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What Is a VoIP Caller?

VoIP caller is a software that enables businesses to connect to a traditional phone system without the need for any hardware. The cloud-based software will provide many customizable options that traditional phone systems cannot provide.

In addition to voice calling and voice messaging, VoIP callers also support video calling and messaging. Users can also share screen using VoIP.

Using a VoIP caller, you can substrate or add the connected participants irrespective of location. Establishing a remote business requires a VoIP caller to overcome geographical boundaries both economically and conveniently.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP Caller

VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol. Instead of a classic phone line, the voice information is transmitted digitally via the internet. There is no need for a dedicated phone line. With a boom in Internet technology and speed, VoIP is becoming the new norm. It is set to completely replace traditional phone calls because of its economic nature.

What Is VoIP Technology?

The systems that combine to form VoIP systems is known as VoIP technology. It includes servers, connections and phones that make up the system. The three basic functions that are unique to VoIP technology are as follows:

  • Convert voice data from telephone into digital audio for a computer
  • Sending the digital audio to the destination
  • Play the digital audio through a speaker at the destination.

Since VoIP requires minimal equipment to function, it is significantly cheaper than traditional communication systems.

How Do VoIP Numbers Work?

Each connection is assigned a unique identifier called VoIP number. Therefore, when calls are made, caller information is retrieved using these identifiers. Also, one VoIP number can be mapped to multiple connections.

This makes receiving calls much easier with different devices like personal or business smartphones and desk phones, etc. It also implies that numbers do not need to be changed when moving from one area to the other.

How Do you Identify a VoIP number?

The following list includes some of the best ways through which you can know the VoIP number:

  • Use the caller ID functionality
  • Contact the service provider for your VoIP system
  • Setting up a softphone on the receiving device
  • Use CNAM lookup
  • Look the number up using IP address
  • Look for the domain

How Do I Stop VoIP Calls?

Even if you use a caller ID, telemarketers and other junk callers can mask their identity. The country and area code could prompt you to pick up the call only to be bothered by the spammers. VoIP calls can be stopped by using a filtering system call DNC.

How Do I Block an Incoming Call?

The VoIP system comes with a feature called Do Not Call or DNC. When you register your phone in the Do Not Call national registry, you will stop receiving spam calls. Some spam calls from institutes like the Government, charities, or businesses that you have interacted with in the past will still get through.

How Do I Block VoIP Calls on My Router?

To block VoIP calls on a router, you need to find out what the TCP/UDP port that the application is using. Some of the sources where you can find the information regarding TCP/UDP: from IANA standard ports or from the documentation that came with your product. When you know the port, you can simply block it from the router’s administrative settings. Finally, use the Application tab to enter the number of pins and name. Click Save to save the settings and exit.

The router will block any traffic from the ports that you have specified for blocking.

The Benefits of Having a VoIP Caller ID can’t be Ignored

VoIP has the followings benefits that traditional systems do not:

  • Businesses can tag their names along with their numbers when reaching out to customers. A VoIP caller ID enables you to do this.
  • VoIP system maintains a consistency in the caller ID for a business’s phone lines. Therefore, the numbers become more recognisable for customers.
  • VoIP can help you identify calls very quickly and easily. This increases efficiency and productivity for agents.
  • VoIP numbers are area independent.
  • VoIP systems are easily scalable.
  • VoIP is great for remote working businesses.
  • VoIP enables easy sharing of multimedia and video along with voice information.

Does VoIP Have a Caller ID?

VoIP systems provide Caller ID service through CNAMs. A CNAM is a calling name company that maintains a contacts database. These companies supply the contact information related to a call. The caller information is not centrally maintained, however. Due to this, it may often take time for this info to get updated.

Is A VoIP Number a Cell Phone Number?

VoIP numbers are different from a cell phone number that has been assigned by a network provider. However, VoIP can be easily used on a cell phone by using appropriate software. VoIP numbers can perform any functionality that a traditional cell phone number can.

Best VoIP Call Recording Software

Following is a list of some of the best VoIP software available:

  • Nextiva
  • Vonage
  • 8×8
  • com
  • RingCentral
  • Ooma
  • Grasshopper


VoIP is a tool of the future. This technology is here to stay. Hence, it is best to adapt and become more aware about this technology. Choosing the best VoIP operator is imperative for any remote working business to function with full potential.

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