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How To Call Private On iPhone or Android Phone?

Do you want to keep your phone number anonymous when calling someone? When calling from your phone to someone, the receiver sees your phone number on his display, which is called Caller ID.

There are several ways to hide your Caller Id on iPhone or any other Android mobile phone. This can be done simply by messing with some settings or adding some tricky codes on your dial bar before dialing the number. To know these secrets, keep reading till the end to know what will work for you.

Why Do You Need To Hide Your Caller Id?

You can hide your number for many reasons. This could be making a prank call to your friends, making a call to someone who is not picking up your call from your number, making a call to business numbers, or for privacy reasons of not showing your Identity.

How You Can Call Privately Using Your iPhone or Android Phone?

You can call anonymously on iPhone or Android phones by usually doing these simple tricks and it will not reveal your Caller Id to the receiver on the other end. The receiver will see some tags like Unknown number, Private number, Restricted, or No caller Id.

But sometimes, people use some apps or services to reveal caller ids. In this case, it’ll not help in hiding your Caller Id.

Furthermore, some people use Call blocking settings to flag or ignore such anonymous calls, and it’ll reduce your rate of calls being picked up.

1. Hiding Your Phone Number For Only One Call

The carriers are now permitted by The FCC (The federal communication commission) to allow callers to hide their identity for some reason. It allows them to make a call anonymously by simply adding a code before the country code and the actual number. You can add *67 as it works for both mobile phones and landlines. This code is for the US. You can find your area code by typing “caller Id blocking code”. Then place this code before your phone number and make the call anonymous.

Always make sure it is working for you and try it on your carries before making an actual call.

2. Permanently Hide The Caller Id Of a Specific Person

If you want to make calls to the same person regularly without showing him\her your caller id, you can do this with a simple trick.

Follow these steps and you’re ready to go:

  • Save the contact number in your contact list.
  • Dial the specific code *67 before the actual number.
  • Save the contact.

3. Hiding Your Caller id For All The Contacts On The iPhone.

If you wish to hide the caller id for all the contacts, you can do it easily by turning off the “show my caller id” on the iPhone settings. iPhone allows this feature and it successfully works for most carriers. But some may not support this feature including Verizon, Straight talk, and US Cellular as they might show your caller id.

Follow the steps below:

Open the setting of your phone.

  • Choose “phone” from settings.
  • Click “show my caller id”.
  • Now turn off “show my caller id”.

If you’ve turned this feature on and want to reveal your Caller Id to someone, write *82 to make the number visible.

4. Hiding Your Caller id For All The Contacts In The Android

Androids also have the same feature of hiding caller id with the same benefits and flaws. The settings have an option of hiding your caller id. The caller id option may be located at different locations depending upon manufacturing.

But in some cases, the mobile doesn’t allow you to turn off your Caller id even if it is available in the settings.

5. Hiding Your Caller id By Checking Your Carrier

Caller id can also be hidden by navigating advanced options on apps provided by Androids or iPhones. Official Apps in the US for this purpose include My Verizon apps, My T-Mobile, and many others. Some Carriers only block calls when you activate them by calling.

Using a secondary “Burner” number

You can get a new number and use it to get away from any confusion. You can use it whenever you want to call someone but don’t want that person to see your caller id. This will save you from any code or activation from the carrier side. But in this regard, make sure you don’t use any third-party Apps.

Using Google Voice As a Burner Number

You can use Google voice as a burner number, but make sure to understand these points before using it.

You have to give your primary number to Google Voice but it won’t use your number and won’t show it to the receiver.

The number given to Google’s voice must be a phone number and not a VoIP.

Visit the Google Voice website to change or delete your number.


Making calls anonymously is very fun and interesting. You can do it in several ways. We’ve listed various tricks and tips, you only have to know what works for you. The most common and simple trick is to dial *67 before your 10-digit number

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