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10 Best Jack Stands in 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

If you’re a gearhead then you know the importance of having a reliable set of jack stands in your automotive arsenal. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just someone who likes to tinker with their ride on the weekends, safety is key, and that’s where the right jack stands come into play. In this article, we’re diving into the nitty-gritty of the 10 best jack stands of 2023. From heavy-duty options that can handle your beast of a truck to compact stands perfect for the smaller jobs, we’ve got you covered. So, buckle up (or should I say, jack up?) as we take a closer look at the top contenders in the world of jack stands to keep you and your four-wheeled baby safe and sound. Below we give you a detailed “Factors to consider” before buying this jack stands as per your needs. Take Look!

Best Jack Stands Table

Best Jack StandsWeight CapacityHeight RangeWarrantyBuy Now
BIG RED T43202 Jack Stand3 ton11.25 inch to 16.75 inch1 yearCheck On Amazon
AmazonBasics Steel Jack Stand3 ton11.25 inch to 16.75 inch1 yearCheck On Amazon
Pro-LifT T-6903D Jack Stand3 ton12 inch to 16.5 inch1 yearCheck On Amazon
Powerbuilt 620471 Jack Stand3 ton11 inch to 21 inch30 daysCheck On Amazon
CARTMAN 3 Ton Jack Stand3 ton10.9 inch to 16.3 inch1 yearCheck On Amazon
Performance Tool W41022 3 Jack Stand3 ton11.25 inch to 16.75 inch90 daysCheck On Amazon
Esco 10498 Jack Stand3 ton13.2 inch to 21.5 inch1 yearCheck On Amazon
Sunex 1210 Jack Stand3 ton11 inch to 17.3 inch1 yearCheck On Amazon
Apextreme Steel Jack Stand3 ton11.4 inch to 16.75 inch1 yearCheck On Amazon
Omega 32225B Jack Stand2 ton13.3 inch to 19.7 inch1 yearCheck On Amazon

Best Jack Stands Reviews

1. BIG RED T43202 Jack Stand

BIG RED T43202 Jack Stand

Meet your car’s new best friend – the BIG RED T43202 Torin Heavy Duty Steel Jack Stand. Engineered with a robust 3-ton (6,000 lb) capacity, these heavy-duty steel stands are built to handle your vehicle lifting needs with ease. Crafted for durability and stability, they feature a solid steel construction that ensures a secure and reliable lift for all your automotive maintenance tasks. Elevate your DIY game with these dependable jack stands that offer the perfect blend of strength and security.


  • Robust 3-ton capacity for versatile use
  • Solid steel construction for durability
  • Self-locking ratchet design enhances safety during use


  • May be heavier compared to lighter-duty stands
  • The design might lack some of the portability of lighter stands
  • Not Suitable for SUV and Trucks

Buy Now From Amazon

2. AmazonBasics Steel Jack Stand

AmazonBasics Steel Jack Stand

Introducing the AmazonBasics Steel Jack Auto Stands – your reliable partners for safe and secure car maintenance. With a sturdy 3-ton capacity, these auto stands are crafted from durable steel to ensure a stable and trustworthy lift for your vehicle. The self-locking ratchet mechanism adds an extra layer of safety, making them ideal for a range of automotive tasks. These stands are a dependable choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics, providing the strength and stability needed for peace of mind during undercarriage work.


  • Extremely affordable jack stands
  • Sturdy 3-ton capacity for various applications
  • Durable steel construction ensures reliability
  • Self-locking ratchet mechanism enhances safety (ASME PASE safety certification)


  • Not the most ideal option for heavy-duty usage
  • Limited mobility compared to more portable options

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Pro-LifT T-6903D Jack Stand

Pro-LifT T-6903D Jack Stand

Get ready to elevate your car maintenance game with the Pro-LifT T-6903D Double Pin Jack Stands. These heavy-duty stands boast a robust 3-ton capacity, thanks to their sturdy stamped steel construction. The high-quality cast ductile iron ratchet bar ensures durability and reliability, making them a go-to choice for various applications, from home garages to professional auto shops. The double locks mechanism, featuring both handle locks and a mobility pin, provides an extra layer of safety during use. With a smooth height adjustment mechanism, these jack stands allow for easy and precise upward movement, ensuring a secure lift for your vehicle. 


