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The 7 Best Grease Guns In 2023 Reviews and Buying Guide

Best grease gun to increase the lifespan and smooth functioning of your power tools

Grease gun is a must-have tool for many professionals and home owners who have several power tools. They help to lubricate the parts for smooth running by reducing the friction between the parts. This in turn helps in preventing the machines from wearing out quickly.

Choosing the best grease gun depends on several factors. An ideal option usually distributes the grease accurately and quickly without causing any mess.

Some of the main factors you have to consider while looking for the best grease gun are mentioned below.

  • Pressure Rating : There should be enough pressure for proper dispersion of grease from the grease gun. There are different pressure ratings available for these guns, ranging from 3000 PSI to 10,000 PSI. A gun with low PSI doesn’t apply enough grease for large equipment, whilst a gun with a high PSI might damage the smaller equipment.
  • Grease Loading Types : You can load the grease in any of these three ways – bulking, cartridge, and suction. Among them, the cartridge is the easiest and most expensive way of loading the grease. Suction is quite difficult to load and bulking is a simple yet messy and time-taken process.
  • Hose Length : Applying grease in tight spaces and small corners is quite difficult and requires a flexible hose. So, most grease guns offer a flexible hose of 18-inch length to apply or dispense grease properly on the parts/components of a vehicle or tool. Some grease gun models even come with a longer hose length of around 27-inch or 42-inch. Choose the hose length based on the type of equipment you want to lubricate with these guns.

To help you in selecting the correct grease gun easily and quickly, we have shortlisted some of the Best Grease Guns after having thorough market research on several products. Also, we are here with a detailed Buying Guide to let you know more about grease guns and how to choose the best option that suits your requirement.

7 Best Grease Guns Table In 2023

Grease GunsHose LengthPressure RatingWarrantyBuy Now
Dewalt Grease Gun42 inch10000 PSI1 year longCheck On Amazon
Lumax Grease Gun18 inch7000 PSI2 year longCheck On Amazon
Bravex Grease Gun18 inch6000 PSI1 year longCheck On Amazon
GreaseTek Grease Gun 18 inch40000 PSI-Check On Amazon
Utool Grease Gun18 inch7000 PSI6 month longCheck On Amazon
Steinbrucke Grease Gun27 inch6000 PSI1 year longCheck On Amazon
Rexbeti Grease Gun18 inch6000 PSILifetime warrantyCheck On Amazon

7 Best Grease Guns Reviews In 2023

1. Dewalt Grease Gun

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun

The DEWALT 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Grease Gun is a powerful tool which could quickly strength thru clogged grease fittings with its motor that delivers up to 10,000 max PSI.

It capabilities a high-quantity pump that may push up to 5.0 oz min for excessive-float applications. The variable velocity trigger permits for precise manage of the grease waft, at the same time as the 42-inch flexible hose enables easy get entry to to difficult-to-attain fittings.

Additionally, the brilliant LED light allows discover fittings in dark work areas, and the anti-particles clear out protects the pump mechanism from dirt and contamination. With a single DEWALT 20V MAX Battery (4.Zero Ah), it can dispense up to 16 cartridges in keeping with fee. The integrated no-mar foot layout additionally permits operators to relaxation the device on flat surfaces.

Best Features:

  • Offers hose length of 42 inch
  • Rated maximum pressure of 10000 PSI
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty


  • Excellent pressure rating
  • Comes with a very long hose
  • Offers a great build quality


  • A bit on the expensive side

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Lumax Grease Gun

Lumax’s LX-1152 grease gun

When you are talking about grease guns and the different brands that offer high-performance grease guns, you will find Lumax to be a highly popular option as it offers various industrial-grade grease guns.

Lumax’s LX-1152 grease gun is present in the 2nd position in this article as it is a great high performance as well as a reliable grease gun option out there. Even though it’s given pressure rating of 7000 PSI might not be the highest, you still get excellent performance from this grease gun, making it ideal for most buyers.

The 18-inch hose used by this grease uses a high-quality construction material so that it can last for a long time. When combined with the 2-year long warranty offered by this grease gun, you can expect it to be much more reliable than other options in this article.

Best Features:

  • Offers hose length of 18 inch
  • Rated maximum pressure of 7000 PSI
  • Comes with a 2-year long warranty


  • High-performance grease gun model
  • Longer warranty period than others
  • Comes with a heavy-duty cast head


  • Slightly expensive than others

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Bravex Grease Gun

Bravex Heavy Duty grease gun

Bravex can be another great option to consider if you are in the market for a new grease gun but do not want a premium option but still want decent performance out of it.

