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How to Guide for Wall Mounting a PS5

You already have bought the coveted Play Station 5 after its release. You are still in awe of its features and latest hardware designs. But, this next-gen gaming console is different when it comes to orientation. You can either keep it vertically or lay it horizontally.

But, the device is expensive, and you probably do not have that much space left to store it beside your TV.

Well, there is an interesting option- to wall mount it. Given its shape and size, you may be skeptical about wall mounting the PS5. But, it is possible. If you can safely mount this console, it will be protected and will not be in a cramped space.

So, if you are open to options, here is a complete guide on how to mount PS5 to the wall.

Is it Possible to Wall Mount a PS5?

Yes, it is possible. But, to safely wall mount the console, you need to do things correctly. For this, you will require a particular wall anchor that can hold the PS5 on the wall with safety. For this, you must buy only specially designed heavy-duty mounting anchors or brackets. Such wall brackets are quite similar to the VESA brackets you used to hang the Tv on the wall, But the designs may differ in the case of PS5. You will find a wide range of wall mounts for PS5 in the market, and you can choose any of the available models per your preference.

But then comes a crucial point. You need to get the console fixed only by an expert. Because the task is complicated and if the PS5 is not mounted correctly, it may drop or get damaged.

Why Mount Your PS5 to the Wall

Wall mounting your PS5 offers you a list of benefits, including-

  • You Get Good Space

The best part of wall mounting a PS5 is the amount of space you get. Unfortunately, this model is larger than its predecessors and requires sufficient space if you put it on a table or TV cabinet shelf. So, if you have a cluttered TV cabinet with stereo systems and other things, adding a PS5 will clutter the space more. On top of that, storing a PS5 in a cramped space can cause more harm than intended.

But, if you mount the gaming console on the wall, it will get stored in a better place. This also offers you more entertainment space minus the hazard of organizing the peripherals of the gaming console.

  • Proper Air Circulation

Air circulation is essential for any electronic gadget, especially for a PlayStation 5. The machine will heat up when you are gaming. Air ventilation prevents overheating and also protects it from dust to some extent. However, if you place it at the knee level or on a small and clamped shelf, the machine will not get enough indoor air.

Hence, it is better to wall mount it in a higher place where it will get adequate airflow and be free from debris and dust.

  • The Mounts Keep the Gadget out of Reach for Children and Pets.

Kids and pets can often cause unintended damage to your favorite gaming console. After all, you would not love the scene when your child or pet knocks off the PS5 or does something unintended to cause some severe damage.

Wall mounting of the console keeps it out of the reach of the pets and children at a safe distance. That means there is no chance of accidental knocked-off machines, liquid spillage, etc., for your PS5.

  • Easy Cable Management

Cable management is a sensitive issue for every electronic gadget, and the PS5 is no exception. It will have multiple cords and cables. Often storing the console on a shelf means a cluttered mess of wires that collects dust and debris. You may also not find the desired cord and may end up searching for it through the clutter.

The best part of wall mounting a PS5 is that this offers you an effective solution for cable management. You get extra space to organize the cables, and it is also easier to find them at any time. You can also use cable ties or organizing clips for better storage.

  • Convenience

Last but not the least, convenience is a big plus point. If you mount the gaming console on the wall, you can avail extra space to store it. On top of that, it becomes easy to plug the machine. If you have a space crunch, wall mounting offers you enough flexibility. You can store it anywhere you feel convenient during a gaming session.

Installation Guide for Wall Mounting a PS5 with a Bracket

Mounting a PS5 on the wall is one of the best methods to keep the gadget safe and secured. But, you need to do things correctly without making any mistakes.

If possible, you can also ask for professional help to ensure the machine is mounted correctly.

To mount a PS5, you will need a wall mounting bracket(specially designed for the PS5) and thick screws that can hold the bracket and the console together. You will also require a tool kit, a drilling machine, and a leveling scale.

Here is the step-by-step guide to mounting a PS5 to the wall-

  • First, check the wall and ensure that it is dry, free of damp and mold, and is even for a better installation.
  • Next, mark the desired area where you want to mount the console. You can use leveling scale to find the perfect straight line,
  • Next, hold the anchor against the wall at the designated place and make a few marks in the space where you will drill holes. At this point, recheck the levels to prevent any mistakes.
  • After that, take the drilling gun and drill holes in the marked places. Ensure each hole is of the same size.
  • Now, twist the wall anchors in the
  • After that, match the wall bracket with the holes and insert the screws in the holes to fix the
  • Now, you have to slip the PS5 console.
  • Finally, secure the plug and attach the cables in the right place!

Top three PS5 Wall Mounts

Well, you will find different models of PS5 wall mounting brackets in the market. While most of these are of good quality, some wall mounts are better than the rest.

These are the top three PlayStation 5 wall mounts at this moment-

1. Total Mount Universal Mount

This is a universal wall mounting bracket that works for even a PS5. The total mount universal Wall bracket is made of premium quality ABS plastic and has durable straps to hold the gadgets securely.

The adjustable straps make it convenient for wall mounting any gadget, even a PS5 or TV. In addition, this bracket has an in-built level to ensure you mount the console in a straight line.

The front section has rubber panels that are large and non-slip. These prevent the PS5 from slipping off. It is available in 2 color options-Professional black and standard white.

But, the Total Mount Universal Mount can only store consoles up to 40 inches in diameter vertically.


  • A built-in level
  • Rubber damper to decrease unnecessary vibration
  • The Color combination and powder-coated finish


  • It is made of plastic
  • There is no top clip in this bracelet
  • The base is thicker and easily noticeable
  • The base may also block the bottom part of the PSU grill of the console

2. HIDEit PS5 Wall Mount Pro Bundle

The HIDEit PS5 Wall Mount Pro Bundle is a specially designed wall bracket for PS5 that can store the consoles and controller together.

This bracket is made with durable cold-rolled steel and has a versatile design that offers enough air circulation and security.

Its innovative design consisting of a metal spine with four support holes makes it safer and better. But unfortunately, the bundle also comes with one-inch screws that you need to fix the bracket.

But, the bundle only contains a mount for a single controller. Hence, if you have multiple controllers, you will have to purchase the controller mounts separately.


  • Secure bracket with bottom screw
  • Left or right side placement.
  • Durable material with powder coated finish
  • The bundle comes with a controller mount and screws


  • The price range is higher

3. Today Wall Mount Hanger

To-party Wall Mount Hanger is made with hard iron and is specially designed to accommodate the PS5. It is a horizontal bracket with a broader base bottom for better air circulation.

The bracket comes with screws, and you need a screwdriver to fix the bracket on the wall.

Another benefit of the Topaty Wall Mount Hanger is that your console is not directly mounted with this bracket. That means you can take out the console easily while cleaning.

But, it does not come with any controller bracket. Hence, you will have to purchase the controller brackets separately.


  • Made with hard iron
  • Wider base bottom for better air circulation
  • You can take off the PS5 without unmounting the bracket


  • Does not come with a controller mount
  • It May not be rust proof


Wall mounting a PS5 can be an excellent option for those who do not have enough space or want to keep the gadget in a safer place for children.

You can choose any wall mounts from our recommendation list per your preference and budget.

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