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10 Best TV bias Lighting in 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

TV Bias lighting offers ambient backlight to improve your viewing experience.

TV bias lighting is the best solution to watch the television without straining your eyes or causing headaches or eye dryness.

It is a strip of LED backlight that sticks directly to the back of the TV/monitor. They produce an excellent white background behind the screen to prevent straining your eyes even while staring at the screen with various color contrast and offer a comfortable TV viewing experience.

These smart, affordable, and customizable backlighting setups are mostly USB-powered that offer a great advantage for large TVs where you can see darker and deeper contrast levels as per the natural lighting level of the room.

TV bias lighting solutions are available in tons of various options that differ in size, color, or lighting modes. We suggest you consider the following key factors before investing in this bias lighting to buy the best option.

LED Strip Length –

Since these lighting units are available in LED light strips, you get a certain length of the LED strip in the pack. The length is mentioned in feet, in which you have to select the model whose length is sufficient enough to cover your TV completely and thereby have an efficient lighting effect. For this, measure your TV sides beforehand or else you have to cut these strips for their proper fixing.

Power Source –

Usually, the LED backlights can be powered by either a separate power adapter or USB port. These LEDs are energy efficient that won’t consume much power and last longer. Though both are perfect options, yet prefer to go with USB-powered bias lights. The reason is that it operates as per the TV’s power (on/off) without manual operating.

Smart Features –

Ensure to pick a smart option in every digital product you chose or purchase. With smart TV bias lighting, you can go with smart features like the ability to change colors and lighting modes (settings) with voice commands, auto-scheduling the lights to turn/off at a specific time, and IFTTT support, and Wi-Fi compatibility.

For more information on TV bias lighting, we recommend you read our detailed “Buying Guide” Using the same information, we compiled a list of some top-notch TV Bias Lighting models available in the market. Go through them to select your best option as per your requirement.

10 Best TV bias Lighting in 2024: List

Best TV bias LightingLED Strip LengthSuitable TV SizeWarrantyBuy Now
Power Practical LED TV bias Lighting9.8 ft30 to 40 inches1 yearCheck On Amazon
Bason LED TV bias Lighting14.76 ft60 to 70 inches1 yearCheck On Amazon
LE LED TV bias Lighting6.56 ft32 to 65 inches--Check On Amazon
Nexlux TV bias Lighting9.8 ft46 to 65 inches1 yearCheck On Amazon
Vansky LED TV bias Lighting6.6 ft40 to 60 inches--Check On Amazon
MYPLUS LED TV bias Lighting13 ft60 to 70 inches--Check On Amazon
Hamlite LED TV bias Lighting18 ft70 to 85 inches--Check On Amazon
Hamlite LED TV bias Lighting15 ft60 to 65 inches--Check On Amazon
Govee LED TV bias Lighting8.5 ft55 to 65 inches1 yearCheck On Amazon
CPLID TV LED Backlights15 ft60 to 65 inches--Check On Amazon

Best TV bias Lighting in 2024: Reviews

1. Power Practical LED TV bias Lighting

Power Practical LED TV bias Lighting

Finding reliable options under a budget is a very rare sight. Fortunately, Power Practical features one such TV bias lighting, as mentioned below.

Generally, affordable options come with considerable drawbacks, which are simply not good for the long term. But, the TV bias lighting from Power Practical LED is a great choice in the affordable price range as it comes with 6500K pure white LEDs that are very easy on the eyes and offers you an optimal viewing experience. These LED lights will also improve the contrast balance on your 30 to 40 inches wide TVs through the 9.8 feet long LED strip.

As the Power Practical TV bias lighting is powered by a USB connection, it can be paired with any smart TV. All you need to do is install the strip on the back of your TV and plug the USB header in the USB port of your TV. You will also find the 3M adhesive present on the rear side of the LED light strip that further eases the installation procedure. Even though it is a checker option, you will be getting a 1-year warranty on this TV bias lighting.

