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Soft White Vs Daylight – Find the Difference?

What Are Soft White Bulbs?

soft white bulb

A soft white bulb has a warm color temperature with a Kelvin scale range of 2700 to 3000K. It has a yellowish-white light and produces a yellow hue. It can be perfect to have a cozy feel in your bedroom. A soft white bulb is richer in red and yellow which makes it produce warm light. If you are looking to have soft lighting then it can be the right choice. The bulb has low color intensity and can provide overall illumination in your entire home.

What Are Daylight Bulbs?

daylight bulb

When it comes to daylight bulbs, they are very light and can produce a calming effect. It has a wide light spectrum which makes it produce a high color temperature. These types of bulbs have a color temperature of 5000 to 6000K. It offers better illumination in basements, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Another factor to consider is that it provides a natural effect without causing any strain to the eyes. The warm glow works just like the natural light of the dun. It has full spectrum LEDs which emit light with a white hue and tints of blue.

Daylight vs Soft White LED Lights

Parameters Soft White LED Daylight LED
Light quality Old yellowish white light similar to incandescent lights Natural light of the sun with a warm glow
Color temperature 2700 to 3000K 5000 to 6000K
Hue Warm and soft yellowish hue Bluish-white
Application Dining room, bedroom, living room etc. Bathroom, basement, kitchen etc.
Availability LED, incandescent, puck and stick lights etc. LED, ceiling, strip lights etc.

Difference between Daylight and Soft White LED Bulbs

1. Color Intensity

The color intensity is the color brightness produced by bulbs. Soft white LED bulbs produce a low color temperature of 2700 to 3000k. On the contrary, daylight LED lights’ color temperature range of 5000 to 6500k. It can create a natural effect due to the improved color contrast. Aas soft white LED bulbs have low color intensity, they emit warm and relaxing light.

2. Hue

Soft white LED bulbs produce a yellowish hue for a relaxing feel. As it has low color intensity, it will make you feel warm. However, daylight LED offers an instantaneous warm glow just like the natural light of the sun. It has full spectrum LEDs which emit bluish-white color. Daylight LED also creates less strain on the eyes due to the bright light.

 3. Application

Daylight LED bulbs are very bright making them perfect for different projects including reading. It mimics natural sunlight and has an ambient color temperature which makes it perfect for kitchens, basements, offices, garages, and bathrooms. Soft white LED bulbs are close to incandescent lights with a yellowish hue. This makes it perfect for dining rooms, bedrooms, under cabinets, closets, and living rooms.

Soft White vs. Daylight: Room Guide

  • Bathrooms –A daylight bulb is approximately 6000k making it perfect for commercial settings. The application of a daylight bulb in a bathroom will let you see clearly in a mirror. However, with a soft white bulb, you will have a spa-like feeling. Also, daylight bulbs can be sterile and blue and many people consider a soft white over daylight bulbs.
  • Kitchen –The kitchen is one area where you make food. For this purpose, you require proper illumination and a daylight bulb will be the right choice. It lets you grab all the details and is not harsh. In case you happen to have a contemporary kitchen, then soft white it will make the cabinets look natural. However, this is only according to cabinetry color.
  • Bedrooms –With a soft white bulb, you will have a cozy feeling. It can be a perfect choice for a bedroom as it offers you a relaxing feeling. A daylight bulb can be great for reading and you can easily add a desk.
  • Living room –Your living room is a part of the home where you gather with friends and family. For this purpose, it is perfect to have a cozy feeling with a soft white bulb. The warm color temperature makes it ideal for a living room.
  • Dining room – When it comes to a dining room, it is completely your preference. With a daylight bulb, there will be better color contrast and offer you a natural feel. A soft white bulb is about fellowship where you don’t give much importance to plate decoration.
  • Home Office –For your home office, headlight bulbs can be the right choice. It enhances mood and provides better illumination while performing tasks like reading and writing.
  • Side/front/back porch –A daylight bulb is also great for the porch. It offers better illumination when you have to look for keys or enter the codes while unlocking the door. Most importantly it offers security and deters thieves. You can even find daylight bulbs that come with motion-activation that helps to repel insects.
  • Basement –You can use a daylight bulb in your basement where you keep different appliances and laundry. It lets you see clearly and you can even go for fixing DIY tasks. However, you can add a soft white bulb when you are looking to play games or watch television in your basement.
  • Garage –Your garage can be great with a daylight bulb as you require proper illumination while fixing things. It can also be great for loading and unloading the car.
  • Attic –When you use your attic for storage, it will be best to go for a daylight bulb. If you use the attic for guests’ space or bedroom purposes, then it requires soft white which offers a better ambiance.
  • Hallways/Entryways – Entryways and hallways can be great with soft white LEDs. It can be perfect for promoting relaxation due to the ambient glow.
  • Outside –The outside can be according to the type of activities. Soft white lighting can be great for patios and decks as it helps in mood relaxation.

Which One To Choose?

  • Function of the room –Which type of activities or tasks that you perform in the room determine the appropriate bulb selection. In some cases, many people use both to mix better color temperature. For example, a daylight bulb can be perfect for a bathroom that lets you see clearly in the mirror. However, soft whited will enhance the look of the shower.
  • Mood of the room –Even the mood of the room determines which bulb will be best. Daylight offers better brightness and energy. Soft white on the other hand offers better coziness and warmth. Keep in mind that the lighting of the room can actually change your mood.
  • Size of the room –Often the size of the room decides what type of light you require. It is done with the help of foot-candle measurement where a one-foot square radius is suitable for one lumen.
  • Paint color –Homes with cool paint colors like greens and blues can be great with a daylight bulb. It helps to make the colors pop up. Similarly, if you are looking to enhance warm tones like neutral and earth tones, you can opt for white soft white lighting.
  • Type of lights –Another important factor to consider will be where do you want to place the bulbs. Some people place it on lamps, wall scones, or select overhead lighting. For performing tasks, you can look for a daylight bulb that offers better brightness. Also, you need to consider the space carefully.
  • LED vs. Incandescent –Now it boils down to the question of whether you go for an LED or an incandescent bulb. Daylight offers better daylight color temperature with soft white light. Whereas incandescent bulbs emit soft warm light with better ambiance.


One of the major differences between daylight bulbs and soft white bulbs is the color temperature they offer. Daylight bulbs can be great to see better details for improving productivity making them great for kitchens and offices. Soft white bulbs offer a better feeling making them ideal for bedrooms and living rooms. However, many other factors let you choose the right bulb whether it is room size, mood, or color. Some people tend to combine both daylight bulbs and soft light bulbs so that there will be a better application.

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