This Bravex Heavy Duty grease gun is present in the 3rd position in this article as it offers pretty good performance for the given price. Despite its lower price tag than others, you get a very common pressure rating of 6000 PSI with this grease gun making it viable for most buyers.

As for its flexible hose, it uses an 18-inch long hose so that you can reach all corners of a given machine. This grease gun relies on a 14 oz grease cartridge for storing a lot of grease at once. While you do get a decent 1-year long warranty with this grease gun, its build quality could have been certainly better.

Best Features:

  • Offers hose length of 18 inch
  • Rated maximum pressure of 6000 PSI
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty


  • Uses a 14 oz cartridge
  • Decent performance for the price
  • Includes coupler and extension tube accessories


  • Average build quality

Buy Now From Amazon

4. GreaseTek Grease Gun

GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun

If you are on a budget, you should consider GreaseTek since most of its products, including its grease gun mentioned here in this article, are all quite affordable.

While you can find many affordable grease gun options out there, the GreaseTek grease gun is the cheapest option present in this article. And as you would expect at its given price tag, this grease gun offers a maximum pressure rating of 4000 PSI.

Thankfully, GreaseTek has not compromised on its hose since you get an 18-inch flexible hose along with an extension pipe. You even get a pretty solid build quality with this grease gun. Although, it lacks any kind of warranty as GreaseTek is more of an affordable brand of grease guns.

Best Features:

  • Offers hose length of 18 inch
  • Rated maximum pressure of 4000 PSI
  • Uses a 400 CC plunger


  • Affordable grease gun
  • Decent performance for the money
  • Pretty good build quality


  • Lacks any kind of manufacturer warranty

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Utool Grease Gun

UTOOL Grease Gun

In comparison with other brands, you might not have heard about Utool in the past. But, it can be another great pick if you want an affordable option that still performs well for the price.

The Utool grease gun is an entry-level grease gun model that still manages to offer pretty decent performance to the user. You get a maximum pressure rating of 7000 PSI with this grease gun, which is on par with much more expensive options out there.

When combined with its given hose length of 18 inches, you can expect this grease gun to be highly useful for most cases. It also comes with a total of 5 extensions, coupler, and other nozzle accessories. Since it is an affordable grease gun, it comes with a slightly shorter 6-month long warranty, which is to be expected.

Best Features:

  • Offers hose length of 18 inch
  • Rated maximum pressure of 7000 PSI
  • Comes with a 6-month long warranty


  • High value for money grease gun
  • Includes various nozzle accessories
  • Standard nozzle length


  • Warranty period could have been longer

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6. Steinbrucke Grease Gun

Steinbrukce’s grease gun

As you can most likely tell by its name, Steinbrucke is a German brand of power tools known for offering highly versatile tools like its grease gun present here in this article.

Steinbrukce’s grease gun can be a great pick if you want a high-performance option with a long hose length. Just like many other options available out there, the maximum pressure output of this grease gun is rated at a decent 6000 PSI.

But the best thing about this grease gun is that you get a 27 inch long flexible hose with it, which is much longer than most other options out there. With this grease gun, you also get a decent build quality as well as a 1-year long warranty.

Best Features:

  • Offers hose length of 27 inch
  • Rated maximum pressure of 6000 PSI
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty


  • Includes a very long flexible hose
  • Offers heavy-duty construction
  • Decent performance grease gun


  • A bit on the heavier side

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Rexbeti Grease Gun

REXBETI Grease Gun

Even though there are many grease guns out there that offer high performance, there are not many reliable options out there, which is where Rexbeti and its offerings come into play.

This Rexbeti grease gun is the most durable and reliable option present in this article. Apart from being highly reliable, this grease gun also offers a decent pressure rating of 6000 PSI to the user.

Just like most other options out there, this one also offers an 18 inch long flexible hose. Although, this hose is not as flexible as other options out there. The best thing about this grease gun is that not only do you get an excellent build quality with it, but it even offers a lifetime warranty, which is much better than others.

Best Features:

  • Offers hose length of 18 inch
  • Rated maximum pressure of 6000 PSI
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Highly reliable and durable grease gun
  • Decent performance for the price
  • Includes various nozzle accessories


  • Not the most flexible hose

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Grease Guns

Be it for professional purposes or hobbyists (DIY works), a grease gun is used for different applications like auto maintenance, processing system, agricultural or gardening equipment. The main purpose of using this gun is to lubricate the joint or bearing of the tool/vehicle for improved precision.

