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The 9 Best Infrared Heaters Of 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

“Heat Up Your Space Instantly With Infrared Room Heater”

Infrared heaters have become quite popular because of capability to provide adequate heat using less amount of electricity (up to 50% fewer than other room heater types).

Unlike convection heating technologies, they heat up the objects and persons instead of just heating up the air. Moreover, they have silent-operation and cool-to-touch exteriors, making it a perfect option for homes with kids and pets.

They are available in different models and design. To choose the best infrared heater, you have to consider certain factors. We have mentioned them below for your reference.

1. Type

There are two main types of infrared heaters Portable and Fixed infrared heaters. Choose them as per your convenience and requirement.

  • Portable IR heaters: are small, lightweight, and moved from one place to another. They come with wheels and easy to carry handles. It is a perfect option for zone heating.
  • Fixed IR heaters: are large, heavier, and warm up a room effectively. They come with a kit ready onto a ceiling or wall. It is a perfect option for a permanent heating solution.

2. Power 

The heat output (BTUs) and the power rating (watt) of an IR heater will determine the size of the space (area) it will warm up. Here both BTUs is inter-connected to the number of watts the heater uses. To calculate the power generated by a heater, you have to multiply the space’s square footage by 10. For instance, a 100 sq. ft. room need a 1000-watt heater (100 X 10 = 1000).

3. Temperature Range 

It let you know about the possible temperature (highest level) offered by your IR heaters. The temperature range of the infrared heaters will be 50°F and 86°F. Most of these heaters come with an adjustable thermostat that let you set your desired temperature.

Apart from these key factors, there are so many things we should know about the IR heater, which we explained in the detailed “Buying Guide”. Want to purchase an infrared heater, here is the list of some best-infrared heaters available online.

Go through them to pick the right one that suits perfectly for your heat setting, style, and budget.

Best Infrared Heaters Tabulation Of 2024

Infrared HeaterPower RatingTemperature RangeWarrantyBuy Now
Dr Infrared Heater1500 watts50F to 80F3 yearCheck On Amazon
Heat Storm Infrared Heater1500 watts40F to 99F1 yearCheck On Amazon
Infrared Heater
1350 watts-1 yearCheck On Amazon
Edenpure Infrared Heater1500 watts40F to 90F1 yearCheck On Amazon
AirNmore Infrared Space Heater1500 watts40F to 90F2 yearCheck On Amazon
LIFE SMART Infrared Heater1500 watts-1 yearCheck On Amazon
Lasko Infrared Heater1500 watts39F to 90F3 yearCheck On Amazon
Briza Infrared Patio Heater1500 watts----N.ACheck On Amazon
LifePlus Infrared Heater1500 watts--N.ACheck On Amazon

9 Best Infrared Heaters Of 2024 Reviews

1. Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater

dr heater

Just per its name, Dr Infrared Heater is a brand of heater that makes only infrared heaters and is known to offer highly reliable and durable products due to which it is quite a reputable brand of heaters.

The Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater is present in the 1st position in this article as it is the most durable and reliable option in this article. You get a great build quality with this infrared heater that is generally found in much more premium brands out there. It also offers a 3-year long warranty that is quite higher than other options with just a 1-year long warranty. Due to this, you can expect this infrared heater to easily last for a long time while using it at your home.

Moving over to the performance side of this, you get a power rating of 1500 watts in this infrared heater that is quite great. This allows you to easily set any temperature of your choice within the range of 50F to 80F offered by this infrared heater. It can offer this using a dual heating system that uses infrared quartz tube and PC. Another handy feature of this infrared heater is that it comes with a 12-hour automatic shut off timer to save a lot of electricity.

Best Features:

  • 1500 watt power rating
  • Temperature range of 50F to 80F
  • Comes with a 3-year long warranty


  • Highly durable and reliable infrared heater
  • Offers a great build quality
  • Includes an IR remote control for ease of use


  • Not the most compact infrared heater

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2. Heat Storm Infrared Heater

heat storm heater

You can find a lot of smart and feature-rich heaters from Heat Storm including an infrared heater that is quite better in various ways when compared with other

Heat Storm’s HS-1500-PHX-WIFI infrared heater is present in the 2nd position in this article as it is the most powerful option present in this article. This is possible due to the reason that it offers the same power rating of 1500 watts as other models available out there. Due to this, it offers a wide temperature range of 40F to 99F, which should be more than enough for most users. And it is able to offer this while having a wall mount design for taking up less space.

