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6 Best Pull Down TV Mount Over Fireplace Reviews

Mounting a TV over a fireplace can be very tricky for a number of reasons. And the most important being heat from the fireplace and air circulation. Though it does free up your space and provide an aesthetic appeal to your room, it is can be quite a challenging task to find a proper mount that is safe and does the job with any issues.

However, there are solutions now. Pull down TV mounts can be used to mount the TV over the fireplace with ease. There require sturdy brackets that are easy to install to make mounting a seamless experience. Before we talk about the top few best pull-down TV mounts over the fireplace, we will have a brief look into the parameters which you need to consider while choosing one.

  • Range of motion: It is extremely crucial to consider the full range of motion of the TV mount as it provides you with the freedom to tilt your TV, swivel and adjust the angle. You certainly don’t want to look for the pull down TV mount that limits motion as it can cause backaches or neck strain. Most commonly, these pull down TV mounts have the freedom to adjust somewhere between 3 to 40 inches based on the TV mount you choose.
  • Cable Management: You definitely would not like to purchase the TV mount that will keep your wires hanging around. It will not only reduce the look of your room but also make them untidy. So, while looking for the best pull down TV mount over your fireplace, make sure to check their specifications and ensure that the system supports wires and keeps them clean.
  • Weight capacity: You need to ensure that the pull down TV mount has the capacity to bear the weight of your TV. In case you just choose a TV mount based on its looks and not check the weight that it can bear, it can lead to a terrible disaster. So, before you choose, make sure that you check the weight the pull down TV mount can carry. It is mostly around 20 to 150 LBS depending on the quality.

While these were the top three parameters that we considered when choosing the pull down TV mouse, there are several others which we will talk about later in the “Buying Guide”. So, if you wish to know the top few best pull down TV mounts over the fireplace, make sure that you keep reading the following.

Best Pull Down TV Mount Over Fireplace

Best Pull Down TV Mount Over FireplaceMounting TypeMovement TypeTV SizeMaximum Tilt AngleBuy Now
SANUS Pull Down TV Mount Wall MountTilt90 Inches---Check On Amazon
MantelMount Pull Down TV Mount Full Motion, Pull Down & Swivel, Above FireplaceSwivel80 Inches30 DegreesCheck On Amazon
VIVO Pull Down TV MountWall MountSwivel, Tilt, Articulating70 Inches15 Degrees, 10 DegreesCheck On Amazon
Mount-It! Pull Down TV MountSwivelArticulating47 Inches30 DegreesCheck On Amazon
StarTech Pull Down TV MountFull motion, Swivel, TiltSwivel, Tilt, Articulating75 Inches25 DegreesCheck On Amazon
MORryde Pull Down TV MountWall MountSwivel---50 DegreesCheck On Amazon

Best Pull Down TV Mount Over Fireplace Reviews

1. SANUS Pull Down TV Mount

SANUS Advanced Tilt

The SANUS VLT6 is the advanced tilt wall mount for the premium TV that includes exceptional design and groundbreaking performance. The brand is known for providing the ultimate user experience with some of the revolutionary tilting TV mounts. The VLT6 is one of their eye-catching TV mounts that provides better glare reductions.

It offers 5.7 inches of extension on the tilting mount. Such extension enables even the big TVs to acquire the maximum tilt range. Moreover, since the TV mount provides the extension of moving the TV to 5.7 inches from the wall, wires and cables can be easily and quickly assessed while switching to a future device. It has an open wall plate design that provides easy installation over the electrical outlets. So, it ensures an easy and clean installation. The availability of the centre studs makes it easy to shift side to side.

After a successful installation, making level and height adjustment ensure easy and quick tuning to gain the perfect level. It also comes with a padlock for additional security or safety. It has a universally compatible pattern that can easily adjust 46 inches to 90 inches of flat screen and can bear up to 150 LBS. Lastly, in three installation steps, you can mount this pull down TV mount over your fireplace and enjoy a great cinematic view.


