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The 9 Best Patio Heaters in 2024 | Reviews and Buying Guide

“From budget-friendly options to high-end designs, our top patio heaters let you have comfortable outdoors, no matter the season.”

Thanks to game-changing patio heaters, you can enjoy outdoor space throughout the year.

So, you don’t have to miss out on stargazing or outdoor family gatherings, even on breezy fall afternoons and chilly winter evenings.

These exceptional models deliver efficient heat distribution, long-lasting performance, and seamless integration into your outdoor space.

While many patio heaters are available, their efficiency can vary widely; some may need to improve or be more cost-effective in fuel or electricity consumption.

After extensive research and sifting through thousands of user reviews, we’ve curated a list of top-notch heaters that cater to diverse needs and preferences. You can check out our review of these products in this article.

Also, don’t forget to check out our comprehensive “Buying Guide” to make an informed decision tailored to your specific requirements.

Best Patio Heaters Table

Patio HeatersAwardFuel TypeHeat OutputBuy Now
Amazon Basics Patio HeaterMost CustomizablePropane46,000 BTUCheck On Amazon
Hampton Bay Patio HeaterMost ReliablePropane42,000 BTUCheck On Amazon
Mr. Heater Patio HeaterBest PortabilityPropane/Natural Gas45,000 BTUCheck On Amazon
Pamapic Patio HeaterBest DesignPropane48,000 BTUCheck On Amazon
Briza Patio HeaterBest InfraredElectric1500 WattsCheck On Amazon
Sunjoy Patio HeaterBest PortabilityPropane47,000 BTUCheck On Amazon
FDW Patio HeaterMost Versatile---47,000 BTUCheck On Amazon
BALI OUTDOORS Patio HeaterBest For Small SpacesPropane10,000 BTUCheck On Amazon
Thermo Tiki Patio HeaterBest For Commercial UsePropane45,000 BTUCheck On Amazon

Best Patio Heaters Reviews

1. Amazon Basics Patio Heater

AMZON BASICSKey Specifications:

  • Design: Freestanding
  • Fuel Type: Propane Gas
  • BTUs: 46,000

Warranty: 1-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

The Amazon Basics Outdoor Patio Heater is not just a heater; it is a reliable source of comforting warmth that makes your outdoor space usable even during the colder months. It comes with an optimal heat output of 46,000 BTUs, ideal for heating large patios with up to an 18-foot diameter coverage area.

This propane-based heater includes a secure Piezo ignition system, ensuring a quick and safe start. A simple one-touch ignition button is paired with an adjustable temperature knob for customizing heat levels. Additionally, mobility is also a breeze, thanks to its built-in wheels, allowing for easy relocation as needed.

When it comes to safety features, it has an auto-shut-off tilt valve and a water box to weigh down the base, adding stability in windy conditions. A chain is also included to secure the propane tank. The heater’s base even allows for filling with water or sand for added security against strong winds.

To top it all off, the heater has a durable, powder-coated slate gray finish, ensuring it will withstand the elements and last for seasons to come. It accommodates a 20-pound liquid propane gas tank (not included), which provides approximately 9 hours of warmth, perfect for long evenings outdoors.

What Customers Are Saying?

Users frequently praise the Amazon Basics Patio Heater for its high heat output and ease of use, citing its one-touch ignition and mobility as particular advantages. However, some customers point out that the 1-year warranty is limited to the United States, which may not be ideal for international buyers.

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2. Hampton Bay Patio Heater

hamptonKey Specifications:

  • Design: Freestanding, all stainless-steel construction
  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • BTUs: 48,000

Warranty: Not specified

The Hampton Bay Outdoor Patio Heater is designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, serving as the perfect addition to any patio decor. With a heat output of 48,000 BTUs, it can effectively heat up to 200 square feet, extending your backyard gatherings into the colder months.

The heater is crafted from brushed stainless steel, not only ensuring durability but also adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor setting. The stylish design is also a significant plus, enhancing the ambiance of their outdoor spaces.

It comes equipped with an anti-tilt switch to prevent accidental tip-overs. Additionally, it features an easy-access door for the standard 20 lb. propane tank (not included), providing convenience when refilling is needed.