Best Features

  • 8 feet long TV bias lighting
  • Suitable for 30 to 40 inches TVs
  • USB powered LED light strip
  • Remote control included
  • One of the most affordable TV bias lighting
  • True white LEDs


  • Highly accurate color options
  • The installation procedure is very easy
  • One of the highest-selling options


  • Best suited for up to 40 inches TVs

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Bason LED TV bias Lighting

Bason LED TV bias Lighting

There are only a few options that you will find today that are compatible with up to 70 inches TVs or higher. Bason is bringing one such option at a very reasonable price tag.

The TV Bias lighting from Bason offers nearly 4096 color options for its users that can be adjusted between 16 pre-designed brightness levels. There are also 6 different dynamic light modes available that are great for parties and social gathering events. There is a default sleeping mode available with the Bason TV LED Backlight, which generates a mild orange hue in your room and automatically turns off after 30 minutes.

Bason offers nearly 15 feet of the LED light strip with every package that can be installed on a 60 to 70 inches wide TV. AS this TV bias lighting system is powered by a 5 volts USB input, you can easily plug it into your TV’s USB port for the power supply. It can also be used with a power bank in emergencies. The Bason TV LED Backlight does not emit excessive heat, which is great for your TV. Bason is also offering a year of warranty with these LED light strips.

Best Features

  • 76 feet long TV bias lighting
  • Suitable for 60 to 70 inches TVs
  • USB powered LED light strip
  • Highly functional remote control included
  • A great choice for large TVs
  • Nearly 4096 DIY color options


  • Covers up to 70 inches TVs with easy
  • Even light spread available for large TVs
  • Included remote control has a lot of features


  • Automatic customization options are not provided

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3. LE LED TV bias Lighting

LE LED TV bias Lighting

As we are discussing the affordable options for the best TV bias lighting, we cannot move further without listing the LE store. It is one of the most popular affordable brands for LED lights.

Here, we have one more plug-and-play option coming from a popular brand called LE store. It has sold nearly 4000 of these lights in the past and received great feedback from its customers. These lights do not require a separate power supply as you can plug it in your TV’s USB port directly or any other USB output port. There are 16 color options available, with each LED light provided on the 6.56 feet of LED strip. Also, there are 4 different lighting modes available for dynamic settings.

The installation process for LE LED Strip Lights is very easy. There is a sticky tape pre-applied over the LED strip length. All you need to do is clean the rear part of your TV and apply the LED strip directly without needing any tool or an additional adhesive. You can also adjust the strip in any shape you desire as the LED strip is broken into 3 pieces of 1.64 feet each. As separate installation is possible, you can even use these lights for TVs up to 65 inches in size with distant installation on each side of the TV.

Best Features

  • 56 feet long TV bias lighting
  • Suitable for 32 to 65 inches TVs
  • USB powered LED light strip
  • Available in 3 pieces of 1.56 feet each
  • 16 color options with 4 different lighting modes
  • RF remote control included


  • RF remote control works flawlessly through obstacles
  • Creative DIY installation possible
  • Pre-installed adhesive on the strip


  • Does not have WiFi compatibility

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4. Nexlux TV bias Lighting

Nexlux TV bias Lighting

Nexlux is the cheapest brand to offer TV bias LED lights on our list today. Still, its product is favoured by thousands of users that provided a positive response.

Remote-controlled TV bias lighting usually features very limited customization options and lacks to compete against WiFi-enabled options. But the following option from Nexlux features a 44 key remote controller that covers all of its customization options in detail. There are 20 color options paired with 8 lightning modes that include flashing, speed control, brightness control, and many more.

Even after being the cheapest option for the best TV bias lighting, the Nexlux Led Strip Lights comes in a 9.8 feet length and offers great results for 46 to 65 inches wide TVs. You will also find 6 dedicated DIY buttons on the remote itself that offers customized functionality on the remote which you can program yourself. Another interesting feature of the Nexlux Led Strip Lights is its 1 year warranty period despite its low price tag.