  • Sturdy stamped steel construction for durability
  • High-quality cast ductile iron ratchet bar ensures reliability
  • Double locks mechanism enhances safety during use
  • High value for money jack stand
  • Backed by ANSI and PALD safety certifications


  • Height adjust mechanism is a bit slow
  • Limited mobility compared to more portable options

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Powerbuilt 620471 Jack Stand

Powerbuilt 620471 Jack Stand

Powerbuilt 3 Ton All-in-One Car Lift, a true game-changer in vehicle maintenance. This ingenious jack seamlessly combines a bottle jack and jack stand into one compact unit, delivering speed and convenience like never before. The built-in ratcheting safety bar ensures the jack stand stays securely locked in the raised position, providing reliable support for your vehicle. With a 3,000-pound capacity and a lift range of 11 to 21 inches, it’s perfect for SUVs, trucks, vans, and jeeps. Crafted to last, this Unijack meets or exceeds ANSI standards and comes with the added assurance of a 1-year factory warranty. It can be your one-stop solution for efficient and secure vehicle lifting.


  • Combines jack stand and hydraulic bottle jack in one unit
  • Ideal for SUVs, trucks, RVs, and off-road use
  • Wide base adds stability on various surfaces
  • Safety bar for locking at desired height


  • May be heavier compared to standalone bottle jacks
  • Limited mobility compared to traditional jack stands

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5. CARTMAN 3 Ton Jack Stand

CARTMAN 3 Ton Jack Stand

The CARTMAN Car Jack Stands are your go-to solution for secure and reliable car lifting. Constructed with sturdy stamped steel and a welded frame design, these jack stands are built to last. This set of two 3-ton stands (6,600 lb total capacity when used together) provides essential support for your vehicle after lifting with a jack. The multi-position forged iron ratchet bar, featuring a sawtooth design, allows for quick and easy height adjustments ranging from 11.4″ to 16.5″. The wide pyramid foot base and large top saddle ensure stable support, emphasizing the importance of use on a level surface. Safety is paramount, and these stands meet US safety standards, backed by a limited 2-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Quick height adjustments for convenience
  • Wide pyramid foot base provides stable support
  • Includes an ANSI safety certification


  • May be heavier compared to lighter-duty stands

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6. Performance Tool W41022 3 Jack Stand

Performance Tool W41022 3 Jack Stand

Elevate your vehicle maintenance game with the Performance Tool W41022 Jack Stand Set. Engineered for convenience, these jack stands feature a ratchet style for easy adjustments, making lifting your vehicle a breeze. With a 3-ton maximum capacity per pair (3000 lb. per jack stand), this set of two stands provides reliable support for a variety of vehicles and heavy equipment. The lift range, spanning from 12 to 17-1/4 inches, ensures versatility for different maintenance tasks. Perfect for garages, shops, or auto mechanic maintenance bays, these jack stands are your trusty companions for secure and hassle-free vehicle lifting.


  • Easy ratchet-style adjustments for convenience
  • Vibrant yellow enamel finish for visibility
  • Ideal for a variety of vehicles and heavy equipment
  • Heavy-duty steel construction


  • Adjustment is not the easiest to do

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Esco 10498 Jack Stand

Esco 10498 Jack Stand

Meet the ESCO 10498 Jack Stand – your reliable companion for heavy-duty lifting. With a robust 3-ton capacity and a height range of 13.2 to 21.5 inches, this stand is a versatile solution for various automotive maintenance tasks. Featuring a powder-coated finish, it’s built to resist rusting and corrosion, ensuring durability over the long haul. Whether you’re working on a truck, SUV, or a smaller vehicle, the 6,000 lb. capacity per stand ensures secure and stable support, making it a must-have in your garage or workshop.


  • Durable powder-coated finish for longevity
  • 10 Adjustable height positions for versatility
  • Robust 3-ton capacity for heavy-duty lifting
  • High grip rubber lifting pad


  • Slightly on the expensive side
  • Sold individually, so you may need to purchase a pair

Buy Now From Amazon

8. Sunex 1210 Jack Stand

Sunex 1210 Jack Stand

Sunex 1210 10-Ton Low Height Pin Type Jack Stands, a powerhouse for your heavy-duty lifting needs. Built with a four-leg steel base and heavy schedule pipe, these jack stands offer unparalleled strength and stability. The quick and easy height adjustment ensures efficiency in your workflow, while the large saddle with locating lugs provides secure support. The V-shaped saddle is designed to cradle axles and other under-truck components, making it an ideal choice for various applications.


  • Heavy-duty construction for added strength
  • Quick and easy height adjustment for efficiency
  • V-shaped saddle for versatile under-truck support
  • Very high weight capacity


  • May be overkill for lighter vehicles
  • Quite a high-end jack stand pair

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9. Omega 32225B Jack Stand

Omega 32225B Jack Stand

Unleash the power of the Omega 32225B Heavy Duty Jack Stand, designed to tackle the toughest lifting challenges with ease. With a staggering 22-ton capacity, these stands boast heavy-duty holding pins for adjustable heights, ensuring a secure and customizable lift for your heavy loads. The large saddle provides unwavering support, while the sturdy welded steel construction and heavy gauge steel frame prevent twisting, making them a reliable choice for demanding tasks. With a height range spanning from 13-1/3 inches to 19-2/3 inches, these jack stands offer versatility for a variety of heavy-duty applications.


