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ADT Cancellation Policy – Ultimate Guide

ADT’s cancellation policy aims to give our esteemed clients flexibility and openness. We provide a simple cancellation procedure in order to guarantee your satisfaction because we recognize that things can change. In the event that you must terminate your ADT service, please read our policy, which details the procedures and any costs involved.

While upholding the exacting security and customer service standards for which ADT is renowned, we put the convenience of our customers first. We value your peace of mind and work to ensure that the cancellation process is as easy as possible within the confines of our policy.

What is ADT Cancellation Policy?

ADT’s cancellation policy is a collection of guidelines that control how ADT clients end their service agreements. The policy’s exact terms may change depending on the customer’s location and the service they subscribe to. The following is ADT’s cancellation policy:

  • You shall pay a $75 early termination fee and be in charge of returning all ADT equipment if you terminate your ADT contract within the first six months of the original contract term.
  • You will be charged 75% of the monthly service fees for the balance of your initial contract term if you do cancel your ADT contract after the initial six months of the contract term. Additionally, it is your responsibility to return all ADT equipment.

If you cancel your 36-month contract after 12 months, for instance, you will be responsible for 75% of the remaining 24 months of service, or $1,800. Additionally, it is your responsibility to return all ADT equipment.

What are ADT’s Features and Facts?

1. Standard ADT Contract

One crucial aspect that is specified in the Standard ADT Contract is the duration of the contract. The length of the contract specifies the time frame for the services. It is essential to comprehend this element when considering the ADT cancellation policy. In order to make an informed choice about their security services, clients should be aware of any penalties or conditions associated with cancelling the contract before its completion.

2. 6 Months Service Guarantee

ADT’s cancellation policy includes a 6-month Service Guarantee, which it proudly offers. Thanks to this commitment, customers can rest easy knowing they can cancel without incurring any penalties if they’re not satisfied with the service within the first six months. ADT’s commitment to client satisfaction highlights its assurance in providing dependable and efficient security solutions. This feature demonstrates ADT’s dedication to offering top-notch customer service and fostering a relationship of trust with its esteemed clients.

What are the Reasons that Lead to Cancelling ADT Services?

Clients may decide to discontinue ADT services for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Relocation: If a client relocates to an area where ADT services are not offered or if they decide their new address is no longer necessary for security services.
  • Financial Constraints: Modifications in a customer’s financial situation may cause them to reevaluate and possibly cancel their ADT membership.
  • Dissatisfaction with Service: Cancellation may be prompted by unsatisfactory experiences with customer service, system performance, or other features of ADT’s offerings.
  • Switching Providers: Clients may decide to go with a different security company that offers better features, more affordable prices, or superior customer support.
  • End of Contract: Upon contract expiration, some customers might decide not to renew.
  • DIY Alternatives: Customers may decide to discontinue professional monitoring services as a result of a shift toward do-it-yourself security solutions.

In order to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty, it is imperative that ADT takes proactive measures to address these issues.

How to Cancel ADT Contracts?

The general procedures to terminate an ADT contract are as follows:

  • Review Your Contract: Review your ADT contract’s terms, conditions, and cancellation policies carefully. Take note of any fines or costs related to an early termination.
  • Get in Touch With ADT Customer Service: Dial the number supplied to reach ADT customer service. The contact details are available on their official website or in your contract.
  • Provide Necessary Information: Be ready to confirm your identity and provide account details, such as your contract or account number, for security reasons.
  • Explain the Reason for Cancellation: Make sure you clearly explain your cancellation. Whether it’s because of a move, money problems, or discontent, voice your concerns to ADT so they can resolve any problems.
  • Pay Close Attention to their Instructions: Follow the Procedures. ADT may have particular cancellation procedures. They might ask you to submit a formal cancellation request.
  • Return Equipment (If Required): Find out how to return any equipment you lease from ADT. Specific contracts might demand that equipment be returned when they are cancelled.
  • Ask about Early Termination Fees: Pay attention to any early termination costs mentioned in your agreement. If you terminate before the agreed-upon period ends, these costs might be incurred.
  • Request Written Confirmation: Following your cancellation, ask for a written confirmation that includes information about any fees or outstanding payments.

Are There Any Fees for Cancelling the ADT Contract?

If you want to stop using ADT services before the end of your contract, there is, in fact, an early termination fee. Usually, the charge is equal to 75% of the remaining monthly service fees. For instance, you would be charged 75% of the remaining 12 monthly payments if you had a 36-month contract and cancelled after 24 months. It would come to $900 in total.

When you return your ADT equipment, you might be assessed a restocking fee and the early termination fee. Usually, this cost is $50.

Additionally, ADT provides a six-month money-back guarantee on its security systems. Within six months of purchase, you can return your system for a complete refund if you’re not happy with it. However, The installation cost and any early termination penalties you may have incurred will still be your responsibility.

ADT Termination Fees

Plan Monthly Price More Than 30 Months Left 30 Months Left 24 Months Left 18 Months Left 12 Months Left 6 Months Left 0 Months Left
Essentials $28.99 $0.00* $652.28 $521.82 $391.37 $260.91 $130.46 $0.00
Secure $45.99 $0.00* $1,034.78 $827.82 $620.87 $413.91 $206.96 $0.00
Smart $49.99 $0.00* $1,124.78 $899.82 $674.87 $449.91 $224.96 $0.00
Video $56.99 $0.00* $1,282.28 $1,025.82 $769.37 $512.91 $256.46 $0.00
Complete $59.99 $0.00* $1,349.78 $1,079.82 $809.87 $539.91 $269.96 $0.00

How Do You Cancel ADT Contracts Without Any Fees and Penalties?

