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Is FaceTime Free Internationally?

Video calls make you feel “closer” to your loved ones even when you are hundreds of miles away. There are many applications/software that allow you to make video calls from a variety of devices. FaceTime is one such application that is built into the Apple Ecosystem. iPhone users can make “FaceTime” calls to other iPhone users. But there is one common question that many iPhone users have thought about at least once. Is FaceTime Free Internationally? Let us find out more about this.

What is FaceTime?


FaceTime is a free video calling application from Apple. It is available on all iPhones, iPads, and Mac Computers. The app itself is known as FaceTime. It comes preloaded on all Apple devices.

What can you do with FaceTime? It lets iPhone users to make one-on-one video calls to other iPhone users over Wi-Fi. With iOS 6, Apple allowed users to make FaceTime calls over the cellular network as well.

Until iOS 12, FaceTime did not support group calls. But starting with iOS 12, you can make group video calls using FaceTime with up to 32 participants.

Another major feature / update from Apple was FaceTime Audio-only calls. Starting with iOS 7, FaceTime allowed audio-only calls which are similar to other VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls. This uses significantly less data than FaceTime Video calls.

If you are using FaceTime over cellular data (3G or 4G LTE), then you can get away with low data consumption for audio calls.

Apple developed FaceTime protocol using a bunch of open standards. But even then, FaceTime is not interoperable on other devices. This means you need an Apple device to make a FaceTime Call.

iPhones with iOS 4 or later and Mac Computers with macOS X 10.6.6 or later can make FaceTime calls. You need later versions of iOS for additional features (audio calls, group calls, etc.).

How to Use FaceTime?

As we mentioned before, FaceTime comes pre-installed on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. But you have to register to start using FaceTime.

To register with FaceTime, go to Settings on your iPhone and go to FaceTime. You can also use the built-in FaceTime on your iPhone.

For iPhone users with a valid phone number, FaceTime registers your phone number automatically. Alternatively, you can use your email ID (Apple ID) to register with FaceTime.

Before making a FaceTime call, the first thing you need to make sure is that the other person also has an iPhone and is registered with FaceTime. You can use his/her mobile number or registered email ID to make a FaceTime Call. In fact, the term “FaceTiming” someone became an alternative for video calling.

If the person is already in your contacts, you can simply type his/her name and tap the name when it appears on the screen. You can make an audio call or video call using FaceTime.

Is FaceTime Free?

FaceTime is free to use. But the cost depends on whether you use Wi-Fi or Cellular Data to make the call. FaceTime calls are different from regular phone calls. They use a different set of protocols to make the calls over the internet and not from your mobile network.

If you connect to a Wi-Fi network, FaceTime calls are completely free. But if you connect to mobile data, then you have to pay for the data. Technically, you also have to pay for your Wi-Fi in your home.

But you can connect to any working Wi-Fi network to make FaceTime calls. This can be in coffee shops, libraries (do not disturb others), or any Wi-Fi hotspots.

Is FaceTime Free Internationally?

Your partner is out of the country on a business trip. You want to video chat with him/her one evening. A common question that pops up is can you make international FaceTime Calls? Or to be specific, is FaceTime free internationally?

The answer is yes! FaceTime is free whether you or the other person is outside the country. You can make international FaceTime calls and they are free as long as you have internet connectivity. But make sure to connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network.

Because, if you use cellular data to make a FaceTime video call, your data will take a severe beating and the phone bill will make your wallet cry. If you don’t have Wi-Fi near you, look for Wi-Fi hotspots in your hotel, nearby coffee shops, or other places.

There is no difference in the procedure for making domestic or international FaceTime calls. You need a phone number or registered email ID of the other person to make the call.

Will FaceTime Consume Mobile Data?

Yes and No. If you connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network or a Wi-Fi Hotspot, then you won’t use any mobile data. But if you use cellular data for internet connectivity, then FaceTime uses that data to make calls.

Remember FaceTime doesn’t work on regular mobile communication. It needs some sort of internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile) to make the calls.

You can make either FaceTime Video calls or audio-only calls using FaceTime. In case you have to make a FaceTime call from your mobile internet, you can make an audio call as it uses relatively less data than a video call.

Is FaceTime Available on Android?

Even though FaceTime Protocol uses several open standards (H.264, AAC, SIP, etc.), Facetime is an Apple-only application. It is not and won’t be available for Android (or other) ecosystems.

You can use WhatsApp, Skype, or other applications to make video calls to Android users.


Video calling your friends and family who are far away from you is very common nowadays. For iPhone users, FaceTime is the go-to app for video chats. You can make audio, video, and group calls using FaceTime on iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

What if the person you want to call is outside the country? Or what if you are out of your home country and want to FaceTime your loved ones? Is FaceTime Free Internationally?

In this guide, we saw the basics of FaceTime. It also specifies the procedure to register and make calls using FaceTime. Finally, we answered some important questions regarding international calls on FaceTime.

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  1. Doesn’t work in Mexico calling the US! Have tried a dozen times to FaceTime my daughter today, and even though the US country code (+1) is in her contact, when I try to use FaceTime, it inserts the Mexican country code (+52) instead! Won’t get through to her! Fortunately, she can FaceTime me from her phone in the states and it works just fine! Need a fix on this one! 😢😢😢

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