  • Compatible with 46 to 90 inches of TV size.
  • It can bear a maximum weight of 150 LBS.
  • It has an open wall plate design.
  • Level adjustment after installation is pretty easy.
  • You can easily tilt the TV mount to 5.7 inches from the walls.
  • Wires and cable adjustments are simple.


  • It is a fantastic mount.
  • Ability to hold huge weight.
  • Mountain slots enable great adjustability.
  • The tilt feature is simply outstanding.


  • A little bit overpriced.

Buy Now From Amazon

2. MantelMount Pull Down TV Mount


The MantelMount MM340 is the pull down TV mount that provides exceptional flexibility. It is designed with some outstanding features that make it a cutting-edge choice. MantelMounts is the winner of several industrial awards due to its construction with lightweight and high-quality materials. Their state-of-the-art technology makes them one of the best choices for users. This pull down TV mount is compatible with TVs from 44 to 80 inches in size. So, you can easily buy anything you wish and have this TV mount to get it installed above the fireplace.

The TV mount has good eye-level viewing that allows the users to enjoy a cinematic view without putting any strain on their eyes. 30° of right and left swivel eliminates neck strain and unnecessary glare. The TV mount can vertically travel to 27 inches, providing you adjustability of your TV as per the requirement. Engineered with pull down handles to enable easy usage. You can also manage cables and wires on this TV mount. It has dual gas pistons that seamlessly pull down the TV.

The high-quality TV mount is engineered with heavy-duty steel. It has adjustable stops for easy usage. Included with safety bowls provides even more security to your TV. The sliding wall plate and enhanced stabilisation on this TV mount provide even more stabilisation and easy usage. So, if you’re looking for a sturdy choice, the MantelMount MM340 is a great choice for you.


  • Engineered with easy pull down handles.
  • Cable management can be easily made.
  • Use of heavy-duty steel products.
  • The safety bolt installation provides seamless use.
  • You can move the TV mount to 27″ vertically.
  • 30 degrees of right and left swivel.


  • Installation is super easy.
  • It provides sufficient range of motion.
  • Side-to-side motion makes it super good.
  • The TV mount is created from heavy-duty metal.
  • Adjustment is very easy.


  • It is overpriced.

Buy Now From Amazon

3. VIVO Pull Down TV Mount

VIVO Counterbalance

The VIVO MOUNT-VW03G is a brand known for articulating the counterbalance gas spring. It is from VIVO, which features fluid movement and simple assembly for seamless screen positioning. The TV mount includes a gas spring arm to help in the adjustment of screen height both up and down to a range of 12.5 inches. The robust TV mount is four times stronger and has a capacity of weighing up to 66LBS. This high-end TV mount’s sturdy build and look can help you easily adjust the screen and enjoy a great experience.

The TV mount has been strongly built to hold TV sizes from 40 to 70 inches. With a 90° of swivel, the TV wall mount lets you enjoy your movie from any corner. It can provide the maximum viewing experience along with concealing the video and power cards inside the mount.

The range of height adjustment, along with a tilt from -15 to +10°, enables a full range of motion. So, when installing it over the fireplace, such a huge adjustment angle lets you enjoy the best movie experience. The strength has been tested, and make sure to take four times of the normal and ordinary TV mounds. It also includes three years of manufacturer warranty. The sturdy steel design along with the top-notch engineering makes it the best choice for your requirement.


  • The TV mount is compatible with 40 to 70 inches of screen size.
  • Provides a screen tilt of -15 to +10° for a range of motion.
  • It can bear weight up to 66 lbs.
  • Gas spring inclusion provides full motion.
  • Engineered with a cable management system.
  • Tested to have four times more strength.


  • Installation is super easy.
  • Great range of height adjustments.
  • It can work seamlessly.
  • Looks incredibly sturdy.


  • Cord concealing is not significant enough.

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4. Mount-It! Pull Down TV Mount


The Mount-It! Height Adjustable TV Wall Mount is a revolutionary design that provides you with a new way to mount your computer screen or TV. This fully adjustable mound offers a full-motion design to help you sit and enjoy your TV from any corner of your room. These are constructed with high-end aluminium steel alloys to acquire long-lasting and durable use. Irrespective of where ever you plan to install this, this TV mount bracket can help you enjoy a fantastic viewing experience.