While the heater is powerful, it also offers flexibility with its control valve, allowing users to adjust the temperature according to their comfort. However, it is worth mentioning that the heater does not come with wheels, which means it will not be as easy to move around compared to some other models.

What Customers Are Saying?

Customers are largely pleased with the Hampton Bay Outdoor Patio Heater, praising its robust heating capabilities. However, customers do express some concerns: firstly, the absence of a stated warranty leaves potential buyers in the dark about the product’s long-term reliability. Secondly, not all parts are made of stainless steel as advertised.

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3. Mr.Heater Patio Heater

mr heaterKey Specifications:

  • Design: Tank-top, directly mounts onto a 20-100 lb propane cylinder
  • Fuel Type: Propane and Natural Gas
  • BTUs: Variable, ranging from 30,000 to 45,000 BTUs; also includes a 10,000 BTU blue flame setting

Warranty: 1-year warranty

The Original 540-Degree 45,000 BTU Tank Top Radiant Propane Heater is a versatile, compact heater designed for maximum portability and convenience. Its unique tank-top design allows it to be directly mounted onto propane cylinders ranging from 20 to 100 lbs, making it highly mobile and perfect for a variety of outdoor settings, including camping and more rugged outdoor adventures.

The heater comes with a piezo electric ignition system that makes startup as simple as turning a knob. Its heat output ranges from 30,000 BTUs to a robust 45,000 BTUs, ensuring you have control over the level of warmth you desire. For more energy-efficient needs, it also offers a blue flame setting of 10,000 BTUs.

Moreover, it is equipped with a tip-over safety shut-off switch and a factory-standard Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS), which automatically turns off the unit if the surrounding oxygen level becomes dangerously low.

The device uses natural convection for optimal air circulation and features a 360-degree burner head for multi-directional heat distribution. This ensures that the warmth is evenly spread out, no matter where you are situated relative to the heater. With approximately 9.5 hours of run time on high settings with a 20 lb tank, it is both efficient and long-lasting.

What Are Customers Saying?

Users have commended the unit for its easy ignition system and range of safety features. However, one common drawback cited by customers is that it is not a typical patio heater in design, meaning it may not blend seamlessly with all types of outdoor decor.

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4. Pamapic Patio Heater

Pamapic Patio HeaterKey Specifications:

  • Design: Freestanding tall at 89.4 inches, the pyramid-shaped design with a stainless steel
  • Fuel Type: Propane Gas
  • BTUs: 48,000

Warranty: 1-Year from Date of Purchase

Pamapic Patio Heater, a stunning addition to your outdoor space that combines functionality with style. This gas-powered tower heater in Hammered Bronze is designed for outdoor use, boasting a powerful 48,000 BTU Quartz Glass Tube flame to provide both warmth and a mesmerizing ambiance.

Equipped with variable heat settings and a built-in control valve, you have complete control over the temperature to suit your preferences. The overheat protection feature ensures safety by automatically shutting off the heater if tilted. A side of outdoor hammered bronze heater gives you easy access to the 20 lb

Standing tall at 89.4 inches, the pyramid-shaped design with a stainless steel finish adds a touch of elegance to your patio or outdoor area. The glass flame tube not only creates a captivating visual effect but also radiates warmth for a cozy atmosphere during chilly evenings.

What Customers Are Saying?

Pamapic Patio Heater for its strong heat output, durability, and the convenience of the pyramid-shaped design. Users like the appearance, noise and performance of the space heater. it looks amazing, it works fantastic and the heat shield works and good lighting source.

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5. Briza Patio Heater

brizaKey Specifications:

  • Design: Dual-use, can be mounted on walls or ceilings and also comes with an adjustable tripod stand for freestanding use.
  • Fuel Type: Electric (Infrared)
  • BTUs: Not Applicable (Heat levels of 900W, 1200W, 1500W)

Warranty: Not specified

The Briza Infrared Electric Patio Heater is a versatile and modern heating solution designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Unlike traditional heaters that warm the air, this unit uses carbon infrared technology to produce clean, radiant heat that is quickly absorbed by surfaces, effectively raising the ambient temperature of the space.

The heater is equipped with a built-in timer, allowing you to set it to automatically power off after 1 to 9 hours of operation. Control is made easy thanks to a convenient remote, which lets you turn the heater on or off, adjust the timer, and toggle between three different heat levels (900W, 1200W, 1500W) from a distance.

