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The 8 Best Ball Joints Reviews – Ultimate Guide

“Here, you can find the best ball joints that are efficient and durable.”

Ball joints are essential parts of a vehicle’s suspension and steering system that connect the vehicle to the wheel. It is designed to allow the wheels to turn in all directions and absorb shock to provide a smooth and safe drive.

It provides stable movement (connecting steering knuckle and control arm) and full control over your car/truck while making turns or driving on an uneven road.

Also, it experiences wear due to friction and needs to be checked and replaced. Choosing the right type of ball joints is vital for your vehicle to improve its performance and safety.

We suggest you consider the following key factors while investing in ball joints.

  • Number of Ball Joints –

If you are familiar with suspension assembly or ball joints, then you must know there should a total of 4 ball joints in the vehicle/truck (modern cars have 2 ball joints). Most models offer a pack of 4 ball joints, while some models include a single ball joint. For a better and safe driving experience, it is highly recommended to get a set of 4 ball joints to replace them all, even a single ball joint is damaged.

  • Compatibility –

Not all ball joint models will fit perfectly into every car. So, check the compatibility of the ball joints before buying for your vehicle. For this, you have to visit the user manual or manufacturer’s website to know what design will fit properly with your vehicle model. Also, check the type of ball joints along with upper or lower or both side ball joints.

  • Types –

Load-carrying and non-load carrying are two main types of ball joints. Before purchasing, you have to check with the manufacturer while replacing the ball joints.

  • Load-Carrying Ball Joints will carry the vehicle’s weight and thereby quickly wear. They are found in the lower ball joints in the suspension system and require regular check-ups.
  • Non-Load Carrying ball joints won’t carry any load and thereby won’t wear quickly and can be used for several years. It is found in upper control arm suspensions to support lower ball joints.

To help you find the best option from various models of ball joints in the market, we came up with a list of the top-selling ball joints along with their best features, pros, and cons. Also, we recommend reading our detailed “Buying Guide” to help you in selecting the right ball joints for your vehicle.

Best Ball Joints 2023

Ball JointsNo. of Ball JointsCompatibilityWarrantyBuy Now
MOOG Ball Joint1 joint4WD carsLifetimeCheck On Amazon
TeraFlex Ball Joints4 jointsJeep WranglerLifetimeCheck On Amazon
All Balls Ball Joint Kit1 jointPolaris RangerLifetimeCheck On Amazon
Detroit Axle Ball Joints4 jointsJeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Comanche, Wagoneer10 yearsCheck On Amazon
ACDelco Ball Joint1 jointGM and non-GM, Sierra, Chevy Avalanche, and Silverado1 yearCheck On Amazon
Rough Country Ball Joints4 jointsJeep Wrangler JK3 yearsCheck On Amazon
ApplianPar Ball Joints4 jointsPolaris Ranger, Polaris RZR---Check On Amazon
Alloy USA Ball Joint Kit4 jointsJeep Wrangler/Cherokee5 yearsCheck On Amazon

Best Ball Joints Reviews

1. MOOG K80026 Ball Joint

MOOG Ball Joint

Moog is among some of the popular entry-level offerings out there when you are looking for ball joints that are not only extremely sturdy but also offer high compatibility.

The MOOG K80026 ball joint comes at the 1st position of this list as it is the cheapest option mentioned here. You get such a low price tag with this ball joint as there is only a single one included in the box.

Thankfully, this single ball joint works with a wide range of 4WD cars and trucks making it highly versatile. Apart from being versatile, this ball joint from Moog is also quite sturdy thanks to its excellent build quality and the lifetime warranty that Moog offers to the user.

Best Features:

  • Includes 1 ball joint in the box
  • Made for different 4WD platforms
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Affordable ball joint model
  • Long-lasting build quality and warranty period
  • Ideal for various 4WD cars and trucks


  • Small ball joints pack size

Buy Now From Amazon

2. TeraFlex 3442002 Ball Joints

TeraFlex Ball Joints

In comparison with other options and brands related to car ball joints, TeraFlex is highly premium and on the expensive side which is expected from such high-quality ball joints.