As you can tell by its model name, this infrared heater comes with Wi-Fi functionality in it. This allows you to connect your smartphone to this infrared heater using the companion smartphone app. Such a smartphone app can be quite handy since you can control this infrared heater using its app. Talking about the warranty, you get a 1-year warranty with it that is the same as most other options out there. Although the build quality could have been slightly better for longevity.

Best Features:

  • 1500 watt power rating
  • Temperature range of 40F to 99F
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty


  • Features a companion smartphone app for controlling the heater
  • Offers a wall mount design for taking less space
  • Best performing infrared heater model in this article


  • Build quality could have been slightly better

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3. Duraflame Infrared Heater 

duraflame heater

While Duraflame is mainly known for making flame heaters with high-performance numbers, you can also find a few infrared heater models from Duraflame that are quite different from others.

The Duraflame Electric DFI030ARU infrared heater is one of the most unique and quite cool looking options available out there. This infrared heater essentially looks like a fireplace that makes it a great option for users who want a cool looking infrared heater for their home. As for its performance, it is a 5200 BTU heater that can heat up to a 1000 cubic feet area quite easily. It is able to offer these numbers with its decent 1350 watt power rating. Unfortunately, you do not get any temperature range rating with this infrared heater that can be an issue for some.

As you would expect from most other infrared heaters out there, this one also offers a 1-year long warranty for peace of mind. You also get a great build quality with it that is quite good for the given price. A great thing about this infrared heater is that it comes with a flame effect that makes this infrared heater look quite similar to an actual fireplace made for home-usage.

Best Features:

  • 1300 watt power rating
  • 5200 BTU infrared heater
  • Ideal for up to 1000 cubic feet space
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty


  • Unique looking infrared heater
  • Decent performance for given size
  • Easy to use controls for changing flame effect


  • Does not mention any temperature range rating

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4. Edenpure Electric Portable Heater


In comparison to the other infrared heater brands mentioned in this article till now, EdenPure is a much newer brand of infrared heater that is known for making premium and high-end options with multiple features.

The EdenPure CopperSmart infrared heater offers pretty great performance due to its design and mechanism. You get copper PTC along with auto-reboot functionality in this infrared heater so that it automatically reboots in the case of a power outage. This PTC is also quite powerful as you get a standard power rating of 1500 watts. As for the temperature range, it is rated at 40F to 90F, which is quite high and more than enough for most users out there.

Even though EdenPure is a smaller brand of infrared heaters, it is still able to offer a 1-year long warranty as most of its products are built well. This model also offers a great build quality that means that this infrared heater can easily last for a long time. Its bottom wheels allow you to easily place this infrared heater in almost any corner of your room. And even if the heater is far away from you, controlling it should be quite easy using the included remote controller.

Best Features:

  • 1500 watt power rating
  • Temperature range of 40F to 90F
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty


  • Offers wheels on the bottom for ease of use
  • Includes a remote controller to control the infrared heater
  • High-performance power rating with copper PTC


  • A bit on the expensive side for most users

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5. AirNmore Infrared Space Heater

airnmore heater

AirNmore, yet another smaller brand of home appliances and other devices that you should consider before buying an infrared heater for heating up your place during winters.

AirNmore’s Comfort Deluxe infrared heater is quite a powerful model and makes for a great choice if you are looking for options made for heavy-duty usage. It can easily heat up a large room even during winters to keep you warm. All of this is possible due to its power rating of 1500 watts that is the same as most other options in this article. This high power rating allows you to get a high-temperature range of 40F to 90F that should be quite high and large for most of the users.

Even though AirNmore is a smaller brand of infrared heaters, it is able to offer a 2-year long warranty that is better than other options that offer a 1-year long warranty. You also get a great build quality that is very similar to other premium options in its class. One of the best things about this infrared heater is that it is quite safe for home usage as it does not get hot on the outside. In fact, it even comes with multiple sensors that turn off the heater if it tip-overs or anything else.