For those concerned about safety, the Briza features an automatic shut-off sensor that will power down the unit if it gets tipped over, significantly reducing the risk of fire.

The unit boasts an IP 55 rating, meaning it can withstand rain, snow, sand, or dust, making it ideal for year-round use. Whether you are looking to keep warm in your garage, shed, or any outdoor space, the Briza Infrared Electric Patio Heater is engineered to stand up to harsh conditions for years to come.

What Customers Are Saying?

Customers generally praise the Briza Infrared Electric Patio Heater for its dual-use design and efficient heating technology. However, some customers note a drawback in that the unit may not be as effective in very large open spaces due to its infrared heating mechanism.

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6. Sunjoy Patio Heater

Sunjoy Patio HeaterKey Specifications:

  • Design: Freestanding, height of 90.6 inches, Built-in wheels portable and easy to relocate or adjust.
  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • BTUs: 47,000 BTU

Warranty: customer service within 24-48 hours.

Sunjoy Portable Propane Heater a versatile heating solution for your patio or garden. Crafted with a durable rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame in an elegant silver color, this heater is designed for long-term use. The 47,000 BTU heat output ensures ample warmth for outdoor spaces, making it ideal for chilly evenings on the patio.

Portability is key with built-in wheels, facilitating easy movement and relocation of the heater. The Avanti heater is compatible with standard 20-pound propane gas cylinders (not included), offering convenience in setup and use. The stainless-steel heat-focusing reflector radiates comfort across a wide area, making your outdoor seating area cozy and enjoyable.

With its anchoring plates for secure mounting and a height of 90.6 inches, this propane-powered patio heater from Sunjoy provides comfort, convenience, and safety for year-round outdoor enjoyment. Featuring a user-friendly design, the heater is equipped with a simple push-button ignition and a variable-heat control knob.

What Customers Are Saying?

Customers often appreciate the Sunjoy Portable Propane Heater  for its impressive heat output and convenient features like ease of assembly of the space heater, performance of the product, works perfectly and durability 

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7. FDW Patio Heater

fdwKey Specifications:

  • Design: Freestanding with a Bronze Finish
  • Fuel Type: Propane, Butane, or LPG Gas
  • BTUs: 41,000

Warranty: 90 days from the date of purchase

The FDW Outdoor Patio Heater is an ideal solution for those chilly nights, boasting a high output of 41,000 BTUs. Easily assembled within an hour, this heater is not only efficient but also quite versatile, suitable for various outdoor settings including gardens, patios, and public spaces like parks and street-side cafes.

Built for safety and stability, the heater utilizes a 20-pound LP gas tank to add weight to its base, making it resistant to tipping in windy conditions. For additional security, screws are provided to fix the unit to a deck. The heater also incorporates a safety auto shut-off tilt valve and will automatically turn off if the gas runs out.

High-quality stainless steel is used for the heating element, ensuring durability, and reducing the risk of melting or burning off. Additionally, the heater features an easy-to-use piezo ignition system and variable control valve, making operation a breeze.

This patio heater comes with wheels for easy mobility and the consumption rate allows for up to 10 hours of use on a full 20-pound tank. It also features a robust heat-focused reflector to disperse warmth over a broad area effectively.

What Customers Are Saying?

Customers appreciate the FDW Outdoor Patio Heater for its ease of assembly and potent heating capability, and others. However, some users note that the heater’s warranty information is not clearly specified, leaving them uncertain about what kind of long-term support to expect.

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8. BALI OUTDOORS Patio Heater

BALI OUTDOORS Patio HeaterKey Specifications:

  • Design: Freestanding, 34 inches tall with an 20-inch diameter heat range
  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • BTUs: 10,000

Warranty: 1-year warranty

BALI OUTDOORS Portable Patio Heater is a stylish and lightweight solution for warmth on your outdoor table. Weighing only 14 pounds and measuring 34 inches in height with a 20-inch diameter, this gas-powered heater is both convenient and portable. 

Safety is paramount with the gas safety shut-off switch, ensuring automatic shutdown if the heater tips over. The ODS protection device enhances safety further by cutting off the gas source in low-oxygen conditions, allowing versatile use both indoors and outdoors.