Choosing the correct option from various models is always a challenging task, you have to consider various factors like types, loading options, or pressure, which we have explained in this buying guide.

Let’s get into the details of what factors to consider while shopping for a grease gun.

1. Types

Grease guns are differentiated into three types based on their power source. They are hand lever, battery-operated, or pneumatic powered. Here is an explanation of these types to get a clear idea of which type is most suitable for your needs.

a. Hand Lever : Found mostly in traditional gun models where the grease is emitted via a narrow nozzle to apply grease quickly, and accurately with enough pressure. These days, the modern hand lever models have a mechanism that restricts coming out of grease till enough recommended pressure is applied to it. Thus, it pumps out the grease through the aperture by using a trigger. This gun type won’t need any air hose or power source.

b. Battery-Powered : Powered by a rechargeable battery that let you use them anywhere without any tethered, like on lawnmowers, vehicles, or power tools. Yet the batteries have to be recharged regularly and it is an expensive option compared to hand lever models.

c. Pneumatic : Here pressurized air is sent by an air compressor through an air hose for the proper release of grease via its nozzle. They offer great power and perfect option to use for commercial applications or larger equipment, but not on smaller ones because the air compressor is unable to control the released pressure and thereby ruins your task/work.

For a detailed explanation of grease guns, especially on their types, you can check out our article How to Use Grease Guns.

2. Pressure Rating

Different levels of power/pressure are required to operate the grease guns. Some are powerful that can easily squeeze a lot of grease at once, while others are underpowered which is harder to push the grease. In general, the pressure output is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI), which ranges from 3000 – 10,000 PSI for grease guns.

Ensure to use the recommended pressure for every application. A grease gun with low PSI doesn’t offer sufficient grease to maintain large equipment, whilst a gun with high PSI might damage small fittings/parts like air tools.

3. Loading Options

There are three different loading options available for these grease guns – suction, bulking, and cartridge. You should know about them in detail for picking the right option that is suitable for your needs.

a. Suction : It uses a reverse mechanism to fill the barrel. For this, you have to take out the barrel’s head, keep the open end of the barrel into a grease bucket, and then slowly pull the grease into the barrel with the plunger rod (pull back to create suction). Now cover the barrel head to use the gun.

b. Bulking : Though it seems a simple process, yet a messy and time-taken process to reload the grease into a grease gun. All you need is to manually load the grease with a scoop or putty knife into the barrel. It is ideal for hand-lever models having small barrels.

c. Cartridges : The easiest, and cleanest way to fill grease into the gun, yet expensive as well. You have to remove the old cartridge from the gun’s barrel and simply keep the new one to get your work done.

4. Action Types

The main purpose of using a grease gun will matter a lot when choosing them. For instance, if you want to use it for oiling the car undersides or simply to grease power tool components or something multifunctional. We can’t use a single type of grease gun to perform a variety of tasks. Hence check several models and select the apt model that works well for your project/task.

5. Hose Length

It is essential to know the hose length of a grease gun before investing in them. If you are familiar with lubricating different machines or power tools, then you must know that grease has to be applied in various tight spaces and difficult corners. While this should not be an issue if you are applying it with your hands, using a large grease gun in tight spaces is a different one.

So, to overcome this issue, grease guns offer a flexible hose at the front. But not all grease guns have the same hose while most of them offer an 18-inch hose length, others might use a longer 27-inch or even a 42-inch long hose for ease of use/access to your fittings.

6. Leaks

We all are aware that grease comes out via a narrow nozzle after applying some pressure on the gun. In case, if you are using a model having a low-quality head, plunger, or seal, then it results in leakage of grease that produces a lot of mess and minimizes the pressure in the gun, which results in the not efficient working of the grease gun.

To get rid of these leaks, you have to double-check the model and pick the one offering hardened plungers, sturdy metal barrels, top-quality seals, and clean, tight-fitting threads of barrel heads.

7. Barrel Size

The size of the barrel matters based on the purpose of using the grease gun. However, a large barrel size is the best option when you want to deposit more grease in less time. Alternatively, a small barrel is ideal to use when you need to have small specialty applications. So, choose the barrel size depending on the intended use of your grease gun.

