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Why My PS5 Does Not Turn On?

The PS5 or PlayStation 5 is one of the most popular gaming consoles at this moment. Its unique and state-of-the-art features and functionalities have made it a coveted possession among gamers. But that doesn’t mean it is free from errors. One of the most common issues PS5 uses is that the device does not turn on from its rest mode. It only continues to make beep sounds without waking up.

You have tried to play your favourite game, but the device does not turn on. For anyone, this can be an irritating issue. PS4 users also have faced the same problems. But fortunately, this is not a difficult problem to solve.

This article gives you a complete guide on what to do when your PlayStation does not turn on, even if it has a power supply.

Why My PS5 Won’t Turn On?

Gamers, designers, and engineers have researched this matter for a long time. As per the experts, multiple issues can result in the PS5 not turning on despite having a constant power supply.

Here are the most common and probable causes behind this-

  • The power cable is damaged
  • It has collected a lot of dust
  • Some insect may have entered the console box
  • There has been some software or hardware problem
  • The console is damaged somehow

Methods to Fix PS5 won’t turn ON

FIX 1: Reboot your PlayStation 5 Manually

The first thing you need to try is to reboot the device manually. Long press the Power button of the PS5 console for 145 seconds. The console will reboot itself.

Fix 2: Unplug Power Supply from your PS5

You have tried manually rebooting the Ps5, but it did not help. Then try unplugging the [power supply once.

  • First, unplug the PS5 and then unplug the outlet’s other end of the power cable.
  • Next, wait for thirty to forty seconds.
  • Now, connect the PS5 with the power outlet using the Power cable again.
  • Finally, turn on the device and check if that works.

Please note that you also need to check the power cable condition of the console. If the cable is somehow damaged or broken, get a replacement. Often replacing a damaged cable works. If not, it is time to move into the next hack.

FIX 3: Power Cycle the PS5

Many experts have revealed that the PS5 may turn on if you power cycle it. If the above hacks do not work, you can try this.

Here is how to power cycle your PS5-

  • First, long press the Power Button till the LED light stops blinking
  • Next, disconnect it from the power outlet by taking off the power cable. Wait for twenty minutes.
  • After twenty minutes, reconnect the power cable and try restarting your PS5.

FIX 4: Try to Put a Game Disc in the PS5

A few avid gamers even recommend trying to try putting a game disc into the console to wake it up.

First, insert a game disc into the disc drive. Wait to check if the console pulls in the disc automatically. If this happens, the PS5 will probably restart and open automatically.

If not, try the next method.

FIX 5: Use Another Cable or Socket

One of the main reasons behind a faulty PS5 is the damaged power socket or power cable. An old cable, a damaged cable, or a damaged power outlet causes the machine to turn on.

Hence, try checking the condition of the cable or outlet. If any of these are damaged, you will have to replace them.

Alternatively, you can also try plugging the cable into a different outlet. This may also work in some cases.

FIX 6: Reboot your PS5 in the Safe Mode

Have you tried rebooting the PS5 in its safe mode? If nothing works, rebooting in eh safe mode may be possible. To reboot safely, here is the guide-

  • Long press the Power button of your PS5 to turn it off.
  • Next, hold the power button again and wait till the console makes two beep sounds. The first beep is audible as soon as you press the button, and the second beep may come after seven to eight seconds. Release the power button now.
  • Now, connect the controller to your console by using a USB cable. Now, press the PS5 button of your controller to reboot the machine safely.

FIX 7: Reset your PS5 in Safe Mode

You have tried rebooting the console, but it did not work. Then try resetting the console in Safe Mode and turn it on. Here is the step-by-step guide-

  • First, press the Power Button to turn off your PS5.
  • Next, press and hold the power button for seven to eight seconds to hear two beeps.
  • Now, take your controller and connect it with PS5.
  • In the controller, press the PS5 button. Wait till the menu appears.
  • After that, select the Safe Mode Menu from the available options.
  • Next, select Reset PS5 to reset the device.

Since resetting your PS5 causes it to erase all the data, you may end up losing all the stored information.

FIX 8: Update your PS5 system’s Software Manually

You may need to manually install the PS5 system software to its latest version if nothing works out. You can use a USB drive for this purpose.

FIX 9: Clean your PS5 internally

You have tried everything, but nothing seems to work. So, it is better to clean the machine from the inside thoroughly. Often dust and dirt build-up cause the console to malfunction. So, give your console a noose cleaning to check if the device works-

You can use your vacuum cleaner in the lowest setting to clean the machine. You can also use a car vacuum cleaner.

You can unplug the device and thoroughly clean it with isopropyl alcohol if you want.


These are the top nine methods to turn a PS5 on if the machine refuses to turn on. But, if nothing works, you may need to visit the nearest Sony centre. The professional will examine your console and provide details on what you need to do.

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