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How To Turn Off ps4 Controller

A PS4 controller can run for 4-8 hours depending on the usage. Since the battery life is not long, everyone tries to conserve the battery. The only way to conserve battery life is by turning off PS4 controller when not in use. Apart from the standard way of turning off the PS4 controller, there are several other ways to turn off PS4 controller that you should learn. There are five different ways of turning off the PS4 controller and they are detailed below.

Why Should You Turn Off PS4 Controller?

Every device that has a battery as the source of power, the device needs to be turned off when it is not in use. Coming purely to the PS4 controller, the run time of the battery is 8 hours with standard usage. You should conserve power so that the battery lasts longer. Besides, when you turn it off, the battery is not consumed and hence, you do not have to waste electricity to recharge the battery. The bottom line is that you should turn off the PS4 controller when not in use to extend the battery life.

When Should You Turn Off the PS4 Controller?

You should make it a habit to turn off the controller when not in use. But you should start turning off the controller rather than keeping it on idle especially when the battery life is at its lowest. The more PS4 controller spends time in switched-off mode, the longer will be the battery life.

What Are The Ways To Turn it Off?

We have already stated that there are several ways to turn off PS4 controller to save battery life. You should know them if you are a regular user of PS4 so that you can use them as and when applicable.

1. Via PS Button

The PS4 controller comes with a dedicated button to turn off the controller. Follow these steps:.

Step 1: Press and hold the PS button on the controller. The button is available between the analog buttons and you will see a PS logo to recognize it.

Step 2: You have to press and hold the button for 10 seconds and you can release it once the screen turns off. However, if you are using dualshock four controllers, you might have to hold the button for some more time to turn off the controller.

Please note that this method will only work when there is a wireless connection.

2. Via Your PC

Most gamers prefer to turn off PS4 controller directly from their computers. This method is applicable only when the controller is connected to a computer.

Step 1: Download and install PS4 controller for PC. Launch the application.

Step 2: From the Quick Menu, choose Sound/Devices.

Step 3: Go to Turn Off Device and you have to select DualShock 4.

The latest DS4 controller interface has the option to shut down the controller as soon as you shut down your computer.

3. Customized Power Off Option

There are times when the method we have stated above using PS4 controller for PC may not work. When that happens, there is an alternative way out to do it manually..

Step 1: Press PS4 button on the controller.

Step 2: You will see a menu appear on the screen on your computer screen. Go to Configure Computers option.

Step 3: You need to use X button on the controller to select the options as per your requirements. You need to go to the end of the list and select Shut Off option.

Step 4: Select DualShock 4 and press X button to turn the controller off as well as your computer.

4. Via PS4 Console

Switching off the controller using the console is useful to know because there are times when your controller may malfunction. In this process, you will set a fixed time, and according to your set time, the console will shut down the controller.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings and choose Power Save Settings.

Step 2: Select the option Set Time Until Controller Turn Off.

Step 3: Now, you can set the time when you want the controller to switch off automatically when it is not in use.

5. Set Timer From Your PC

Just like you can set a timer from your PS4 console, you can set a timer from your PC as well. This method is highly useful if you have connected your controller to your PC. Once you set the timer, the controller will get turned off automatically.

Step 1: Press and hold the PS4 button on the controller for a few seconds. This will open Quick menu on your computer screen.

Step 2: From Quick Menu option, select Sound/Devices option.

Step 3: Select “Set Timer Until Controllers Turn Off” option.

Step 4: Set the waiting time after which the controller will turn off automatically.

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Turning off the controller when not in use is a basic rule you need to follow. This is particularly useful when you are using the controller in wireless mode. It will save the power of the battery and extend the battery life. You can follow any of the methods we have mentioned to turn off the PS4 controller. But these methods may not work if you are using PlayStation 5. The best way out is to set a timer, and once the controller becomes idle, it will turn off as per the set waiting time.

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