TeraFlex’s 3442002 ball joint pack comes at the 2nd position of this list as you can go with this if you want a premium ball joint pack. Being a pack of ball joints, you can find a total of 4 ball joints in the box for all 4 wheels of your car.

These 4 ball joints are designed to work primarily with the Jeep Wrangler models. Because TeraFlex and its ball joints are quite expensive and premium, the superb build quality, and the lifetime warranty that it offers is to be expected.

Best Features:

  • Includes 4 ball joints in the box
  • Made for Jeep Wrangler
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Highly sturdy ball joints
  • Premium warranty and build quality
  • Ball joints made for all the wheels


  • Quite an expensive set of ball joints

Buy Now From Amazon

3. All Balls Ball Joint Kit

All Balls Ball Joint Kit

All Balls can be another viable option to keep in mind if you are looking for ball joint brands that not only offer sturdy spare parts but make them available at affordable prices.

This All Balls 42-1037 ball joint comes at the 3rd position of this list as this can be another viable option for those who are on a budget thanks to the low price tag of this ball joint. Just like the previous Moog ball joint, this one also offers only a single ball joint resulting in a low price tag.

However, the compatibility of this ball joint is a bit limited to only Polaris Rangers and its models which can be an issue if you have any other car or truck. Thankfully, similar to Moog, All Balls also includes a lifetime warranty with this ball joint.

Best Features:

  • Includes 1 ball joint in the box
  • Made for Polaris Ranger models
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Excellent build quality ball joint
  • Entry-level ball joint with low price tag
  • Long warranty period for a reliable ball joint


  • Limited compatibility ball joint

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Detroit Axle – Front Upper Lower Ball Joints

Detroit Axle - Front Upper Lower Ball Joints

Detroit Axle is one of the oldest brands of car spare parts like axles, suspensions, bushings, and even ball joints making it a viable option for many buyers.

You can get a highly versatile and value for money ball joint pack from Detroit Axle if you are looking for spare parts. For starters, despite having a fairly low price tag, this Detroit Axle ball joint pack includes a total of 4 ball joints in the box.

With this pack size, you can replace all the ball joints of your car if you have a Jeep Grand Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Comanche, or a Jeep Wagoneer. While it may not be the highest, the included 10-year long warranty is quite decent.

Best Features:

  • Includes 4 ball joints in the box
  • Made for Jeep Grand Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Comanche, and Jeep Wagoneer
  • Comes with a 10-year long warranty


  • Highly versatile and compatible ball joints for Jeep cars
  • Ball joints with great build quality
  • Includes a decent warranty period for ball joints longevity


  • Lacks any additional accessories

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Rough Country Ball Joints

Rough Country Ball Joints

Rough Country is well-known for providing high-quality car and other vehicle accessories that include struts, shocks, floor mats, lighting and others.

Their ball joints are specially designed for Jeep Wrangler JK. They are engineered to handle additional stress of oversized tires.

This set of 4 ball joints is made up of high-quality materials which ensures longevity. The manufacturer provides 3-years warranty on this product.

Best Features:

  • Designed for Jeep Wrangler JK
  • Set contains 4 ball joints
  • Heavy-duty


  • Good quality
  • Value for money
  • 3-years warranty


  • Only compatible for jeep wrangler
  • Has to be greased prior installation

Buy Now From Amazon

6. ACDelco Suspension Ball Joint

ACDelco Advantage Front Lower Suspension Ball Joint ACDelco is a popular manufacturer of automotive components that are durable and provide long lasting performance. The brand uses premium parts backed by General Motors to design its products.

ACDelco’s suspension ball joint is an affordable option for you GM and non-GM vehicles. The ball joint features a polyurethane dust boot and one-piece housing that makes it durable. It can withstand extreme impact, wear, and fatigue, and provide continued performance.

The suspension ball joint is manufactured at ISO 9001-certified facilities to ensure quality and performance. Furthermore, the shell is machined and forged to provide extra strength. ACDelco backs this ball joint with a 12 months warranty from the original date of purchase.