8. One-Handed Design

Usually, most grease guns are built to use single-handed, while some lever handle gun models need to use both hands for accuracy and speed in their performance. So, we suggest you choose an ergonomically designed gun model offering light form factors and having rubber grips and handles. This will minimize any accidental drops.

9. Sizes (Standard Vs Mini)

The size of grease guns can be differentiated in two ways – standard and mini, and most people prefer to use them based on their profession or task requirement. Here the standard size options come with a 14-ounce canister of grease that is quite helpful for professionals, whilst a smaller gun with a 3-ounce grease tube is useful for hobbyists. Even though each size has its own set of benefits, yet the mini grease guns are designed to be cheaper compared to standard size gun models.

10. Nozzle

For appropriate delivery of grease, it is essential to check the nozzle of the grease gun before making its purchase. In general, there are two nozzle styles available for grease guns – the short, straight nozzle and flexible metal nozzle. However, the flexible nozzle comes in various lengths making it an ideal option to use precisely in hard-to-reach areas and most suitable to perform various tasks. While short and straight nozzles are good at applying gear on the spot with short lengths.

11. Quality

A grease gun with high quality will aid in smoother operation because it makes the working parts work freely without much friction. So, select a grease gun that is quite easy to use and offers an accurate and even dispense of grease via a bleeder valve by preventing air pockets.

12. Materials

Several grease guns are made from durable materials like metal that help to sustain the pressure that built up while using these grease guns. Whilst gun models made of low-quality materials like plastic components are more prone to breakage and regular wear.

13. Pressure and Accuracy

Without applying pressure, you can’t pump or add grease properly from the gun to the parts. So, pressure is a crucial factor to consider before investing in these guns. Usually, a gun with higher pressure will quickly and easily control larger areas, whereas lower pressure guns target specific areas accurately. If you are dealing with a variety of projects, then go with a grease gun featuring variable pressure. Pneumatic models come with toggles to change/alter the pressure.

Coming to its accuracy, it is quite more important while dealing with professional-grade tasks rather than household (DIY) tasks. Ensure to choose the model having a narrow stream that let you identify the apt spot required to grease and thereby perform your greasing work.

We suggest you get a grease gun with a hose attached, which let you easily get into hard-to-reach spots, and offers some flexibility to aim at the spot where you want to grease on the specific parts/fittings.

14. Safety Features

The safety features are essential to consider before buying a grease gun, as it should not harm yourself or the surrounding people (especially kids and pets). Models offer more or fewer safety features, in which you have to pick the one offering safety features required for your proper working on the projects.

Some safety mechanisms include a lock mechanism (tool won’t get activated without unlocking), non-marring tips (protect from self-damage), lock, coupler, and loop. Check them and choose the best model while buying the grease gun.

15. Accessories

These days, most contemporary grease guns offer various accessories, which include a number of couplers, lengthy and flexible hoses, nozzles, and other related equipment. Some grease gun models come with pre-lubricated, which allows you to use them instantly after you take off from the pack.

16. Durability

The built quality and the construction material of any product will determine its durability. Usually, most models are constructed with steel, yet the steel quality varies a lot. Some are strong and durable, while others are dented and break easily.

Any product made of high-quality and durable materials costs a bit expensive. However, it is not a fact, that some expensive models won’t be durable at all. So, we suggest you check the material, and online reviews on the product before making its purchase.

17. Ease of Use

Always prefer to select a grease gun that is easy and straightforward to use, in such a way that has to fire on the spot where it is placed. Yet won’t be a complicated one, which ruins your project and puts you under extra stress and tension for proper completion of the project. Usually, hand-lever, battery-powered, and pneumatic are the three main types of grease guns.

  • With its easy-to-control and use feature, a hand-lever model is an ideal option for beginners (novice). It let you adjust the grease flow and pressure through the nozzle.
  • Without being tethered, these cordless models are controlled with a trigger that can be the best option for individuals having substantial experience. It is heavier and a bit harder/difficult to use.
  • Attached to an air compressor, these pneumatic models are harder to move around the workplace or garage. Yet easy to control the flow of grease.

18. Ergonomics

As an operator, you have to lift, hold, direct, and control the grease gun for its proper flow in the specific area of application. So, you have to check the model with an ergonomic handle design for a comfortable holding and operation.

This ergonomics helps a lot in enhancing your efficiency, which let you control the gun and operate it quickly and accurately. Hence, we suggest you go with a product built with lightweight materials, cushioned grips, and several nozzle options to get relief from hand fatigue, even while using it for a longer time.

