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How To See Facebook Password?

When we talk about social media, Facebook emerges as the most popular platform. You might remember making a Facebook account in its initial days with just a phone number or email ID. While creating a Facebook account is now more secure, the password remains the most crucial element to ensure its security. It is normal to forget the password due to “remember password” settings and you might need the password to sign up on different devices.

Fortunately, you can view your Facebook password from your account or the password manager of a browser. Your device also saves passwords for several applications, including Facebook. To view the Facebook password, the process changes from device to device. This article will help you get to see the Facebook password on various platforms and devices. Also, make sure to go through the FAQs section to get answers to some queries.

How to See Facebook Password – Video Tutorial 

How to See Facebook Password

In this section, we will discuss steps for viewing Facebook passwords for various systems. This way, we will ensure your Facebook past does not get lost. The steps are separated depending on the device or platform below:

1. Android Device

If you are using an Android device, you can view your Facebook password in multiple ways. You can do this even without using the Facebook application. If Google’s password manager is ON, your password is saved in it. You can follow these instructions to get access to the stored password:

With Device Settings:

  • You have to first access the settings menu of your device. Search for the settings icon on the application browser or Quick Action Menu and tap it.
  • In the settings menu, scroll to locate Google option and tap it.
  • From the list of various accounts, select the account you associate with Facebook.
  • After tapping the Google account, select the “manage your Google account” option.

manage your Google account

  • This will open a page of several settings related to your Google account. Visit the Security section on this page.
  • Scroll and locate the Password Manager in this section.

Password Manager

  • If it is active, it will display associated services including Facebook. Click on the Facebook option and enter the device PIN or use the fingerprint.
  • Besides the Facebook account, tap on the unhide icon and it will reveal your Facebook password.

With Gmail App:

  • Visit the Gmail app on your device by clicking the Gmail icon from the app drawer.
  • On the topmost right section, tap on your profile picture. This will open a drop-down menu with several options.
  • Tap on the “manage your Google account” option.
  • Scroll and tap on the Security tab to access the Password Manager.

Password Manager.

  • After clicking on the Password Manager option, locate your Facebook account.
  • Tap on the unhide icon beside this account. The system will ask for a pin or fingerprint as a safety measure. Enter the device pin or use your fingerprint to confirm the selection. Your password will be displayed on the screen.

With Mobile Browser:

If you are unable to scroll device settings or the Gmail app, a web browser will help you view the Facebook password. The steps to reveal your Facebook password are almost similar for any type of web browser. We are providing the steps for the Chrome browser below:

  • Launch the Chrome browser from the app drawer.
  • Access the Settings menu by tapping on the three vertical dots. You will find them at the topmost right section of the browser.
  • Under the “Basics” section, tap on the Password Manager option.

Basics section

  • In the search bar of the Password manager, search “Facebook” and tap on the Facebook icon.
  • The browser will ask for authentication via PIN or fingerprint. Enter the pin or use your fingerprint to access this section.
  • Scroll and locate your Facebook account by matching your phone number or email ID.
  • Under the phone number or email ID, you will see the hidden password.
  • Tap the unhide icon next to the hidden password. This will instantly display the password.

2. iOS Device

Viewing the Facebook password on your iOS device is not different. Apple has tuned the latest iOS versions to offer secure storage of passwords.

  • Tap on the Settings icon from the home screen or App Library.
  • Scroll and locate the Passwords option.
  • Upon tapping the Passwords option, iOS will ask for Face ID or Touch ID. enter the required credentials to access the password section.
  • From the list of stored passwords, locate the Facebook password.
  • After tapping on the option, your device will display the Facebook password.

3. Desktop Or Laptop

Viewing the Facebook password is easy if you have a desktop or laptop. These systems store the passwords in web browsers and ask you every time for the same.

  • Launch any web browser on your system.
  • Access the settings menu of the web browser.

settings menu

  • Depending on the browser, you will have to locate the password section or use the search bar for the same.
  • Search and click on the “Google Password Manager”.

Google Password Manager

  • You will need to enter your device password before revealing the password section.
  • By scrolling through the list, locate Facebook and tap on it.
  • The password will be revealed by clicking on the unhide icon next to your phone number or mail ID.

unhide icon

You can follow the above-mentioned steps only if you have saved it from the Google Password Manager’s prompt. If you are unable to locate the password or have chosen the “don’t save” option for passwords, you will need to reset it.

  • Visit the Facebook website or launch the Facebook app.
  • In the Settings section, access the Accounts Centre.


