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What is OSD on a Monitor?

What Is An On-Screen Display ?

An on-screen display (OSD) is a feature of some televisions and other displays that allows the user to control various settings of the display through text menus that are shown on the screen.

This can include adjusting the brightness, contrast, color saturation, and other image qualities; choosing between different input modes (e.g., HDMI, component video, etc.); setting up parental controls; and more. OSDs can usually be accessed by pressing a dedicated button on the remote control or TV itself.

How Does It Work?

On-screen display technology works by using a tiny camera to take a picture of what’s on your screen. The image is then sent to a software program that changes the color of the image based on what key or button you’re pressing.

For example, if you’re playing a game and you hit the “A” button, the on-screen display will change the color of the “A” button in the image to match whatever color it is in the game. This way, you can see what buttons you need to press without having to look away from the screen.

What Are The Main Features Of An On-Screen Display?

Here are some of the major features of an on-screen display:-

  • Color contrast & brightness – On-screen display shows you different kinds of color illumination and color contrast on your screen.
  • Size & fonts of text- Another great feature is that it allows you to set the kind of font and text. There are various options available in this case.
  • Resolution- On-screen display provides you with the feature to adjust or define the pixel to enhance the quality of viewing.
  • Inputs & outputs- It helps you to select and display the different components which are already connected to your computer screen from beforehand.

What Useful Features Does OSD Have?

The on-screen display provides you the ease in daily work and helps the operators identify input and output sources.

Here are some of the most useful functions:-

  • On-screen-display helps to identify the video information that has been displayed.
  • Show some extra and up-to-date information and warnings.
  • Quickly identify the alarm situations to the audience.
  • Displays warning according to the prevalent situation.

How Does One Activate OSD & What Type of Settings are Available?

The OSD feature is generally activated through the buttons which are present on the bottom of the screen. For example, the buttons present can be used to bring up the brightness of the display. The contrast of the screen may be adjusted by the down button.

One can also lock the OSD feature on their screens. This feature of locking is very important, especially for all the content creators and gamers so that they do not lose anything which may damage their work.


The on-screen display is a great feature because it provides a quick and easy way to see the status of your devices without having to open up the device itself. Some people find it helpful to be able to see what song is playing, who is calling, or the time without having to pick up their phone. Plus, on-screen displays make it easy to read texts and emails without having to unlock your phone. Hope you will find some value in this article.

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