  • Massive 22-ton capacity for heavy-duty lifting
  • Safe to use with a large saddle
  • Sturdy construction prevents twisting


  • Overkill for lighter vehicles
  • A high-end jack stand pair
  • Height range can be a bit limited

Buy Now From Amazon

10. Apextreme Steel Jack Stand

Apextreme Steel Jack Stand

Apextreme Jack Stand – a reliable companion for your vehicle maintenance needs. Built with sturdy stamped steel construction, these stands boast a 3-ton (6,500 lb) capacity each, providing robust support for a variety of vehicles. The height ranges from 11-2/5’’ to 16-3/4’’, offering versatility for different lifting tasks. The wide pyramid foot base ensures added strength and stable support, while the large contact surface area saddles enhance stability and efficiency. Meeting or exceeding ANSI/PALD standards, these jack stands are an ideal choice for home, auto, truck service, farm, and shop use.


  • Sturdy construction for durability
  • High-quality sawtooth ratchet bar featuring a double lock protection
  • Double lock protection for enhanced safety


  • Height adjust mechanism could have been better

Buy Now From Amazon

How To Choose The Best Jack Stands

Choosing the best jack stands is crucial for ensuring safety and stability when working under your vehicle. Here are some key points to consider:

1. Weight Capacity

Determine the weight of your vehicle and choose jack stands with a capacity that exceeds this weight. It’s essential to use jack stands that can handle the load to prevent accidents.

2. Material and Construction

Look for jack stands made from durable materials such as steel. Stamped steel or cast iron is common for heavy-duty stands. The construction quality directly affects the strength and longevity of the jack stands.

3. Height Range

Consider the minimum and maximum height range of the jack stands. Ensure that the stands can reach the required height to lift your vehicle adequately and provide enough clearance for the work you need to perform.

4. Adjustment Mechanism

Check the adjustment mechanism for ease of use. Quick-adjustment mechanisms, such as a ratcheting system, can save time and effort when setting the height of the jack stands.

5. Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism is a critical safety feature. Look for jack stands with a secure locking system, such as a pin, lever, or ratchet mechanism. Double-locking systems provide an extra layer of safety.

6. Base Design

A wide and sturdy base is essential for stability. Look for jack stands with a pyramid or tripod base design, as these provide better support and reduce the risk of sinking into soft surfaces.

7. Saddle Design

The saddle is the part of the jack stand that makes contact with your vehicle. Look for stands with a large and flat saddle or one designed to cradle specific vehicle components. This ensures stability and prevents damage to the vehicle.

8. ANSI/PALD Compliance

Choose jack stands that meet or exceed safety standards, such as those set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Portable Automotive Lifting Device (PALD) standards. This compliance ensures that the jack stands have undergone rigorous testing.

9. Brand Reputation

Consider purchasing from reputable brands with a history of producing reliable automotive equipment. Reviews and recommendations from other users can provide insights into the performance and durability of specific jack stands.

10. Portability and Storage

If you plan to move the jack stands frequently, consider their weight and whether they have a compact design for easy storage. Some models come with carrying handles or storage cases for convenience.

11. Warranty

Check for a warranty or guarantee offered by the manufacturer. A good warranty reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s quality and can provide you with peace of mind.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose jack stands that not only meet your immediate needs but also prioritize safety and long-term durability during your automotive maintenance tasks.

Types of Jack Stands

Jack stands are classified into three main types depending on their locking mechanism. They are pin-lock, ratchet lock, and screw lock. Knowing about them in detail will help you to pick the correct option that suits your requirement.

1. Pin Lock Jack Stand 

This stand is a common type that comes with a row of holes in a pyramid shape and a pin, in which you have to place the pin to maintain the height of the support bar in its position. It has a simple design that makes it durable and easy to use yet won’t work quickly. With its hardened steel, the pin is stronger enough to support the weight of a wide range of vehicles. After adjusting the height of the support bar to the pinch point under the car, then insert the pin through the hole to maintain them in its place.

2. Ratchet Lock Jack Stand 

A ratchet system is used in this type of jack that locks the support bar automatically. It is a simple design with easy to use mechanism, as you need to pull the support bar at your required height. The height raises in any of the ratchet systems are smaller and let more flexibility to use the stand under the vehicle than the pin-lock jack stand. Though they are durable, their design might risk failure. If you want this stand then pick a product from a reliable brand that ensures the stand was designed to support enough weight of the vehicle.