The presence of a counterbalance tension alarm provides this wall mount with a height adjustment of 13.25 inches. It means that it can move from a sitting to a standing position seamlessly. The three swivel points included on this mount provide a dynamic range of motion. You will be able to watch the screen from any point of your room with 180° 330° and another 180° of swivel points. Providing the freedom to move your screen up and down to +/-15° can offer a comfortable viewing angle and the most transparent view.

It is included with the cable management on the TV mount. The in-arm cable clips included in this TV mount make sure to keep the cables organised for a neat and clean appearance. Included with a single stand ensures easy and seamless installation on different types of walls. It is compatible with 25 to 55 inches of screen size.


  • Compatible with 25 to 55 inches of screen sizes.
  • It provides 180° swivel motion for a great viewing experience.
  • Designed to tilt from +15° ~ -15° for the best experience.
  • Constructed with plastic and steel products.
  • Have the ability to bear a weight of 44lbs.


  • It offers full motion for a better viewing experience.
  • Installation is straightforward.
  • Adjustments can be made seamlessly.
  • Both vertical and horizontal movements.
  • Value for money.


  • Some users did not like the use of plastic material in the mount.

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5. StarTech Pull Down TV Mount

StarTech is one of the renowned brands known for offering some quality products since 1985. From the varied range of products, the Ceiling TV Mount is one of their superior quality products that can be a good choice for users.

The TV mount comes with adjustable height with the telescopic pull. It will help you to keep the display suspended at a proper distance from your ceiling. It becomes a good choice for different types of ceiling heights. The steel pull can be easily extended from 8.2 feet to 9.84′. The full height extension is somewhere between 19.6 inches.

It provides a full range of motion and is compatible with 32 to 75 inches of display. Whether you have a pitched, horizontal or sloped ceiling, the swivel included in this display ceiling mount effortlessly adjusts to a range of ceilings. It can help the display swivel from +180 / -180° without using any tool. Besides, the easy installation of the TV mount makes it a better choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a great cinematic experience.


  • Compatible with 32 to 75 inches of TV.
  • Can adjust with a range of ceilings like sloped, pitched and horizontal.
  • It lets you easily swivel to + 180 / – 180 degrees.
  • Included with cable management design.
  • Made with alloy steel metal.


  • Heavy-duty material for robust use.
  • Products look just the way it has been advertised.
  • Looks simply great.
  • Mounting is super easy.


  • A little bit flimsy.

Buy Now From Amazon

6. MORryde Pull Down TV Mount


MORryde is known for providing a range of accessories for different purposes. The brand has several other products manufactured at the best quality, and the Drop Down TV Wall Mount is one of them. It is highly effective in appropriately keeping your TV on the walls to provide a safe and great experience. With a vast range of swivel adjustments, it provides you with the opportunity to choose the right viewing angle and get rid of any kind of annoying glare on the screen or monitor.

The drop down wall mount can be a good choice over the fireplace. The pantograph movement offered by this product allows you to make the TV come out from the wall and put it down for a better viewing experience. Being able to swivel to 50° provides you with the opportunity to create the right viewing angle.


  • Engineered to bear a weight of 12 to 20lbs.
  • The package includes everything you need for installation.
  • 50 degrees of swivel.
  • It can be dropped to 11.5 inches.
  • It helps to reduce glare.


  • It is a value for money.
  • Fantastic material.
  • Does not put a strain on your neck.
  • Ensures comfortable viewing angle.


  • The screws are loose.

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide for the Best Pull Down TV Mount Over Fireplace

While the descriptive guide of some of the best pull down TV mounts over the fireplace will help you to make the right choice, it is still a must to understand the important things to consider. Despite most brands telling you to have the best features and functionalities, understanding by checking the features provided is always a better choice for you. So, make sure you read the following to find out the prime feature of TV mounts to ensure seamless functionality.