Best Features

  • Manufactured at ISO 9001-certified facilities
  • Compatible with GM and non-GM vehicles including Sierra, Chevy Avalanche, and Silverado
  • Comes with 12 months warranty


  • Easy to install
  • Durable build quality
  • Good value for money


  • Boot gets dry rotted soon

Buy Now From Amazon

7. ApplianPar Front Upper and Lower Ball Joints

ApplianPar Front Upper and Lower Ball Joints

In comparison with other ball joint offerings and their brands that we have discussed in this article till now, ApplianPar is a bit new but manages to offer decent value for money.

ApplianPar’s ball joint pack is another viable option for ball joint buyers who want a high value for money. Despite having a decent price tag, you still get 4 ball joints in the box for all the wheels of your car.

Talking about the compatibility of these ball joints, you can expect them to work with almost all Polaris Ranger and RZR cars which is quite good if you also have a Polaris vehicle. Unfortunately, being a new brand of ball joints, ApplianPar lacks any form of manufacturer warranty.

Best Features:

  • Includes 4 ball joint in the box
  • Made for various Polaris Ranger and Polaris RZR models


  • Goes great with various Polaris vehicles
  • Large pack results in a high value for money
  • Ball joints with a decent strength and sturdiness


  • Misses out on a manufacturer warranty

Buy Now From Amazon

8. Alloy USA 11801 Suspension Ball Joint Kit

Alloy USA 11801 Suspension Ball Joint KitAlloy USA provides high quality products that ensure durability and longevity. Their ball joints are specifically designed with a low profile zerk fitting which often not present in factory replacement parts.

The inner insert is replaced with high strength steel socket which provides improved ball joint strength. This kit comes with 2 upper and lower heavy-duty ball joints. They are made from SAE 4120 and 4140 heated premium grade steel which ensures durability.

It also features threaded preload system which prolongs the ball joint life. This product comes with hardware included with it.

Best Features:

  • Heavy-duty ball joint kit
  • Low profile zerk fitting
  • Threaded preload system
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Durable
  • Kit includes 2 ball joints
  • Steel construction
  • Value for money
  • Good warranty duration


  • Seals can be broken after some usage

Buy Now From Amazon

How to Choose the Best Ball Joints

Ball joints offer a movable and flexible connection in the car’s suspension assembly that connects wheels to the frame. So, you should be careful when choosing this important part of the vehicle. Here, we enlisted some important factors to take into account while shopping for ball joints, which help you make a wise and informed buying decision.

Let’s get into the details…

1. Types

Load-carrying and non-load carrying are two main types of ball joints available in the market. Before buying or replacing the ball joints, we recommended you to contact your manufacturer.

Here is a detailed explanation of these ball joint types to know which one is best suitable for your vehicle.

  • Load Carrying Ball Joints

As the name suggests, these put up and carry the vehicle’s load/weight easily. Moreover, they deteriorate faster compared to their counterparts. Most of these are found on the lower ball joints in the vehicle’s suspension system. Since they quickly and highly wear, all these parts require regular checking and replacements if needed.

  • Non-Load Carrying Ball Joints

These are contrary to load-carrying models. Without any load carrying capabilities, they won’t experience any quick wear and tear, and thereby used for several years without any issues. They can be found on the upper control arm suspensions to assist the lower arm’s ball joint.

Moreover, other types comprise ball joints that can grease, and self-lubricating. Compared to self-lubricating, grease will aid in operating the vehicle silently (without any noise). Some ball joints are sealed that allow grease to filter and flush out the contaminants effectively.

2. Quality

A product made of high-quality material will be stronger, durable, and last longer. Steel is the common material used in the construction of ball joints. So, choose a ball joint that is made of high-quality steel crafting, as it ensures sturdy, rust-free, and long-lasting usage. Thus, it won’t let you worry about its abrasion caused due to regular usage.

3. Grease Vs. Self-Lubricating

As we already mentioned, some ball joints are self-lubricating that won’t need much maintenance and regular check-up. While other ball joints need regular greasing, especially if having a Zerk fitting, which let you effectively lubricate its parts.

Though self-lubricating models save a lot of time and effort in their maintenance, yet the greaseable models allow smooth and silent operation of the vehicle. Applying grease every time will let you clean all the contaminants, including old or used-up grease. Thus, it renews the performance of joints and provides a longer lifespan.

Verdict – A greaseable ball joint is the best option for those who can perform a little maintenance regularly. While a self-lubricating ball joint is an ideal option for people who are not a handy type.