Best Features:

  • 1500 watt power rating
  • Temperature range of 40F to 90F
  • Comes with a 2-year long warranty


  • Includes a long warranty duration for peace of mind
  • Does not get hot on the outside
  • Comes with various sensors for extra safety


  • Slightly expensive infrared heater model

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6. LIFE SMART Infrared Heater

LIFE SMART Infrared HeaterLIFE SMART Infrared Heater featuring a cool-to-the-touch black front, complements any room while delivering powerful warmth. Utilizing infrared heating technology, the unit operates noiselessly, quickly radiating heat to nearby objects for immediate comfort.

Designed for convenience, the heater is easily portable with EZ Glide caster wheels, allowing seamless movement between rooms.Sets with three heat settings—1000 watts, 1500 watts, and an energy-efficient Eco mode maintaining a steady 68º. Safety is paramount, featuring a tip-over safety switch and overheat protection for worry-free usage.

Enjoy around-the-clock heating control with the 12-hour programmable timer. The infrared technology targets people and objects, preserving room humidity and avoiding air dryness. This clean electric heater eliminates combustion and toxins, ensuring a healthier and odor-free environment. Backed by a one-year warranty on electrical components.

Best Features:

  • 1500 watt power 
  • 5100 BTU infrared heater
  • Temperature Rangec 68º
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • On/Off 12 Hours Timer
  • Easy movement with caster wheels.
  • Three heat settings with eco mode
  • Built-in tip-over and overheat protection.


  • One-year warranty on electrical components.

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7. Lasko Infrared Quartz Console Heater

Lasko Infrared Quartz Console Heater Lasko has been developing innovative and high performance heating and cooling solutions for more than a century. The brand sells a wide range of heating/cooling products with easy installation and easy-to-use features.

Lasko’s infrared heater comes with a power rating of 1500 watts to provide warmth for rooms up to 300 square feet. It features a save-smart technology that optimizes heat generation using thermostat controls. The technology uses high heat and low heat settings to maintain set temperatures. If the temperature exceeds 3 degrees above the set temperature, the heater will shut-off automatically, thus providing the perfect warmth and saving energy.

The infrared is packed with a lot of digital controls that make the unit easy to operate. Along with the 2 heat settings, there is also an adjustable thermostat and an 8-hour timer. You can manually choose the heat level or let the adjustable thermostat do its magic to regulate the temperature. For controlling all these functions, there is a multi-function remote that allows you to adjust the settings from a distance.

When it comes to safety, the infrared heater is equipped with a tip-over safety switch, overheat protection, and cool-touch housing for protecting the unit. There is also a protective steel surrounding the internal heat exchanger. The easy-to-clean filter has to be cleaned every two weeks to ensure efficient and long operation of the heater.

The infrared heater comes fully-assembled and you can start using it right out of the box. It features recessed casters for smooth mobility from one room to another.

Lasko backs this infrared heater with a 3-year limited warranty from the original date of purchase.

Best Features:

  • 1500 watts power rating
  • 2 heat settings – high heat and low heat
  • 3-year warranty period


  • Heats up to 300 square feet area
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Fully assembled


  • Loud operation

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8. Briza Infrared Patio Heater

Briza Infrared Patio HeaterNext on our list, we have Briza’s infrared patio electric heater, a versatile infrared heater that produces ambient temperature for long-lasting warmth.

Just like all the options on our list, Briza’s infrared heater comes with a 1500-watt power rating to provide ideal warmth in your room. You can use/install this versatile heater in either of these two ways – mount it on the walls/ceiling or place it on an adjustable tripod stand. Thus, you can use them in any room (broad or tight spaces) to keep yourself warm.

It is completely safe to use, as it has a built-in sensor that turns off the heater automatically when it is tipped over to avoid any fire hazards. It uses carbon infrared technology that generates heat similar to the heat generated by the sun. The rays emitted get absorbed by the heater’s surface and thereby raise the ambient temperature. This advanced carbon technology offers 93% heat efficiency that produces heat instantly within a few seconds after turning on the heater and making it an energy saving.

With its built-in timer feature, you can set and leave the patio heater on within the time range of 1 to 9 hours, and after that, it will turn off automatically to keep you safe. It comes with a remote control that let you turn on/off the heater, and adjust the timer and heat levels (3 levels – 900W, 1200W & 1500W) as per your requirement.

