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Types of Space Heaters

Wondering about the best way to tackle the cold winter nights? 

If so, considering a space heater for your favourite room would be the best decision. With this, you can easily have a warm and comfortable lifestyle regardless of how cold the weather becomes. Not only this, in today’s time the heaters do care about the styles as well. Thus, you’ll not have to compromise the beauty of your home.

Okay, but they consume too much energy. Indeed, this statement is true, but up to an extent. If your primary goal is to get decent warmth without playing with electric bills, there’s something for you as well.

But here’s a catch. There are too many types of space heaters available in the market. Each of them has different working principles. And each of them tackles some specific issue. Thus, it becomes a tricky task for you. 

To help you in this process we’ve talked about all types of space heaters. By having a look at them and speculating their pros and cons, you’ll have a better idea of where to go.

Let us have a look.

Types of Space Heaters

1. Ceramic Space Heaters

Ceramic Space Heaters

As the name suggests, the core element for producing heat in this heater is Ceramic. By switching on the power supply, the alloy plates (mostly nichrome) convert electrical energy into heat.

These alloy plates are attached to the ceramic plates on the exterior side that starts emitting heat in the air after turning red due to the high heat. This process of transferring heat is also known as convection.

Apart from this, they are also equipped with several safety measures such as temperature sensors. The sensor constantly watches the ceramic plate and automatically cuts the supply if the temperature rises above the safety zone.

The process discussed above might seem a bit complex in the beginning but it happens within a few seconds. This is one of the major reasons behind the wide acceptance of ceramic space heaters.  

In general, there are two types of ceramic heaters available in the market. One comes with a fan while the other lacks it.

The fan in the ceramic space heater blows air and quickly spreads the heat in all directions. Here the results of warmth will be much faster than the non-fan heaters.

On the other hand, ordinary ceramic space heaters (one with no fan) take more time to spread heat. As the distribution of heat takes time with the absence of air. However, they’re more economical than the fan types.

Advantages :

  • Easy to carry around
  • Heat emission can speed up with the help of the fan
  • Thanks to the ceramic’s property, you’ll receive heat even after switching the heater
  • They don’t consume much space
  • Safe for children
  • Easy to move around
  • You’ll feel the warmth within few seconds
  • Some top-notch models also include a thermostat


  • Suitable for a small to medium-sized room only
  • Requires high electricity
  • Models without a fan emit heat slowly

2. Fan Space Heaters

Fan Space Heaters

Fan space heaters are another popular option for getting comfortable heat for your house. The working of the fan space heaters is the same as the ceramic types. 

They also use electricity and turn it into heat energy and finally transmit heat through convection. The only difference here is the core material. 

Instead of using ceramic plates, a high resistant metal coil or filament starts glowing red and emits heat on passing electricity.

On top of that, the fan becomes another key player to provide equal heat all around the room. The intensity and effectiveness of heat depends mostly on the fan speed. The faster the fan will rotate the sooner heat will reach up to you.

On a performance basis, both the fan space heater and ceramic space heater are on the same page. However, the fan space heater is quick and produces more noise because of its high-powered fan.

Advantages :

  • Best in budget
  • Handy in size
  • Doesn’t weigh much
  • The fan helps to fasten the heat emission
  • Safe to touch 
  • The heat emission starts almost instantly


  • There’s no ceramic type material to hold heat. Thus, it’ll stop heating the moment you switch the heater
  • Not suitable for large areas
  • The thermostat of fan space heaters limits you from choosing the desired temperature. 
  • Consumes much energy as it constantly needs electricity to produce electricity

3. Infrared Space Heaters

Infrared HeaterThese heaters are completely different from the above two. And it is considered as both smart and effective space heaters. The reason behind this is its working principle.

Infrared space heaters emit infrared waves to heat the object around it. It is similar to how the sun provides heat to our planet. 

Here’s the most intriguing part of the infrared heaters, they don’t use convection to heat the process. Rather, the infrared rays are directly absorbed by the object around the heater. In this way, the heater ensures that it isn’t wasting any heat in the medium unlike other types of space heaters.

Thus, here you’ll save a tonne of money on electric bills. Even the most energy-saving ceramic heater is no match to the infrared heaters. To give you a better insight, here are several facts.

Ceramic heaters consume at least 45Watts of electricity for heating every cubic meter of area. On the other hand, the infrared heaters only consume up to 25 Watts at max.

These heaters are just like an LED TV that can be easily mounted to the wall. Thus, increasing the appearance of your room and providing utmost heating at the same time.

