety and ease of use.

The Noorio B200 Security Camera features two-way audio with a built-in speaker and mic, allowing easy communication with people near the camera. It boasts a significant storage capacity, storing footage locally without needing a subscription.

It is completely wire-free as this camera is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 180 days, ensuring continuous operation. Its magnetic mount makes installation and adjustment straightforward.

The device allows for remote access from anywhere via a smartphone, and users can customize motion detection zones to focus on specific areas. Additionally, the camera integrates seamlessly with smart home systems like Alexa for convenient control.

The Noorio B200 comes with a limited free cloud service, and customer support can be contacted for more information on cloud options and any other assistance.

Key Features

  • Delivers 1080p HD resolution for clear and detailed surveillance footage
  • Equipped with a wide field of view to cover larger areas effectively
  • Features an optimized frame rate for smooth video playback
  • Includes 8GB of local storage, capable of holding up to 3000 pieces of footage
  • Offers color night vision with a built-in spotlight for enhanced visibility


  • High-resolution 1080p HD camera for clear footage.
  • Wide field of view covers more area.
  • Long-lasting battery life with 180 days of operation.
  • Easy to install with a magnetic mount and completely wire-free design.
  • Local storage of up to 3000 video clips without subscription fees.


  • Does not support external storage methods.
  • Limited information on the camera’s frame rate.
  • Free cloud service is limited, and details are not fully specified.

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5. WUUK Home Security System

WUUK Home Security System

The WUUK Y0410 Cam Pro Kit epitomizes advanced security technology, offering a comprehensive solution for outdoor surveillance. This wireless camera system, developed by WUUK, known for its smart home security innovations, features a high-capacity 9600mAh battery that provides up to 180 days of operation on a single charge, and can be continuously powered with an optional solar panel.

The 2K resolution camera, boasting a 65% improvement over standard 1080p, ensures superior image clarity with a wide 133° field of view and 15x digital zoom. It includes motion and human detection, along with a built-in spotlight and color night vision for clear visibility in low light conditions.

The system is IP67 waterproof, making it robust in all weather conditions, and provides 32GB of local storage in the base station, eliminating monthly fees. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with smart home systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

With the capability to connect up to 8 cameras to a single base station, the WUUK Y0410 offers an extensive, reliable, and user-friendly security setup.

Key Features

  • Deliver 2K Resolution with enhanced image clarity.
  • 9600mAh Battery: Long-lasting, up to 180 days.
  • Built-in Spotlight & Night Vision for clear low-light visibility.
  • It comes with wide angle 133° view &15x zoom.
  • Works with Alexa, Google Home.
  • Local Storage come upto 32GB, no fees.
  • It comes with IP67 Weather-resistant capability.
  • Motion/Human Detection is the advanced security features in it.


  • Superior resolution for detailed footage.
  • No subscription needed.
  • Battery or solar panel options.
  • Fits into smart home setups.
  • Simple to install and operate.
  • Suitable for various weather.


  • 32GB may not suffice for extensive recording.
  • Additional Cost for Solar Panel.

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6. AOSU Home Security System

AOSU Home Security System

AOSU stands at the forefront of innovation in the smart home security industry. Globally recognized, they specialize in advanced camera solutions that redefine home surveillance.

The AOSU Security Cameras come with two-way audio, enabling real-time communication with visitors. They have a substantial battery life, offering 240 days of security on a single charge.

These cameras support both 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi for flexible connectivity options and are designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliable outdoor use. The system integrates seamlessly with smart home devices like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Additional features include smart motion detection with instant notifications, free local storage with advanced encryption, and the ability to view up to four cameras simultaneously on a single screen. All data is encrypted and stored locally, ensuring privacy and security without any monthly fees.

Key Features

  • Offers True 2K HD resolution for superior clarity and detail in video recordings
  • Features a 166° ultra-wide view to cover a broad area without blind spots
  • The camera frame rate ensures smooth video playback for clear monitoring
  • Equipped with 32GB of built-in memory for ample video storage
  • Advanced night vision capabilities allow clear visibility in low-light conditions up to 33 feet


  • High-resolution 2K video for clear imagery.
  • Wide field of view reduces the need for multiple cameras.
  • Long battery life minimizes frequent charging.
  • Built-in storage and advanced encryption for data security.
  • Weather-resistant design suitable for various environments.


  • Limited built-in storage capacity might be insufficient for extensive recording.
  • Frame rate details are not specified.
  • Specific warranty details are not clearly provided.