Assembly is a breeze, requiring less than an hour to set up. The 360-degree heating capability delivers an adjustable 10,000 BTU’s of warmth, creating a cozy atmosphere for your outdoor gatherings. The propane consumption rate is approximately over 2 hours per 1 lb tank, and an optional converter is available for extended use with a 20 lb propane tank.

Built for durability, the patio heater features a solid weighted base for stability, a safety grill guard, auto shut-off tilt valve, and an oxygen depletion sensor. The integrated Push & Turn Ignition system simplifies operation with just one knob

What Customers are Saying?

Customers appreciate the BALI Portable Patio Heater is a stylish and lightweight solution is table high thermal output, ease of assembly, and unique design perfect for chilly mornings. Built for durability, stability, a safety grill guard, auto shut-off tilt valve.

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9. Thermo Tiki Patio Heater

thermo tikiKey Specifications:

  • Design: Freestanding, pyramid-style column with a 7′ 6″ height
  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • BTUs: 38,000 BTU, with peak output up to 42,000-45,000 BTU

Warranty: 60 days from the date of purchase

The Tiki Store Thermo Outdoor Propane Patio Heater is a marvel of form and function. Crafted from premium, high-grade steel and aluminum, the heater features an elegant pyramid design with a 4-inch diameter ceramic-glass column that houses a mesmerizing dancing flame. This eye-catching design adds a touch of elegance to any setting—be it a personal patio or commercial outdoor venue.

But this heater is not just about looks; it is extremely efficient, offering a wide heating radius of up to 15 feet. With an adjustable BTU rating starting from a true-rated 38,000 BTU and going up to a peak output of 45,000 BTU, you can count on consistent warmth in your outdoor space.

For safety, the heater is designed with a tilt-proof base and includes an automatic shut-off valve. This ensures that even if the unit is accidentally tipped, it will automatically turn off, mitigating any potential hazards. Transporting the unit is also hassle-free, thanks to its built-in wheels.

Ease of use is yet another strong suit of this patio heater. It features push-button system and a control knob to adjust the flame intensity. The package includes all accessories like heating element, gas regulator, and flexible hose. 

What Customers Are Saying?

Customers are generally delighted with the Tiki Store Thermo Outdoor Propane Patio Heater. However, one notable drawback according to customer feedback is the lack of robust customer support and service.

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How To Choose The Best Patio Heater?

The variety of patio heater models available in the market can make the decision overwhelming. This comprehensive guide will break down the key factors to consider when selecting the best patio heater for your needs.

1. Type of Patio Heater

Patio heaters are commonly available in three different variants that include freestanding, wall-mounted, and tabletop. We have mentioned clear description of each type below for your reference. Refer to the information and make a wise decision.

a. Freestanding Patio Heaters

Freestanding patio heaters are the go-to choose for those who prioritize portability and ease of use. This makes them an incredibly flexible option, ideal for those who like to rearrange their outdoor setups or even for use in multiple locations.

However, this convenience comes at the cost of floor space. Freestanding models can be somewhat bulky, and if they run on propane, you will also need to allocate space for a propane tank.

Pros: Highly portable, no installation required

Cons: Takes up floor space, may require a propane tank

b. Wall-Mounted Patio Heaters

Wall-mounted patio heaters are excellent for those who want to save on floor space or have a specific area they would like to heat consistently. These units are often electric, making them easier and less expensive to operate than their propane counterparts. Installation is generally straightforward, but some models may require professional installation to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Pros: Space-saving, often electric and easy to install

Cons: Permanent, may require professional installation

c. Tabletop Patio Heaters

Tabletop patio heaters are the compact solution for those who have limited outdoor space or want a more intimate heating source. Being small and portable, they are easy to move around and store when not in use. However, their compact size also means they have limited heating capabilities.

Pros: Compact, portable, and good for small spaces

Cons: Limited heat output

2. Fuel Types

When it comes to power source, patio heater can be powered by either electric, propane or natural gas. Each option has its own merits and drawbacks. You have to make the choice based on your convenience and requirements. Below, we have mentioned the details of these options for your reference.

a. Propane Patio Heaters

Propane patio heaters are a popular choice because of their high heat output and rapid warming capabilities. They are incredibly user-friendly, requiring no professional installation. Just like your gas grill, these heaters typically operate on a 20-pound propane gas tank, which can provide up to 10 hours of warmth. When the tank is empty, replacing it is straightforward since propane is widely available in many stores.

