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How to Connect AirPods to Chromebook?

It is no secret that Apple Airpods works best with Apple Computers and Laptops. The pairing is fast and super smooth. However, that does not mean the Airpods are not compatible with other devices like Chromebooks. The Airpod can be connected to the Chromebook via Bluetooth. Fortunately, it is quite easy, and in this guide, we will be detailing the steps involved in connecting an Airpod to a Chromebook. Read on to find out more.

Connecting AirPods to Chromebook

  • Tap on the Network icon from the bottom right corner of the Chromebook. This will display options for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Ensure that Bluetooth is activated. To turn on Bluetooth, tap on the arrow beneath the Bluetooth option.
  • When Bluetooth is switched on, Chromebook will start searching for other devices to pair to.
  • If the Airpod is not detected, tap the button on the Airpod case. Soon it will be detected by the Chromebook.
  • The Airpod option will pop up with a headphone icon. Click on it and wait until the pop-up says Paired Devices. Adjusting the volume on Chromebook will help to change the volume on the Airpod.
  • A confirmation message will be displayed saying that the devices are paired and are available for use.

Problems while connecting Airpod to Chromebook

1. Airpod not connecting to Chromebook

The first step is to ensure that Bluetooth is disabled on your other devices like iPhone, iPad, or Macbook. The Airpod might be trying to establish a connection with these devices while you are attempting to pair with the Chromebook. Additionally, you can also enable Bluetooth on another device and see if it is getting detected. If not, the problem might lie with the Chromebook. Finally, we would recommend resetting the Airpod. You can do so by placing the Airpod in the case and pressing the pair button for about 15 seconds.

2. Connection Established but Audio skips

If you can establish a connection with the Airpods with Audio problems, then you can try enabling Newblue, which can be enabled from one of Chrome OS’s flags. To do so, head to chrome://flags/#newblue and choose the enable option. Finally, restart Chromebook and wait for the flag to be active. This could help in resolving audio issues.

3. Out of sync Audio

If the Airpod can be connected to the Chromebook, but the audio in either ear is out of sync, then you can try covering both the earbuds to lose the connection. Now, after uncovering the earbuds, the Airpod will get repaired and might get in sync again. Another alternative is to place the AirPods in the case for a few seconds. This will also disconnect and reconnect the AirPods and possibly fix the out-of-sync audio.

4. Airpod and Chromebook not working together

This is a very rare situation, but there have been a few reports. In this case, the best alternative would be to invest in a new pair of wireless earbuds or wired headphones.

Final Words

We hope this guide would have helped you in connecting a Chromebook to an Airpod. Most of the connection problems can easily be resolved. If you are still unable to do so, the best bet would be to get an alternative earbud. For any queries regarding the content, do write to us.

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