Best Features

  • 8 feet long TV bias lighting
  • Suitable for 46 to 65 inches TVs
  • USB powered LED light strip
  • 60 key DIT supported remote controller
  • Nearly 50000 hours lifespan for each LED
  • Supports DIY modes through remote control


  • Most affordable TV bias lighting
  • 20 color options
  • Remote control covers all lighting modes


  • Lacks WiFi compatibility

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Vansky LED TV bias Lighting

Vansky LED TV bias Lighting

Vansky is yet another brand that offers affordable choices for entertainment units. Along with a cheap TV antenna and car mounts, it also offers a TV bias lighting unit.

The Vansky LED Strip Lights offers you 16 different color options available on the 6.6 feet long LED strip that can be used for any TV between the size range of 40 to 60 inches. The LED lights available on this strip are RGB LED lights that beautifully illuminate the area around it once installed. You can install these flights on your monitor or TV to reduce the eye strain and get a better experience altogether.

The color accuracy and brightness levels for the LEDs present on the Vansky LED Strip Lights are carefully calibrated so that it offers the best performance for a very long time. You will also get a remote control included with the package that can help you to control the LED lighting modes and also the speed of effect and brightness levels. Vansky has also added an additional 3M adhesive tape if you decide to remove the strip and install it in a different location.

Best Features

  • 6 feet long TV bias lighting
  • Suitable for 40 to 60 inches TVs
  • USB powered LED light strip
  • 16 LED color options
  • The included remote control is highly functional
  • Easy to install as well as reinstall


  • Great choice in a budget-friendly price range
  • Spare 3M adhesive provided in the package
  • Reduced eye fatigue and increased visual enjoyment


  • There is no warranty period

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6. MYPLUS LED TV bias Lighting

MYPLUS LED TV bias Lighting

DIY options are highly popular amongst those who like to deeply customize their choice. Hence, we are featuring yet another DIY-focused option coming from Myplus.

Powered by an IR remote, the LED TV Backlight from Myplus is a great option for those who like to add a personal taste to their setups. The LED strip available in the Myplus LED TV Backlight is 13 feet long and can be used with 60 to 70 inches TVs. If you have a custom theme designed for your setup, you can install these TV bias lightings and create a similar effect with 13 color options available within 16 intensity levels and 6 lighting modes. The functionality of the LED lights is managed by an IR remote that works with the included L-type controller that goes on your TV.

The backlight levels offered by the Myplus LED TV Backlight can effectively comfort your eyes and enhance your viewing experience for all types of entertainment content. Paired with a strong adhesive out of the box, it gets very easy to install these LED strips. As these lights are completely resistant to heat, you can install them near the hot portion of your TV without worrying about heat damage. Myplus is also providing a separate alcohol pad with the lights that you can use to clean the surface before installation.

Best Features

  • 13 feet long TV bias lighting
  • Suitable for 60 to 70 inches TVs
  • USB powered LED light strip
  • Many buttons available in the IR remote controller
  • L type connector
  • IR remote can be used from any angle


  • Color options are great
  • Completely covers the rear side of large TVs
  • Heat resistance for a longer lifespan


  • There is no warranty period

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Hamlite LED TV bias Lighting

Hamlite LED TV bias Lighting

If you have a TV larger than 80 inches, then you should only prefer brands like Hamlite for a TV bias lights. Similar to other Hamlite choices, the following option also features a very long LED strip.

The Hamlite TV Bias Lighting is also one of the premium choices mentioned on our list of the best TV bias lighting. This LED lighting unit is available in 18 feet long LED light strip that effectively supports TVs within the 70 to 85 inches range, which is rarely available with other options. On top of that, each of the LEDs present on this LEd strip is a 6500K pure white LED so that you get the best color accuracy at all times. As the LED strip is very long, you can completely cover your TV from all 4 slides to generate the best light reflection.

As the LEDs are highly accurate in terms of color, you will find the built-in 18 colors options very pleasing paired with 10 different lighting modes. The speed and brightness of LEDs in each mode can be managed by the included RF remote that allows you to quickly change the setting as per your liking. The strip itself is designed with a W shape so that it can be easily bent near corners for a flawless installation.