Pros: High heat output, portable, quick heating, easy installation

Cons: Requires propane tank, more expensive to run

b. Electric Patio Heaters

Electric patio heaters have gained traction for their ease of installation and lower operating costs. They come in both wall-mounted and portable, battery-powered models. While the former may require some professional installation, the latter offer greater mobility. However, both types are dependent on an electrical power source, which could limit their placement and utility in your outdoor space.

Pros: Easy to install, lower operating cost, increasing popularity, mobile battery-powered options

Cons: Lower heat output, requires electrical outlet, may need professional installation for mounted units

c. Natural Gas Patio Heaters

Natural gas patio heaters offer an efficient way to heat your outdoor space, running directly off your home’s existing natural gas line. This eliminates the need for professional installation in most cases. However, these models are not portable and, depending on local gas prices, may be more expensive to operate compared to other types.

Pros: Low operating cost, high heat output, no major professional installation needed

Cons: Not portable, can be costly to operate

3. Heat Output

The heat output of patio heaters is a critical factor in determining their effectiveness for your specific needs and typically measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). A high BTU rating like 40,000 per hour may seem attractive, but it could be excessive for smaller patios.

The key is to match the BTU output to the square footage of your space. For example, a heater designed for 2,000 or 3,000 square feet would be overkill for a small patio. A helpful guideline can assist you in selecting the appropriate BTU range for your outdoor area’s size.

4. Safety Features

When selecting a patio heater, it’s crucial to consider safety features to ensure both you and your property are protected. Here are some key safety features to look for:

a. Tip-Over Switch: This feature automatically turns off the heater if it gets knocked over. This is particularly useful for freestanding models that are more prone to tipping, safeguarding against potential fire hazards.

b. Overheat Protection: This safety measure ensures that the heater automatically shuts off if it reaches a temperature that could be dangerous. This prevents the unit from becoming a fire risk and protects the heater’s internal components from damage.

c. Certifications: Opt for models that have been approved by recognized certification bodies like CSA or UL . These certifications indicate that the heater has undergone strict testing and meets established safety standards.

5. Maintenance

Most patio heaters are constructed from durable metals, making them relatively low-maintenance. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth is usually sufficient for the exterior. For the interior, it is advisable to occasionally inspect for and remove any debris or insects. For gas-operated models, it is also essential to examine the hose for any kinks or damage periodically.

6. Installation

The level of installation required varies based on the type of patio heater. Freestanding units often need some assembly but typically do not require professional help. Wall-mounted models, especially those that are electric, may need professional installation. Conversely, some small electric heaters are virtually plug-and-play, arriving preassembled and ready to be plugged into an outlet.

7. Budget Considerations

Patio heaters come in a broad price range, from basic models around $100 to high-end options exceeding $1,000. It is crucial to align your budget with your needs and expectations. Generally, cheaper models might provide lower heat output and may lack advanced safety features. If you are looking for longevity and better functionality, investing in a more expensive model could be beneficial in the long run.

8. Warranty & Customer Support

When making a purchase, consider the warranty and customer support as key factors. A good rule of thumb is to look for products with at least a one-year warranty. This ensures that you are protected against any defects or issues that might arise after purchase. Additionally, a company with strong customer service is invaluable for addressing any concerns or questions, making it a smarter long-term investment for your outdoor space.

How To Maintain a Patio Heater?

By following these basic maintenance steps, you will prolong the life and effectiveness of your patio heater.

  • Regular Cleaning: Wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth to remove dust and debris.
  • Interior Check: Periodically inspect the interior for dead bugs or other debris and remove them.
  • Gas Hose Inspection: For gas models, regularly check the hose for kinks, leaks, or wear and tear.
  • Safety Features: Test safety features like the tip-over switch and overheat protection to ensure they are functioning correctly.
  • Hardware Tightening: Make sure all screws and connections are tight to prevent wobbling or tipping.
  • Check Ignition: For models with electronic ignition, ensure it is working smoothly and replace batteries as needed.
  • Storage: If not in use for extended periods, store in a dry place or use a protective cover to shield from elements.
  • User Manual: Always refer to the user manual for any model-specific maintenance requirements.

