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How to Turn Off Caps Lock on Chromebook?

Nowadays, Chromebooks have become one of the most popular devices for how simple and efficient they cater to users from varied work fields. However, there is one common challenge its users come into contact with that is inadvertent activation of the Caps Lock key. This thing further leads to capitalized text unintentionally.
Today, in this guide, we will explore ways to turn off Caps Lock on a Chromebook successfully with a few steps.

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How To Turn Off the Caps Lock On Chromebook?

Do you wish to transform your typing experience on the Chromebook by turning off your Caps Lock effortlessly? Well, here we have a stepwise guide on how you can bid farewell to those unintentional and frustrating ALL-CAPS getting typed on their own.
On your Chromebook, this guide will help you embrace an efficient or more streamlined manner of typing, free from any of those Caps Lock mishap limitations. But first, you must know why Chromebooks don’t have a Caps lock key in the first place.

Why Don’t Chromebooks Have a Caps Lock Key?

Chromebooks don’t come with a dedicated Caps Lock key, and this is because Google highly prioritizes simplicity and speed. The Launcher/Search key is the Caps Lock replacement, which encourages app launching and quick searching. By doing this, you get to save a lot of space on the keyboard.
Moreover, the keyboard of the device will be aligned with modern trends in terms of typing with the use of the Shift key i.e. for capitalization. Moreover, if still required, there are key settings and combinations which you can put to use for enabling the Caps Lock.

How to Turn Caps Lock Off With a Keyboard Shortcut?

“Everything” key + “Alt” key

Step 1: Identifying the Keys

  • On the keyboard of your Chromebook, find the “Everything” key. You will find it, in general, portrayed by an icon of magnifying glass. Also, you may see a circle around this magnifying glass icon.
  • Look for the “Alt” key, which you can see right next to the spacebar.

Step 2: Pressing the Keyboard Shortcut

● In any text input field or application, look forward to pressing and holding the “Everything” key (the one containing the magnifying glass) using one finger.
● Now, look for pressing and holding the “Alt” key as well, at the exact same time, with the use of another finger.

Step 3: Releasing the Keys

● Once you have pressed both the suggested keys simultaneously, it’s time to release them both.

Step 4: Verifying if the Caps Lock Key is Turned Off

● Look forward to typing any text using the keyboard. You, at this moment, would be able to go forward with typing             anything in lowercase. This will simply indicate that Caps Lock has been turned off.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Turning Off Caps Lock on Your Chromebook

Step 1: Open the Settings Menu

Go for clicking on the time (i.e. clock), which is present in the right corner at the bottom of the screen of the Chromebook. This will help in opening the “quick settings” menu.

Step 2: Access Keyboard Settings

Once on the “quick settings” menu, go clicking on the “Settings” icon i.e. gear-shaped icon. You will be taken to the Chromebook’s settings page.

Step 3: Navigate to Keyboard Settings

Once on the “Settings” page, opt for scrolling down and then clicking, “Keyboard.” It will help in bringing up the “keyboard settings” options.

Step 4: Disable Caps Lock

Beneath the “Keyboard settings”, you will be able to see the option i.e. “Caps Lock”. You will notice varied choices such as Caps Lock, Disabled, Show Caps Lock status on the shelf.
For turning the Caps Lock off, go with the selection of the “Disabled” option using your Chromebook.

Benefits of Turning Off Caps Lock on Chromebook

When you turn the Caps Lock key off, on a Chromebook, it tends to provide you with varied benefits such as:
1. Prevention of Accidental Activation: Caps Lock tends to get easily activated, even by your mistake. Now, this leads to writing the text, unintentionally, in uppercase. When you turn this key off, it helps you to avoid the occurrence of this thing and being annoyed.
2. Avoiding Incorrect Formatting: With the Caps Lock off, you won’t start typing the text in uppercase, which tends to disrupt your text’s intended formatting further.
3. Improved Speed to Type: Caps Lock key tends to slow your typing speed down. This is because it requires the addition of a keypress to disable or enable. If you disable it, you can maintain better and more consistent flow while typing.
4. Enhance Productivity: When the Caps Lock is disabled, you won’t require toggling it back and forth, especially while using keyboard shortcuts or typing passwords. Now, this thing can help you by saving time and streamlining your workflow.
5. Reduced Frustration: If you deactivate the Caps Lock key, it will help in the prevention of frustration, which is caused by typing, mistakenly in uppercase. You won’t have to retype your text in the proper case.
6. Increase Accuracy: When you end up eliminating the Caps Lock key, you are basically reducing the likelihood of any sort of occurrence of errors because of the accidental use of uppercase letters.
7. Customized Key Remapping: When you have disabled Caps Lock, you may opt for remapping the key to be used for a different function. It could be put to use for better or specific needs.
8. Encouragement of Typing Habits: Without turning the Caps Lock on, you will mindfully use the Shift key to capitalize any individual letters. This will help in the promotion of better and proper typing habits.
9. Elimination of Keyboard Clutter: With the removal of the Caps Lock or the infrequently used key, you can ensure that the keyboard layout is both simpler and cleaner.
10. Consistent Experience: If you have been putting varied devices to use, (which could be a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet) and on each of these you have your Caps Lock disabled, you will not require adjusting to varied keyboard behaviors.

Steps to Enable a Caps Lock Key in Chromebook

On your Chromebook, to either disable or enable Caps Lock, you can opt to follow the listed steps:
1. On the Chromebook, open up the “Settings” menu. Now, how do you do this? Well, you can click on the clock in the right side corner at the bottom of the screen. Now, go for the “Settings” icon that is gear-shaped.
2. Now, from the Settings menu, opt for scrolling down and clicking ” Device ” in the left sidebar.
3. Look forward to finding the “Keyboard”. If you are not able to locate it right away, you might have to click “Advanced” which is needed to reveal extra options.
4. Inside the Keyboard settings, you may locate an option i.e. “Caps Lock.” It’s, by default and in general, set for functioning as a standard Caps Lock key.
5. For disabling the Caps Lock key: For turning the Caps Lock key off so the key isn’t functioning as Caps Lock, next to “Caps Lock”, look forward to clicking on the drop-down menu, and go for the selection of option, “Disabled.”
6. For enabling the Caps Lock key: For turning the Caps Lock key on, next to “Caps Lock”, look forward to clicking on the drop-down menu, and go for the selection of “enabled.
7. Once you are done selecting, the Settings tab needs to be closed. The changes you have made will take effect right away.


Overall, this is how you can turn off caps lock on your Chromebook. While particular steps may differ due to different versions, the process is typically simple and allows you to customise your keyboard choices to improve typing experience

Caps Lock on Chromebook – FAQs

1. How would you know if your Chromebook comprises a Caps Lock key?

Ans: When we consider the majority of Chromebooks, instead of a Caps Lock key, they comprise a Search key. To run a verification of the same, you can either check varied keyboard shortcuts or look at the layout of the keyboard.

2. Can you use varied keyboard shortcuts to turn off the caps lock?

Ans: Yes, you can use different keyboard shortcuts to turn off the caps lock, like Ctrl+Shift+Alt or Ctrl+Shift+Search. It highly depends on the Chrome OS version that you have been running on a device.

3. Can you modify the Chromebook’s search button to caps lock?

Ans: To do this, on the taskbar’s lower right-side corner, first click Notification and then go forward with Settings.
● After the above step, go for the Device on the right from the list.
● Opt for the Caps Lock option below the Keyboard section i.e. next to Search.

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