Best Features

  • 18 feet long TV bias lighting
  • Suitable for 70 to 85 inches TVs
  • USB powered LED light strip
  • W shaped LEd light strip
  • Premium TV bias lighting
  • Covers all sides of a large TV


  • 18 color options available with 10 color modes
  • RF remote for extended remote control
  • Does not require any additional accessory for installation


  • Only suitable for large TVs

Buy Now From Amazon

8. Govee LED TV bias Lighting

Govee LED TV bias Lighting

There’s hardly any competition for premium brands like Govee that offers a great set of specifications and features with its products.

Our 1st pick for the best Tv bias lighting is coming from a premium brand called Govee. The Govee LED TV Backlight is basically the all-in-one option for a TV bias lighting system that you can install and customize the way you want it to be. For starters, it features fully RGB LED lights over the length of the 8.5 feet LED strip that can easily fit any TV within the range of 55 to 65 inches. Govee also offers a year of warranty on these lights, which are hardly offered by most other brands.

Coming to the customization options available on the Govee LED TV Backlight, the best feature here is the included camera. The camera goes on top of your TV and records the image shown on the TV. This way, it can detect the theme of the image and change the color accordingly. If you want manual control, you can also choose to control the lights with Alexa or Google voice assistant. There is also a built-in mic that offers automatic light sync with the music playing on your TV.

Best Features

  • 5 feet long TV bias lighting
  • Suitable for 55 to 65 inches TVs
  • USB powered LED light strip
  • Compatible with AI assistant and app control
  • Most premium TV bias lighting
  • Automatic mode available with built-in mic and camera


  • All in one TV bias lighting
  • Great set of specifications for the price
  • Automatic control is best for long term


  • Supported TV size should have been larger

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9. Govee Store Immersion TV Backlights

Govee Store

The first product on our list comes from a reliable brand called Govee Store. They are well-known for providing high-quality smart home products that are a combination of quality and affordable price.

It is equipped with 1080p intelligent camera that captures colors onscreen and applies to the TV backlights. Because of the higher resolution, you can be assured of the accurate color recognition. This lighting solution is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and Govee Home app.

You can operate them using voice commands for features like music mode, video, timer and others for creating the ambience required. It comes with RGBIC technology which helps in customizing each strip light segment.

It comes with 99+ scene modes and 2 video games. The installation process is quite easy and doesn’t need any professional help. Its ultrasensitive mic easily syncs up with all kinds of music. It also comes with 4 music sync modes that include energic, rolling, spectrum and rhythm.

Best Features:

  • 5 ft length
  • Smart voice control
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • RGBIC technology
  • Enhanced music mode


  • Suitable for 55 to 65 inches TV
  • 4 different modes
  • Dynamic light effects
  • 99+ scene modes
  • Easy to install
  • Good video experience


  • Calibration pads are just one-time stick ons

Buy Now From Amazon

10. CPLID TV LED Backlights

CPLID TV LED Backlights

If you are looking for a LED backlights for a TV with 60 inches to 65 inches dimensions, then this is the right option.

It is an upgraded light from 4 pieces pre-cut strip which is adequate enough for covering all the four sides. It takes around 5W power consumption to provide enough brightness. It is powered by the USB of your TV. So, it will turn on/off along with your television.

This LED backlight can be operated using a remote control. It is equipped with 17 different colors including 5000K white. As the strips are black in color, they will easily blend into the interiors. The installation process of these lights is quite easy as it takes just 5 to 10 minutes. The manufacturer offers 1-year warranty duration.

Best Features:

  • Suitable for 60 to 65 inches TV
  • 8 feet LED strips
  • High intensity illumination
  • Reliable quality
  • RF wireless remote


  • Powered by USB
  • Easy to install
  • Relieves eye strain
  • 1-year warranty


  • A little bit expensive

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best TV bias Lighting

Bias lighting is the best option to balance your surrounding while staring at a too dim TV or a too bright PC monitor. It can extend the perceived contrast range of the screen with its subtle, multiple color lighting and thus solves your imbalance of contrast with the TV’s brightness.

Knowing what features to consider while choosing the best option will make your selection process a bit easy task. Here in this buying guide, we have included all the information required to know about the TV bias lights and how to choose them as per your requirement.

Here is the outlook of factors to look for while shopping for the TV bias lighting.