Its weatherproof IP55 rating will offer 4-season protection (snow, rain, dust, or sand) to withstand harsh weather conditions making it an ideal option for outdoor and indoor use. Since they won’t have motors and other moving parts, it is quite easy to maintain and clean the reflectors at periodic intervals. Also, it works silently without producing any noise.

Best Features:

  • 1500 watts power rating
  • 3 heat settings – high (1500W), medium(1200W), and low (900W).
  • Built-in timer ranging from 1 to 9 hours
  • Can be mounted on the wall/ceiling (or) placed on the adjustable tripod stand.
  • Advanced carbon infrared technology to raise the surrounding temperature.
  • Weatherproof IP55 rating


  • Comes with a remote for ease of use
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Ideal option for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Works gentle, silent, and healthy with minimal maintenance
  • Heat the surrounding air instantly


  • No information on its warranty
  • Not that much powerful.

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9. LifePlus Infrared Heater

LifePlus Infrared HeaterLifePlus Infrared Quartz Cabinet Heater, a sophisticated and efficient solution to bring warmth and style to your living spaces. This walnut brown cabinet heater boasts advanced infrared heating technology, providing gentle and effective warmth with three adjustable heating powers: high, low, and eco. The LED digital screen and adjustable thermostat offer precise temperature control, ensuring optimal comfort without interruptions.

Compact and portable, this elegant heater with a nut-brown cabinet enhances the aesthetic appeal of any room. It operates quietly and offers three modes, including an energy-saving ECO mode. The 12-hour timer and remote control provide convenience, allowing you to customize heating preferences without direct contact.

With 750W and 1500W options, it caters to various heating needs while promoting low-carbon practices. The retro wooden frame adds durability and a classic touch to your space. Noise cancellation features make it ideal for both work and sleep. The wire clip at the back ensures safe cord storage during unused seasons, enhancing longevity. 

Best Features:

  • ECO, 750W, and 1500W options.
  • Overheat Protection
  • 12-hour timer and remote control


  • Retro wooden frame for durability
  • Child lock and safety features
  • Advanced Infrared Heating
  • LED Digital ScreenSafety
  • Overheat protection and tip-over switch.


  • No information on warranty

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Buying Guide for the Best Infrared Heater

An infrared heater is quite handy to maintain room temperature during winters. Also, they offer some extra smart features to the user, resulting in a great overall experience. One should know a lot about IR heaters, along with things to consider while shopping for infrared heaters.

Here is the checklist that tells you what factors to consider when choosing the infrared heater.

1. Types of Infrared Heaters

There are two main types of infrared heaters – portable and fixed. Let’s know about them in detail and check out which one suits better for your requirement.

  • Portable Infrared Heaters: Most of the consumer-made infrared heaters are portable type. They are small, lightweight, and can be carried from one place to another easily. A few models come with permanent fixtures. They come with wheels/carry handles to move around the house and considered the perfect option for zone (room to room) heating.
  • Fixed Infrared Heaters: They are larger, heavier, and capable to warm at least one room. It is considered the best option for those looking for a permanent heating solution. It comes in a kit (ready to install) that can be screwed onto the ceiling or wall. All you need is to identify the perfect location for the heater before you buy them.

Also, we notice some heaters are less portable compared to others. For instance, the more ornamental heaters with a wood finishing or log fire display won’t come with wheels. Its main purpose is that they are meant to place in a room to complement the décor.

2. Power

  • The room size where you want to warm will determine how powerful should be your infrared heater. The heat generated by the device is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs).
  • The BTU/heat output is interrelated with the number of watts a heater consumes for its working. Here the power (W) range for an infrared heater will be 300 – 1500 watts (A standard 110V household electrical outlet can handle a maximum of 1500 W).
  • Usually, for convection space heaters, 1 watt of power is equal to 3.412 BTUs, which makes it easy to know the space coverage they warm up. But it is not that easy with infrared heaters, why because these heaters use different heating elements like quartz (quite common and efficient), carbon, and ceramic to generate and discharge infrared rays with different levels of energy efficiency.
  • Here the supplemental blowers/fans are not essential, but if they used, then they deliver both diffuse nature of convection heat and focused infrared heat, in which they perform like two heaters in one unit. Remember that the energy needed to run the fan/blower will lower the unit’s efficiency.
  • With all these factors, the power rating of an infrared heater will affect its space coverage and heat output (BTU). Some infrared heater boasts a higher power rating that won’t mean it generates more heat and offers greater space coverage. It all depends on the distinct features of a particular heater.
To calculate the amount of power a heater can generate is, simply multiply the square footage of your space by 10. For instance, having a 100 sq. ft. room (10 X 10 Feet) will require a heater of 1000-Watt power (100X10 = 1000).

