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How To Find The Right RV Garage Door?

Choosing the right garage door for your RV is important for more than just looks. It’s about ensuring it works well, keeps your RV safe, and fits correctly. RV owners often need a door that not only fits their vehicle’s unique size but is also easy to use and boosts home security. This guide will help you consider key factors like size, material durability, and features that fit your lifestyle.

RV Garage Door Sizes:

RV garage door sizes are typically larger than standard garage doors to accommodate the size and height of recreational vehicles. Here are the common dimensions you should consider when selecting an RV garage door:

  1. Height: The standard height for RV garage doors is usually 12 to 15 feet. This range is to ensure clearance for taller RVs, which often include air conditioning units on the roof.
  2. Width: The width of an RV garage door generally starts at 8 feet for smaller RVs and can go up to 16 feet or more for those needing extra space for wider vehicles or additional clearance on the sides.
  3. Depth: While not directly related to the door itself, the depth of the garage should also be considered to accommodate the length of the RV. A typical RV garage depth might range from 20 to 40 feet, depending on the class of RV and additional storage needs.

It’s important to measure your RV carefully, including any additional accessories attached to it that might require extra space, to determine the precise size of garage door needed. Custom sizes can also be made to fit specific dimensions beyond these standard ranges, ensuring that any RV can be securely stored regardless of its size

RV Garage Size X RV Class

One of the most influential underminers of garage size is the RV class. These are further separated into three classes, and these classes are also subdivided. There are a lot of other vehicles that are likely to be RVs and take up as much space as them; hence they also require different-sized garages for their parking. There are 5 main garage-sized RVs.

  1. Class A 14-foot door
  2. Class B 12-foot door.
  3. Class B+ 12-foot door.
  4. Class C 12-foot door.
  5. Super C 14-foot door.

These are the motorhomes’ names A, B & C. A class motorhome. The class A  motorhomes usually come 34 to 44 feet long. A class B and A motorhome usually range between 19 to 23 feet. Likewise, class B+ motorhomes’ height ranges between 19 TO 24 feet and so on.

RV Garage Door Size Measurement

Calculating the size of the RV garage door that you require is pretty easy as all you have to work for is to start measuring the size and length of your RV first. To calculate the height of the door, it must need to be at least 2 feet taller than the top of your RV.

Take an example and say that you say that your RV is 20 inches. When you measure from the top head of the air conditioner to the side of the RV, adding 2 more inches will determine the total size of the RV garage door.

Pros of  Having An RV Garage

Many do not want to spend their money on an RV garage as its installation costs much more than a regular garage door. However, the RV truck needs to park at a site far from where it can be saved from rainwater and rough sunny days.

If one con of RVs is that they are expensive, throwing light on the pro can be that it gives your home a good look and protects your precious RV truck from lousy weather.

Given the reference from some studies, adding any garage can add up the property value by 13%, which can be proved profitable. Additionally, it can cut your extra rent by paying for the parking of your RV. The final benefit you can gain from installing an RV garage is that it will keep your vehicle maintained, and you do not have to worry about monitoring as it will be near you. You can easily guard it by using CCTV cameras.

Building An RV Garage

Multiple contractors can be fetched from any nearby station to construct an RV garage, as they are very competent and hardworking. These contractors are specialized workers in fields like construction, plumbing, and many other things.

They build things very efficiently so that they can stay strong and effective. Obviously, the garage door cannot be built on just assumptions of heights and overall length. A contractor will help you determine the major points you may be missing for building an RV garage door.

The easiest way to find a nearby contractor can also be achieved by finding out about those online. Always check to read the reviews and from which company they are related before giving him the contract for building your RV garage. If the person is not qualified enough, it may create possible future damages.


On the whole, an average RV garage door needs at least 12 ft in height so that if other items have been put into it, it can easily be parked in the garage without damage. For most RV owners, 12 feet may seem a little less, and for that, they can apply the 2-thumb rule, which can be stated as putting 2 fingers above the actual height. The two thumbs will make it easy for the contractor to determine the height and length; hence will help if the vehicle is overloaded by additional items. Getting a professional’s advice will be best and will ensure the work will be done correctly beforehand.

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