1. Length of Light Strips:

The length of these LED light strips will differ with each product, and its length is mentioned in feet. The general size range of these light strips will be from 2 – 5 meters (continuous). Checking its length will give a clear idea about the applicability of the LED strip and whether it is suitable for your TV size or not.

Usually, monitors and TVs are available in various sizes. So, you have to measure all the four sides of the screen before making its purchase. For instance, a smaller light kit of 5 feet in length is enough for a larger monitor or smaller TV, whereas you need a larger size strip length for a bigger TV screen/monitor.

Go with an approximate size that covers the area thoroughly, yet not the exact size, because you can easily cut these LED light strips as per your required size without damaging the lights.

Also, the safe way to cut the strips will be at their pre-marked points. Finally, stick these strips properly without any faint spots or gaps in the reflection, which might ruin the immersion and look unpleasant.

2. Power Source:

A separate adapter is required to run these LED backlights in most cases. Usually, LEDs are energy-efficient, and running them on an adapter instead of using an AC wall socket is a better option. Some LED light strips are powered by USB, which is an ideal option for those having a slothful USB port on display with a power source of 5V, 1A USB. Thus, you don’t have to turn on/off the light with a separate plug. Furthermore, these lights will stay off whenever the TV is turned off. Yet these USB designs are used rarely due to their less modular and less adaptable feature.

3. Color Temperature:

We generally use this bias lighting to improve the content without minimizing the contrast. For this, you have to use the bulb that matches the screen’s temperature and the people creating your content. Thus, your household lights are not a perfect alternative, because they are warmer compared to the TV’s screen.

So, we suggest you look for lights that come with a color temperature of 6500K, which is the most common temperature. For further information, you have to check the specifications on the screen descriptions to get a clear idea of the required color temperature. Mostly, the manufacturers of these bias lighting consider this color temperature and design their models with a color temperature of 6500K LEDs.

4. Color Choices and Modes:

The decorative features of TV bias lighting depend upon the color options and modes offered by the LED lights. It is important to take a look at the lighting mode and color mode of the LED light, along with the type of LED light on the strip.

For instance, if they are RGB LEDs, you can enjoy up to 16 million color options that can be personally created from the supported smartphone app. If not, then you have a limited color option with this light strip, which can only be managed by the included remote.

The customization opportunity is higher with a higher number of colors provided in the lights. Also, some options support DIY modes for personalization. So, choose it wisely as per your lighting requirement.

5. Smart Features:

The smart features come in handy when you plan to use the lights daily, and don’t hesitate to set up and use these lights daily. The most common smart feature is the automatic schedule of lights that turn on the lights at a certain/specific time without controlling them manually. Also, this feature will let you adjust these lights as per your requirements.

Other smart features include Wi-Fi compatibility, voice control, IFTTT support, Ai voice assistant support, and much more. But, keep in mind that these features are only available in premium options. So, if you want to buy premium TV bias lighting, then ensure that it has all these features.

6. Price:

The general price range of these LED TV bias lighting will be from $10 – $100. This variation in the price is due to the size, color-changing or dimming options, and smart features. You have to select the model that should balance your lighting requirement and budget.

7. Warranty:

The LED light strips are designed in such a way that they are sealed on the strip and cannot be repaired at all. This means if something happened wrongly to your TV bias lighting, then the best solution is to replace them but not to repair them (no option for third-party repair). Hence you can claim only a replacement till your product is under warranty.

Though LED strips do not get easily damaged for a very long time, it is essential to purchasing the model that offers a warranty period so that you can replace your product if you have chosen a faulty unit.

How do We Set Up this TV Bias Lighting?

After buying your required bias lighting, you have to install or set up them properly. It is quite easy and straightforward to set up. Here is the simple procedure that let you know how to set up this backlight kit.