3. Screw Lock Jack Stand 

It is the least common type designed to be stronger than a ratchet lock, yet not as a pin-lock stand. The main drawback is its design which takes a bit longer time to use than other jack stand types. The saddle (pinch point) of the vehicle rests on the support after being fitted to the top of the screw-like center column where the height is adjusted by either unscrewing or screwing. Though it is not a quick way to work, its design will help you to set various custom heights for comfortable and convenient work

Safety Tips To Use the Jack Stands Properly

  • Choose the Right Capacity: Ensure the jack stands’ weight capacity exceeds your vehicle’s weight.
  • Stable Ground: Place the jack stands on a level and firm surface to prevent tipping.
  • Proper Lifting Points: Lift the vehicle using manufacturer-recommended lifting points.
  • Secure Jacking: Use a hydraulic jack to lift the vehicle, and only use jack stands for support.
  • Double-Check Locking Mechanism: Ensure the jack stand’s locking mechanism is engaged before working under the vehicle.
  • Even Height: Set both jack stands at the same height to maintain vehicle balance.
  • Regular Inspection: Inspect jack stands for damage or wear before each use.
  • Avoid Overextension: Do not extend the jack stands beyond their maximum height limit.
  • Use in Pairs: Always use jack stands in pairs, never rely on a single stand.
  • Lower Gently: Lower the vehicle slowly and steadily, ensuring stability throughout.
  • Store Properly: Store jack stands in a cool, dry place when not in use.
  • Follow Manufacturer Guidelines: Adhere to the instructions and guidelines provided by the jack stand manufacturer.

And there you have it, fellow auto aficionados – the lowdown on the 10 best jack stands cruising through 2023! Whether you’re a weekend warrior in the garage or a seasoned mechanic, having the right set of jack stands is like having a trusty sidekick in the world of automotive tinkering. From heavy-duty giants ready to tackle trucks to versatile options for your everyday ride, we’ve covered the spectrum. Remember, safety first – pick the stands that match your vehicle’s weight, and always, always double-check those locking mechanisms. Here’s to smooth lifts, secure holds, and endless hours of grease-monkey glory! Happy wrenching, folks!

Jack Stands – FAQs

1. How do we use a jack stand?

Ans: To use a jack stand, first, lift the vehicle using a hydraulic jack at recommended lifting points. Once lifted, place the jack stands under sturdy parts of the vehicle’s frame and slowly lower it onto the stands. Ensure the stands are securely locked and on a stable surface before working under the vehicle.

2. Is it safe to use jack stands?

Ans: Yes, when used properly, jack stands are safe and essential for vehicle maintenance. Ensure you follow proper procedures, choose stands with an adequate weight capacity, and place them on stable ground for secure and reliable support.

3. Where to place the jack stand underneath the car?

Ans: Place the jack stand underneath the car at manufacturer-recommended lifting points, typically along the vehicle’s frame or designated jack points. Avoid putting the stands on unstable or sloped surfaces, ensuring a secure foundation for stable support.

4. Which is a safer option to use – jack stands or ramps?

Ans: Both jack stands and ramps are safe options when used correctly, but they serve different purposes. Jack stands are ideal for accessing the underside of the vehicle, offering stability, while ramps are convenient for quick maintenance tasks like oil changes. Always follow safety guidelines and use the appropriate equipment for the specific job.

5. Do these jack stands fail while using them?

Ans: When used properly and within their specified weight capacity, jack stands are generally reliable and safe. However, failure can occur if overloaded or if the stands are damaged or improperly secured. Regular inspections, adherence to weight limits, and following safety guidelines help minimize the risk of failure during use.

6. Shall we work on hydraulic jacks supported vehicles?

Ans: No, working under a vehicle supported solely by a hydraulic jack is unsafe. Always use jack stands to provide stable and secure support before performing any maintenance or repairs under a lifted vehicle. Hydraulic jacks are designed for lifting, not for long-term support.

7. What to do if Jack stands to fail?

Ans: If jack stands fail or show signs of instability, cease work immediately. Retain a safe distance and avoid going under the vehicle. Reassess the stands, inspect for damage, and if in doubt, replace them before resuming any work. Safety is paramount; never compromise when it comes to equipment reliability.

8. Shall we lift a single side of the vehicle using these jack stands?

Ans: No, it’s not recommended to lift only one side of the vehicle using jack stands. For stability and safety, always lift and support the entire front or rear end of the vehicle using two jack stands, ensuring an even distribution of weight.

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