1. Full Range of Motion:

You have to make sure that the pull down TV mount you’re choosing has a full range of motion. What we mean about the full range of motion is the swivel and tilt offered by this TV mount. So, while you choose the TV mount, make sure that you research their tilt and swivel degrees. The limited motion offered by the TV mount can result in backache. We already have provided the best names above, but if you want to move out from the list, make sure you check their tilt degrees and swivel.

2. Integrated Wire Management:

When it comes to TV, which is the main entertainment box, a lot of wires will be included to provide the connection. Even when necessary, this can significantly result in snatching away the clean and tidy appearance of your room. You certainly don’t want an untidy look, so while choosing the TV mount, make sure it has an integrated wire management system. The space provided for concealing the wires or cables will keep everything at a certain point and give a clean and tidy appearance.

3. Weight Capacity:

When choosing the best pull down TV mount over your fireplace, you should certainly check the ability to bear weight. Since different TVs have different weights, you must make sure that they can take the load while choosing the TV mount. If you don’t stay assured about it, it can result in a disaster. Not only can it damage your TV, but it also can be a health hazard for anyone in your home. So, it is always advisable to choose a TV mount that has the ability to bear twice or at least more than the weight of your TV.

4. Adjustment:

The TV mount adjustability is another crucial aspect you must ponder while purchasing the over fireplace pull down TV mount. Not only will this provide the tile and swivel, but also you have to make sure that it offers both vertical and horizontal movement. The more you can move the TV mount, the better you can adjust it as per your viewing distance and place. So, it is ideal to check the height, especially the vertical movement, to ensure adjustability.

5. Improved Safety:

While choosing the pull down TV mount over your fireplace, security is one of the substantial factors. Since there will be kids and pets in your house, checking the safety is undoubtedly a must for adults. It can be dangerous otherwise. So, look for the safety features that are included in the TV mount to prevent falling and knocking off the TV mount from the fireplace.

Pull Down TV Mount Over Fireplace FAQs

1. What to check to ensure the motion?

Ans: When it comes to choosing the best TV mount over your fireplace, you cannot avoid checking the motion and adjustability features. Since it will be mounted over your fireplace, which is at an elevated level, you need to ensure that it has degrees of tilt and swivel to ensure you get the ultimate viewing experience. Besides, you also have to ensure the vertical movement of the TV mount to let them adjust to different heights.

2. How to keep my TV space clean?

Ans: One of viewers’ biggest challenges is maintaining clean and tidy surroundings. Since wires and cables make a total mess of the space, there is always a need for the owners to look for the desired TV mount. Make sure that the TV mount provides you with the ability to conceal your wires and cables for a tidy and clean space. As it is associated with the room’s aesthetic appeal, avoiding it will only make the space look messy and unappealing.

3. Which is the best material for a TV mount?

Ans: There is no such special thing about any particular material. However, it is a good choice if you can find a TV mount engineered with a quality metal finish. It would make sure to have the weight-bearing capacity.

Final Verdict

Now that you have the knowledge about the best pull down TV mount over your fireplace, it is time to make the right choice. However, if you are looking for the top 3 recommendations, then make sure that you keep reading. Keep reading to find out more about the expert-recommended top 3 TV mounts.

  • SANUS Pull Down TV Mount is the first choice with the compatibility of 46 to 90 inches TV. It can bear a weight of 150LBS, and the open wall plate design makes accessibility super easy. The 5.7-inch tilt feature lets you adjust to any degree.
  • VIVO Pull Down TV Mount is the next brand with a gas spring arm. It is compatible with 40 to 70 inches of screen size along with a screen tilt of -15 to +10°. Added with a cable management system provides a clean space.
  • The StarTech Pull Down TV Mount comes with adjustable height with the telescopic pull. It can be extended from 8.2 feet to 9.84 feet. Being compatible with 32 to 75 inches of displays and swivelling from +180 / -180° provides the ultimate viewing experience.

With the best inclusion of pull down TV mounts over the fireplace, choosing can be a lot easier for you now. However, irrespective of your choice, always ensure to check every detail and feature to enjoy a great living experience.

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