3. Temperature Range

It let you know the possible temperatures (maximum level) you can reach with a given infrared heater. This temperature range of infrared heaters will be from 50°F to 86°F.  An infrared heater comes with an adjustable thermostat, which let you set the desired temperature to make yourself cozy.

4. Size

To determine the right size infrared heater, you have to measure the space (square footage) you want to warm up. In general, the infrared heaters are small and portable that meant to use for small spaces. However, there are powerful units available to warm bigger areas, which are larger, heavier and not portable (fixed).

Also, it is essential to know the floor space an infrared heater can heat up before making its purchase. Why because it varies depending on the particular model & its placement, whether it sits horizontally (like standard heaters) or vertically (like tower heaters).

5. Design

There are several designs available for infrared heaters that used to complement different styles of home décor. One can easily find heaters with plastic, metal, and wood finishes that come in various colors. The heater’s shape depends on how it sits on the floor – horizontally or vertically, as this affects its function and visual look. Some infrared heater models are exclusively designed to simulate the look of a fireplace with both auditory and visual effects like crackling and flames.

6. Intended Location

  • The location where you want to install a heater within the room is also an essential factor to consider before buying them. However, it is not important while using a portable heater, as it allows you to move it around until you set it in the right place. But an essential issue to consider while purchasing the unit with a permanent fixture that set in the line of site.
  • In case, if the heater is not using a fan, then be sure that the heater has an unobstructed view of whatever you want to warm up, as it needs a line of sight. Remember the heater at a higher degree will warm closer objects quickly than further objects.
  • It is essential to determine where you want to locate the unit exactly in a room. So, that you came to know whether you need a horizontal or standing heater if it should use a fan or oscillate to blow out the warm air around.

7. Safety Features

Do you know that spaces heaters are one of the major causes of home fire accidents? So, one has to careful while choosing an infrared heater. It is of utmost importance to buy a heater that offers extra safety features, especially for those having small children or pets. Many manufacturers incorporated various safety features in these heaters. Have a look at them.

  • Automatic Tip-Over Shut-Off : As the name implies, it will turn off the heater automatically when it is tipped over (due to various reasons like overload, power interruption, etc.). However, it will not happen frequently, but it is always better to stay on the safe side rather than risky.
  • Automatic Overheat Shut-Off : This auto shut-off will turn off the heater when it reaches a certain temperature (higher level), either completely turning off (or) temporarily till the temperature falls to reach normal level. In both cases, it will switch the unit back on again automatically.
  • Cool Touch Housing: Usually, the heater’s exterior is hot and cause burns on the skin if touched unknowingly. So, to get rid of this issue, most manufacturers featured a cool-touch housing feature. This keeps the exterior part of the heater to stay cool to touch anytime. It is an essential feature to consider while having small children or kids in the home, as they may go to play near the heater.
  • Automatic Shut-Off Timer: This safety feature will allow you to set the desired runtime of a heater to warm up space and gets turn off automatically. Each model offers different timer settings, which typically range from 1 – 24 hours of runtime.

Verdict – Check out for a heater that offers at least 2 or more of these safety features. Also, find a heater that is certified by a third-party inspection agency along with their emblem/logo (like Underwriter Laboratory, Intertek, and CSA) for extra confidence to use that product safely.

8. Stability

A heater that stays stable in its position (upright) without tilted/tipped over easily is a completely safer unit to use. It is essential to check while having small children or pets in your home. Usually, a unit with a wide and solid base is much more stable compared to a unit having a narrow base (or) the one with wheels. Also, most infrared models come with various safety features like an automatic shut-off option upon bumping or tip-over.

9. Warranty

Just like other products, infrared heaters do come with a warranty of a minimum of 1 year to 3 years or 5 years. Check out the warranty of a product before buying to know it’s time-span along with what is covered within this period to have peace of mind while using the infrared heaters.