4. Completeness

This is not a big issue for most people, but it prevents the need to purchase separate components. It offers the completeness of the product for effective usage. Some models come with all the essential parts while some other models won’t. So, we suggest you select the unit that help you to do your work properly and efficiently.

5. Compatibility

Whether replacing only a single ball joint or all four, ensure that ball joints will fit perfectly for your car. Usually, some fittings and characteristics are not at all similar in every vehicle, which means that every ball joint doesn’t fit into every vehicle. So, make sure to check whether the design of the ball joint fits perfectly with the vehicle’s model or not before picking to make your purchase worthwhile.

To grab the right value from your money, you have to check the user manual or visit the website of your vehicle manufacturer. This helps to find out the precise specifications that ensure you purchase the right type of ball joints.

Moreover, it is a must to check whether your car or vehicle requires lower or upper or both, and also check for its type (load-carrying or non-load carrying) while investing in ball joints.

6. Features

There are various ball joint models that offer diverse features, and these models may or may not offer all your essential or required features. So, you have to review the best recommendations thoroughly to know whether they cater to your requirements or not. Most experts suggest comparing your required features to the model price for a better investment.

7. Strength

The strength and durability are essential to consider while shopping for replacement ball joints. Based on the number of turns the wheels make, you have to choose a model that can easily sustain and endure all turns done when driving.

8. Number of Parts/Ball Joints

The vehicle (car or truck) should have a total of 4 ball joints. Some premium or expensive ball joints are available as kits that include full front suspension arms, links, and rods, which removes the need to search and purchase individual components separately. However, it is a big deal when you need to replace the whole unit, yet if replacing any single part, then it is affordable to purchase only a single component.

9. Design

Though the main parts (like bearings, housing, washer, ball stud, or spring) in each properly fitting ball joints are similar, yet quality will differ in the design of these parts. While checking the quality of these parts, you have to seek out the strength and durability of the bearing metal, how to lubricate parts and the shell’s construction.

10. Coating

Usually, the ball joints’ role and position on the vehicle will easily make it more prone to rust or corrosion and regular wear. Ball joints with high-resistance coatings like polyurethane will eliminate all these issues and enhance its longevity. Also, this coating will protect them from contaminants causing corrosion.

11. Brand

Most people prefer branded products for their sturdy, durability and long-lasting nature. A ball joint is an essential component of the vehicle, we recommend you pick a branded product, especially from the original supplier. The products from the popular brands should be of higher quality.

12. Price

Price is another deciding factor for most people, but don’t prefer to choose the cheaper models. Purchase the best model with decent build quality that suits perfectly for your requirement within your price range to get great value for your money.

13. Warranty

Check the warranty on the ball joints before making its purchase, as it ensures the product lasts for a longer time. Being a basic car part, the ball joints have excellent strength, support, and movement to the wheel and suspension of the car. Generally, a long warranty period of either 10 years or even a lifetime warranty in various cases. So, ensure to pick a unit that comes with a longer warranty to have peace of mind.

How to know that Ball Joints are Failed to Work?

When the ball joints start to fail, you can easily detect its signs like some sort of noise and feeling difference while driving. Here are some common bad signs or failing of ball joints working that let you know when to set or replace them properly with a new one.

Knocking and Clunking

The first sign is clunking, knocking, or clanging noises that you hear from your vehicle/car when ball joints get loose. The noises are noticeable while driving across rough or uneven terrain (or) turning a car. Initially, the sound will be quiet and gets louder, if it is still experiencing wear. Finally, the ball joints may break down.

Excessive Vibration

Do you observe a car/vehicle is slightly shaking? Then it is also a failing sign of ball joints that caused to its loose-fitting in the socket. It vibrates while driving the vehicle and gets obvious on either left or right side of the car. Sometimes, vibrations can be sensed through the steering wheel.

Wandering Steering

Worn down on specific ball joints will make the vehicle drift to either side (right or left) without your hands on the steering wheel. If both ball joints get worn down, your car may drift on both sides. Though ball joints won’t have an exact lifespan, yet they last for decades if taken proper care of. A few models show failure signs upon 80,000 miles due to installation or manufacturing defects.

