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Different Ways To Charge PS5 Controller

The controller of the newly unveiled ps5 ready caught the attention of many game lovers. The new DualSense PS5 controller is rechargeable and can be charged in different ways.

So if you have bought yourself a new PS5, you need to know its charging mechanism. After all, you will not love when you cannot play the game simply because the controller is not charged enough.

Or probably you already own a PlayStation 5, and the controller is not getting recharged.

We have you covered in this case. You will find here all the possible methods to hate your PlayStation 5 controller. So, read on to know everything in detail.

ps5 controller

How to Charge the PS5 DualSense Controller?

The DualSense PlayStation 5 controller comes with a regular type C port. So you can charge it directly from the console machine or a regular Type C cable.

But you can charge in different ways besides the conventional methods.

Here are the methods that you can use to recharge the PS5 controller. On the other hand, if the controllers do not get recharged in one method, you can also use other methods.

Using USB Type-C Cables for Charging the Controllers

The easiest method is charging the controller with a type C cable. Here is how to do this-

Using the Bundle Type C Cable

All PlayStation 5 controllers come with a charging cable (standard type C), and you can use these cables to recharge them when required.

Here is the step-by-step guide-

  • First, connect the type C USB cable to the controller’s charging port. It is located on the side of the controller.
  • Next, connect the other side of the cable (the type A side) to the PlayStation console. You will find the ports in the back portion of your console. Make sure the console is turned on while charging your controller.
  • As you connect the console and the roller, the controller’s light bar will start to glow orange. It will turn off when charging is complete. You may disconnect the controller from the console after the charging is done.

Please note that the controller can also be charged even if your PlayStation 5 is in the rest mode.

Use Your Type C Phone Charger.

Suppose you do not have the cable provider by the manufacturer, or somehow the cable does not work. In that case, you can also use a Type C mobile charging USB cable. But, the phone Barger you are using must have the capacity to produce 5 volts of power.

  • For this, follow the steps mentioned below –
  • First, connect the cable’s type C port to the controller’s designated port.
  • Next, connect it to the charging socket and connect the plug to the electric port.
  • Now, turn on the switch. You will see the orange light flickering through the sidebar of the controller.
  • When the light stops, your controller is recharged fully, and you can unplug it from the charging port.

Use the Charging Station for the PS5 Controllers.

Sony has released a special charging or docking station (priced at $29). To charge the controller, you need to put the docking station on the plug point for the wall. This docking station is very secure, and you will not have to worry about the controllers falling off it.

On top of that, the charging station also has a good illumination effect. It offers enough light for late-night gaming sessions.

  • First, plug the charging station into the designated plug point.
  • Next, take out the AC adapter and power cord with the charging dock.
  • After that, push the controllers into the charging station. You need to put the controllers so that the terminal point faces downwards. The terminal points are located on the lower side of the controller, two each side of the 3.5 mm port where you connect the headphones.
  • Now, turn on the switch. You will see the orange light flickering through the controllers.
  • When the light stops flickering, you can turn off the PowerPoint switch. Now, slowly remove the controllers from the charging station, and you are ready to use them.

Some points to remember while using the Charging Station

If you want to use the charging station properly, you may need to follow a few guidelines-

Check the Cords

To use the charging station, you need a different type of cord that connects the charging station to the plug point on the wall.

Check if the USB Port is Working Properly.

You also need to ensure that the USB port of the charging station is in working condition.

On top of that, you also need to ensure that the USB cables are in good working condition. For his, you need to maintain a few things, including-

  • First, connect the PlayStation 5 controller to your PC using the USB Type-C cord. Now, boot the whole system.
  • Wait till your PC opens and check if the controller is charging or not. If it is charging, then everything is right. If not, probably the wire is damaged, and you need a new wire.

Using your Smart TV with a USB Port

If you have a smart TV with a USB port, you can connect the PlayStation controller with the TV using the type C cable.

Keep the TV on and check if the controller is charging. If not, you may need to check out what is wrong with the controller.

How to Charge the Controllers Through your PC

Do you know that you can also charge the controllers of your PlayStation 5 through your PC? For this, you just need USB type-C cords.

Here is the step-by-step guide-

  • First, connect the type C port to the controller’s charging port (located in the side section of its back) and connect the other end to the CPU type-A port.
  • Wait till the orange light starts to glow. The PS5 controller is now charging.
  • Disconnect it from the PC when the light stops flickering.

How Long do you Need to Charge the PS5 Controller?

A healthy charging habit is required to ensure the controllers last longer. Its battery needs to be charged timely.

Suppose you are using the PS5 charging station. In that case, it will display the battery temperature. It will also warn you if the battery temperature is abnormally high. Overcharging can also damage the controllers.

You can charge the controller at your home using the above methods. But, maintain a healthy habit of charging the controllers. Charge them when needed only.

It is best to charge the controllers while you’re not using these.

Why is My PS5 Controller not Charging?

There can be different reasons behind this issue.

Probably the charging cable is damaged. It is one of the main reasons that a PS5  does not take charge. If you have a high-voltage USB type C cable in your hand, try charging the controller using that alternative cable. If that works, you need to replace the original charging cable.

If the cable is in good condition, try any alternative method other than your regular method.

If nothing works, you may need to visit the nearest Sony service center to know the reason.


There are multiple ways to charge a PS 5 controller. You can use the PS 5 console, a regular type-C cable, or your PC or TV to charge the controllers. There is also a separate PS5 charging station to charge the controllers.

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