Depending on the terms and conditions outlined in your contract, it may be difficult to terminate an ADT agreement without being charged fees or facing penalties. But you can consider the following general actions:

  • Review Your Contract: Go over the terms and conditions of your contract with great care. Check for any provisions pertaining to early termination, cancellation, and related costs. The first step is to comprehend your contractual obligations.
  • Get in Contact with Customer Support: Speak with the customer support team at ADT about your circumstances. Briefly explain your desire to cancel and ask about any available options or substitutes. Customer service agents might be able to offer advice or suggest fixes.
  • Transfer of Service: If you are moving, you may be able to transfer the monitoring service to a new residence through the efforts of some security companies, such as ADT. In this manner, you fulfil your contract’s requirements without having to pay cancellation fees. Talk to ADT about this option to see if it applies to you.
  • Provide Documentation: You may strengthen your case with documentation if you can demonstrate extenuating circumstances, such as a documented move to a place without ADT services. Businesses can occasionally be more accommodating when given good reasons.
  • Enter into Negotiations: If you can’t work things out without going to court, consider settling with ADT. Let them know how you feel, and ask if a compromise or a lower cost is possible.
  • Check for Contract Violations: Examine your contract for any ADT infractions that might give you the right to terminate it without incurring any fees. This can entail them breaking the terms of the contract or not delivering the promised services.

Remember that every contract and circumstance is different, and the effectiveness of these actions will rely on the precise provisions mentioned in your contract and ADT’s policies. It’s critical to have open lines of communication with ADT customer support and work together to identify potential solutions. To understand your rights and obligations, think about getting legal counsel if you have any questions concerning any part of your contract.

What Happens After ADT Contract Ends?

Depending on the terms and conditions specified in the contract, different actions and consequences may follow the termination of an ADT (formerly known as American District Telegraph) contract. The following general situations could happen:

  • Automatic Renewal: Certain contracts contain provisions for automatic renewal. This implies that the contract may automatically renew for a predetermined amount of time, and you may continue to receive the services if you do nothing before it expires. If this applies to you, check the terms of your contract.
  • Cancellation Options: To learn how to end the service, consult your contract. A written notice of cancellation must often be given within a certain amount of time prior to the contract’s expiration date. If you don’t cancel within this time, there may be an automatic renewal or other fees.
  • Service Termination: The service may simply terminate if the contract does not automatically renew and you do not take any action. In this scenario, ADT would stop offering security monitoring services, and you would lose access to their monitoring and response services.
  • Ownership of Equipment: Depending on your contract, You might own or lease the security equipment. It will always belong to you if you own it. If you are leasing it, you may be able to buy it or return the equipment when the lease expires.
  • Removal of Equipment: Should ADT have placed equipment on your property, you might have to choose whether to keep it or take it down. Specific contracts state that the customer bears responsibility for the removal of equipment.
  • Charges and Sanctions: Check your contract for any costs or penalties related to contract termination or non-return of leased equipment. If you decide to end a contract before the agreed-upon term, there might be early termination fees associated with it.
  • Changing to a Different Supplier: You have the option to move to a different security company if you decide not to renew your contract with ADT. To prevent any gaps in the security coverage, make sure to synchronize the new system’s installation and activation.

It’s crucial to thoroughly review the terms and conditions of your ADT contract and take the necessary action before the contract expiration date to guarantee a seamless transition and prevent any problems. It is advisable to seek clarification from ADT customer service if you have any questions or concerns.

ADT Cancellation Policy – FAQs

1. What happens to the ADT equipment once the contract ends?

Ans: The ownership terms determine what happens to the equipment after an ADT contract expires. It stays with the customer if it is owned. Equipment that is leased might need to be returned or possibly bought. Customers should study contracts to comprehend post-contract equipment status and any related actions or fees. Contract terms specify responsibilities.

2. What is the process for terminating ADT services without incurring penalties?

Ans: Get in touch with ADT customer support to start the cancellation process if you want to stop using their services without paying any fees. Give the required account information and follow the terms of the contract, such as giving notice within the allotted time. As needed, return any equipment, making sure to follow cancellation policies to prevent further fees.

3. What should I do with my ADT equipment after cancelling the service?

Ans: Once your ADT service has been cancelled, return or adequately dispose of the equipment by getting in touch with ADT for instructions. While some equipment can be recycled or disposed of properly, others might need to be returned. To guarantee proper handling of the equipment, adhere to ADT’s guidelines.

4. Is there a cost associated with ADT equipment?

Ans: Yes, ADT equipment usually has a cost attached to it. The security firm ADT provides a range of security equipment, including sensors, cameras, and control panels. The price is contingent upon the particular services and equipment selected, and the customers may also incur installation and monthly monitoring fees.

5. Is it possible to use the ADT alarm system without monitoring services?

Ans: An ADT alarm system can be used without any monitoring services. When this happens, the system sounds alerts and acts like a local alarm, notifying a central monitoring station. Some features, such as emergency response and remote monitoring, might be restricted without expert monitoring services.

6. Is it possible to sign a one-year contract with ADT?

Ans: Committing to a one-year home security service contract with ADT is feasible. For those looking for a short-term or temporary security solution, ADT provides options with flexible contract terms, including shorter commitments like one year.


In conclusion, ADT’s one-year home security service contract offer is a prime example of its dedication to adaptability and client fulfilment. ADT meets the needs of customers looking for a more temporary security solution by providing shorter terms without sacrificing the calibre and dependability of its services. This strategy demonstrates ADT’s adaptability in a constantly changing security landscape by meeting a variety of customer needs. ADT’s customized contract options demonstrate its commitment to offering easily accessible and adaptable security solutions for a variety of needs and situations, regardless of whether clients need long-term protection or a short-term commitment.

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