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Is Your Snap Streak Lost? Here’s What You Can Do

Snapchat has become an integral part of our social lives, allowing us to connect with friends and share moments in an instant. One of the engaging features that keeps us hooked is the Snap Streak – a consecutive days’ snap exchange with a friend. But what happens when your Snap Streak suddenly disappears? Don’t panic! In this article, we’ll into the world of Snap Streaks, explore why they might be lost, and provide you with actionable steps to recover or prevent the loss of your cherished Snap Streaks.

What Is Snapchat Streak?

Coming to Snapchat Streak (also known as Snap Streak or simply Streak), it is a measure of your engagement with a particular friend on Snapchat. If you and your friend have been sending Snaps to each other within 24 hours for more than three days, then your Snapchat Streak comes into action.

The Streak continues as long as you and your friend send Snaps without fail. After the first three days, Snapchat places a fire or flame emoji (🔥) next to your friend’s name indicating that a Streak is in progress.

There will also be a number next to the fire icon. This number indicates how many days you and your friend have been in the Snapchat Streak.

Starting a Streak with a Snapchat friend is very simple. But there are some rules to maintain Snapchat Streak. First of all, both you and your friend have to send Snaps to each other at least once within 24 hours.

When we say Snaps, it means only Photos and Videos. Also, you have to send Snaps from the Snapchat camera. You cannot send photos or videos from your camera roll to keep the Streak going on.

Text messages do not count in Streak. Snaps that you sent in a group chat also do not count.

If the last time you or your friend messaged is getting close to 24 hours, an hourglass emoji (⌛️) appears next to your friend’s name. This indicates that your Streak is about to expire.

Snapchat also places 100 emoji (💯) next to your friend’s name if both of you are involved in a 100-day Streak (very impressive). snap fire, timeline, 100 symbol

Is Your Snap Streak Lost?

Is your Snap Streak Lost? Yes. There is a possibility that you might lose your Snapchat Streak if you do not maintain it.

Speaking of maintaining Streak, all you have to do is send a Snap to your friend and your friend should also send you back one. Make sure that you send/receive Snaps every 24 hours if you don’t want to lose the Streak.

Both you and your friend must be active in order to maintain the Streak. If either one of your stops sending Snaps, then your Snapchat Streak will be lost.

Also, follow the rules that we mentioned before to maintain the Snap Streak.

Recovering Your Lost Snap Streak

Don’t lose hope if your Snap Streak disappears. Here are some steps you can take to recover it:

1. Contact Snapchat Support

There is a dedicated section in the Snapchat Support Page for lost Snapchat Streak. Here’s the link to Snapchat’s Contact Us page. Select the “I lost my Snapstreak” option.Snapchat contact us

As soon as you select this option, you will get a form below. Fill out all the details such as Username, Email ID, Mobile Number, Your Device, Friend’s Username, etc.

In the end, there is a “Description” with a large text box. We recommend you to provide all the details with the maximum possible information in this field so that Snapchat can look into it.Snapchat Email, Username, Description fill information

Once you send this form, Snapchat will review it and get back to you in a week’s period (give or take). If your request is legitimate and the error is on Snapchat’s end, then they will restore your Streak.

But in case they find that you did not follow the rules of Snapchat Streak (missed the deadline or did not send Snaps, etc.), then you will not get your Snap Streak back.

2. Set Reminders

To avoid missing the 24-hour deadline, set daily reminders on your phone. This simple trick can go a long way in ensuring your streak remains unbroken.

3. Check Your Connectivity

Before sending a snap, ensure that you have a stable internet connection. This reduces the chances of snaps not being delivered on time.

4. Delay App Updates

If you suspect that an app update caused the loss, consider holding off on updating until you’re sure it won’t affect your Snap Streak.

Why Snap Streaks Disappear?

There can be several reasons why your Snap Streak may have vanished into thin air:

1. Technical Glitches

Snapchat, like any other app, can experience technical glitches. Sometimes, the app might fail to recognize your snaps, leading to the unfortunate loss of your streak.

2. Missed Deadlines

Snap Streaks come with a deadline. If you and your friend don’t exchange snaps within 24 hours, the streak is lost. Remembering to send a snap every day can be challenging, especially when life gets busy.

3. Connectivity Issues

Staying connected is crucial for Snap Streaks. Poor internet or server issues can prevent your snaps from being delivered on time, causing the streak to break.

4. App Updates

Snapchat frequently updates its app. While these updates bring new features, they might also introduce bugs that affect Snap Streaks.

How To Prevent The Snap Streak Loss

Prevention is always better than cure. Here’s how you can prevent Snap Streaks from disappearing:

1. Mutual Reminders

Coordinate with your streak partner to remind each other to exchange snaps. This doubles the chances of both parties remembering and maintaining the streak.

2. Use Snap Streak Tools

Numerous third-party apps can help you track and manage your Snap Streaks. These tools send notifications, ensuring you never miss a day.

3. Have Backup Streaks

Maintain streaks with multiple friends. This way, if you lose one, you still have others to keep your Snap Streak momentum going.

Is Your Snap Streak Lost FAQs

1. Can I recover a Snap streak after a long time?

Unfortunately, Snap streaks can only be recovered within 24 hours of the loss. After that, they cannot be reinstated.

2. Will Snapchat support always reinstate a lost streak?

Snapchat support reviews each case individually. While they strive to be fair, there’s no guarantee that every lost streak will be restored.

3. Can I have multiple streaks with different friends?

Yes, you can maintain multiple streaks simultaneously with different friends.

4. Do snaps sent in group chats count towards streaks?

No, snaps sent in group chats do not contribute to individual snap streaks.

5. How do I turn off snap notifications without losing streaks?

You can mute notifications for individual chats without affecting snap streaks. Simply go to the chat, tap on the name at the top, and adjust the notification settings.


Snapchat has several interesting features. Some are quite large such as its Stories while others are small such as Snap Score or Snapstreak.

Speaking of Snapstreak, it is a clever tactic to keep users returning every 24 hours and sending Snaps to their friends.

In this guide, we saw some basics of Snapchat and Snapchat Streak. After that, we saw the importance of Steak, how to maintain it, and some rules that you must follow.

We also saw what can you do if your Snap Streak is lost. If you lost your Snap Streak by missing the deadline (you and your friend must send each other Snaps and not texts in the last 24 hours), then there is nothing you can do.

But if you lost your Snapstreak due to a problem at Snapchat (a bug or Server problem), then you can send a request to Snapchat asking them to review your case and restore your lost Snap Streak.

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