Advantages :

  • Object directly absorbs the heat. Thus, it doesn’t matter how many objects are available in the room.
  • Some models even come with attractive paintings on them to increase the looks of your interior.
  • Cool-to-the-touch housing
  • Many models include a digital thermostat with them.


  • Are wall mountable. Thus, it becomes a hectic process to carry around.
  • Heat is unidirectional.
  • It doesn’t heat the environment
  • Infrared heating is an expensive technology. 

4. Oil Filled Space Heaters

Oil Filled Space HeatersOil Filled space heaters are also known as radiator heaters. And their work is inspired by the old classic heater that required a regular dose of coal and wood. No worries, you don’t need to do the old filling here. 

The special diathermic oil is used here as the main participant. When you provide an electric supply to the heater, this oil quickly gets heated and starts emitting heat. At last, the heat left the heater’s body through the main columns or vents. 

Despite being using a liquid component for heating, the oil-filled space heaters are easily portable. Thus, you can carry it from room to room with zero to minimum effort.

The heat you get here travels on its own, which is simple convection. There are no fans available in this type as the heat from oil would be unbearable for a fan.

Advantages :

  • The heat continues to emit for some time after switching off the heater.
  • Are efficient as compared to other convection heaters. 
  • The models equipped with wheels are easily movable.


  • The speed of the heat isn’t controllable.
  • Is not suggested for large areas.
  • The housing gets very hot
  • They are generally heavy as compared to other heaters (around 16-20 lbs.)
  • Can’t use a fan in these heaters.

5. Propane Space Heaters

Propane Space HeatersAmong all the space heaters, the propane heater is the most unique type out there. It doesn’t require a complex electric power supply. Instead, liquid propane is used here as the main fuel. 

Because of their unique working method, these heaters are widely acceptable for factories or long integrated areas such as hotels or cabins in hill stations. Although, in recent times a propane space heater will also be a good pick for your home heating purposes. 

Remember, there’s no need for plugging it into the power source. You can easily place this according to the most desired position. Thus, becoming the most portable option among all. 

What could be the major advantage of not using electric energy? You’ll not have to pay an extra 2- to 30% of electric bills. On top of that, the heat emitted by propane is the most high-intensity heat as compared to any type of space heater.

The propane space heaters are more related to the infrared heaters. Just like the infrared heaters, these heaters also emit warm electromagnetic waves to heat the environment. 

You can also claim a bold statement, the propane heater has a sole element to do the complete process of effective heating.

In general, there are two types of propane space heaters: one with a fan and the other are plain. Although you can expect a price hike on the heaters with the fan. 

Advantages :

  • Higher portability. You can place it anywhere you want. 
  • Doesn’t require electricity to run. Thus, no heavy electric bills.
  • Can produce the most intense heat among all the space heaters. 
  • Budget friendly


  • It requires liquid propane to generate heat. If you can’t bring propane effortlessly, don’t consider it.
  • The burning of fuel isn’t advisable if you’re not an expert in indulging in these things.
  • Most of them are not meant for domestic use.
  • Some propane space heaters can also emit carbon dioxide. Ensure proper ventilation in such situations.

6. Panel Space Heaters

Panel Space HeatersThe panel space heaters are the newest gift from technology to us. But, it’s quite intriguing to observe their increasing popularity in such a short time. 

The name says it all, the panel heaters are mostly wall mountable. This design will save your home’s space and will add more points to the interiors as well. However, many brands have started to provide you with the benefit of placing it on the floor with the help of a separate stand. 

Coming to the working of these new kinds. The panel space heater works on the same foundation principle as the oil-filled heaters. Both of them radiate hot air from the device. Although these heaters also use electricity as their main constituents.

In terms of effective heating, the panel space heaters are not that praisable. It isn’t even debatable when you compare it over other power types of space heaters. The best use of these heaters will be to release the cold environment from the room. Some of the relevant examples for using these heaters would be bedrooms, fancy offices, or on school premises.

Expecting them to provide you with comfortable warmth might turn out to be a dissatisfying purchase.

However, no one can blame the efficiency of panel space heaters as this technology is still in progress.

Advantages :

  • Aesthetic look
  • Easily mountable on the wall
  • No hectic process, just plug and switch on the power supply.
  • Safe to touch housing


  • This is the beginning phase of panel heaters. At this time, they’re inefficient in providing high-intensity heat
  • They are not equipped with many models.  
  • Currently, not every model comes with a fan for oscillating heat.
  • They’re mostly wall mounted. Thus, they aren’t portable.


Investing in a room heater is kind of a one-time long investment. Thus, it should provide comfortable heating without burdening much on the electric bills. The different types of heaters mentioned above come with their pros and cons. It is up to you and your family needs, which will be the best fit. 

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