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What to Do With Old MacBook

You have used your old MacBook for many years, and once, it was an integral part of your life. But, with the introduction of a new device, the old laptop is no longer active.

Even though your previous MacBook has seen better days with consistent performance and good user experience, it does not serve the purpose now. You have a newer version that offers fast working with a good quality display and is not heavier like its old counterpart.

But you still have your old MacBook. This device just now sits in the corner of your room and collects dust as it passes each day.

You still have not been able to dispose of it as you are yet to find the best way to get rid of it.

If you are stressing about these issues, read on. You will find different innovative ways to use the old MacBook and dispose of it properly without harming your past credentials and sensitive information.

So, read on to know more about what you can do with your old MacBook instead of just keeping it idle in your home.

1. Use it As Media Viewer

MacBooks are known for their excellent display. If you have an older MacBook that you do not need, repurpose it as a media viewer.

If the MacBook works well, you can easily turn it into a media viewer device for entertainment purposes. You can watch videos and listen to music from Apple TV, YouTube, Netflix, and other internet sources.

Although older macOS may not support the latest web browsers, you can always find a browser that supports your old macOS and works pretty well. If the browser is not working, you can also try installing Linux OS on your older MacBook and turn it into a media viewer for your home.

 2. Install Linux On There

If you want to make good use of your old MacBook, you can install Linux on it. This open-source operating system can transform even older machines into new ones. Even if your old macOS does not work and the device cannot update to the latest version, a Linux OS will be fine. This also boots faster and can prevent the device from dying early.

On top of that, Linux comes with multiple compatible applications like LibreOffice, OpenOffice, and others that you can use for your work.

You can also use Linux-compatible browsers and mail services. In short, installing Linux will update the old MacBook that you can customize as per your preference. And with the Linux security system, you will not be annoyed by a corrupt file or malware attack.

So, if you have a MacBook lying around the corner, get Linux installed on it. You can then give it to a school going student who can use this newly improved MacBook for their education and classes. It will work like magic.

Alternatively, you can also use the Linux installed MacBook as a second device for your work.

You may need to adjust to the Linux OS for a couple of days, but you will get better control over this repurposed MacBook with time.

 3. Turn Your MacBook into a Chromebook

Google launched its Chromebook, a laptop with Chromium    OS (Linux-based OS), in 2011. You can transform your old MacBook into a Chromebook and use it as a second device.

After you install chromium on your MacBook, it becomes pretty capable of handling web-based tasks like internet surfing, watching videos on YouTube, accessing cloud-based apps and performing tasks on them.

All of your data will be safely stored in the cloud storage. Hence, if you are eager to repurpose your older MacBook, you can use it after installing chromium.

 4. Use  MacBook as a Network-Attached System

If your old MacBook Pro or MacBook is lying idle in good condition, you can consider using it as a network-attached storage or NAS device. But, to use it as a NAS device, check if the old MacBook has enough hard drive storage.

You can easily connect the hard drive of the MacBook with your home network to use as proper storage. Here, you can store files, photos, videos and important documents without issues. You will only need a functional internet connection for this.

Always install a good quality antivirus while you are using the older device as a NAS.

The benefits? You save money without buying extra storage from iCloud or an external hard drive. This is one of the best ways to repurpose your old MacBook!

 5. Set Up MacBook As your Temporary Wi-Fi Hotspot

Do you know that your old MacBook can work as a temporary hotspot? You can transform it into a router and work anywhere you want. First, connect the MacBook with Ethernet. Then place it in the vicinity where you intend to work with the internet.

After this, you have to adjust the macOS settings to enable internet sharing from this device and set up the wi-fi hotspot. You can secure it with a password as well.

Now, connect to the new hotspot and continue working. Surprisingly, the MacBook offers fast internet with consistent service.

If you do not have a functional Wi-Fi at your new location or want to work with hotspots while travelling, try this method. You will always be connected to the internet irrespective of location.

 6. Trade It In

Apple allows trade-in facilities for its existing customers. You can exchange an old MacBook or iMac and get a new device with some extra discount. You can also get the credit and use it for future purposes as well. This credit is stored in an Apple Store Gift Card, and you can gift it to another person as well.

So, if your MacBook is not in a condition for repurpose or reuse, it is best to trade in it to buy a new device.

7. Recycle It Or Sell It

If you are unable to trade the device or repurpose it, you can give it away for recycling or sell it for its parts. It is better to part ways with the machine when it does not serve any purpose.

Old MacBook owners can give back the device to Apple for its free recycling scheme. Alternatively, You can give it to the designated buyers who deal with old devices and recycling.

But, before you sell it, ensure you have deleted all the sensitive data from your MacBook. Get a backup of what you need and delete the rest or reset the device into its factory version. You can also try erasing the mac drive to delete any remaining encrypted data.

On top of that, never forget to log off from iTunes or iCloud accounts and delete any saved passwords or account credentials.


As it seems, instead of keeping it idle, there are different ways to repurpose or reuse a fully functional old MacBook. You can use it as a media viewer or Wi-Fi hotspot. A working old MacBook can also become your second device with some Linux OS or Chromium adjustments.

If the device h stopped working long ago, you can always exchange it or give it away for recycling.

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