Patio Heaters – FAQs

1. What amount of heat is necessary for my space?

Ans: The heat output of patio heaters is commonly measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). While a higher BTU rating indicates greater heat output, it does not necessarily mean it is suitable for your specific needs. To determine the amount of heat you require, you can use the following formula:
BTU Needed = Desired Temperature Increase x Cubic Feet of Area to Be Heated
This equation helps you tailor your choice of patio heater to the precise needs of your space, ensuring both efficiency and comfort.

2. What is the operating cost of a patio heater?

Ans: The operating cost varies based on the fuel type—propane, electric, or natural gas. For a 40,000 BTU natural gas heater, you could spend about 48 cents per hour to heat a 314-square-foot area. An electric heater of 4,000 watts could cost around 60 cents per hour for the same space, based on a rate of 15 cents per kilowatt-hour. In contrast, a propane heater with the same BTU rating could cost as much as $1.70 per hour. Keep in mind that these costs can vary based on your location and current energy rates.

3. Is investing in a patio heater worthwhile?

Ans:  Patio heaters can be a cost-effective heating solution, especially in areas where central heating is expensive. Their value lies in their relatively low energy consumption and effectiveness in smaller spaces. Choosing a unit for its functionality over aesthetics is key to getting the most value.

4. What is the typical run time for a patio heater?

Ans: Run time varies depending on the type of patio heater and fuel source. A 20 lb propane tank can power a heater for up to 10 hours outdoors. Indoors, this duration can be longer. Natural gas heaters tend to be more cost-efficient as they eliminate the need for purchasing fuel like propane cylinders.

5. Is it safe to leave outdoor heaters in the rain?

Ans: No, outdoor heaters should not be left out in the rain. Although designed for outdoor use, exposure to moisture can damage the equipment.

6. How should you store an outdoor heater?

Ans: We recommend to store the heater upright in a cool, dry area away from exposure to rain or other weather elements.

7. Can patio heaters be used indoors?

Ans:  Gas-based heaters should only be used outdoors due to ventilation requirements. Electric heaters, which produce no emissions, can be used both indoors and outdoors.

8. What differentiates single dome and triple dome patio heaters?

Ans: Single dome heaters direct heat in one direction, while triple dome heaters distribute heat in three directions. Despite similar 40,000 BTU heat outputs, triple dome models offer better heat retention and are less affected by wind. Both types often feature a ceramic cone insulator for enhanced efficiency.

9. Can patio heaters be used on covered patios?

Ans: Yes, provided there is sufficient clearance as specified in the manufacturer’s manual.

10. Is it safe to place a patio heater on grass?

Ans: No, due to fire risks and the unstable nature of grassy surfaces, patio heaters should not be placed on lawns.

11. Are patio heaters safe for wooden decks?

Ans: Generally, yes. The base of a freestanding patio heater typically remains cool, making it safe for wooden decks. However, always refer to the instruction manual and do not leave the heater unattended.

12. What are the drawbacks of patio heater?

* Fuel Costs: High recurring expenses for propane and natural gas models.
* Limited Coverage: Effective in specific areas, requiring multiple units for larger spaces.
* Safety Risks: Potential for fire or gas leaks if not properly maintained or used.


As the seasons shift and the air gets crisper, a reliable patio heater can extend your outdoor living space’s usability well into the cooler months. From propane to electric, freestanding to wall-mounted, there’s a patio heater to fit every style and need.

Selecting the right patio heater ultimately comes down to your specific needs—whether you prioritize portability, versatility, or sheer heating power, there’s an option out there for you.

After our comprehensive analysis, here are the top three patio heaters that stood out in terms of performance, safety, and durability:

  • AmazonBasics Patio HeaterA reliable and budget-friendly option that provides basic functionality, making it a great entry-level choice for those new to patio heaters.
  • Hampton Bay Outdoor Patio Heater: Flexibility with its control valve, allowing users to adjust the temperature according to their comfort. The stylish design is also a significant plus, enhancing the ambiance of their outdoor spaces.
  • Fdw Patio HeaterA versatile and easy-to-assemble patio heater that offers a solid balance between heat output and safety features, ideal for a variety of outdoor settings.

Which patio heater have you selected? Still have any doubts, write to us in the comment section. 

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