19. Price

The price range of these grease guns will vary a lot based on their features, types, warranty, and built quality. The price of simple hand-operated units will range from less than $20 and can be up to a few hundred dollars for pneumatic, cordless, or sophisticated powered models. You can choose the best model that comes within your budget range and is best suitable for your requirements.

20. Warranty

Buying a heavy-duty or industrial tool like a grease gun, you would expect it to last for a long time without any issues. For this, you have to check the build quality and warranty of a given grease gun. You will find that most guns out there come with a 1-year long warranty, with a few of them offering longer warranty periods.

Yet it is difficult to find the models offering a lifetime warranty. The longer the warranty, the better you can utilize the tool, as it comes with excellent build quality that protects the gun from getting any damage.

Benefits Of Using a Grease Guns

Knowing the benefits you can grab by using a grease gun before investing in them is essential. Here are a few mentioned below.

1. Speed and Accuracy : A grease gun is an excellent tool that let you grease the entire underside of a car within a few minutes quickly and accurately.

2. Longevity : If you are a frequent grease user (mechanic or hobbyist) then having a grease gun is quite useful to perform your tasks easily. Besides proper lubrication for the smooth running of vehicles or power tools for a long time, the grease gun stands the test of time, if maintained perfectly.

3. Prevents Wastage : Being an efficient delivery option for grease, lube, or oil, the grease gun provides the essential lubrication required for the smooth working of a tool or vehicle. You can measure the dispense amount per stroke which allows you to prevent waste from any overflowing product.

4. Effective Saturation : Usually, a grease delivery system sprays the grease onto the general area of a component. Whereas, the grease gun will let you deliver this grease onto the specific area with high precision. This results in proper saturation of the required parts/fittings.

5. Saves your Money : A simple thing is that well-lubricated parts/components will last longer and won’t let you invest your money in their replacements/repairs. So, a grease gun prevents spending extra money on parts.

Tips For Using The Grease Guns

Take a look at the following tips that are quite helpful for the proper filling of grease and the usage of the grease gun.

  • Don’t add or introduce foreign particles and other contaminants while loading the grease pump with grease, as it may result in damaging the overall machinery.
  • It is necessary to check the grease dispensing nozzle to know whether it is clean before pumping grease into the gun. For this, squeeze a little bit of grease through the nozzle and wipe it off with a clean cloth. Now fill the grease to lubricate any part or fittings without any dirt/contamination.
  • Since grease is available in different formulations and weights, ensure that you are using/applying the correct quantity and type of grease for every part of the specific machinery or components.
  • Clean the fitting/parts to get rid of any built-up grime on them before applying new grease to those parts. This will help to remove debris and aids in a smooth application for their proper working.
  • If using a pressurized grease gun, then store it properly in a horizontal position without pressurizing it while not using it to avoid leakage of oil out of the grease.

What Signs Do We Notice For Under Greasing and Over Greasing?

Even though lubrication is a compulsory thing, grease has to be applied accurately (without over or under the standard amount prescribed for the parts). Over- and under-greasing lead to malfunctions of the machinery. Hence, you have to be aware of the amount of grease applied to the parts/components.

Using/applying too much grease or pressure will result in over-greasing. This might lead to the risk of debris getting on your machinery components, which in turn results in grinding, jamming, and damaging its seals. So, whenever you found excess debris on the components, then simply it is a sign of used over-grease. To prevent this from happening, you have to use the gun featuring pressure gauges and automatic shut off.

Over-greasing is a bit tricky and hard to observe, while under-greasing is one of the easiest ways to discover. If not using enough grease on the components, then they are unable to move freely and might fail their function. Also, you can observe other under-greasing signs such as friction, excessive heat, and strange noises.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to load the grease gun?

Ans: Suction, bulk, and cartridge are three main ways to load the grease gun.
*Use a putty knife or small scoop in the bulking process to put new grease into the barrel.
*Insert a new grease cartridge by removing the old one whenever it gets empty.
*The suction way of loading involves a bit more process. Take out the barrel head of the grease gun, and place its open end in a grease bucket. Then pull back on the plunger rod by pushing the barrel down into the grease to load the grease into the gun.

2. What results in over-or under-greasing?

Ans: Applying too less (under the basic level) or too much (over greasing) might result in causing significant problems to the machinery and might lead to its overall failure. So, we suggest you apply the required amount of grease guns to your machines and tools to enhance their proper working.