  • Take out the cover behind this light strip to get its adhesive side. Then stick it to the backside of your TV/computer screen. Ensure that they are attached a bit far from the screen edges (like 2 – 3 inches), which won’t be visible. It offers a smooth diffused light from behind the screen.
  • If you are unsure about its measurements, then test them by placing the light strip without taking off the adhesive cover. Then use masking tape to fix them, yet ensure the tape won’t cover the LEDs to prevent its damage.
  • After done with successful placement, then simply attach the lights properly backside of the screen. To make your light last effective for a long time, avoid attaching the light to any vents, ports, or uneven areas.
  • Make sure to cut the extra piece of LEDs only in the pre-marked areas. Plug the cable into the USB port of the screen to turn it on.
  • Change or set a variety of light intensity and colors with a remote controller till you got the desired one.
  • Finally, after setting all these things, you can enjoy watching your TV with great screen colors, and a perfect ambiance that reduces your eye strain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is there any difference in the color we choose to illuminate?

Usually, warmer colors (such as orange or red) will be less-matched with the screen color. So, to reduce your eye strain and enjoy a comfortable viewing experience, you can select pure white LED lights or RGB LEDs (with several colors in a single lighting strip). Also, these are dimmable that can be operated using a remote. If you can spend a bit more money, pick a bias lighting model, which changes colors based on your screen lighting, as it connects via HDMI rather than the regular USB port.

2. Shall we cut LED strip lights?

Yes, you can cut these LED strip lights, yet follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully while cutting. Generally, specific areas (pre-mark area) is the correct spot to cut these cuttable light strips. If you are worried about its cutting, we suggest you pick the lights exactly, as per your TV’s screen size.

3. Which color is the best and most preferred for this bias lighting?

Based on your purpose of using this bias lighting, you have to choose the color. Whether to reduce your eye strain while staring at a PC/TV’s screen (or) to add extra lights for improving the room’s aesthetic? So, you can choose from white light to various light modes as your preferences.
You may go with blue or purple bias lighting. Also, have multiple colors like yellow, orange, red, and green. However, selecting a color is completely depends on your preference. A white shade is the best option to get rid of eye strain.

4. How to prevent the falling off LED strip after fixing behind the TV?

In case, the adhesive on the strip lights won’t bond properly with the TV, then you have to follow these steps for a secure connection of these lights while fixing them at the back of the TV. Use a microfiber dust cloth to clean your TV without getting damp. After its thorough cleaning, use either 3M self-adhesive tape or foam tape to make it bond securely without falling off from the TV.

5. What is in this backlight kit?

Usually, the kit consists of a 3m adhesive LED light strip, a cable to plug into the USB port of the screen (to turn on/off along with the screen), and a remote (if using RGB LEDs for light variation).

6. What is the main reason behind placing these LED lights at the back of their TV?

Bias lighting is used for calming and relaxing effects. Though it is not an office desk lighting solution, yet offers a pleasant feeling while watching your TV without much eye strain. Also, it reduces your viewing fatigue, especially while viewing an LED TV (or LED-backlit computer), because the contrast between the room and the screen is dramatic. So, you can reduce this effect by adding bias lighting to your TV and thereby enjoy watching the screen, even for a longer time.


Today, we brought you some of the best and most popular TV bias lights available in the market right now. We have also mentioned all of the specifications along with each of the products so that you can get all of the information about the product before buying it. In case you find it difficult to decide which TV bias lighting is suitable for you, you can take a look at our buying guide for the best TV bias lighting and make an informed decision. On the other hand, is it also a good idea to get one of our top choices mentioned here.

  • If this is your first time buying a TV bias lighting and you are looking for an affordable option, the Nexlux LED Strip Lights is the right choice for you. You will get 9.8 feet light strip in this package which will suffice for 46 to 65 feet TVs without any issue. There are 20 color options available that can be controlled by the dedicated remote.
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for a premium and smart choice, the Govee LED TV Backlights is the best option for you. These are WiFi-enabled TV bias lights that can be controlled from a smartphone application as well as voice assistant programs. There is also a camera that records and detects the colors on your TV to change the lighting accordingly.
  • There are only a few options available for very large-sized TVs, and Hamlite TV Bias Lighting is one of them. With 6500K true white level, you will be getting 18 feet long LED light strip with this package. It is suitable for 70 to 85 inches TV sets and offers dedicated remote-controlled customization options.

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