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How to Fix Code 43 Error in Windows?

It is really frustrating when you are trying to work on your computer and Windows suddenly throws an error saying “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)”. If you are one of those people who faced the same problem, then this article is just for you. Here, we will talk about what is Code 43 error, why Windows stops a device due to this error and some of the possible solution to fix Code 43 Error in Windows.

What is Code 43 Error?

Device Manager in Windows Operating System is a tool that allows users to view and control the hardware connected to the Windows machine. It lists out all the hardware in the system such as CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Graphics Card, Printers, Cameras, Hard drives, Ethernet / Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.

Using Device Manager, you can enable / disable a device, uninstall a device and update the drivers.

Apart from these user side operations, Device Manager also has a way to inform the user about any hardware if it has a problem with Windows (or rather, if Windows OS has a problem a hardware, it informs the user through Device Manager). This is done using Error Codes.

The device manager’s error codes are numerical codes ranging from 1 to 52 and each error code is associated with a particular error and you can easily understand about the error with the accompanied error message.

One such error is the Code 43 which has an accompanied error message “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)”.

Code 43 is a generic error reported by Windows and it can mean either a problem with the actual hardware or with the driver of the hardware. In either case, Windows will disable the device as it cannot communicate with the hardware or its driver.

The Code 43 error is not specific to any hardware and can occur to Graphics Cards, USB devices, External Hard Disks, Bluetooth and many more.

How to Fix Code 43 Error in Windows?

If you face Code 43 error in Device Manager, then here are some of the ways in which you can fix the problem. Some methods are as simple as restarting the computer while other methods involve uninstalling and reinstalling drivers.

None-the-less, here are some common ways to fix Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) error.

Fix 1: If the error is associated with an USB device, then it might be a problem with the driver cache. Unplug all the USB devices and shutdown the computer. If you have a laptop, remove the charging cable and also the battery.

In case of a desktop system, unplug the power cable. After removing the battery and unplugging the power cable, press and hold the power button for 30s. This will drain the remaining power. Wait for 5 minutes and insert the battery and the power cord and then turn on the power. Plug the USB device back and see if Code 43 error is gone. This method worked for most users.

Fix 2: This is also for USB related devices. Unplug the USB device from your computer and plug it in a different computer. Properly eject the device from the second computer and insert it back into the first computer.

Fix 3: Open the device manager and select the device for which you are getting the code 43 error. Right click on it and disable the device. After a couple of seconds, enable the device back again.

Fix 4: In the device manager, right click on the device with Code 43 error and uninstall the device. Now, right click on the name of your computer on the top of the device manager and click on scan for hardware changes. Windows will automatically install the device.

Fix 5: If the error occurred due to an outdated driver, then you can simply update the driver. There are multiple ways in which you can update the driver of a device. The easiest way is to right click on the hardware in the device manager and click on update driver. Then select search automatically for updated driver software.

Fix 6: There is a chance that the Code 43 error occurred after you updated the driver. In this case, you can rollback to the previous driver. For this, right click on the error device in the device manager and select properties. In the Driver tab, you will get a Roll Back Driver option.

Fix 7: Another reason for Code 43 error is if you made any major changes to the system. If they are on the system level, you can use the system restore to undo the changes and see if Code 43 is resolved.

Fix 8: If you have any pending Windows Operating System updates, try to apply those updates. Windows update patches can fix these errors.

Fix 9: Check if you have a stable BIOS update for your system and if you have one, update the BIOS. An outdated BIOS can sometimes throw the Code 43 error with any hardware.

Fix 10: Check all the cables and connections. If the cable looks damaged in case of an USB device such as external hard disk, try to replace the cable and see if Code 43 error is solved.

Fix 11: In case of USB devices, the error may be due to insufficient power from the USB port. If this is the reason for Code 43 error, then you can try using the USB device with a powered USB hub.

Fix 12: If none of these solutions work for you, then the problem might be with the actual hardware itself. The next logical step is to replace the hardware with a new product. If you are certain that there is no problem with the hardware, then you can try to uninstall Windows and perform a clean install of Windows OS. In this case, make sure that you backup all your data before re-installing Windows.


The error Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) is definitely annoying as you cannot work with the device until you resolve or fix the problem. We listed some common methods on how to fix Code 43 error in Windows. We hope one of these methods worked for you if you have the same error. Please comment any other possible solution to Code 43 error that we missed in the list.

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