3. Which lubricant is the best to use with a grease gun?

Ans: Usually, a free-flowing, good-quality lubricant is the best way to use with a grease gun. Yet ensure that not mix different types of grease to prevent damage to your machinery equipment.

4. What is a grease gun used for?

Ans: Use grease guns to lubricate various parts on the chassis of the vehicle and running gear. Chassis lubrication is a common thing included in automotive service visits till before the 1980s. Some parts such as kingpins, bearings, and bushings are sealed properly and thereby require less care.
While grease guns inject lubricants into certain components like universal joints, wheel bearing, or steering joints (the parts where regular maintenance and checkup is required for the proper functioning of the equipment). Thus, it helps those parts to move freely and deter them from the damage of regular wear and tear.

5. What is meant by a grease gun coupler?

Ans: To inject the grease into the lubrication system of machinery, the grease gun has to connect with its nipple. For this, you have to use this coupler, an attachment (or accessory) of a grease gun used for proper filling of grease.

6. Who are the best manufacturers of these grease guns?

Ans: The list of products that we have mentioned above is from the best manufacturers. DeWalt serves the best in this industry, and others include Lumax, Bravex, Steinbrucke, Lincoln, and GreaseTek.

7. Shall we use any type of lubricant with the grease guns?

Ans: Usually, the grease guns are designed mostly to use with heavy lubricants which are not free-flowing and have to apply some pressure for their proper flow.

8. Which grease is the best to apply for cars?

Ans: The general-purpose grease available in the market is enough to use for cars, yet some parts such as wheel bearings need a specific type of grease but not a general-use grease. We suggest you refer to the manual to know which type of grease is applicable for your car.

9. Does the zerk fittings of grease the same? Does the grease nipples are all of the same sizes?

Ans: Usually, yes, they are similar. But some heavy-duty commercial equipment and grease fittings are the same or similar, in which any grease gun should work well on them.

10. How much pressure is required to operate grease guns?

Ans: The amount of pressure to be applied will vary from one model to another. They put out from 0 – 15000 PSI. However, most bearing seals are unable to handle the pressure of more than 500 PSI. This means excess levels will be wasted power in most cases.

11. What is the best grease gun to use for automotive use?

Ans: Based on the specific type of your vehicle, the frequency to use and the amount of the grease gun will differ. Generally, a hand lever or pneumatic grease gun will perfectly fit on occasional use. While battery-powered grease gun is an ideal option to use for making things easier.

12. How to store a grease gun properly?

Ans: You have to store the cartridge tube in an upright position to prevent separation and bleed. After loading the cartridge into the grease gun, you have to store them in such a way that depressurizes the gun, wipe them off with a clean cloth to remove contaminants, and finally store them in a horizontal position.

13. What amount of grease is dispensed upon a single pump of the grease gun?

Ans: The output of grease amount will vary from one model to another, which range from 0.8 to 3 grams per stroke. You can calibrate to adjust the dispensing amount of grease for its proper lubrication.


If you work on a lot of large scale machines, then you must know that regularly lubricating them is quite important. Even though you can do this by your hand, that can be highly time-consuming. Thankfully, applying grease is quite easy, especially if you are using a tool like a grease gun. Here in this article, we have already mentioned the best grease guns up above. All of them have been provided along with their important details like major features and options. And if that is not enough, you can even find a detailed buying guide for the best grease guns in this article. As per all of these details and factors, here are our favorite grease gun recommendations:

  • With the Dewalt grease gun, you can expect excellent performance for most cases. This is due to the reason that you get an excellent pressure rating of 10000 PSI with this grease gun. It also offers a pretty high hose length of 42 inches, which is more than enough for most users. Since Dewalt is a reputable brand of power tools, it also comes with a 1-year long warranty.
  • Those of you who are on a budget should go with the GreaseTek grease gun since it is the cheapest option present in this article. Despite its lower price tag, it comes with an 18-inch hose length, which is similar to more premium options. It’s given maximum pressure rating of 4000 PSI is also quite decent for the given price tag.
  • The Rexbeti grease gun is the most durable and reliable option present in this article. Apart from having a reinforced construction, you also get a lifetime warranty with this grease gun. As for its performance, you get a standard hose length of 18 inches along with a pretty decent maximum pressure rating of 6000 PSI, making it ideal for most users.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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