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Tools To Change A Tire

One of the most upbeat mantras to live by is “Hope for the best but expect the worst”. Be optimistic but be ready for all things that can happen when you are driving the car. This will save you from potential disasters, headaches, and disappointments.

As a driver, you can expect a flat tire any time. It can happen without any warning and at any time and anywhere. Therefore, it becomes necessary to keep some tools handy, which will be helpful if you have a flat tire. We have listed the most important tools that you need in order to change a tire.

What are the Essential Tools to Change a Tire?

There are some essential tools that are absolutely necessary when you want to change the tire of your tire. We have elaborated on them in the section.

1. A Spare Tire

This is the essential component that you need to change a spare tire. There is no way you can change a flat tire without having a spare tire to be able to change it with. You should not only have a spare tire in your car, but there should be some work to keep it in proper condition, just like for the other four tires on the ground.

Make sure that in the routine inflation, you also check the spare tire. So that when you change the tire, it is not underinflated as it can pose a problem. Checking inflation regularly will prevent this from happening.

The spare tire is mostly of the same size with the same specifications as the other four. However, sometimes the spare is of a smaller size which is meant for limited speed and use. If you have doubts, it is better to check the instruction manual of the car and the sidewall of the spare tire.

2. A Jack

Mostly, cars nowadays come with a jack from the dealership. If your car does not have one, you should purchase it immediately and keep it in the back of your car. If you go for the latter option, it is better to purchase a good-quality jack that will stand the test of time. It is used to hold the car’s weight, so make sure you are going for a solid one.

3. Lug Wrench With Extension Bar

This is the tool that you need to actually change the car tire. You need to confirm that the lug wrench is of a suitable size for the lug nuts of your tire. If the lug wrench has a separate socket for your lug nuts, ensure that you have them stored in the car for the time when you have a flat tire.

What are the Additional Tools Used to Change a Tire?

After the essential tools, in this section, we have discussed the additional tools that you can keep handy when changing a tire.

1. Jack Stands

The jack stands help to raise a vehicle while changing a tire. Depending on a single jack is not always safe so it is better to balance the vehicle on jack stands.

2. Torque Wrench

The torque wrenches are utilised to apply and control torque when tightening the fasteners, bolts, and lug nuts. It ensures the safety of the user while changing the tire.

3. Wheel Chocks

In case of an emergency, the often-forgotten but good thing to have is the wheel clock. These wheel clocks are an added safeguard that prevents the car from rolling when you are trying to change the tire. However, if you don’t have one, a rock on the road will help you achieve this. These are not necessary but they make the tire-changing experience a lot easier.

4. Cordless Impact Wrench

This tool loosens and tightens the rusted fasteners, lug nuts and bolts. They feature high rotational torque which the usual drills do not have and allow the user high torque output with minimum effort by the user.

5. Torque limiting Sticks

The torque limiting sticks are used to limit the tightening of the fasteners on the tyre. You can prevent over tightening the lug nuts which will save your tyre from all kinds of damage.

6. Wheel Cover Remover

This is a tool which is used to remove the hubcap from your wheel with ease and without causing any damage to the tire or the cover.

7. Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire pressure gauges are employed to measure the tyre pressure of the vehicle. Checking the tire pressure is important while changing so that there is no potential accident.

8. Road Flares

Road flares are employed to control traffic till something like cones is available. This will help to indicate that the car is stationary for the moment and cannot be moved for the other drivers.

9. Gloves

Changing a tire is a heavy-duty and demanding task. Also, the parts that you are going to move to change the tire can be heated during the drive. So, to avoid wear and tear on your hand, you can purchase a sturdy pair of work gloves.

10. Metal Tube

If your tires were installed using power tools or if they had been bolted on for years, the lug nuts on them might not come off easily. The metal tube can be used to fit over the lug nuts so that they can slide off easily.

Final Word

We have listed all the tools that you should keep handy in your car when you are trying to change a tire. We hope that they will help when the time comes and you need to replace a flat tire. Happy Driving!

If you still have any doubts or queries, do mention them in the comments section below.

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