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Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

Stuck with the “Chromebook keyboard not working” issue? Well, it really can wear you off and hold you at rest from doing your work as well. 

Don’t panic at all. Before taking professional help try to resolve it on your own. The proven and tested methods will help you to do so. Moreover, the first step would be to plug R̥an external keyboard into it. 

What is the Actual Problem?

You can’t hold all your work in the hope that the problem will resolve on its own. Also, taking it to the computer expert could take a whole day. The best option remains, try to solve it on your own.

The keyboard not responding is not so common in a Chromebook. However, many people have experienced this thing and also have quickly resolved it. Chances are, you’ll too. Talking about the root cause of this issue, there isn’t any specific thing. 

It could be anything- a third-party app causing trouble, a faulty keyboard, or a simply annoying lag. Let us have a deeper look at this issue and resolve it by using several methods. Each of the methods mentioned below will try to resolve the keyboard issue differently.

The idea here is to follow these steps. If resolved, enjoy working, if not jump to the other way.

Basic Troubleshooting Step

Starting with the most basic step, troubleshooting the complete Chromebook. This method will easily resolve this issue if the root cause here is a temporary lag or a minute technical issue. By troubleshooting, the laptop will begin everything like it’s the first time.

For a smooth troubleshooting/restarting process, pay attention to the steps mentioned below. 

  • Turn off your Chromebook
  • Remove all the drives and external devices connected to it.
  • And finally, restart the Chromebook to check, the issue has resolved or not

Advanced Steps to Resolve “Keyboard Not Working On Chromebook”

If the problem persists, worry not. The methods mentioned below will help you to work on your Chromebook peacefully, again.

Method 1: Reset the browser of your Chromebook

Method 2: Hardware resetting of the complete Chromebook

Method 3: Powerwash the Chromebook

Method 4: EC reset the Chromebook

Reset the Browser of Your Chromebook

Narrowing our focus from the complete machine to a single software. This must be more effective than the whole troubleshooting thing. The reason behind this is, the Chrome browser is the gateway to the internet. 

Tonnes of unwanted website caches and apps data might be already present in your browser’s data. Now, there isn’t any guarantee that this memory will not interfere with the rest of the computer’s files or components. If the keyboard not working issue would have arisen from here, resetting will make everything normal again.

Follow these steps to reset the Chrome browser safely and without harming any important data.

  • Click on the three dots present at the top of the Chrome browser. 
  • You’ll find the Settings option over there.

google settings

  • On entering the Settings, scroll down to the bottom and look for the “Advanced Settings”.

google advance settings

  • Find the “Reset And Cleanup” section.

reset google settings

  • A Reset Chrome option will be available there.

clean google settings

  • Finally, click on the OK button.

Your Chrome browser has become new again. Before checking for the issue, make sure you restart the whole laptop. I hope the problem must’ve been resolved by now. If not, don’t worry, follow the next method.

Hardware Resetting of the Complete Chromebook

Hardware resetting is one of the methods to reset the Chromebook (we’ll talk about the next way after this). There’s no need to worry about your important data here, they’ll be completely safe. Although, don’t forget to sign out from your Google account. 

Following this method has a high possibility to resolve your faulty keyboard issue. Follow the steps mentioned below for resetting your Chromebook.

  • Here, you need to press the Refresh button and Power button together.
  • Hold the buttons for 10 seconds
  • Release the Refresh button firstly
  • And finally the power button.

After following the above steps correctly, you’ll notice the Chromebook is automatically restarting. This is a sign that you’ve performed everything correctly. Now, have a look at the keyboard and check whether things have reached normal or not. 

Powerwash The Chromebook

This is one of the unique features your Chromebook comes with. The Power Wash feature is the easiest method of the Chromebook to reset your complete laptop without providing any pressure to the memory of the laptop. However, it’ll erase the data as well. This data deletion also includes all the software and files in the system. Thus, you should backup all important files to the G-drive or any external memory.

Follow the steps mentioned below for a successful powerwash.

  • Sign out from your main Chromebook account.
  • Use the shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R with the help of an external keyboard.
  • Click on the Restart option
  • You’ll see an option with Powerwash Chromebook
  • Finally, click OK on it.

The Chromebook will display some instructions after the complete process. You should follow them as directed to prevent inviting any other new issue. Although, now, you’ll observe that the issue must’ve been resolved by now.

EC Reset the Chromebook

The above methods are effective and would’ve helped you as well. However, if you’re still struggling, then this is your final chance. The EC reset is the last method of resetting the Chromebook. The EC here stands for the embedded controller that generally lends a hand to the OS by taking care of some of the tasks.

Without getting into the details, the only thing you need to know here is it’s the most powerful way of resetting the Chromebook. Here it discharges the whole controller to reset the laptop. 

The steps to perform EC Reset in the Chromebook are-

  • Turn off the Chromebook
  • Remove the power cord if it’s plugged
  • Remove the main battery of the Chromebook
  • Keep it like this for 5 to 10 minutes and place it again.

Here’s a fair warning, go for the EC resetting only when you really need it. It’s one of the powerful methods that work like a charm to Chromebook for eradicating big issues. 


I hope the information mentioned above was helpful to eradicate the Chromebook keyboard not working issue. All these methods are tested and adopted only from official sources. There’s very little possibility that the keyboard problem is still not resolved. 

Being said that, there are higher chances that the issue is related to any faulty hardware component. No worries, taking the help from the technical support of the Chromebook would be a reliable option. You can also visit the authorised service dealer of your Chromebook.

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