Other Features

Some infrared heaters offer additional features to use/operate the heater with ease. Here are some features mentioned, which you have to check out while buying them.

1. Variable Heat Settings 

  • Though the infrared heaters are energy-efficient, yet you can even maximize their efficiency with this variable heat setting option. It allows you to customize the heat output to make your space much comfortable.
  • There are two basic choices available for heat settings  high & low, in which the high setting comes around 1500 Watts and the low setting is 700 Watts. But on some specific models, we notice a third setting called medium (in between high & low), which offer an extra layer of heat control.

2. Thermostat 

  • An infrared heater with an integrated thermostat is also used to customize heat output. Set your desired temperature on the device, and it will turn on till it reaches that temperature. While considering the thermostat on an infrared heater, you came across two options  digital and manual.
  • The heater with a digital thermostat has push buttons to dial in a specific temperature degree. Also, it displays the temperature on its LED screen. While a manual thermostat has a knob to control the temperature yet don’t offer specific temperature degrees.

3. Remote Control

An infrared heater with remote control will allow you to change the heat settings from anywhere within the recommended range and thus makes you stay warm, relaxed and comfortable. It let you set the timer function, temperature range, turn on/off the unit and other basic features you find on the heater.

4. Energy Saving Eco Mode

An infrared heater with this eco mode will consume only enough power required to heat up the room. If the weather is really cold, then uses a high setting to raise the temperature in your room up to the optimum degree. When once it achieves, the heater will auto-turn into the lowest setting to keep the room cosy. The main purpose of this mode is to consume the least/less amount of energy to run the device and thereby save on your power bill.

5. Fan

Usually, infrared heaters will effectively warm the space and other objects around them, which means they won’t really require a fan to do this job. Yet some models are equipped with a fan feature that quite used to speed up the warming process.

6. Air Filter

We find this air filter feature in some infrared heaters that used to improve the air quality when it is heating the room. It effectively removes airborne contaminants such as allergens, dust, and other pollutants from the air.

7. Oscillation

It is a rare feature found on some specific infrared heaters that used to turn the heater from one side to another to quickly and evenly heat your room.

8. WiFi Control 

This Wi-Fi control is a smart feature found mostly in modern heaters. It let you control the heater from your smartphone through an app. Also, it allows you to set up a heating schedule like a programmable house thermostat.

Advantages of an Infrared Heater

There are various benefits of using infrared heaters, which you have to know before owning one. Take a look at them to know what are those benefits.

  • Best Outdoor Option: For an enclosed space, we use both types of heating, and infrared heating works well in an outdoor environment. It warms up the objects rather than simply air, which may escape easily from the area later.
  • Efficiency: As we already said, infrared heaters warm up the objects directly but not just the air. Thus, it achieves the required temperature quickly and easily. Some models use a fan to blow out heat, yet its air warming mechanism is more efficient compared to traditional heating methods.
  • Silent Operation: With its minimal moving parts, most infrared heaters operate silently. Even the models having a built-in blower are usually quiet in their operation.
  • Healthier Choice: Mostly infrared heaters are often used in health studios or saunas? They offer numerous health benefits to the body like boosting the immune system, improves blood circulation, and eases joint stiffness.
  • Easy to Maintain: These are quite easier to maintain than convection heating, as there is no need to worry about certain things like exhaust or filter. All you need is to wipe down the device regularly when dust accumulates.
  • Cleaner Air & Consistent Humidity: Infrared heaters are perfect to maintain consistent humidity levels as the air won’t directly warm/dry out. It is quite beneficial during winter, in which convectional heaters may dry out the air and thereby forces the users to purchase a humidifier. Also, they won’t push dust or allergens into the air.
  • Instant Heat: While generating heat, other space heaters heat the air to warm a room that takes a longer time, as they heat the entire volume of air. Yet when you turn on the infrared heaters, the infrared light will warm up the bodies and objects but not only air, which takes no time to warm up.
  • Cost-Effective: Since they won’t rely on circulating warm air, they consume less energy and quickly warm up objects and people, which won’t waste energy heating the air in the room. Thereby the warmth doesn’t escape through ventilation windows, ducts, or doors.

Safety Tips for Infrared Heaters

While selecting a household electric infrared heater, one should look for a unit containing an approval label from any certification agency. You can find the label located either outside the package or on the unit itself.