  • In the Accounts Settings, tap on the “Password and Security” option.

Password and Security

  • Tap on “Change password” and select Forgot Password option.

Change password

  • A security code will be sent to your connected mail ID or phone number.
  • Follow the steps and update your account with a new password.


Third-Party Apps To View Facebook Password

If you are unable to view the Facebook password with the above-mentioned methods, a third-party app might assist you. By third-party app, we mean a good password management tool. These tools help in managing the passwords and even help in retrieving them. Users who have to store a long list of passwords or those who forget them easily can get help from these tools.

1. EaseUS Key Finder

If you have a Windows-operated system, the EaseUS Key Finder tool will be an ideal option. You can download the tool from the official website. After installing and doing the initial setup of this tool, follow these steps to reveal your Facebook password:

  • Launch the EaseUS Key Finder software.
  • On the right side, select the “Internet & Network” option under the Password section.
  • The tool will search all the stored passwords on the browser present on your system.
  • You can then scroll through these browsers and check for your login credentials (you can locate the Facebook website here, to narrow down the research).
  • The password will be right next to your email ID or phone number.
  • Copy the password and paste it into the password section of the Facebook login.

2. Dashlane

Dashlane is available on almost every operating system, making it suitable for a wide range of systems. You can use it to manage passwords securely. You can view the saved Facebook password only if it was made through Dashlane. Install the tool via the website or app store from your device and run the initial setup.

  • Open the Dashlane tool, app, or extension.
  • Tap on the Dashlane tool’s “D” icon to open the toolbar.
  • The system will ask for the master password associated with the app. Enter the master password and all options will be visible on the toolbar.
  • Visit the Password Generator section.
  • In this section, all the generated passwords will be stored.
  • Scroll and locate Facebook (the hidden password shows the associated website below which can be used to locate Facebook).
  • Tap on the unhide icon to reveal your Facebook password. You can also tap on the “Copy” icon to copy and paste it directly on the Facebook login page.

Again, be advised that this process will work only if you have generated a Facebook password through the Dashlane tool.

If you have saved your Facebook password to Dashlane, you cannot view it. The password is encrypted by Dashlne to ensure maximum security against cyber attacks. Dashlane only allows auto-filling of the password on Facebook. We however have a legal bypass to view your Facebook password, given below:

  • You have to visit the Facebook login page.
  • Enter your email ID or phone number in the login section.
  • Dashlane will detect this information and automatically fill in the password section.
  • You can tap on the “Show Password” option to view the entered password.
  • The password will not be encrypted and hence you get to view it legally.

Facebook Password – FAQs

1. Is the Facebook Password the same as the Google Password?

Ans: Passwords in both Facebook’s and Google’s case serve the same purpose of security. However, you don’t need to keep the same password for both accounts. Keeping the same password will not interfere in the login process but it will make your accounts vulnerable to hacking. Since both accounts share the same password, hacking any one account will make it easy to hack another account.

2. How to change the Facebook password?

Ans: To change your Facebook password, you have to log into your Facebook account. Visit the Accounts Centre from the settings menu. Select the “Password and security” option and click on the Change Password option. You must be aware of the current password to replace it with a new one. Enter the old and new password and click on the Change Password option.

3. How to reset the Facebook password?

Ans: To reset the Facebook password, you have to visit the Facebook login page. On this page, click on the “Forgot Password” option. It will ask for your login ID (associated email or phone number). After searching for the ID, Facebook will send a security code to the registered mail or phone number. Enter this code on the login page and reset the password.

4. How to save the password on the Facebook app?

Ans: You can save a Facebook password on the app by two methods. During a fresh login, Facebook will ask you to save the login details or not. Select “save” to store the login ID and password in the app. If you forgot to do this, access the settings menu. In the search bar, search for “Saved Logins” and click on the result with a similar name. Click on the “save your login information” option.

5. How to view a Facebook password?

Ans: You can view your Facebook password by checking the password manager of a web browser. The autofill option of Facebook also enters your password which can be revealed by clicking the “show password” option. Your device also stores Facebook passwords in the built-in password manager or Google password manager. However, all these options work only if you have allowed them to save the password.


A password is the most crucial factor for social media accounts like Facebook. Losing it might restrict access for the users on Facebook. In this age of login credentials, it is normal to forget a password. Thankfully, your devices and Google account offer various methods to view the Facebook password. This article explores these methods in a detailed way. It also offers a detailed view of third-party tools along with FAQs to view Facebook passwords. Use this information to secure your Facebook account and prevent its password from getting lost.

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