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ADT vs Ring – Which Home Security System is Best?

ADT & Ring are some of the best home security service providers in terms of quality and privacy. They have the best quality security products with different ranges, features, and functions. One of the major factors that affect these home security appliances is their type of installation.

Many home security appliances are user-friendly allowing users to complete the installation process by themselves using a set of guides or user manuals. whereas some appliances require professional attention. That means, only a company-certified dedicated professional can complete the installation process. to make the product work appropriately. Today we will be learning about the two most prominent brands of the home security system market.

Overview of ADT

ADT is one of the oldest brands, serving the home security system market for the last 150 years. A company dedicated to their quantity and quality. Generally, ADT has a variety of home security products available in the market. Many of them require a certified professional to complete the installation process.

Whereas some of them are DIY configured, which means the user can initiate and complete the installation process using a user guide. ADT offers almost all types of connectivity in their security systems for better privacy and precaution. At the same, it is one of the most traditional brands known for wired security systems.

Pros of ADT

  • ADT does not require any upfront starting cost to install the system, the installation process can be initiated using a landline to connect the security appliances with the monitoring devices.
  • Compared to any other home security system brand, ADT offers the longest money buy-back guarantee i.e. up to 6 months. Which automatically reduces the risk of system failure and loss.

Cons of ADT

  • Due to their professional monitoring and the high maintenance of smart home integrations, the monthly monitoring fees are kind of expensive for ADT home security systems.

Overview of Ring

Ring is considered a young and energetic brand in the home security market, a company with all the latest smart technologies trying its best to provide quality security systems. Ring allows its customers to customize the security system as per needs and requirements. Along with the help of their Neighbours app, they have made the customization process too easy and flexible for their customers. On the other hand, Ring also provides an enormous variety of equipment as per price range and features.

Pros of Ring

  • Ring allows users to customize their home security system and smart home integration as per their needs and requirements for smooth and comfortable working with the help of smart features like the Neighbours app.
  • Ring offers a huge variety of products that vary according to price range and features.
  • Comparatively, Ring has a very low monthly monitoring fee.

Cons of Ring

  • As the Ring home systems are not compatible with the landline connectivity options. Because of this, it increases the upfront installation costs for customers.

ADT vs Ring: Key Similarities

There are many similarities in the offerings of both emerging home security system companies. Be it features, guarantees, or policies. But we have listed down some of the best similarities one should check for if they are looking for a security system.

1. Professional Monitoring

Professional monitoring is one of the key features that is offered by any home security system. This feature allows users to monitor the surveillance using a pre-connected device. In case of user absence, the features allow the user to store the videos of the monitoring in the device for after review. Professional monitoring also offers some advanced sub-features like alarm activation, signal transmission, notification, and emergency dispatch in case any suspicious activity is observed.

2. Smart Home Integration

Smart home integration is a concept used to connect the home security system with the available smart devices. To allow flexibility and easy accessibility to the customers the smart home integration is installed. The smart home integration allows users to interconnect multiple devices at the same time, Along with a centralized controller by defining an admin device. Also, for user-friendly customization, the smart home integration offers a feature of automation, with the help of which a user can prepare the system for suspicious triggering activities.

3. Theft Protection

Theft protection is considered a key feature in any home security system. This feature actively works to identify any ongoing suspicious activities in the customer surveillance area. The theft protection features work on a group of detection sensor systems that allows users to detect unauthorized activities. This group of detection sensors consists of an Intrusion detection sensor, motion sensor, glass break sensor, and many more. With the help of these sensors, activities like unauthorized entry via glass break or door breach can be detected, and the same can be informed to the owner immediately for safety precautions.

4. Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee is a type of guarantee that allows customer to get their invested money back in a refund if they are not satisfied with the performance or working of the system. The money-back guarantee can only be availed within a specifically given time frame. Generally, the time frame varies from 30 to 60 days from the date of purchase. This option allows customers to identify their needs in compliance with the security system; sometimes, it is also considered as a trial period.

ADT vs Ring: Key Differences

1. Installation Type and its Cost

Installation is one of the most important factors that affect the budget if you are looking for a home security system. Basically, there are two types of installation processes, the first one is the DIY installation process which allows homeowners to install the complete setup with the help of a user guide and videos by themselves. And the second one is the certified professional installation process where a certified person from the company will come and complete the installation process for proper working. Due to this, the installation cost applies to the customer. Generally, Ring offers DIY installation for smooth working. Whereas the ADT has a certified professional installation process for all types of packages.

2. Camera Options

If compared in terms of camera options the Ring can beat any brand in the market, they offer a huge variety of camera options. likewise indoor/outdoor, video doorbells, and many more for their customers to select. whereas the ADT has few options but all of them have wireless connectivity options. That can be connected easily with the help of a home network.

3. Camera Quality

As discussed above by offering multiple options in cameras, Ring also managed to provide a different range of quality in terms of picture qualities that come into 720P and 1080P. It also offers some additional features like night vision, motion sensors, custom motion zones, and many more. Whereas the ADT offers amazing picture quality with the help of its high-resolution camera. ADT doorbell cameras also offer a two-way audio feature with the help of which a user can directly communicate with the person standing on the opposite side of the camera.

