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How To Unlock Laptop Keyboard?

Is your laptop keyboard not functioning properly? Or have you locked your laptop keyboard unintentionally? If yes, then this article will help you troubleshoot the issue and get your keyboard working back again. Though a locked keyboard might not be a huge problem, it surely can prevent you from doing your work, which can be frustrating if you have to complete a project or presentation urgently.

There are many things that can lock your keyboard.  Fortunately, this problem can easily be solved by following simple steps. For example- sometimes, a normal reboot or reinstalling drivers would make your keyboard work again. In this article, we will be discussing all the potential solutions that can unlock your laptop keyboard. So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Look for Hardware Damage on the Keyboard or Individual Buttons

The first thing that you should do is check if any area of the keyboard is broken. In some cases, hardware damage on the buttons can cause the keyboard to stop working. Check if there is any physical damage like broken keys, frayed cords, or housing cracks.

All these things contribute to the keyboard’s mechanical failure. The bad thing that hardware issues are complicated to fix and requires replacement of the parts. So you should take help from a professional if your laptop’s keyboard is locked due to a hardware fault.

2. Ensure that the Keyboard is Dirt and Obstruction-free

We all are guilty of not keeping the keyboard as clean as the screen and the laptop’s body. Over time, dirt and dust get accumulated in between the keys, which may lead to faulty, stuck keys and even mechanical failure.

One should clean their laptop’s keyboard regularly to prevent the accumulation of the dust and other issues. So if your keyboard is locked, you should use a mild solvent and soft brushes to clean the keys properly.

3. Try Restarting as Normal and Reset

Restarting the laptop is another potential solution to fix a lot of issues. This is a simple fix but can be effective if the locking issue is caused by a minor bug in an application or program. If you are sure that your keyboard doesn’t have any hardware damage and is properly cleaned, you should consider rebooting it.

4. Turn Off The Filter Keys

Sometimes, users unintentionally turn on the filter keys feature, which then locks the keyboard. This is a Windows feature that allows you to minimize the keyboard repeat rate or neglect repeated keys. T

his feature gets enables when you hold the Shift key (right) for 8 seconds. The good thing is that it can be disabled just by following the same steps used to enable it. So if your laptop’s keyboard is locked, you should press the right Shift button for 8 seconds and check if the issue is caused by the Filter keys features.

5. Turn Off The NumLock

If you notice that your keyboard is functioning, but not typing the correct words, then there is a chance that you have accidentally turned on the NumLock. The simplest way to disable it is by using the “Fn” key. You have to press a combination of keys, and it varies from system to system. Here are some common “Fn” combinations that can disable the NumLock:

  • Fn + F11 (Toshiba, Acer, Samsung)
  • Fn + Num Lock (Gateway, Sony)
  • Shift + Num Lock
  • Fn + F11 + Scroll lock
  • Fn + F4 (Dell)
  • Fn + F8 (HP)
  • Ctrl + F11
  • Fn + Nmlk (ASUS, Lenovo)
  • Fn + Shift + Num Lock

6. Uninstall The Keyboard Drivers 

Drivers play a crucial role in the functioning of the peripherals. So if your drivers are not updated, then you won’t get the maximum performance. A corrupt driver can stop your keyboard from working properly. In such a scenario, it’s best to uninstall the keyboard drivers. Here are the steps that you should follow.

  • Go to the control panel
  • Click on the device and hardware option
  • Then click on the device manager
  • Then move the cursor to the keyboard
  • Right-click on it and click on the uninstall option

7. Update or Reinstall Keyboard Driver

If uninstalling the drivers doesn’t work, you can try updating or reinstalling it. You must check your keyboard’s drivers and reinstall or update it if an update is available. Simply visit the control panel and go to the program and hardware. Then go to the device manager and locate the keyboard option. Right-click on it, and you will see an update option.

8. If using a Bluetooth Keyboard, Change the Batteries

Nowadays, most people use Bluetooth keyboards. So if you are experiencing this issue with a wireless keyboard, you should consider changing its batteries. Even if you have installed a new pair, replace them as sometimes new batteries fail too. You should also adjust the USB dongle to ensure it is inserted properly.

9. Contact the Customer Service Team if Nothing is Working

If nothing works, then it’s best to contact the customer service team and tell them about the issue you are facing. They will guide you with instructions or send their technicians to help you.


A locked keyboard is of no use, especially if you using a laptop. Most times, this issue happens when a user unintentionally presses a key combination, which puts the keyboard into hibernation. And sometimes, it is just dust and dirt trapped inside the keys. In these scenarios, it’s easy to unlock the keyboard. All you need to do is to clean your keyboard and reboot.

However, you will need professional help if the issue is caused by hardware damage. We have mentioned all the solutions above, so use all of them and check if any of them works for you. Hope this article will provide you some valuable information.

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