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How To Split Screen On Chromebook

Chromebooks may not be as powerful as conventional notebooks in terms of hardware, but it has multiple features that make it a great and reliable workstation. The integration of Google PlayStore and Linux support allows Chromebooks to perform a wide variety of functions.

Sometimes we want to view two different windows at the same time.

But, all of us do not have the luxury of a multi-monitor setup. You can still do the same on a single screen if you happen to have a Chromebook. Chromebook’s split-screen ability allows two windows to show up adjacent to each other. It is a very efficient way to work and increase productivity.

Methods For How To Split Screen On Chromebook

Split-screen can be achieved very easily on Chromebooks. You will not need any extensions to do this. Just follow the methods given below:

1: Overview Screen

If you look at the F5 position on the keyboard, you should notice a key with two rectangles and lines to its right. This is the Show Windows key. When this button is pressed, it will activate the Chrome Overview Mode. Set up a multi-window screen by moving the apps out of the overview screen to it. Follow the steps given below:

  • Launch all the applications that you need in your split-screen configuration.
  • The Show Windows button will open the overview screen.
  • When you drag an application in the overview screen, you get an option called “Drag here to use split-screen.”
  • Drag one application to either the left or right side of the split-screen.
  • Drag another application to the unoccupied side.

2: Drag & Drop

A simple Drag & Drop operation can also be used to set up a split-screen. Follow the steps described below:

  • Drag a tab from the title bar to either edge of the screen. An outline should show you the area where the window will be displayed. Release the mouse button to fix it there.
  • Open the other tab which you want to view simultaneously. In the same way as before, drag it to the unoccupied side and release the mouse button.

3: Keyboard Shortcut

Chrome provides handy shortcuts to accomplish many tasks. This makes it user-friendly and efficiency-oriented. Split-screen can be achieved using the following keyboard shortcut:

  • Click on the window you want to include in the split-screen mode.
  • Press down the Alt button and the “[” button to dock a window to the left of the split-screen. Press Alt and “]” to dock a window on the right.

Keyboard Shortcut

4: Use Restore/ Maximize Button

You can also manage split screens by using the maximize button. Follow the steps given below:

  • Hold down the maximize button with your left mouse button. You should see arrow icons appear.


  • Using the arrow icons, you can shift the window to either side of the split-screen. Repeat this process with the other window for a dual-screen setup.

dual-screen setup1

Tips for using Chromebook Split Screen

When you know the activation process of split-screen mode in Chromecast, you will need to know how to manage it. Here are a few tips that will help you do this:

  • Split Screen Mode Resize App Windows

Using split-screen mode does not mean that both windows have to have an equal size. You can adjust what dimensions of the screen each window takes up. Follow the steps listed below to resize apps in split-screen mode:

  1. Take the mouse pointer to the junction between the two app windows. If you stay there long enough, you will see a small, double arrow-headed icon.

Split Screen Mode Resize App Windows (1)

  1. Move it either way to adjust the window width. Needless to say that making one window wider will make the other narrower.
  2. You can also drag the circular icon at the junction to resize the windows.

Resize App Windows in Split Screen Mode

  • How to Exit Chromebook Split Screen Mode

Both minimizing and maximizing a window will stop the split-screen mode. If you maximize a window, then the other window will move into the background. If you minimize a window, then it will move to the background.

  • App Won’t Go into Split Screen?

Some apps do not support the split-screen mode. You can easily identify such apps by looking at the maximize or restore button on the title bar. .

App Won’t Go into Split Screen

If it is deactivated, then the app most probably does not support split-screen. Netflix is one of the most well-known apps that does not support split-screen.

app does not support split screen


Split-screen is a great way to work, unlike minimizing and switching between windows every time you want to look at something else. This could be a great problem during meetings when you must look at the ongoing video stream while reading information from a document.

In such cases, a split-screen provides an easy solution. Chromebook also allows the use of a split screen in tablet mode. However, in this case, you must use your fingers to set it up.

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