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7. Lorex Home Security System

Lorex Home Security System

Lorex is a renowned brand in the home security industry, known for its high-quality and innovative surveillance solutions. They offer advanced security cameras designed to meet the needs of modern homes.

The Lorex Pan & Tilt Indoor Security Camera comes with two-way audio, allowing for communication through the Lorex Home app. It has a significant storage capacity, with the option to upgrade if more space is needed.

The camera is compatible with smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for easy voice control. It also offers remote viewing through the Lorex Home app on iOS and Android devices, ensuring you stay connected wherever you are.

Additional features include person detection to minimize false alerts, pan-tilt capabilities for a wider range of viewing, and a privacy setting to give the camera a rest when needed. All footage is securely stored on the local microSD card, eliminating the need for monthly fees.

Key Features

  • Features 1080p resolution for clear, high-quality video footage
  • Provides a wide 135° field of view for comprehensive area coverage
  • Camera frame rate ensures smooth video playback (specific rate not mentioned)
  • Includes 16GB microSD card for local storage, expandable up to 256GB
  • Offers night vision with infrared LEDs for low light conditions


  • High resolution video for clear viewing.
  • Wide field of view with pan-tilt functionality.
  • Local storage included with no monthly fees.
  • Smart home compatibility for convenient control.
  • Two-way audio and remote viewing capabilities.


  • Frame rate details are not specified.
  • Initial storage capacity may be limited for heavy usage.
  • Night vision range is not explicitly mentioned.

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How to Choose the Best Home Security System without Subscription?

Choosing a home security system without subscription involves delving into several key factors to ensure you make an informed decision. Here is a detailed look at each factor:

1. Camera Resolution

Camera resolution is a pivotal aspect of a security camera’s capability, as it directly influences the clarity and detail of the images captured. Higher resolution means more pixels, which translates to clearer images.

This clarity is particularly important for identifying specific details like facial features or license plate numbers, which can be crucial in security situations. Most modern security cameras offer 1080p resolution, which is adequate for general surveillance needs.

However, for areas where finer detail is necessary, 4K resolution cameras are a better choice. They provide significantly higher detail, allowing for better zooming capabilities without losing image clarity.

When selecting a camera, consider the environment it will monitor and the level of detail required for effective surveillance.

2. Field of View

The Field of View (FoV) of a security camera defines the extent of the observable world that the camera can see at any given moment. It is an important feature because it determines how much area your camera can cover.

Cameras with a wider FoV can capture more of the surroundings, potentially reducing the number of cameras needed to monitor a given area. For example, a camera with a 130-degree FoV can cover a substantial area, making it ideal for larger spaces like backyards or open-plan interiors.

When choosing a camera, consider the layout of the area you want to monitor. A wider FoV is generally more beneficial in open areas, while a narrower FoV might be sufficient for smaller, more confined spaces.

3. Camera Frame Rate

The frame rate of a camera, measured in frames per second (fps), is crucial in determining the smoothness of the video footage. A higher frame rate produces smoother video, making it easier to view and analyze.

For security cameras, a frame rate of around 30fps is often recommended. This rate is particularly important when capturing fast-moving objects or individuals, as it reduces motion blur and provides clearer playback. This clarity can be vital during incidents where quick movements occur, such as during break-ins or other security breaches.

It is important to balance frame rate with storage requirements, as higher frame rates can lead to larger video files. However, for areas where detailed observation is necessary, a higher frame rate can be invaluable.

4. Night Vision Range

Most modern cameras come with with infrared (IR) LEDs to provide night vision which emits light that is not visible to the naked eye. However, they can be captured by the camera, allowing it to see in the dark.

When choosing a camera, it’s important to consider the range of its night vision capabilities. This range determines how far the camera can see effectively in complete darkness.

A longer night vision range means the camera can monitor a larger area at night, making it ideal for outdoor or large indoor spaces. Look for cameras with clear and crisp night vision quality, and consider the layout of the area to be monitored when deciding on the range needed.

5. Audio

Audio capabilities in security cameras add an extra layer of functionality. Cameras with built-in microphones and speakers enable two-way audio communication. This feature is helpful for various purposes. For instance, it allows homeowners to communicate with visitors at the door without opening it, adding a layer of safety.

It can also be used to deter potential intruders by allowing you to speak to them through the camera, potentially scaring them away. When considering audio features, ensure the audio quality is clear enough for understandable communication.

Also, consider the environment where the camera will be used, as noisy outdoor environments may require better quality microphones.

6. Storage Capacity

For home security systems without subscriptions, the local storage capacity of cameras is a key consideration. Look for cameras that offer generous built-in storage or have slots for memory cards with high capacity. This ensures that your camera can store several days’ worth of footage without needing to overwrite old files too quickly.