Unbalance (or) Unusual Tire Wear

The ball joints keep the angle of the camber of the front wheel, in which damaged or worn ball joints result in extreme camber. Thus, it demonstrates extreme or accelerated deteriorate on the inner edge of the tire.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it necessary to have a ball joint kit?

Ans: Kits are quite useful, while replacing several parts (or) unsure about which piece to replace, especially if you are invoice or dealing with an unfamiliar car. Simply to say, the ball joint kits have all the required pieces and let you use them whenever needed without having multiple visits to the store. Also, it let you easy to find compatible parts for your device and smoothen the joint replacement process.

Ensure that your chosen kits come with all correct pieces and installation details as a complete package. Also, It is an affordable option to grab all your required essentials rather than gathering individual pieces.

2. What are the causes of wear and tear on ball joints?

Ans: Even though almost all ball joints last for a long time, yet not all models come with a similar lifetime, unless having special features, such as the finest quality materials. So, most people don’t even think of its replacements till they have knocking noise or vibration.

Also, environmental issues are one of the main reasons for its wear and tear. Another considerable reason is that ball joints lose their lubrication. If you regularly drive on rough roads or dusty surroundings, then these contaminate the ball joints and result in quick wear. So, when they work on these environmental issues, they experience more deterioration (regular wear and tear) in the longer run.

3. Shall we replace ball joints?

Ans: Yes, if you have technical knowledge and experience, then you can simply replace the ball joints all by yourself. But if you are not aware of this, never attempt its installation, why because, if they installed in a wrong way, then it results in huge damage of the vehicle.

Also, it is a bit complex and takes a long time for installation, as the takeaway process of control arms and wheels includes a vast hassle. Purchase ball joints separately and hire a professional for its installation. We suggest you contact your mechanic to ensure buying the right product for the vehicle.

4. When to replace ball joints?

Ans: There is no fixed time to replace the ball joints, but experts suggest replacing them once after driving 70,000 – 150,000 miles. It can be done based on several factors, such as driving skills and road conditions. However, the best-quality ball joint model adds a few more miles compared to the low-quality model.

5. Do I need to replace both ball joints at a time?

Ans: You have to consider several factors to get the exact answer. Most experts recommend you replace both joints at the same time for a better driving experience and safety. If you replace a ball joint only on one side of the car, then the other one gets worse in less time, and thereby requires another replacement. So, change both of them to save your time, money, and effort.

6. What are the signs of a failing or bad ball joint?

Ans: Here are some of the signs that let you know when to replace the ball joints.
* Rattling noise (or) clunking in front tires
* Unbalance tire wear
* Excessive shaking in the steering wheel
* The car pulls to the side while hitting bumps.

7. Do I need to align after replacing the ball joint?

Ans: If there is a correct alignment done previously, then it won’t need to do it again.


A ball joint is quite a basic, yet a highly important spare part present in your cars and trucks. It is a movable joint that connects the control arms to your car’s steering knuckles. And since they are used in all cars, we have offered the best ball joints earlier in this list for those of you who are looking for replacement ones.

To help you in getting the right replacement parts, all these ball joints have their important features and specifications explained. You must have also come across a detailed ball joint buying guide. With all of this information, we have chosen the following as our favorite recommendations for the best ball joints:

  • Even though most ball joints are highly reliable and will last longer than your car will, the MOOG K80026 Ball Joint offers a lifetime warranty while being highly affordable. This ball joint is able to offer this warranty along with an excellent build quality since you only have a single ball joint in the box which is made for a variety of 4WD cars and trucks.
  • If you have a Ford Ranger, Ford Explorer, or a Mazda truck and want something that not only offers excellent reliability but also comes in a large pack, then the ACDelco Suspension Ball Joint can be worth looking at. This pack of 1 ball joints comes at a decent price when you consider the excellent build quality of these ball joints as well as the included lifetime warranty.
  • Despite having a fairly low price tag, the Detroit Axle – Front Upper Lower Ball Joints still manage to offer a total of 4 ball joints in the box. These ball joints are also highly versatile since they work with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Comanche, and the Jeep Wagoneer. While it may not be as good as others, the included 10-year warranty of these ball joints is quite good.

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