4. Equipment and Packaging Costs

ADT equipment can be connected by wire or wirelessly using home wifi, also, this equipment is battery-operated. ADT offers different types of equipment like door or window sensors to protect it from unauthorized entry. The ADT offers three types of packages that users can select per their requirements. Ring has a huge variety of equipment offerings, from basic to advanced. They also offer wire and wireless connectivity along with battery-operated support. IF compared, Ring allows users to customise the purchase of equipment as per their needs & requirements. whereas the ADT has defined some fixed packages with a set of equipment for customers, which might cost more than usual.

5. Subscriptions Plans and Contracts

Offering a variety of camera and equipment options along with no package system automatically gives an upper hand to Ring. Definitely, Ring has kept a very diversified subscription range starting from as low as $3.99/month along with the monthly contract system. Whereas the IDT has a minimum requirement of 3 years contract that too with a professional monitoring system subscription which is very high due to the packaging system.

6. Motion Detection

In terms of motion detection, both brands have quality sensors that allow users to detect almost all types of motions be it glass/door break or doorbell sensor. However, ADT slightly has the upper hand due to its sensor capacity to also manage a large area. not just that these sensors are also pet-immune and notify users of every small movement.

7. Video Storage Options and its Cost

As ADT is completely focused on its quality and security, it only offers professional monitoring options. They have proper storage options in selected devices however, the storage option and type depend on the packages. ADT also offers a cloud storage option for their premium package customers. Whereas, Ring has flexibility in such factors. It has a free plan that only allows users to live stream but not to store the videos. Ring does offer some cheap plans for their customers with basic video-quality storage options.

8. Power Source and Battery Life

ADT control panel needs a power supply through an AC power source that also includes a battery as a backup. Whereas, the Ring control panel has its own stored battery that gets charged using a USB cable and can provide backup for up to 24 Hrs.

9. Smart Home Devices Compatibility

Some of the best smart home devices are Alexa, Z-wave, and Google Assistant. All of these devices are completely compatible with ADT & Ring security systems. However, the ADT has an additional option of direct integrations.

10. Controlling App

In terms of controlling apps, both companies are providing their best services. If compared, many of their major features are the same such as controlling the system remotely, streaming video live with the help of a professional monitoring station, receiving instant notifications and alerts every time the system trigger is activated, and many more. Both applications are available for Apple and Android users and free to install. The only difference is the ADT application is chargeable to use, and the Ring application is completely free to use. The only charge the user will ever charge for storing the recorded video.

Comparison: ADT vs Ring

Parameters ADT Ring
Installation Process Professional DIY & professional
Monitoring Type Professional Self (Houseowner) or professional
Subscription & Contracts $28 per month and more with a contract of 3 years $3.99 and more with a Monthly contract
Equipment & Costing Included in monthly package $200 & more
Controlling App Input method – Touch-screen panel

App Availability – IOS & Android

Additional feature -voice control

Input method – Remote keypad

App Availability – IOS & Android

Additional feature -voice control

Smart Device Support Google Assistant, Alexa, Z-Wave, and direct integrations Google Assistant, Alexa, Z-Wave,
Free Trial Period /Money-Back Guarantee 180 days 30 days

ADT vs Ring: Which Home Security System is best?

Comparing ADT & Ring completely depends on the application of the user. If a user requires high security with all features and has no budget constraints. then they must opt for ADT. Whereas if they are looking for generic security purposes with a low budget, Ring is the best option available.

ADT vs Ring – FAQs

1. How do Ring and ADT differ in home security?

Ans: Generally, ADT offers all the services in the form of packages, due to which the installation cost and other charges are added, which makes ADT expensive. whereas, Ring offers budget-friendly options with no package bond and a completely customizable security service.

2. How do ADT cameras compare to Ring cameras in terms of quality?

Ans: If discussed in terms of quality ADT has always outstanded any brand in the market. As tested by professional ADT cameras, it has been proven better in quality. However, Rings always stands out for its budget-friendly offerings.

3. Is it possible to use ADT cameras without a subscription?

Ans: Yes, ADT cameras can be used without a subscription as an ADT self-security setup. Also, the user does not have to opt for any storage subscription plans to add any extra storage. AS the system is compatible with the microSD card.

4. Is the Ring Alarm system a good value for the money?

Ans: Yes, Ring is a well-known brand majorly famous for its budget-friendly offering with no compromise in quality. It allows users to customize their security system to be more effective.

5. Does ADT provide installation services for doorbells?

Ans: Yes, ADT offers company-certified professional installation for doorbell cameras and wired doorbells.


ADT & Ring are working in the same domain with completely different prospects, which makes more easier for customers to choose which one is best. In simple terms, both of them are offering home security systems. However, ADT is focused on professional monitoring with no compromise on security and privacy quality. Whereas the RIng allows flexibility for users to customize the system as per their requirements with no compilation of packages. If the user has strict security issues, they can opt for ADT systems, and if they are looking for a generic regular user, then Ring will be the best option.

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