Additionally, some cameras offer cloud storage options without a subscription, providing a backup in case the camera is damaged or stolen. When evaluating storage capacity, consider the frequency and length of recordings, as more frequent or longer recordings will require more storage.

7. Power Source

When choosing a security camera, the power source is a critical factor.

  • Wired cameras are generally more reliable as they do not rely on batteries, ensuring continuous operation without the need for frequent battery replacements. They are, however, less flexible in terms of placement and often require professional installation.
  • On the other hand, wireless cameras offer greater flexibility and ease of installation, as they can be placed almost anywhere within range of your wireless network. However, they may require regular battery changes or recharging, depending on the model.

Your choice should depend on your installation preferences and the feasibility of running power cables in your desired camera locations.

8. Connectivity

Connectivity is crucial for the efficient operation of a security camera. Most modern security cameras connect to your home network via Wi-Fi. It is important to ensure that the camera is compatible with your home network’s frequency band, typically 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

The 5GHz band is faster but has a shorter range, while 2.4GHz offers wider coverage but may be slower. Additionally, the camera should be capable of maintaining a stable and strong connection to ensure uninterrupted surveillance and access to the camera feed from your smartphone or other devices.

9. Operating & Storage Temperature

For security cameras, especially those placed outdoors, the operating and storage temperature range is an important consideration. The camera should be capable of functioning effectively in the local climate conditions, whether it’s extreme cold, heat, or humidity.

Checking the operating and storage temperature specifications ensures that the camera will remain durable and operational in your specific environmental conditions. This is particularly crucial for cameras exposed to harsh weather, as extreme temperatures can impact performance and longevity.

10. Smart Integration

Smart integration enhances the functionality and convenience of your security system. Look for cameras that can seamlessly integrate with your existing smart home ecosystem, such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple HomeKit.

Integration allows for easier control and automation of the security system, enabling features like voice commands, automated alerts, and interaction with other smart home devices. This compatibility can greatly improve the user experience and make managing your home security more intuitive and efficient.

11. Warranty

A robust warranty is essential for any significant investment like a home security system. It provides peace of mind and protection against defects or malfunctions. A longer warranty period generally indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s quality and durability. Additionally, understanding the warranty terms, including what is covered and the process for claiming it, is important in case any issues arise with the camera after purchase.

Home Security Systems Without Subscription – FAQs

1. Is it possible to get notifications from my home security system with no subscription?

Ans: Yes, numerous cameras provide motion-triggered notifications without a subscription. Be aware, though, that more complex features like identifying individuals might be subscription-based in some models.

2. Is a paid subscription mandatory for using wireless security cameras?

Ans: While certain wireless security cameras do require a subscription for full feature access, adding to the initial cost, the models we have selected are fully functional without additional fees. Typically, subscriptions are needed for accessing cloud storage and advanced AI features.

3. Can I install a security camera system without an Internet connection?

Ans: Opting for cellular data is a possible but often expensive alternative. Generally, home security cameras are designed to connect to your Wi-Fi network for app connectivity. Our ‘Defend’ model is an exception, operating without any Internet or data connection requirement.

4. What features might I lose access to if I do not subscribe?

Ans: This can vary across different brands, but without a subscription, you might lose advanced AI features, certain types of notifications, integration with other smart home devices, emergency response functions, and more. One major limitation is often the lack of video storage, which is vital for legal purposes and overall utility, as it prevents being restricted to only live viewing.

5. How do I store video footage if I do not have a subscription?

Ans: Systems that do not require a subscription often provide local storage options like SD cards or external hard drives to store your video footage.


In today’s digital age, securing your home does not have to come with ongoing costs. The “Best Home Security System Without Subscription” offers peace of mind and reliability without the burden of monthly fees.

The quest for the best home security system without a subscription boils down to finding a balance between functionality, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.

This comprehensive guide delves into the top systems that provide robust security solutions with a one-time purchase.

Our Top Recommendations for the Best Home Security System without Subscription are

  • With its impressive 180-day battery life, the eufy Home Security System stands out for users who want a low-maintenance, reliable security solution.
  • DEKCO Home Security System powerful night vision capabilities, including color night vision, make it ideal for clear monitoring in low-light conditions.
  • With its compatibility with various smart home systems and easy setup, REOLINK Home Security System is a top choice for those looking to integrate security into their smart home ecosystem.

Hoping that this article has provided enough guidance and solution to choose the best home security system with no fees monthly. Which product have you chosen? Share your queries and feedback below in the comment section.

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