So, purchase a new model having all the current safety features with Underwriter Laboratory (UL) label is recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy. While in Canada, the Standards Council of Canada recognizes several certifications and marks like CSA, ULC, & UL for certifying electrical equipment approval.

Here are some safety tips that help you to maintain the infrared heater from turning into a hazard. Take a look at them and follow them regularly.

  • Not to Use an Extension Cord: It works by consuming electricity that needs to plug directly into the wall. They pull the power required to run the device and lessen the chances of overheating an extension cord and causing a fire.
  • Choose the Right Location: Though it is equipped with safety features, one has to place the heater where it can’t be knocked over accidentally.
  • Grounded Outlet: While running the infrared heater on a high setting, you have to ensure that it is plugged into a grounded outlet. It uses a lot of power and if the outlet is not grounded, it can overload the grid.
  • Keep it Clear: Don’t place anything in the way of the heater, as it is capable to heat everything in its path that includes curtains, flooring, and furniture. In case, if they are highly flammable or getting too hot, it would result in a fire. So, to stay warm and safe, try to keep objects and people 12 – 18 inches away from infrared space heaters.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to leave the infrared heater on overnight?

Ans: Naturally, infrared heaters are a safer option compared to various other types of heaters. They can be left ON overnight, only if they possess some integrated safety features like overheat shut-off, automatic tip-over shut-off, and a shut-off timer.
So, leaving the heater turn on all the time is not suggested, why because the increased exposure to infrared radiation will result in causing some skin burns and other health issues.

2. Do infrared heaters consume a lot of power?

Ans: No, it won’t consume a lot of electricity. Compared to other space heaters, they run efficiently by using less electricity to heat up your space.

3. Shall these infrared heaters cause any health problems?

Ans: Though infrared heaters won’t cause health problems, these are designed to be used safely on the human body with acceptable levels of infrared waves. Usually, ultraviolet radiation is harmful but not the infrared electromagnetic waves on the human body.
As per World Health Organization (WHO), there is no evidence stating that exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields, causing harm to human health.

4. Are infrared heaters damage the furniture?

Ans: No, it won’t damage your furniture, why because they don’t emit any harmful radiation. Also, these won’t dry out the air like other space heaters. So, it is a completely safe heating option for you and your furniture.

5. What is the best location to place the infrared heaters?

Ans: Where to place an infrared heater is a quite common query raised by most people. Simply, place the heater in a location where it allows the rays to come into contact with almost all the objects in the room. It will ensure that the warmth created will be easily absorbed and re-emitted by the walls, floor, and furniture.

6. How many square feet will a 1500-watt infrared heater heat?

Ans: Generally, a 1500-watt infrared heater can easily heat an area of 1000 – 1500 square feet. So, for every square foot of floor area, you need an infrared heater with 1 – 2 watts of heating power.

7. How much cost needed to run a 1500-Watt infrared heater?

Ans: Based on the national electricity average of $0.13 per kWh, a 1500-Watt infrared heater will cost around $0.19 per hour to run. So, with this measurement, this heater will cost you around $1.56 per day if you run for about 8 hours. In the same way, $48 per month.


Even though an infrared heater uses infrared rays for its functioning, it can still heat up your room as good as an electric coil heater. These are generally compact and quite safe that makes them ideal for use at your home. We have already mentioned some of the best infrared heaters in this article, along with all their important details, including things like features and options.

You can also find a detailed buying guide related to infrared heaters in this article that can be quite handy to learn more about infrared heaters. But if you are still not able to choose a heater, then you can consider going through the following infrared heater recommendations:

  • The Dr Infrared Heater is the most durable and reliable option present in this article that can easily last for a long time. It offers a great build quality to the user along with a 3-year long warranty. You also get decent performance from it with its 1500 watt power rating.
  • You can go with the Heat Storm infrared heater if you want a highly powerful model. This one offers the highest temperature range of 40F to 99F thanks to its 1500 watt power rating. It also comes with Wi-Fi functionality for ease of use while controlling this heater.
  • But in case you are on a budget, Edenpure Electric Portable Heater makes a lot of sense. Even though it is the cheapest option in this article, you get a decent build quality and a 1-year long warranty. As for its heating performance, it comes with a 1500-watt power rating.

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